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The Greatest Lie Ever Told…
Yesterday at 8:40 PM

Unity Without Compromise with Dr. Steven LaTulippe – When the America-funded Chinese virus was unleashed in Wuhan, lies again gushed forth. What were we told? “You will be safe from death if you take remdesivir.” “You will be wise to take this shot.” A trusting public swallowed the lie, and consequently, the Covid pandemic saw a drastic rise in deaths because of how...

Rio 1992 Accords Set Stage for Bill Gates’ Vaccine Monopoly
Yesterday at 8:36 PM

Whistleblower Report with DrLee4America – Today’s Report reveals shocking agreements between Gates’ Microsoft Teams and the UK government to harvest private patient data from the National Health Service, setting the technology in place for new Digital Prisons planned in the UK based on the Rio de Janeiro 1992 Accords and using “Vaccine IDs” tracked...

As Cardiac Arrests and Medical Emergencies Rise, CPR Training Is Vital
Yesterday at 8:33 PM

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – With the sudden rise in cardiac arrests and medical emergencies, I decided to revisit the effectiveness of CPR and whether or not the average person is prepared to stop and render aid if they witnessed someone in need. My guest today is Shannon Enos, an emergency room nurse...

Here Is the Proof They Lied About Masks – When Do You Trust a Liar?
Yesterday at 6:57 PM

The Tom Renz Show – By midsummer of 2020, we had both new and historical data that clearly showed that masking was of zero benefit and came with a number of very real risks. This evidence was incredibly clear, and my team (with the help of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny) submitted the evidence document to a federal court...

The Control of Food, Oil & Money
Yesterday at 6:53 PM

The Prism of America’s Education with Host Karen Schoen – The globalists will design failures like Climate Change, and Environmental businesses that will get taxpayer funding and guarantees. They will go out of business, and the government will move in to fill the void. Globalists desire a managed decline for America...

Trump Under Assault by the New World Order Gang
Yesterday at 6:34 PM

The National Security Hour with Dr. Michael Scheuer & Colonel Mike – The possibility of Pres Trump being arrested by the George Soros-owned District Attorney in NYC is a possible opportunity for the Biden government’s sordid FBI and DOJ to stage another false riot and blame and arrest Trump demonstrators for it just as they did on January 6th...

Nothingburger Donald Trump and Something Wicked Comes With the Fed
Yesterday at 6:26 PM

America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – On Monday, fencing was brought in to protect the courthouse and safely bring Donald Trump in for arraignment. The charges are a nothing burger. They are a weak attack of political motives that will ultimately be defeated. While the nation focuses on this story, the banking collapse has provided a great distraction from...

Pilots Suffering Heart Attacks Could Bring Planes Down (Yet Airlines Consider Using One Pilot)
Yesterday at 5:34 PM

Dr. Paul Alexander Liberty Hour – No co-pilot is a disaster in the making, definitely not after this COVID fraud gene injection. So what would happen if the one pilot became incapacitated? In many of these tragedies we are reporting, thank God the co-pilot was there to bring the plane to safety. A large commercial plane will soon fall...

Gen. McInerney: Banking Collapse, Train Wrecks, Vaxx Deaths… It’s All a Coordinated Attack
Yesterday at 5:21 PM

Seth Holehouse, Man in America – We’ve been through a pandemic that tore families apart, shuttered small businesses, and locked us in our homes. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in “accidental” train derailments, food processing plant fires, and power grid failures. Stepping back, one can’t help but wonder, are we at war?

Attack on Education Started as Virus Came Ashore
Last Monday at 11:09 PM

The McCullough Report with Dr. Peter McCullough – There was clear evidence that our public health agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, the Center for Disease Control, and the US FDA, all were colluding to deceive America with a false narrative that the virus arose from a fish market in the Chinese city as opposed to...

Interferon-Pseudouridine-Turbo Cancers & The Daily Hell They Create For The Vaccine Injured
Last Monday at 10:54 PM

Energetic Health Radio with Dr. Henry Ealy – Dr. H is joined by special guest Adam Rowland, a brave man severely injured by the damn shots…a brave man with the courage to take the journey into natural medicine and healing himself. Listen in as he shares what it’s really like for the injured, the daily struggles, the emotional challenges, the gaslighting...

The Process of Cognitive Intervention by CCP Against Americans
Last Monday at 8:03 PM

Dr. Li-Meng Yan w/ The Voice of Dr. Yan – Compared to China, America focuses on kinetic warfare much more than cognitive warfare. Without deepening reformation and overall improvement in the field of cognition, the US would lose its dominance in the world in future wars. As one of the best experts in cognitive warfare, Edward Haugland told me...

The Stories That Are Wasting Our Time
Last Monday at 6:12 PM

America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – The arrest of a former president will go down as a grave miscalculation in the gamesmanship of politics. Democrats that cheer this on will further ignite the fuel of his supporters. Republicans will be stuck being consumed with Trump instead of developing a vision. Credit Suisse will be purchased by UBS Bank...

The Christian Approach to Protecting the Environment
Last Monday at 5:49 PM

The Other Side of the Story with Tom Harris – Besides being a dangerous and depressing worldview that encourages suicide and sterilization, it is wrong. Humanity is wonderful, and every baby born is a marvelous gift to the universe with unlimited potential for undreamed inventions, philosophies, art, music, science, and...

House Hearings Begin With a Slow Start but Big Reveals
Last Monday at 3:08 PM

Our Lives & Politics with Booker Scott – The Republican-controlled House promised investigations and hearings to bring truth to the lies and cover-ups of the last six years. Finally, there are revelations of Fauci cover-ups, real COVID origins, and definite proof of Biden's Whitehouse instructions...

How the Left Took Control of Our Culture, Lexicon & How To Take It Back With David Horowitz
Last Monday at 3:06 PM

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – Don't miss David Horowitz and LTC Tony Shaffer discussing the Far Left's takeover of the American Lexicon, Cultural Channels, News Media, Social Media, and National Discourse, and how to fight back. Check out David's new book, Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last...

Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse
Last Monday at 3:04 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Did you know that fewer than 10% of Americans have actually read the Constitution, the supreme law of the land? It's like playing Monopoly without reading the rules - not very smart. Ignorance of the law may not be an excuse, but it's rampant across the country...

As the Economic Storm Approaches… on Viewpoint This Sunday
Last Sunday at 7:27 PM

Viewpoint This Sunday with Malcolm Out Loud – How bad will it get? Economist Harry Dent has been predicting a hard landing if the bubble is indeed going to burst. Banking Failures Are a Harbinger of Our Pending Economic Crisis, says Wallace Garneau. Are We Headed Toward Central Government Control of America’s Banks? is the question that Patricia Anthone poses...

Donald Trump Has Got It Right on World War 3
Last Sunday at 6:33 PM

The Tom Renz Show – This is clearly a planned attack on our economy being waged by our own government, and Trump said it perfectly, they are turning our country into a third-world disaster being run by a criminal administration that’s intentionally selling us out, and setting us up for World War 3. The only thing I disagree with Trump on is...

Died Suddenly – COVID Shots Are the Obvious Connection
Last Sunday at 5:30 PM

Truth For Health with DrLee4America – The entire human genome has been poisoned with a genetic toxin insert that has never been known before in human history and will be carried forward to future generations in sperm and oocytes that unite to form a fertilized egg to develop into a new human being. New data analyses by Mark Skidmore and Denis Rancourt have...

Blinded By Light
Last Sunday at 5:08 PM

FAITH IS… with Pastor Rick Stevens – Helen Keller was right, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.” The Pharisees could see, but they had no vision of God’s work in the world. They were blinded by the Light. What about us? What will it take for you to see? What will convince you?

The Quality of Medical Education, Medical Evidence and Medical Care
Last Saturday at 8:48 PM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Harvey Risch – Dr. Richard Amerling was terminated from his position as Full Professor of Clinical Skills at the St. George's University School of Medicine in 2021 for refusing to take the experimental Covid-19 injection. Dr. Amerling has been a fervent advocate for medical freedom, and for the return of ethics...

State Laws Pushing Central Bank Digital Currency Must Be Stopped!
Last Saturday at 7:40 PM

The Tom Renz Show – Bills promoting these changes are being pushed through hard-red states such as Missouri (HB1165), Oklahoma (HB2776), Texas (SB2075), and Tennessee (SB479/HB640). There are also a ton of other states where these bills need to be stopped. If there’s any proposed legislation that involves banking in your state, ensure that...

Lenin, China, and the Bidens; He Who Owns the Light Bulb
Last Saturday at 5:27 PM

The National Security Hour with Mary Fanning, LTG Thomas McInerney, Dr. Michael Scheuer, Colonel Mike & Alan Jones - Rep. James Comer’s investigation has zeroed in on the financial relationship between the Biden family and CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate connected to the Chinese Communist Party...

Former Green Beret: Strategies To Navigate the Minefields of Fear
Last Saturday at 5:25 PM

Truth For Health with DrLee4America – Fear propaganda has been used to control people during the COVID pandemic. Combat veteran physician Dr. Chambers shares his training in combat strategies to help you overcome fear and regain control...

When Government Protections Ruin Your Life
Last Saturday at 4:12 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Are you among the many who place too much faith in government actors? It's important to remember that government is full of people who are not perfect. Will we ever learn Ronald Reagan's warning about the nine most terrifying words? "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

How to B Happy with Amelia Love
Last Saturday at 4:08 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Amelia's mission is to equip people with the tools to be happy while putting Jesus above it all. She has created a movement with her Sunday church service, Wellness Wednesdays, and Wow Unite Community. Check out her free electronic book "How to B Happy" and join the...

This Is… Our Normandy; Our Battle of the Bulge; Our Iwo Jima
Last Saturday at 3:48 PM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin – Gen Thomas McInerney (Ret), who held high-ranking positions in the U.S. Air Force, delivers information that few Americans have, and all Americans need about the depth and breadth of corruption of a US administration that seeks to totally undermine the power of the US in order to deliver it to...

US Army Punitive Actions on Religious Accommodation Requests
Last Saturday at 2:31 PM

Truth For Health with DrLee4America – We see how military service members with critical thinking skills, who take their Oath to the US Constitution seriously, are being purged from the military for this political agenda of a “shot in every arm” regardless of the damages done to military fitness and readiness and America’s national security...

How Progressives Are Destroying Our Economy, Our Security & Our Rights
Last Saturday at 5:13 AM

The National Security Hour with LTG Thomas McInerney, Mary Fanning, and Edward Haugland – The abuse of civil and constitutional rights, the state of our economy, the continued invasion of our borders, and China. In this episode, we discuss the tax and spend budget being put forth that will further bankrupt America, the flagrant hiding...

CDC and FDA Double Down on Jabbing America and Q & A 60 on America Out Loud PULSE
Last Saturday at 12:17 AM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm Out Loud – This letter confirms that the FDA and CDC are doubling down despite the amount of vaccine injured and vaccine deaths from SARS-CoV-2. In this episode, we explore the reasoning behind this letter from the FDA and the CDC to Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo...

Love, Inspiration & Hope Are Free
Last Friday at 11:34 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – 1st Female owned media broadcasting network NGC Network. The flagship show "Dr. Nancy Knows" is in its 3rd season. A Champion for CPR it's not just for first responders and medical personnel everyone should be CPR certified. CPR Saves Lives - 1,000 people certified is her target for 2023...

The Transformation of America Continues With Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
Last Friday at 6:36 PM

The National Security Hour with Mary Fanning – SVB established a joint-venture bank in China with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in 2012. Zhu Yuchen was appointed VP, CEO, and Deputy Communist Party Secretary of the Shanghai Pudong Bank in 2012. SVB was one of the first financial institutions to start serving China’s startups as China moved into the venture capital business in the 1990s...

In Search of Answers for All These Stupid Questions!
Last Friday at 6:33 PM

The Tom Renz Show – These basic questions should have very simple answers, and they should by no means be controversial. We’ve hit many lows in our society, and I bring this all up in an effort to expose just how insane it is; we need to be calling out stupid when we see it. As Obama’s favorite mentor Saul Alinsky said, ridicule is a potent weapon...

China’s Plan for World Domination: After Dark’s Insights
Last Friday at 6:31 PM

After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – The Chinese Communist Party is aggressively working towards world domination by spying on us through Tik Tok, flooding our country with fentanyl, and buying up major stakes in American companies and universities. Meanwhile, our government and citizens turn a blind eye...

Postmodern Society at the Velocity of Information
Last Friday at 6:04 PM

America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – Technological advances in society have placed humanity in peril. Our brains yearn for a simpler time, but the reward center has been rewired for immediate gratification. We are slaves to the machine. Our hands hold onto steel for hours each day, and we type onto keyboards while relaying thoughts...

Justice in a World of Chaos: Lt. Joe’s Reflections
Last Friday at 6:00 PM

Chasing Justice with Lt. Joe Pangaro – Lt Joe takes a hard look at the world of crime, the training of police officers, and the events of our world as they relate to justice. With the Chinese and Russians threatening the USA and President Biden supporting anti-police rhetoric, the nation is in the grip of crime, and anything is possible regarding a dangerous world.

What Lies Are We Believing Today? Examining Quasi-Truths and Dogmas
Last Friday at 5:46 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – The saying "A lie told often enough becomes the truth" is more relevant today than ever before. It's time to question the articles of belief we hold and recognize the lies being spread around us. Will liberty and justice in America die for a lie?

Aliens, Gene Modification, and Transhumanism, Through the Lens of Scripture
Last Friday at 3:21 PM

Truth For Health with DrLee4America – Puzzled by reports of “alien” sightings on the rise lately? Concerned about the major push to “change genders” with men dressed up as women being given women’s awards, playing women’s sports, and sharing bathrooms with women? Worried about all the changes to our human genes with the mRNA shots?

Redfield’s Testimony Exposes the Difference Between Narrative and Fauci’s Science
Last Thursday at 8:07 PM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Vaughn & Dr. Tankersley – Given the fact that Tony Fauci has ruled a significant part of our country's federal health funding to the tune of almost $1 Trillion over the past 43 years- the evils of the past 3 years can and should be traced to his malevolence. Redfield explained why it only makes sense that the virus was...