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Protecting our Farmers from Uninformed Bureaucrats
Today at 3:18 PM

Few city dwellers seem to understand the vast risks farmers take and how vulnerable they are to draconian regulations such as the Waters of the United States rule that President Biden is bringing back into force. Agriculture broadcaster, journalist, and rancher Trent Loos explains that while many bureaucrats working in...

Consequences of the COVID Reactions
Today at 3:17 PM

Lately, it seems all COVID news is bad news. There is good news out there; you just have to find it. Today, I take a look at a few COVID stories to find the good news, something we could all use this holiday season. Then I spend the second half of the program answering your questions. If you would like to ask a question for a future program, please email me at Listen to other episodes of The Constitution Study, available on podcast.

The Emboldenment of the Criminal Mind
Yesterday at 9:09 PM

The insecurity that Americans are feeling right now is a product of a society of media and political hacks that have abused and downgraded the ranks of law enforcement. We'll discuss that today on Viewpoint This Sunday and how to get America back on the right track. Commissioner Bernie Kerik gets us started. Rev. Mason Weaver and Iowa State Senator Zach Nunn discuss some of the societal causes of crime escalation...

When Was Jesus Born?
Yesterday at 8:03 PM

When was He born? We have some tantalizing clues that point to when Jesus was born. And those clues correspond with a remarkable annual event in the life of God’s people. It’s no happenstance that Jesus is called Immanuel. He really did come to be with us! Wait until you hear God’s explanation...

My Brother’s Keeper
Yesterday at 2:22 PM

The younger Cuomo's actions to cover up and spin lies are not only indicative of the behavior of the liberal media and Democrats, but it is systemic. The two groups work in tandem to obfuscate reality and then justify their actions. They cite the incendiary behavior of Rep. Ilan Omar, who has openly attacked Jews and defends it...

The Scare Tactics Will Continue Until You Submit
Yesterday at 6:15 AM

We have Fauci and the CDC calling for more vaccination, while the NIH admits it will be weeks before they even know if these "vaccines" will be effective. Lost in all of this trumped-up fear is the announcement from the doctor who raised the alarm about the new variant that its symptoms are mild. It appears that there are those...

Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention
Last Saturday at 2:19 PM

Could Covid-19 be the fire drill for future BioWeapon attacks on the United States and the World? "We face an increased threat of naturally occurring emerging diseases, as well as the potential for laboratory accidents and intentional misuse of life sciences and biotechnology," says Jake Sullivan. We'll discuss that biological threat to the US and the world as well as talk on boycotting the Beijing Olympics with Dr. Li-Meng Yan...

Six Degrees of Separation Between Jack Dorsey and Chris Cuomo
Last Saturday at 2:10 PM

The footsteps of inevitability began to fast approach the younger Cuomo when it was revealed that he oversaw opposition research on the alleged accusers of his brother after saying he hadn’t, and also sought to change the narrative of the allegations in the media. While many hope to see a better run on Twitter with Dorsey gone, that might not happen...

Finding Truth Wherever it Hides
Last Saturday at 2:09 PM

In Michigan, the School Shooting is a tragedy for the victims and their families and a horrendous crime committed by an evil person. It is also a symptom of our times. The Supreme court is deciding on a critical case that can affect the lives of many Americans. Should they be more concerned about how it looks than...

When Government Circumvents the Supreme Law
Last Friday at 4:05 PM

It is not the Constitution that protects your rights, but We the People enforcing that law that does so. So what do we do when those we've hired to positions in government circumvent this supreme law? What happens when We the People no longer uphold and enforce the supreme law of the land. How can we secure the blessings of...

Don’t Woke the Snowmen
Last Thursday at 2:25 PM

How so many of these news stories are presented to a distracted public is unconscionable. News events like the Waukesha Christmas Parade, the Rittenhouse trial, and verdict, the Ahmaud Arbery killing out of Georgia, and the chaotic scenes of looting in America's commercial retail environment have become all too familiar. And as long as the news...

Smell the Political Coffee Brewing
Last Thursday at 2:25 PM

Talk of Michelle Obama, the former first lady, and a possible presidential run for 2024? Attorney Lin Wood, a rogue China, Pete Buttigieg, Jussie Smollett trial, the Cuomo brothers, Inflation, and a few others round off the freshly brewed political discussion. With so much happening during the holiday season, as they say, the cup runneth over...

Twitter: “Love it or Leave it”
Last Thursday at 2:20 PM

Can Twitter come between this conservative coffee couple? Learn about the pros and cons of this controversial social media platform. Next, how will the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the abortion rights case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health in Mississippi affect women in America? The Salvation Army needs to stay off the racist woke wagon and just do its job, and parents square off against another school board over CRT. DrRon and Linda can be heard on weeknights at 8 PM ET on Talking While Married on the iHeart Radio Network. Find all the Talking While Married episodes...

America’s Blame Game
Last Wednesday at 11:44 PM

There are some that blame the fact that the US is a corporation run by tyrants. But is the US a corporation? Today, I answer that question and look at why and how we get so distracted. Sadly, if you want to see who to blame for the state of America and the government of the United States, you need to look no further than your closest mirror...

The Inflation Spin Compliments of the Leftist Media
Last Wednesday at 3:20 PM

The media is reporting that inflation is a good thing and we should learn to live with it. Not only that, but they are suggesting high gas and exploding food prices are the waves of the future. But don’t you dare believe them. We aren’t buying the inflation spin or any other spin from the leftist media and neither should you...

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough #10
Last Wednesday at 12:40 AM

What's the risk of receiving blood from a vaxed person for surgery? How do people with suppressed immune systems (Multiple sclerosis) handle COVID? Which is more dangerous, getting clots or forcing my platelets too low? I was told I have Covid hair. How long will this last as my hair is really thin now? And What should I take to stop the hair shedding? We'll start this Q & A with an update from Dr. McCullough on the Omicron Variant...

New Evidence Basic Nutrition Works in the Covid Fight
Last Wednesday at 12:38 AM

Dr. Charles Bens, much like Dr. Ealy, has been at the forefront, pounding the proverbial table for the CDC and US Health Departments to issue guidance for all Americans on Vitamin D, C, A, E, and Zinc based upon mountains and mountains of empirical evidence. Now you’re going to hear about what brings it all together in a conversation about the power of...

Cop Fired for Rittenhouse Donation
Last Tuesday at 4:20 PM

"I donated $25, off-duty, of my own money," Kelly said, adding that he also provided the boy with "words of encouragement." Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer said in a statement at the time that he and Police Chief Larry Boone had concluded that Kelly's actions were in "violation of City and departmental policies...

With Liberty and Justice for All?
Last Tuesday at 4:19 PM

There are plenty of people out there who do not believe both sides could receive justice at the same time, but they did. Mr. Rittenhouse was found not guilty, because the jury believed the evidence showed that he was defending himself. The families of those Mr. Rittenhouse shot received justice as well. By seeing the evidence of the acts their loved ones committed...

Whynot? The Final Chapter!
Last Tuesday at 2:11 PM

The Goodsmiths are long-time conservatives who have lived in a very Red, or Republican city and state their entire lives. Moving to a Blue on Blue city and state has several disturbing surprises in store for the Goodsmiths. Shock and distressing awe abound as Mia learns about the Woke machinations of the “Whynot” School Board and...

Who Cares if Americans Suffer from Massive Inflation, High Gas Prices?
Last Tuesday at 2:10 PM

Who is stupid enough to pass a bill without reading it? The Democrats, because they have one goal, destroy America, so let's give $123 billion for a slush fund for illegals to get an attorney to fight deportation. Do you have a slush fund? Who cares if Americans suffer from massive inflation, high gas prices? Certainly not Democrats or RINOs...

Take the First Exit Off the Fauci Highway to Hell
Last Tuesday at 1:25 AM

Unless we divert off this highway to hell that the Fauci alliance has constructed, we’ll end up in a concentration camp from which people never return. Death is the end goal of this gulag. Survival in this war demands a no-holes-barred commitment to paying whatever price freedom requires. Our choice determines our reality. What’s it going to be?

Free-Floating Anxiety Yields Mass Formation Psychosis

Free-floating anxiety and its resultant psychosis has blinded the masses from critical thinking, independent decision making, and has allowed the loss of autonomy and human rights across the globe. How far our health systems have fallen and what a long road they have to win back the respect of doctors and patients who are furious over therapeutic nihilism...

The Modern Agricultural Miracle

Today’s farmers are feeding a growing world population and providing us the best food in history while at the same time returning land to nature. Steve Goreham explains that climate fear mongers are akin to many other “isms,” much like socialism and communism, all intent on taking down the nation our forefathers began...

Is Ivermectin a Miracle Drug Against Covid?

The conservative couple who are vaccinated discuss why the U.S., Western nations governments, and Big Pharma have been hiding and downplaying the amazing successes of the miracle drug Ivermectin. India is fighting the Wuhan Covid virus with Ivermectin and now claims its most populated state is Covid-free...

Build Back Better to Communism

Does this Build Back Better bill help economic recovery, or will it bring higher inflation and slow economic growth? Could an economic depression set the US up for moving to a Communist Marxist form of government? Gordana Schifanelli is an Attorney and a Candidate for Lt. Governor of Maryland. Dr. Peter McCullough will give us his take on the new variant from South Africa. Prof Larry Bell and Mary Fanning debate whether we should look forward to 2022 or review the 2020 Election?

Keeping Christ in Christmas

More than planning ahead, today we’re deciding to take some specific steps and we’re making some specific decisions to prepare for the coming of Jesus. This year we’ve made up our minds. We’re keeping Christ in Christmas and no one and nothing is going to get in our way!

The Art of Carrot Dangling

The ineffectiveness of 'Vice Resident' Kamala Harris, who was given the assignment to fix the border problem months ago, has yet to visit the border or offer any solutions. Instead, she has been embroiled in her own staffing communication problems and falling ratings. Meanwhile, the word is 'Resident' Biden could be looking to replace Harris with Pete Buttigieg...

God’s Will for Mankind: Capitalism or Communism?

Are the answers the same when we look at the big picture as to when we pick out individual sentences? Perhaps not. Although the ladies see capitalism as God’s will for mankind, we also question the relevance of such a question in the first place. It’s a fascinating discussion...

Parents Rights: Vaccine Mandates to Racist Indoctrination

Decisions about vaccines, teaching standards, even who is capable of taking care of your children should be your decision. However, more and more governments are claiming the authority to decide for you. From "vaccine" mandates to racist indoctrination, governments want to tell you how to raise your children...

Understanding the Vaccine Mandate from a Legal Perspective

Why are Americans being forced to take a vaccine they are uncomfortable getting. Meanwhile, Big Pharma is making billions selling the vaccine to the government and stands to make much more with the new booster shot and COVID19 pill. How legal are these mandates? Attorney Matt Wilson joins Rob and Andrew to break it all down...

Making the Sausage

Recent news about how the Biden administration plans to enact their mandates and coercive policies shows our future may look more like East Germany than the United States. Sadly, it's not just the federal government that does these things. Today we'll take a look at some of what has been put in the sausage of recent legislation..

Justice and Gratitude

When your opinion is only valid if it is approved by others, we must be willing to ask more questions and hear things we disagree with so we can understand each other. This is also the season of Thankfulness. Do we understand the concept here? Are we caught up in the world of possessions to the point we cannot see the beauty of the...

We Are Thankful for America

A country where you have unlimited opportunities and can have liberty and pursuit of happiness. Dreams can come true in America if you work hard and are determined. America is the number one destination spot for many wanting to come and live the American dream. The hosts acknowledge the country has been experiencing a great deal of...

The Pilgrims Experimented in Socialism

The blessings of living in America. She's not perfect, but millions of people a year are trying to get into America rather than trying to leave. I will look a little closer at the pilgrim story we've all been told, including their experiment in socialism. We should not forget that if we don't protect what we are thankful for, our children and...

Holiday Values and Traditions Despite the Media Lies

Holidays are times to re-center ourselves and spend time with family and loved ones. Getting back to God, tradition, and relationships brings happiness and peace in a troubled world. The Ladies of Liberty Sound Off, and we wish you the happiest of holidays...

Yearning for America’s Yesteryear

There was a time where we honored and respected our different points of view. But that was before people became woke. Now media elites and corporate hacks are calling the shots as people become woke. We'll explore this woke culture and the corruption that is doing to America's soul...

Americans’ Trust in Their Institutions is Failing

As examples of those in government abusing our trust, we have to ask ourselves two questions. First, do you trust those in government? Second, what are we going to do about it? These examples of the abusive power of government should encourage most Americans to action. Sadly, examples of parents standing up to abusive...

The REAL Evidence in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Learn about the REAL forensic facts that led to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, as explained by DrRon. Next, the conservative couple, who are both former LEO’s dissects the REAL “root causes” of the horrible rises in crime and violent protests in America today. What is predictable is preventable. Join us for a Kona coffee conversation in Kauai, Hawaii. Aloha style! Image: AP

America is the Real Winner in the Rittenhouse Trial

Let's go back to where it all began, that dreadful night in Kenosha, to discuss what the left does not want you to know that Rittenhouse, a white teenager, was defending himself from being murdered by three white thugs. Thankfully, the teenager saved his own life but only to be placed on trial to defend himself against murder charges...