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Writing Break is an ad-free, award-winning podcast for writers. Take a break with America’s Editor and learn her best writing tips, catch up on the latest publishing industry news, and recharge with a fellow book lover who understands the plight of the writer.

How to Write Better Than AI (Part 1 )
Today at 9:00 AM

Since the release of ChatGPT, the number of freelance writing jobs is shrinking. Can writers even compete? I hope so, which is why today we are beginning a four-part series that will highlight several writing techniques that elevate any work, be it fiction or nonfiction. Let’s see how many of them you already incorporate into your work.

The Forgotten Painting: A Historical Mystery Novella (The Jack Rogan Mysteries) by Gabriel Farago - Featured AuthorUnderground Bookstore, Carrollton, GA - Featured BookstoreThe jobs being replaced by AI - an analysis of 5M freelancing jobs - bloomberryThe Boom in Middle Gr...

Innovations in Publishing and Selecting a Subtitle

Today we are looking at innovations in book publishing and discussing subtitles. The Writing Break cafe is open, and we have a lot of publishing news to get through today, so let’s grab a drink and a snack before settling in at our usual table.

The Art of the Mini Sales Pitch: How to Subtitle Your Book So People Will Read It ‹ Literary HubThe Art of the Mini Sales Pitch: How to Subtitle Your Book So People Will Read It ‹ Literary HubRomantasy, AI and Palestinian voices: publishing trends emerge at London book fair | London book fair | The Guardi...

Dramatic Irony in First-Person POV

As an editor, my authors’ late-night, semi-coherent correspondence, choppy first drafts, and deepest darkest secrets die with me. However, today I am sharing an email exchange between an author and myself, with the author’s permission, of course.

The Touch of Her Voice by Sara Scott - Featured AuthorBlush Bookstore, Wichita, Kansas - Featured BookstoreWhy romance novels are having a moment - MarketplaceFrom Boston to Chicago, romance bookstores are popping upSexily ever after: how romance bookstores took over America | Romance books | The GuardianTor Books Criticized for Use of AI-Generated Art in 'Gothikana' Cover DesignThin Margins: The Paper Shortage and...

Writing Advice from Neil Gaiman

In this episode, we are discussing book awards, book marketing, and the bit of writing advice Neil Gaiman gave out this week.

Science fiction authors were excluded from awards for fear of offending ChinaAuthor J.D Barker Apologizes, Dropped by Agent After 'Creepy' BookTok RequestGUNGNIR: tales for the dreamers & thinkersBook Sales in FranceNational Book Awards Expand Eligibility to Non–U.S. CitizensPulitzer Prize Rules Expanded EligibilityAkutagawa Prize winner credits ChatGPT for 5% of 'Sympathy Tower Tokyo' | Daily SabahFree Style Sheet TemplatesFree Writing Tips

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Writing and Publishing Tips (Clip Show #9)

Tune in for wall-to-wall writing and publishing tips for authors.

Start Here: How to Write a Book Proposal + Book Proposal Template | Jane FriedmanFree Style Sheet TemplatesFree Writing Tips

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Writing a Good First Line

In the last episode we discussed what makes a good opening line in fiction, and in this episode we’re doing the same with nonfiction, some of which overlaps with fiction. I also share some examples of good opening lines from nonfiction.

Fit for the Throne: The Trial of Ten Kindle Edition by S. McPherson - Featured AuthorLost Books, Montrose, CA - Featured BookstoreBig Five Domination of Adult Bestseller Lists Slipped in 2023In Major Win, Appeals Court Upholds Block on Texas Book Rating LawFree Style Sheet TemplatesFree Writing Tips

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3 Questions to Ask About Your Opening Line

This week we begin a two-part series on writing memorable opening lines. Today we’re discussing fiction, and in the next episode we’ll be covering nonfiction.

Hay Festival Cartagena 2024Ábaco, Cartagena, Colombia - Featured BookstorePublic Domain Day 2024 | Duke University School of LawJudge Blocks Key Provisions of Iowa Book Banning LawThe New York Times Complaint Against Microsoft and Open AIFree Style Sheet TemplatesFree Writing Tips

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Authors Behaving Badly

This final episode for 2023 is a short one but a juicy one. We are looking at corporations behaving badly, authors behaving badly, and readers behaving well. Because we know readers can do no wrong.

Cait Corrain Goodreads Controversy ExplainedAuthor Apologizes After Review Bombing Books on Goodreads | TIMEThe Bookseller - News - Tolkien estate wins two lawsuits against author of unauthorised Lord of the Rings sequelTikTok's #BookTok trend 'literally changed my life'Five years and 2m copies later, self-published author lands UK book deal | Crime fiction | The GuardianMeta Used Copyrighted Books AI Training Despite Warning from LawyersFree Style Sheet TemplatesFree...

New Book Trends on Amazon

In this holiday episode I share new book trends on Amazon, new publishing awards, and the latest publishing news.

First Year in Estonia Kindle Edition by Pynchon Woo - Featured AuthorRüütel & Matilda, Tallinn, Estonia - Featured BookstoreThe Paranormal Romance eBook MarketThe Fantasy Romance Book MarketScreen Door Press - The University Press of KentuckyThe Yale Review | The Yale Nonfiction Book PrizePenguin Random House, Authors Sue to Block Iowa Anti-LGBTQ Book Banning LawJulian Sancton v. OpenAI IncFree Style Sheet TemplatesFree Writing Tips

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Examples of Foreshadowing

We are continuing our foreshadowing discussion today, and I might say something about genres that you will not like.

Depot Café and Bookstore, Mill Valley, CA - Featured BookstoreSalt by Liz Shipton (Adult Version) - Featured AuthorSalt Paperback (YA Edition) - Featured Author57 Writing Contests in DecemberWorkers at Two More B&N Stores Vote to UnionizeCircana BookScan: US Print Book Market 'Slowing a Bit'Free Style Sheet TemplatesFree Writing Tips

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