Talk to Your Pharmacist

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By: Pharmacy Advisory Group

We're dispensing stories of success from across the continuum of care. Talk to Your Pharmacist is a podcast for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and others across the country to hear from industry leaders about their leadership stories and current healthcare topics. The Talk to Your Pharmacist podcast was founded and hosted by pharmacist, Dr. Hillary Blackburn.

Leading Beyond Borders with Rosalie Audoin

In this episode, our guest Rosalie Audoin is CEO & Founder of FuturEdge Group. Rosalie Audoin is a trusted executive coach and senior leadership consultant, focusing on developing leaders within cross-cultural teams. She has spoken on many stages to help companies unlock their global team's full potential. Rosalie also coaches on three executive leadership programmes at the London School of Economics and has worked with leaders at Gallagher, Sony, Santander, Harper Collins, and Unicef, amongst others. As the CEO of FuturEdge Group, Rosalie assembled an international team of highly skilled leadership development experts; together, they have helped countless companies achieve...

Accelerating the Specialty Prescription Process with RxLightning CEO, Julia Regan

In this episode, our guest, Julia Regan, co-founder and CEO of RxLightning, has over 15 years of experience delivering innovative healthcare solutions that disrupt the status quo and remove friction for patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. She has been at the forefront of some of the most transformational initiatives in the industry, including the development of real-time benefit check technologies and state-of-the-art tools that streamline medication onboarding. Julia has been recognized with numerous local, regional, and international awards, including being named a winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the East Central region. Since incorporating RxLightning, Julia...

A Value Based Care Approach to Cardiovascular Delivery Systems

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Dan Blumenthal. Dr. Blumenthal received his MD and MBA degrees from Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School and trained in internal medicine and cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Blumenthal is a past recipient of the American Heart Association’s Laennec Young Clinician Award and an accomplished health services and cardiovascular disease outcomes researcher whose previous work has focused on innovations in payment model design, quality improvement in cardiology, and leadership

development. He has published over 50 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Blumenthal previously was a member of the fo...

Letting AI Enhance Your Pharmacy Practice with Dr. Natalie Park

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Natalie Park who is a pharmacist and a co-founder of Pharmesol. Pharmesol is an AI-enabled pharmacy assistant that automates frequent conversations and tasks 24/7 and scales the digital interactions between pharmacy teams and patients. Previously, Natalie conducted health economics and outcomes research at Novartis and worked on population health initiatives including medication management optimization at Geisinger Health. Natalie received her PharmD from Ohio State University and is pursuing a master’s degree in computer science at University of York.

Interview topics:

Journey to a pharmacy tech entrepreneurOpportunities with AI in Ph...

Behind the Scenes of Rx to OTC with Fady Boctor of Petros Pharmaceuticals

In this episode, our guest is Fady Boctor is the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Petros Pharmaceuticals. He has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, across a wide array of functions including brand and portfolio marketing, sales channel optimization, product portfolio strategy development and new product launches. Mr. Boctor has driven significant revenue growth for specialty biologics, mainstream Men’s Health product lines, rare/orphan disease therapeutics, and substance abuse rescue modalities. Mr. Boctor has worked for companies such as Novartis, Forest Pharmaceuticals, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Endo Pharmaceuticals and Adapt Pharmaceuticals (Emergent Biosolutions). Mr. Boctor has his BA...

Success Occurs in the Margins & through Nontraditional Paths with Physician-Scientist, Dr. Mohit Jain

In this episode, our guest, (Founder & CEO of Sapient) - Dr. Jain is a physician-scientist with more than 20 years of expertise in physiology, biomedicine, engineering, computational biology, and mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. He formed and managed Jain Laboratory at the University of California San Diego, where he guided a multi-disciplinary research team to develop next-generation rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (rLC-MS) systems to probe the non-genetic landscape of disease across large-scale human studies.

Talking Points:

3 reasons genetics alone are not enough to personalize medicine.New methods for biomarker discovery, validation, & translation for clinical impact.The pitfalls of...

Updating Shift Work for Pharmacists with ShiftRx Co-Founder, Autumn Cushman

In this episode, our guest is Autumn-Kyoko Cushman, CEO, Co-Founder, who started her career as a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy. Working in Hematology / Oncology, and Executive Medicine serving our nation’s top elected officials and their families. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) and has experience in management consulting, bioinformatics, and partnerships with large healthcare companies & organizations such as Deloitte, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and the National Institute of Health.

Most Recently: IBM Watson Health / Merative (Acquired by Francisco Partners) working with MarketScan to compile clinical research data for large dr...

Improving Medication Adherence with AI Devices

In this episode,  our guest is Charles Gellman - a visionary leader and accomplished entrepreneur, currently serving as the CEO of HiDO Health, a cutting-edge healthcare technology company. With a deep passion for improving people’s lives through innovation, Gellman has dedicated his career to revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The Journey in healthcare began with his early exposure to the challenges faced by patients and healthcare professionals. Inspired by the potential of technology to solve these issues, he pursued a Master’s degree in Clinical Informatics, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors.  After completing his education, Charles Gellma...

Bringing Transparency to the Point of Prescribing with Kyle Kiser of Arrive Health

In this episode, our guest, Kyle Kiser is the CEO of Arrive Health, an industry-leading provider of data-driven insights to points of care. As a thought leader in health technology and a diligent student of the complex healthcare value chain, he has been at the forefront of some of healthcare’s most transformational initiatives.

Fully aligned with Arrive Health’s aspirational vision, Kyle champions consumer choice. He capitalizes on the regulatory tailwinds that now mandate price transparency and interoperability in pharma to simplify the complexities within the healthcare landscape, and build collaborations between healthcare orga...

Digital Thoughts Creator, Dr. Zain Syed

In this episode, our guest is Zain Syed, PharmD, an oncology pharmacist with 10 years of experience turned product manager. He’s a health systems expert who specializes in oncology and pain management and has worked in a variety of settings including Infusion, Clinic, Inpatient, Outpatient, and Investigational Drug Services. And, he has his own newsletter and podcast called Digital Thoughts: How to create better healthtech products. Join 1000+ founders, clinicians, and executives for free.

Main points to cover: 

Zain has seen the dark side of healthcare. The lack of access, financial struggles, and people falling thr...