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We're dispensing stories of success from across the continuum of care. Talk to Your Pharmacist is a podcast for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and others across the country to hear from industry leaders about their leadership stories and current healthcare topics. The Talk to Your Pharmacist podcast was founded and hosted by pharmacist, Dr. Hillary Blackburn.

Approach to Wellness through Health Coaching with Dr. Blair Theilemier
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

In this episode, we invited back Dr. Blair Thielemier who is a Top 5 Most Influential Pharmacist, Entrepreneur, Business Development Consultant, and Founder of

Topics to discuss --

Identity Shifts for Success as an Entrepreneur in Healthcare   Holistic/Integrative Medicine Business Models Leadership and Wellness for Healthcare Professionals

Guest - Blair Thielemier, PharmD

Host - Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA  @talktoyourpharmacist for Instagram and Facebook @HillBlackburn Twitter

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Leveraging Tech to Improve Patient Engagement and Communication with Mend’s Matt McBride

In this episode, our guest is Matt McBride, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mend — an enterprise-grade patient engagement and telehealth platform designed to help healthcare organizations. At Mend, Matt is focused on using the power of telemedicine, A.I. reminders, digital forms, and more to make it easier for patients and providers to communicate. With deep experience in healthcare tech companies – including OneOncology and Varian Medical Systems – Matt understands how medical offices work and how providers can leverage technology to reduce administrative burden, spend more quality time with patients and operate more efficiently.

Topics to discuss --


Behind the Scenes in Pharmacy Benefits with Joey Dizenhouse

In this episode, our guest isJoseph (Joey) Dizenhouse is Senior Vice President and Head of Pharmacy Services for HealthTrust Performance Group. He is responsible for the Pharmacy Services Group, which represents over $14 billion in annual pharmaceutical purchases across classes of trade and delivers innovative strategies across contracting, clinical, operational efficiency and supply management disciplines. The Pharmacy Services Groups also operates the largest sole sourced PBM collective in the country. Dizenhouse joined HealthTrust in 2016 after serving the organization as an outside consultant for more than a decade. Prior to HealthTrust, he spent 20 years working for a leading professional services advisory...

Making Healthcare Easier with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug’s, Dr. Erin Albert

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Erin Albert who is a 🦄 creative pharmacist, author, attorney, and edutainer working in the healthcare, pharmacy benefits, health insurance, and education sectors. She works for Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC, and was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2022 for Healthcare. Her passions include helping patients, entrepreneurs, and business owners save money on their pharmacy and healthcare benefits, pharmacy law, and career development for healthcare professionals. Talking points: 1. Stacking degrees 2. Being an edutainer and content creator 3. Day job - Mark Cuban Cost Plus - creating the Cuban Indie Pharmacy Network Guest - Eri...

Raise Your Hand with Michael Murphy, PharmD, MBA

In this episode, our guest is E. Michael Murphy, PharmD, MBA is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and an Advisor for State Government Affairs at the American Pharmacists Association. In these roles he teaches, conducts research, and advocates across the country for increased patient access to pharmacist provided care. He previously was a part of the team working at the Ohio Pharmacists Association on the implementation of pharmacist provider status legislation in Ohio. He has held several volunteer leadership positions, including his term as the 2017-2018 American Pharmacists Association Academy of...

A Pharmacy for the Public Good with Ed Ullmann of WellnessRx

Ed Ullman, Ed Ullmann holds a BS degree in Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Services, an MPA degree from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, and was a National HMO Fellow at Georgetown Medical School, Washington D.C. Ed Ullmann is a member of the President’s Advisory Council at Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Services and he serves as an Adjunct Experiential Faculty member for the school. He has developed over 30 start-up companies, and for 16 years served as an HMO founder and CEO at Wellcare. He has also been a Pharmacy District Manager, a...

Innovation to Scale Clinical Impact with Ariel Efergan

In this episode, our guest is Ariel Efergan, who is currently Head of Growth at MDI Health, which created an artificial pharmacology intelligence platform to reduce medication-related problems at scale. Prior to MDI, Ariel consulted for Altease Health, a multi-state specialty provider group, and was formerly CEO and Founder at Pangea Medical. Ariel also serves as an advisor to other Healthtech startups. Originally from Chicago, Ariel splits his time between the US and Tel Aviv, where MDI's R&D is headquartered. Interview topics: - Technology used to scale clinical impact - Innovation in Healthcare - Pharmacy's role in reducing costs...

Deprescribing with Dr. DeLon Canterbury

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Delon Canterbury of GeriatRx, which is a pharmacist-led medication management company that focuses on helping overwhelmed caregivers stop their loved ones from being overmedicated using genetic-drug screening, deprescribing, and health cost savings strategies. They specialize in developing medication action plans for patients of all ages, but with a specialty in Geriatric care. Unlike a traditional pharmacist, GeriatRx develops a three-month strategy to address overmedicated patients using a holistic and evidence-based approach in accordance with your prescriber so that there are no gaps in communication of care. Founder of the Deprescribing Accelerator, DeLon envisions...

Get Ready to Glow with Dr. Allyson Brennan

In this episode, our guest is Allyson Brennan, a pharmacist with 15 years of experience specializing in Neurology in Nashville, TN. She received a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in chemistry/biology as an undergraduate from Millsaps College and then went on to receive her B.S in Pharmaceutical Sciences and her PharmD. from The University of Mississippi. Two years ago, Allyson founded and created her own natural skincare company called Emogene & Co. focusing on effective natural skincare and the science behind purposeful ingredients. She created this company after noticing the skincare industry producing products full of toxic and...

Looking to the Future with Walgreens Executive, Rina Shah, PharmD

In this episode, our guest is Rina Shah, PharmD, who serves as Group Vice President, Pharmacy of the Future & Healthcare Segment Strategy at Walgreens. She began her career at Walgreens in 1998 in our stores where she held various pharmacy roles. In 2007, Rina joined the corporate support center where she held multiple leadership positions in which she was responsible for launching innovative healthcare initiatives across the organization, overseeing retail and local specialty pharmacies, and leading sales operations and client services within market access. In her current role, Rina leads a team that is responsible for pharmacy operations, services and specialty across 9,000+...

Learn about Illuminate Health with Dr. Stephanie Hyslop

In this episode, our guest is Stephanie Hyslop, PharmD, MBA. She is a licensed pharmacist who received her PharmD from Purdue University in 2012 and her MBA from Butler University in 2020. Prior to joining Illuminate Health, Stephanie worked in both the retail and hospital settings for nearly 10 years. She has a passion for ensuring patients understand their medication regimens and the importance of taking their medications as directed. She strives to improve overall health outcomes for her patients, and her recent transition into the healthcare tech sector provides an innovative avenue to do such. Topics include: Promoting the value of a...

Getting off the Sidelines with Dr. Anjanette Wyatt

Our guest, Dr. Anjanette Wyatt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Clinical Care Pharmacy in Houston Texas. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy from Texas Southern University (TSU) College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Wyatt is a community, science and pharmacy advocate. She began her career at Eli Lilly and Company where she received the Lilly STAR Award. She also worked at St. Luke Episcopal Health in the World-Renowned Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Sh...

Behavioral Technology and the Impact on Medication Therapies and Adherence with Bob Gold, Chief Clinical Behavioral Technologist and Founder GoMo Health

In this episode, our guest is Bob Gold, who is the Chief Clinical Behavioral Technologist and Founder GoMo Health. Bob is one of the world’s leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years applied research and development in the behavioral and cognitive science of human motivation, activation and resiliency; with a specialty in the design of clinical care plans and digital therapeutics that integrate pyscho-social factors and personal determinants into physical and behavioral care plans for chronic and complex population health management; with a focus in diversity, equity, and inclusion for underserved vulnerable populations. Bob focuses his energy on recrafting cl...

Integrating Primary Care as part of Value Based Care with Dr. Saba Syed

In this episode, our guest is Our guest, Dr. Saba Syed, is a skilled clinical leader and lifelong learner with a track record of execution at the intersection of healthcare services, value based care business operations, technology, and data analytics. She has successfully developed, launched, and managed multiple clinical service lines with remote, diverse teams at a fast growing healthcare technology and value based primary care start up. She is among the top 10% of US pharmacists in validated clinical skills by maintaining double board certification in ambulatory care and geriatric pharmacy. Additionally, she is training the next generation of pharmacy...

Sharing Some Pyrls with Pharmacist App Founder, Dr. Derek Borokowski - 8/14/22, 6.47 PM

In this episode, our guest is Derek Borkowski, PharmD, who is a pharmacist, software engineer, and founder of the website and mobile app. He is a 2018 Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from the University of Minnesota. Derek's past experience includes work in community pharmacy, digital health, and the pharmaceutical industry. is a top drugs education and reference tool for clinicians and student-clinicians. Other company products include and Software developer of, a top drugs education and reference tool for clinicians and student-clinicians. Other company products include and Topics...

What Matters Most with TPA Executive Director, Dr. Anthony Pudlo

In this episode, our guest is Anthony Pudlo, PharmD, MBA, who graduated from Drake University in 2007 and completed the University of North Carolina (UNC) community pharmacy residency in Chapel Hill, NC. He has served as a clinical coordinator and regional clinical manager with Kerr Health in Asheville, NC, where he worked directly with patients and physicians to prevent and treat chronic diseases. Prior to his current role, Dr. Pudlo had served as vice president of professional affairs at the Iowa Pharmacy Association for almost ten years. In this role, he provided clinical resources to pharmacists across Iowa and served as...

Democratizing Education with Dr. Kelley Carlstrom

In this episode, our guest is Kelley Carlstrom, who received her Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Colorado in 2010 and completed 2 years of post-graduate residency training to specialize in oncology. She is a board-certified oncology pharmacist that has worked in a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings including at a large academic medical center, a small community hospital, as a consultant for a large electronic medical record implementation, and most recently in the healthcare technology space helping to create digital products and services for oncology clinicians and patients. Additionally, Kelley is the founder and CEO of KelleyCPharmD, a company...

Get Started with Social Media with Happy Pharm Life's Sierra Richard

Our guest, Dr. Sierra Richard is a residency trained pediatric and women's clinical pharmacist for an academic medical center. In her free time, she creates educational videos that help others learn about the value that pharmacists have and what it looks like to be a practicing clinical pharmacist. Her goal is to help pharmacy workers live their best "happy pharm life". Interview topics - How to get started on social media as a pharmacist/pharmacy student - Using social media for professional growth - Balancing social media, work, and life Guest - Sierra Richard, PharmD Happy Pharm Life, Pharmacy Content...

Pills to Patients with DocStation CEO, Samm Anderegg

Our guest,Samm Anderegg, PharmD, MS is Chief Executive Officer at DocStation, a software platform that helps pharmacies & health plans operate clinical programs at scale. As CEO, Dr. Anderegg plays an active role in product, strategy, business development, marketing, and customer engagement. Samm graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. He completed residency training and a combined Master’s degree program specializing in Pharmacy Administration & Leadership at the University of Kansas Health-System. Talking points: Provider Status - State of the Union Payment for Services - Medical Billing Payment for Services - Payer Contracts Implementation & Sustainability Pharmacies of...

Supporting Medipreneuers with Dr. Michelle Fritsch

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Michelle Fritsch is a board certified geriatric clinical pharmacist with a passion for healthy aging and education. She is a specialist in medication use, prevention, and retirement transition in people over 60. She is founder of Retirement Wellness Strategies; co-founder of Propel Comprehensive Wellness; and co-founder of Medipreneurs. She works with a broad definition of health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aligned with purpose in each phase of life. Medipreneurs Summit 2022 is August 26-28 in Cincinnati, OH. It is nearly sold out. 2. This is Medipreneurs 5th Anniversary celebration! 3. Many entrepreneurial pharmacists got their st...

Get Connected with RPhAlly with Shawn Bjorndal

Our guest, Shawn Bjorndal, CEO and Founder of RPhAlly, is a graduate of the School of Pharmacy at North Dakota State University. Launched midyear of 2020, RPhAlly is a community and networking platform for pharmacy professionals. Shawn’s vision of RPhAlly is to become a one-stop-shop to help pharmacy professionals find the right connections and career roadmaps, increase industry awareness, learn from colleagues, and advocate for the profession. Shawn began his pharmacy career in the retail setting and spent over a decade serving patients at the community level with three different national chains. In 2016, he transitioned to a leadership role in ma...

The Future of Healthcare - A Wellness Approach with Dr. John Kim

Our guest, Dr. John Kim, is the owner and pharmacist in charge of Robinson Drug & Compounding Center. His interest in compounding grew since his early days of pharmacy school, which led him to complete his pharmacy externship at the Professional Compounding Center of America (PCCA) in Houston, TX. After obtaining his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), he completed his Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative/Functional Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M). Dr. Kim actively lectures in pharmacist educational events in a matter of functional medicine, cannabis medicine, and complementary therapies in treating complex disease states. John, welcome...

Equipping a Financially Well Workforce with Dr. Tim Ulbrich

In this episode, you’ll hear from Tim Ulbrich, who is helping to improve pharmacists’ financial literacy. Tim is a pharmacist passionate about identifying career paths that fit students’ goals and interests so they can have fulfilling careers and lives. Tim is also the creator of the pharmacy podcast, Your Financial Pharmacist, and author of the book, Seven Figure Pharmacist. He graduated from Ohio Northern University with his Doctor of Pharmacy and completed residency training in community/ambulatory care at Ohio State. After paying off more than $200,000 in non-mortgage debt, Tim is working to empower pharmacists and pharmacy students to take c...

Unlock the Full Potential of Pharmacists with Antonio Ciaccia

In this episode, our guest is Antonio Ciaccia, President of 3 Axis Advisors and CEO of 46brooklyn Research. Born and raised in the world of pharmacy, Antonio Ciaccia has been crawling around pharmacies his entire life. After three years as a pharmacy technician and two years of pre-pharmacy curriculum, Antonio diverted course, graduating from The Ohio State University in 2007 with dual degrees in communications and political science before moving into the world of association management, eventually heading up government affairs for the Ohio Pharmacists Association, where his data analytics work helped lead state officials to audit and uncover $244 million in hidden...

Helping Independent Pharmacies Survive & Thrive with Lisa Faast

In this episode, our Our guest, Dr. Lisa Faast is an innovator, experienced business executive, and leader in the independent pharmacy industry. With over 20 years of experience as a pharmacy owner, consultant, compounder, and businesswoman, she is able to bring a unique perspective to the industry’s problems. Her passion is helping independent pharmacy owners thrive by focusing on diversifying and then growing revenue streams. She is currently CEO at DiversifyRx, a consulting and education company, a multi-store pharmacy owner, in addition to being a wife and mom of 4. Interview topics About DiversifyRx: Pharmacy owners have suffered enough from low pr...

Taking a Fun Approach to Patient Care through Improv with Cory Jenks

In this episode, our guest is Cory Jenks, who earned his doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of South Carolina in 2011. Since then, he has practiced as a retail pharmacist, outpatient clinical pharmacist, and inpatient clinical pharmacist. His current practice is as an ambulatory care clinical pharmacy specialist, where he applies his passion for lifestyle interventions in the management of chronic disease. In addition to his career as a pharmacist, Cory is also an accomplished improv comedian, having started on his comedy journey in 2013. Since then, Cory has coached, taught, and performed improv teaching other healthcare professionals how to...

How the Pandemic Created Entrepreneurs: Leaving Retail Pharmacy with Dr. Jamie Wilkey

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Jamie Wilkey is a pharmacist who loves what she does and brings passion and happiness to the pharmacy profession. Jamie grew up in a small town in Wyoming where she got her start in pharmacy working at the local City Drug. She attended the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy for her Doctor of Pharmacy. She was active in student government while at UW and also served as president and later as vice-president of her pharmacy class. For 10 years post-graduation, Jamie worked in community pharmacy while having and raising her 4 little boys. Frustrated...

The Modern Era of Compounding with Peter Koshland

In this episode, our guest Peter Koshland shares about his path to compounding and issues facing it today. Peter Koshland, PharmD opened his compounding pharmacy, Koshland Pharm, in 2009 in San Francisco and works with doctors and patients on individualized, integrative therapies that make a difference in the quality of patients’ day-to-day lives. Peter has seen the profound impact high-quality compounded medicine can have, so producing the absolute best patient outcomes is what drives his decisions as CEO of Koshland Pharm. When he is not in the pharmacy, Peter spends his time consulting with and educating doctors about the multiple applications of...

Demystifying the Interview Process with Recruiter, Sarah Ruth Hendrix

Our guest, Sarah Ruth, has spent almost a decade building healthtech startups. She cut her teeth in healthcare technology at Oscar Health, where she helped grow the team by 1000 in less than two years. She moved on to Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company, where she scaled the internal team and launched several of its portfolio companies, including CityBlock Health. Most recently, she led US Portfolio talent for Octopus Ventures, a UK-based VC fund that specializes in launching healthtech companies. Currently, she leads Recruiting for Thyme Care, a Nashville-based oncology navigation startup backed by Andresseen Horowitz, AlleyCorp, Frist Cressey, Casdin, and...

Educating Consumers and Price Transparency with RxSense's Ramzi Yacoub

In this episode, our guest is Ramzi Yacoub, PharmD, who is Chief Pharmacy Officer at RxSense, overseeing the clinical side of the health tech company that provides transparency and access to consistently low prices on prescription drugs. He provides clinical guidance to clients, lends expertise and oversight to program development and oversees compliance for standards of care and safety. Prior to RxSense, he was Director of Client Services at Catalyst Health Solutions, then Catamaran, where he was a senior clinical consultant to large health plans and premier clients. He also spent several years as AVP of Health Plans with Solid...

Embracing Digital Wellness with Dr. Rajinder Rai

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Rajinder Rai, (Ra-GIN-der RIE) PharmD, the founder and CEO of digital wellness company SunRais Health™. With over two decades of experience in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical education, Dr. Rai is disrupting this field in holistic and innovative ways. As an advocate for pharmacists, she is actively involved in the advancement of this industry, and currently serves as the president of the Ventura County Chapter of California Pharmacists Association as well as on the advisory board of PatchRx and GoodRx. Dr. Rai aims to guide disease prevention from a holistic approach in or...

Integrative Medicine- Nuts and Bolts of How to Practice with Jim Hrncir

In this episode, our guest is Jim Hrncir (pronounced: hern-sir), who is recognized as one of the pioneers of modern pharmaceutical compounding. Jim is responsible for the formulation of many Bio-Identical Hormones, Dermatological, Nutritional, and Anti-Aging compounds in wide use throughout the US. He has worked in radio and TV, including multiple appearances on Dr. Phil as a hormone expert. As a member of the board of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (APC), Jim is passionate about the benefits pharmaceutical compounding can bring to patients. Jim Hrncir, RPh founded Las Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding & Wellness in 1984 and is recognized as one...

Women of Leadership- Educate, Advocate, and Network in South Carolina with State Executive, Helen Sairany

In this episode, our guest is Helen Sairany, the CEO for South Carolina Pharmacy Association. Prior to joining SCPhA, Helen served as the Director of Content Development and Partnership at the American Pharmacist Association. She has extensive knowledge, skills, and experiences in administrative management, regulatory, practice, healthy equity, and accreditation systems gained through her 11 years of serving the profession as a Director of Content Development and Partnership at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Director of Quality Assurance at the University of Duhok College of Pharmacy, and as a trauma-informed provider serving the needs of underserved communities at the frontline in...

Design Thinking and Building Your Brand with Dustin Lippert

Our guest, Dustin Lippert is someone I met in Nashville at the Entrepreneur Center. He just redesigned my website If you are looking for someone to help with updating your website, he did a fantastic job. Wanted to have him on to talk about the importance of branding. A bit more about Dustin Over the last 6 years, between his 9-5 in a marketing agency and growing his own clients on the side, Dustin Adam Lippert has created identity systems for local, regional, and national brand ranging from startups to companies with annual revenue of $600 million. In the process...

Keeping It Real with ReTell Pharmacy Podcaster, Mitch Lee

In this episode, our guest is Mitch Lee of the ReTell Pharmacy podcast. Mitch started in retail pharmacy as a cashier in 2004 and stayed with it as a tech and into pharmacy school (graduated as a pharmacist in 2010). He began to see and hear SO many interesting intersections as a floater and decided to start ReTell Pharmacy Podcast to share those stories so others in our industry won’t feel alone when they have a tough day. Listeners send in their stories through Facebook and Twitter and a new episode of the show drops once a week on Fridays. He re...

Biosimilar Updates with National Expert, Sonia Oskouei

In this episode, our guest is Our guest, Sonia Oskouei, PharmD, BCMAS, DPLA, joined Cardinal Health in June 2020 to lead the company’s biosimilar strategy. She most recently served as the Vice President of Innovation and Digital Health at Premier Inc., where she led their national biosimilars strategy on behalf of 4,000 where she partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturers and providers to create resources, and education to help health system stakeholders evaluate and adopt biosimilars. Sonia is an established thought leader with numerous publications and currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Biosimilars. She holds a Doctor of Ph...

Understanding the Pharmacy Health Benefit with Sharon Phares, PhD, MPH at PSG

In this episode our guest is Sharon Phares, PhD, MPH who is Senior Vice President of Research and Data Innovation with PSG. As the Senior Vice President of Research and Data Innovation, she oversees the strategy and execution of research and educational initiatives. These include primary and sponsored research as well as client projects for PBMs and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Sharon also serves as Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Assistant Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine with Washington University in St. Louis. Sharon’s expertise is at the intersection of best-in-class research and marketing—educating the market with scientifically valid yet...

Ready Prescription Pricing with RxRevu's Carm Huntress

In this episode, our guest is Carm Huntress who co-founded RxRevu with the mission to create a more seamless, cost-effective prescribing experience for patients and providers. Since 2013, Carm has helped develop the industry’s leading Prescription Decision Support solution, which allows providers to select appropriate medication options for their patients. By working closely with physicians, health plans, IT vendors, and health systems, RxRevu is driving informed decision-making and better patient care. Carm brings more than 20 years of experience in startups focused on consumer and enterprise technology. Prior to founding RxRevu, Carm served as chief technology officer at Reef Partners and Au...

Managing Stress and Applying Natural Therapies with Jim LaValle

Our guest, James LaValle (Jim), R.Ph., C.C.N.M.T., ND (trad), is an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board-certified clinical nutritionist, and expert and educator in integrative and precision health. James is best known for his expertise in personalized integrative therapies uncovering the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from feeling healthy and vital. A thought leader in drug/nutrient depletion issues he has published 4 books and 3 databases in this area alone. As such he has over 35 years’ experience integrating natural and integrative therapies into various medical and business models. His latest research is in drug-induced microbiome di...

Leadership is a Journey - Chat with Dr. Ken Hohmeier

In this episode, Dr. Kenneth Hohmeier who is a faculty member at the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy invited me to share some remarks with his leadership class. I share about writing the book, How Pharmacists Lead, and about what leadership means to me.