The Weight Of Money Podcast

11 Episodes

By: Dontese Burtin Jr.

The Weight of Money Podcast is an informative Podcast that gives its listeners a more in-depth aspect of the emotional values that we have towards financial issues and how to properly solve them which is the ability to comprehend the meaning of what financial literacy is. This Podcast intends for you to be mentally wealthy and make sure you save a couple of dollars as well. 

Life After High School
Last Tuesday at 3:00 PM

This episode gives you vivid details about what can happen to you on journey after high school.

What Retirement Should Look Like

This gives you a brief description of how your retirement should be plan out for you to be successful. 

What Retirement Should Look Like?

This episode entails on how important on saving for retirement can be for your future. 
#Lets EarnTogether

Developing Partnerships

This Episode is for the people who planned to go into business with another person.

You Can't Save Everyone

This Episode goes into detail about how we all as people get caught in the cycle of trying to make people excel like us once we are in a higher position. it hurts to leave people behind, but it be for the best. 

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Beyond The Surface: Be Your Own Motivation

Introducing a new segment of The Weight of Money Family Beyond the Surface will touch bases on issues that are within us as people. 

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Financial Parenthood

Parenthood is defined by more than an expense it's a way of life. Financial Parenthood is on a different level of understanding once you developed this the sky is the limit.

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Is School for You?

This episode will be breaking down the financial boundaries that comes with being forced into a career by going to school.

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Establishing Your Independence

This episode will give a brief overview of how to give yourself a head start on establishing yourself when it comes to your finances.

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Being A Follower Isn't Making You Richer

This episode is going over how people let social media influence them into making bad money and life decisions.

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This episode will give you a brief overview of this podcast will operate and what context that will be elaborated throughout the episode, Hope you can take what you hear in this podcast and make an effective change in your life. Thank You!

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