Man Scouts

10 Episodes

By: Man Scouts

Daddy Dalton and All Father Colin make all your dreams come true.

Episode 77: Alpha Camp

The ManScouts review an Alpha camp and determine if its worth the cost, discuss the cut, and alot more on this episode.

Episode 76: Pi-raq

The ManScouts discuss everything from the Tik Tok ban Bill, to Space Travel and Spacex, whether there are truly Cannibals in Haiti, and much more on this riveting episode.

Episode 75: Girls Don't Like Boys

The ManScouts discuss the cut, whether girls know what they are attracted too, the magic of muscle, the differences in the sexes, and the State of the Union.

Episode 74: Don't Be Rude

The Man Scouts kick off Women's history month by watching Lady SWAT teams in competition, learning about Humpback Whales, learning about Star Wars similarities to Dune, the latest on Tom Brady, and much more.

Episode 73: Voldemort Virus

The boys are back with a bulk update, talking insurance, viruses, if Madame Web is that bad, the proposal that furries should be banned in schools, and of course talking about the pump.

Episode 72: Cosmic Horror Daddy

The ManScouts discuss whether Daddy Dalt has feelings or not, the news of a PA man beheading his father, dark humor, and Lovecraftian Horror characters and movies.

Episode 71: Houti Whati?

The boys are back with a bulk update, discussing the recent skirmishes with Houti in Yemen, some good ole' UFO footage, and the launch of the streaming channels.

Epstein 70: Epstein Resolutions

The ManScouts discuss their eventful new years, how they feel about Resolutions, whether Aliens have landed in Miami, and what the Epstein Docs have revealed.

Episode 69: Gainsgiving

The Manscouts discuss Thanks giving foods and what they say about you, how much turkey you need to consume to hit your protein goal, and life advice you don't want to miss.

Episode 68: Preppers

The ManScouts discuss what they need to do in order to be prepared for the impending apocalypse, preserving gains, and live a full life.