Gathering The Kings

40 Episodes

By: Chaz Wolfe

Business discussions from The Kings Table. Join serial entrepreneur, Chaz Wolfe as he extracts the good, the bad and the ugly from fellow successful 7, 8 and 9 figure owners to help you grow out of the grind and warrior stage and enter into becoming a king…in your business and all areas of life. You'll find motivation, inspiration and extremely practical steps to help you become the King you are designed to be.

The Service Industry's Best-Kept Secret: The Unconventional Approach that Leads to Success
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

In episode 177 of Gathering The Kings, host Chaz Wolfe interviews Jesse Summerlin, the owner of Dwell Roofing & Exteriors and managing partner of Texoma Seed Company. Jesse shares his insights and experiences on building a business with a mindset focused on learning and growth. He emphasizes the importance of adding value to customers rather than solely focusing on profits in the service industry.

Jesse also talks about the challenges of being a builder and the trial and error process of building a business. He shares lessons he learned from partnering with the wrong person and the importance of...

How to Franchise Your Business and Expand Globally: Lessons from POPBAR's CEO
Last Monday at 12:00 PM

In episode 176 of Gathering The Kings podcast, host Chaz Wolfe talks with Reuben Benjehuda, founder and CEO of POPBAR - a chain in the quick frozen dessert industry. Reuben shares insights on the importance of making quality ingredients the #1 focus, putting your own unique spin on what you offer to set yourself apart from the market, and staying focused on adding real value to your business. Reuben also talks about the challenges of franchising and negotiating in business, and the importance of playing both defense and forward as an entrepreneur. Listeners will learn about Reuben's journey from not knowing...

From $0 to 7+ Figures: How Joey Martin Made It Big in Real Estate!
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

Looking to learn from a seasoned real estate industry pro with a seven-figure business? Then you won't want to miss episode 175 of Gathering The Kings Podcast featuring Joey Martin.

Host Chaz Wolfe sits down with Joey to discuss his two-decade journey in the real estate world, including his time on a record-breaking sales team that sold over $400 million in real estate. From working for someone else to starting his own brokerage, Joey shares how he took calculated risks to grow his business and why he believes you should too.

Listen in to...

How To Build an Empire in Commercial Construction W/ Justin Beedle
Last Saturday at 12:00 PM

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join host Chaz Wolfe as he sits down with a king of the construction industry, Justin Beedle. As the majority owner of Patriot Development and Construction, Justin has built his success on a foundation of quality investments and a commitment to hiring veterans transitioning out of the military. With expertise in every division of construction, including retail, office, financial, veterinary, medical, dental, car washes, and gas stations, Justin's portfolio of projects spans almost the entire state of Texas.

So how did Justin achieve such incredible success...

Sustainable Demolition: The Future of Construction with Steve Filyo
Last Friday at 12:00 PM

Host Chaz Wolfe brings on Steve Filyo, a 7+ figure king in the demolition industry.  Steve is President of BlueEarth Deconstruction, a demolition and remodeling business with a strong focus on sustainability. They discuss the importance of choosing to keep going, hiring talent and paying more, and the benefits of being indispensable whether you're in a company or outside. Steve shares how he built a business model that incentivizes sustainability, and how his company is actively working with job training programs to teach people a trade that they can do long term. They also discuss how BlueEarth Deconstruction solves the p...

How to Double Your Business Year Over Year: Lessons from Lance Lanier
Last Thursday at 12:00 PM

Episode 171 of Gathering The Kings features Lance Lanier, owner of Lanier Landscaping, Lanier Trucking, and Lanier Civil Construction. Lance discusses how he became a firefighter, was injured and had to leave his dream job, and started his own landscaping business. He also talks about how he recruited his wife to work with him and how their working relationship has been amazing. Lance also shares his tips for doubling his business year over year and how his honesty allows him to recruit A players. He emphasizes the importance of reviewing loan agreements carefully and getting a lawyer. Finally, Lance talks...

How He Innovated In the Fuel Industry: The Story of Victor Rodriguez

Host Chaz Wolfe interviews Victor Rodriguez, the Founder & President at Gas It Up, Inc. In this episode, Chaz and Victor discuss a range of topics, including their experiences growing up in single-parent households, the importance of raising capable children who aren't entitled, adding value and innovation to a traditional industry, and the value of leaning on mentors. Victor also shares his journey of constantly growing himself to grow his business, Gas It Up,

Chaz and Victor discuss Gas It Up's board and their belief in what they are doing to disrupt the fuel and electric vehicle industry...

Think & Grow Rich - The $5 Million Secret

Host Chaz Wolfe interviews John Mitchell, founder of and a mental coach for coaches at the University of Texas. John shares his journey from being a CPA to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and the mindset shifts that helped him achieve his goals.

John talks about his 12 minute daily technique, which he teaches to students and entrepreneurs at the University of Texas. He explains how this technique helped him rewire his autopilot and increase his income to over $5 million a year. John also shares his thoughts on cultivating selflessness, setting aside time for deep thinking, and...

From Carpet Cleaning to Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs: The Incredible Story of Caleb Fabry

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Caleb Fabry, President of Town & Country Pest Control Inc.  Join us as we dive into the story behind this thriving family business and learn how they went from carpet cleaning to becoming industry experts in pest control.

Caleb  grew up in a family of six boys, where his father ran a carpet cleaning business. While working for his dad, Caleb noticed that customers often had questions about pest control, sparking his interest in the industry. After operating the pest control side of the business as a sole owner, Caleb eventually sold the carpet cl...

From Small Beginnings to Big Success: The Story of Entrepreneur Greg Caldwell

Join host Chaz as he sits down with Greg Caldwell, the successful entrepreneur behind Caldwell Construction and Caldwell Earthworks. In this episode, Greg shares the inspiring story of his journey to success, from humble beginnings to owning not just one, but two thriving companies.

But Greg's not just about business - he's also a devoted family man who finds inspiration in his wife and four children. Listen in as he talks about how he instills the entrepreneurial spirit in his kids and involves his family in his decision-making process.

Along the way...

Unleashing Business Success: How this Dynamic Duo Combine Forces to Transform The Real Estate Game

Are you a business owner looking to take your business from 6 to 7+ figures? 🔍 Then tune in to the latest episode of Gathering The Kings! 🎧

Join host Chaz Wolfe as he sits down with two real estate queens - Alex Breshears and Beth Johnson - who share their expertise and passion for private lending. These two powerhouses met in a Facebook group and have since joined forces to co-author the book "Lend to Live" and help others grow their businesses. 📚

In this episode, you'll hear their valuable insights on how to get started in privat...

How This Immigrant Built a 7-Figure Empire in the Water Construction Industry W/ Sidney Sogbor

Discover how this first-generation American built a multi-million dollar empire in the water construction industry! Join host Chaz Wolfe as he sits down with Sidney Sogbor to learn his secrets for success. With over 8 years in the business, Sidney knows what it takes to win big. Find out how to stay productive, multiply your bids, and be a provider for others. In this episode, you'll get invaluable tips for growing your business and achieving your dreams. Plus, hear the inspiring story of how Sidney overcame obstacles to become a true king in his field. Don't miss out on this...

#1 PEO in the United States : How Rodney Steele Built a Business That Delivers Results

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Rodney Steele, the CEO of Dinsmore Steele and Volarei, to the king's stage. If you're an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, this is an episode you don't want to miss. In this episode, Rodney discusses how to delegate and hire, even if you don't have the money to do it. He also talks about the importance of being able to sell and do revenue-producing activities for your business. Want to learn how to afford capital investing without risking losing your company? Rodney has got you covered.

As a successful CEO, Rodney also...

How This Blue-Collar Worker Became a Successful Business Owner W/ Roy Wood

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Roy Wood to the king's stage! Roy is the owner of 7+ figure business, Allied Contractors LLC, and has a heart for ministry work. Roy shares his journey of starting out doing side jobs to make a living and how his integrity and presentation allowed him to do more. He stresses the importance of being genuine, creating a vision for your team, and making good decisions. Roy believes in finding a mentor, losing your selfishness, and having a purpose to avoid being bored. He also shares financial principles for teaching children and emphasizes the importance of...

Killing the Ego and Finding Your Purpose: Lessons from Project Art Collective Founder Jeremy Hodges

Host Chaz Wolfe interviews the successful entrepreneur Jeremy Hodges, founder of Project Art Collective. Hodges shares insights and advice on building allies in business, following your passion, killing the ego, building a legacy, and adding value to others. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with successful people, being genuine, and never quitting when pursuing your purpose. Listeners will also learn about the resources and books recommended by Hodges, as well as ways to connect with him and Wolfe. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation, tune in now to the Gathering The Kings podcast!


From Coal Miner's Son To 7 Figure Business Owner - The Inspiring Story of Alan Branson

Chaz Wolfe interviews Alan Branson, the Founder and President of Aqua Sphere Inc., a water treatment business that has grown to seven figures in revenue. Alan shares his journey from being a coal miner's son to serving in the air force, to being a firefighter for 20 years, and eventually starting his own business.

Alan talks about the importance of having a passion for what you do and being willing to try new things. He emphasizes the need for businesses in the water filtration industry to increase consumer awareness and move away from the old model of simply...

We Buy Profit: An Insiders Approach To Real Estate W/ Nathan Bowers

Nathan Bowers is the owner of Ambition Group LLC and a king in the Real Estate Investment Industry.  He was born and raised in Tarrant County Texas.  He has a passion for real estate, serving his team and others, and providing amazing service and value to his clients.   His current focuses are flips, wholesaling, and land development.

Tune in to hear more about real estate investing, discipleship in business, the importance of learning from mistakes, and why you ‘just gotta get on the base.’

During this episode, you will learn a...

Beyond the Norm: Wesley Tribbitt's Approach to Creating a Thriving Business

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Wesley Tribbitt, a king in the fencing industry.  In this episode, Wesley and Chaz talk about what it takes to thrive under the pressure of being a business owner and how to create an environment that helps your employees grow. They discuss the importance of going above and beyond, and how to cultivate a work environment that plays to your team's strengths.

Wesley shares his experience building a top-performing fencing business and offers tips for aspiring business owners looking to break 7-figures. So, if you're looking to level up your business and start g...

The Entrepreneur Vs. The Business Owner W/ John Kearns

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes John Kearns, CEO of PARTAS. In this episode, John shares his insights on social enterprise, serial entrepreneurship, and the difference between being an entrepreneur and a businessman.

In addition to his insights on entrepreneurship and networking, John also shares his perspectives on aging and wisdom. He challenges the notion that people necessarily get wiser as they get older and instead argues that wisdom comes from learning and growth.He also discusses the biggest asset anyone can have in his opinion, which is confidence.

So don't miss out on this inspiring episode...

Sales Rep to President: Matthew Weatherly's Story of Success in the Roofing Industry

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Matthew Weatherly, President of Luna and Associates, LLC onto the Kings stage! Matthew started working in the field at just 15 years old and went on to become an independent sales rep for the roofing industry. In this episode, he shares his insights on why he chose to stay in the roofing industry for the long haul and how humility and servant leadership have become a key mindset for him.

In addition to his experience in the roofing industry, Matthew also talks about his journey to becoming the President of Luna and Associates, LLC...

Breaking the Feast or Famine Cycle: Mitchell R. Tucker's Journey to Entrepreneurship

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Mitchell R. Tucker, President of N-TACT SECURITY LLC.  Mitchell has an amazing story to share. He comes from an entrepreneurial family but wasn't interested in business until later in life. He had a difficult childhood, growing up in a feast and famine environment, which led him to desire stability in his work. He became a police officer and worked as an undercover detective in narcotics, but eventually left the force to pursue a new career path.

In this episode, Mitchell talks about how he shifted his mentality to see opportunities and started looking f...

Breaking the Mold: How James Gilman Became a Trailblazer in the Office Products Industry

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes James Gilman, the President of Perimeter Office Products. James started with the company at just 23 years old and quickly rose through the ranks to become a top salesperson. Over the years, he's continued to grow with the company and has now taken the position of President. With his background in sales and management, he has a wealth of experience to share with our listeners.

During the show, James will be discussing his journey to becoming the President of Perimeter Office Products, the importance of setting expectations for your team, how to trust your...

Disrupting the Game: The Rise of Martie and the Future of Online Grocery Shopping

Welcome to Gathering The Kings Podcast where host Chaz Wolfe brings you the most inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs in the game! Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Louise Fritjofsson, Co-Founder of Martie, the online grocery store revolutionizing the way we shop for food.  Louise is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having started her first business at the young age of 19, which she went on to acquire two years later. She has since built and sold an ad network, as well as a peer-to-peer fitness marketplace. With her latest venture, Martie, Louise is on a mission to make people healthier b...

The Unconventional Route to Real Estate Success with Paul Larson

Chaz Wolfe brings on the one and only Paul Larson, CEO of Larson Real Estate & Investments. This guy is killin' it in the commercial real estate game, with a focus on multifamily cash flow assets. He started small, with duplexes and quadplexes, but now he's gone all in on mobile home and RV parks and closed 400 units last year alone!

But that's not all, in this interview with Chaz, you'll hear about Paul's journey through different industries and businesses, and why he finally found his home in real estate. Plus, you'll get the inside scoop on why...

Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail and How to Beat the Odds W/ Nathan Lange

Host Chaz Wolfe is bringing the 🔥heat🔥  with his latest episode featuring the entrepreneurial king, Nathan Lange. Nathan is the man behind several successful businesses, including Northland Monument, Northland Spray Foam, and his latest venture in property management.

Nathan has been a hustler since elementary school, making money through turtle races and selling his woodshop creations to his school's principal. This entrepreneurial spirit has been instilled in him from a young age and has led him to the success he has today. But he's not one to force his kids into the family business, instead encouraging them to find...

He’ll Save You Money Guaranteed W/ William McKissock

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes William McKissock, the owner of McKissock Franchise Consulting and Schooley Mitchell Tampa Bay! Get ready to learn from one of the best in the business on how to make your business successful.

In this episode, we dive into William's back story and how he went from working in economic development in Scotland to owning two successful businesses in Tampa Bay. He shares the importance of self education and how having a balance between offense and defense is crucial in any business.

William also opens up about his worst business decision and...

The Shocking Truth About Being a Successful Entrepreneur with Greg Giaquinto

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Greg Giaquinto, the owner of J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door, and the founder of Monday Morning Myndset and Elite Entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Greg shares his expertise on teaching and learning, his personal why statement, valuing the right things, and the importance of making decisions. He'll also be talking about maximizing what's working in your business and quitting the chase for the elusive "perfect" solution. 

As we dive into the episode, keep in mind two of Greg's quotes that embody his mindset: "Nobody in this process got here by themselves" a...

Why Authenticity is the Key to More Sales in Your Business, Not Manipulation

Join Gary Rawding, owner of Symphony Home Improvement and Symphony Concrete Coatings, as well as founder and CEO of Rawding Consulting Group, as he shares his journey from being a musician to building multiple successful businesses. Learn about his pursuit of perfection, the power of authenticity, and how he leveraged his sales skills to grow his businesses to 7-figures. Discover Gary's tips for starting a business, knowing your numbers, and understanding why sales is an oral tradition.

In this episode of Gathering The Kings Podcast with host Chaz Wolfe, you'll hear Gary's story of hard work and...

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship W/ Anthony Paine

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Anthony Paine, CEO and Founder of Stashbee and Founder Jumpstart. Anthony shares his journey as an entrepreneur, from growing up in Brazil and the UK to navigating the ups and downs of building a successful business.

Throughout the episode, Anthony explores the importance of having a bigger vision, adapting to change, and learning from failures. He also shares his thoughts on divergent vs. convergent thinking and how it interplays into communication.

Chaz and Anthony discuss the idea that there is no one right way to do things in business, and that...

Real Talk with Allison Brecklin: The Secrets of Successful Integrators

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Allison Brecklin, partner and VP of Client Operations at Mixhalo, to discuss the art of problem-solving in business. Allison shares her insights on the importance of saying no when it's called for and reducing ambiguity in decision-making. She also talks about the challenges of making bad hires due to a high workload and offers her three tips for hiring the right person for the job.

Allison also shares her thoughts on real talk around culture and authenticity, and the intentionality of relationships in the workplace. She draws on her extensive experience as an...

Beyond Profit: Running a Social Enterprise Business Model W/ Michael Pink

In this episode of Gathering The Kings, Chaz Wolfe is joined by Michael Pink, a king in real estate. Michael and Chaz discuss perspective and regret in business and the role each plays in success. 

In this episode, we'll explore the importance of being open to experience and following your specific interests. Michael shares his decades of experience in successes and failures to offer tips to listeners looking to break 7-figures. Listen and start growing your kingdom now!

During this episode, you will learn about:

Why Not Me? A Discussion on Leadership W/ Ryan Rolfe

Host Chaz Wolfe brings on Ryan Rolfe, a window manufacturer who recently took over the family business after the co-founders retired. Prior to taking over, Ryan worked for the railroad for 15 years, but always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, the company employs 190 people.

Ryan joins Chaz to discuss a variety of topics including the difference between being a creator vs. a modifier, earning your way into the family business vs. nepotism, fear of failure, cash flow, and the vulnerability involved in masterminding with other business owners. He also shares some of the books and resources he recommends...

The Consultative Approach: Transforming Your Business from Struggling to Thriving W/ Tony Barlow

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Tony Barlow, the man behind the transformation of EPI-HAB, a 64-year-old non-profit organization that provides jobs for people with disabilities. Tony is a sales expert who has led sales organizations for years and has a background in leading organizations to sell digital and technological tools/services. He has brought his expertise to EPI-HAB and turned it around from a downward spiral. Tune in now to learn the lessons that Tony has learned along the way and find out how to grow your business past six figures.

Tony will discuss his biggest regret and...

From College Football to Junk Removal: Tim Arno's Journey of Success

Host Chaz Wolfe interviews Tim Arno, former franchise owner of You Move Me, and now operations manager at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, the largest junk removal service. The two discuss Tim's life philosophy of "stick and move,"and the importance of having a clear purpose in life to help with day-to-day tasks. Tim shares his morning routine and emphasizes the importance of personal and business growth for business owners in 2023. Tim stresses the importance of networking with others to gain new ideas and perspectives. They also touch on the challenge of balancing work and personal life, and the importance of being...

The Power of Direct-to-Consumer: An Insider's Look at Havelock Wool W/ Andrew Legge

Host Chaz Wolfe is joined by Andrew Legge, Founder & Managing Partner of Havelock Wool.  He will be discussing his journey in building momentum in his business and leveraging technology to promote the safety advantages of wool insulation. Andrew will also be sharing his approach to business strategy and how he has built the marketing story for Havelock Wool. He will talk about the importance of being creative and nimble in building a sustainable business and the use of his decision matrix. This episode will also touch on the benefits of direct-to-consumer sales and the impact it has had on H...

From Burnout to Breakthrough: The Story of Maxwell Mayes

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Maxwell Mayes, a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry turned highly successful consultant.  Maxwell shares his journey of how he transitioned from a laborer earning $15/hour to a project manager, and later, a successful business owner.  Starting with just $300 and facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maxwell was able to build his business to 1.3 million within 9 months. However, the rapid growth came with its own set of challenges as Maxwell struggled with addiction and came close to filing for bankruptcy. But with the help of an investor and a relentless focus on sales, Maxwell wa...

Mark Bauman: The Entrepreneur Who Built an Empire on Tech and Innovation

Mark Bauman is a successful entrepreneur with a background in several digital technology companies. He started coding video games in 1997 and in 1999, he co-founded a media company with a friend while in high school. The company grew rapidly and Mark started making six figures early on. However, he had a falling out with his partner and nothing was in his name. He then started working in the entertainment space and built a brokerage system under Media Reps, which generated $48 million in revenue in 2015. Mark has also acquired several companies that compliment one another and work together, including a company...

Creating a Business People Love to Work For with Jordan Simon

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Jordan Simon, a rising star in the plumbing industry. Jordan shares his story of leaving corporate finance to take over his parents' small plumbing business in Virginia and how it's grown into a 7-figure company with an added supply business. He also talks about the importance of becoming a business that people want to work for, and making data-driven decisions for sustainable growth. Plus, Chaz shares one of the best business decisions he's ever made.   Don't miss this valuable episode with a true industry leader!

During this e...

From Cleaning to Coaching: The Journey of Cristobal Mondragon

Cristobal Mondragon is a true visionary in the cleaning industry and a successful business coach, who started his own cleaning company in 2015. With a wealth of experience in different industries including the restaurant and car sales, Cristobal had the drive and determination to turn his cleaning company into a thriving business. Despite starting the company while still working a full-time job, he saw the potential in this venture and within just three months, he made the decision to leave his job and work full-time in the cleaning business, quickly becoming a leading figure in the industry.


The Art of Metered Growth: Achieving Sustainable Success W/ Keith Barkman

As a business owner, you know the importance of creating a positive and productive environment for your employees and clients. Sound Management Group, led by Keith Barkman, has made it their mission to help business owners achieve that by providing state-of-the-art acoustic and sound proofing solutions. With a background in music and construction, Keith has always been interested in building sound studios. He saw an opportunity to take his father's acoustics company and turn it into a national brand. With the help of his brothers, he tested the market by opening offices in various locations, and now the company...