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Practical experienced based discussions with CEOs and senior executives from around the world on how to approach management challenges and why this is important to you and your organisation.

Are You Ready To Quit Your Job?
Last Wednesday at 12:07 AM

One of the “benefits” of 2020 was the opportunity for many people to rethink their working activities. This week Kim and Fulyana look at what is important to consider when you start to think about quitting your job – whether this is a change within an organisation, moving to another organisation or starting out on […]

Internal Transfers – Good or Challenging?

Does your organisation encourage internal transfers? Are they considered professional development? What happens to the teams losing and gaining these transferees? How can you, as a team leader or manager, harness the effect of internal transfers? Lots of questions on this topic so this week Kim and Fulyana begin exploring using their own experiences as […]

Have You Been Passed Over For Promotion?

It’s never pleasant to think about a promotion and then find you have not been selected. Why did you not get the promotion? This week Kim and Fulyana talk about real examples from both sides of the recruitment table with some valuable insights for you to use.

Should You Change Your Work Habits?

How often do you have more to do than time in the day? What is the difference between “intentional” and “attentional” activities? This week Kim and Fulyana explore their work “habits” and discover some interesting adjustments and insights from their own experiences in the workplace.

Do You Find Your Boss Intimidating?

There’s a difference between being intimidated at work and working with a bully. Are you in either of these situations? This week Kim and Fulyana explore the options available to you so you can take control of a situation that may be causing you to doubt your abilities.

Have You Been Ignored At A Meeting?

Do you get invited to meetings, particularly coffee meetings, only to be ignored? This week Kim and Fulyana look at your professional presence – how can you inject yourself into a meeting when you feel you are being ignored? Do you have “situational awareness”?

Reading and Taking Notes

Is reading part of your daily personal development activities? Should this be as important as physical fitness for you as a person? This week we hear from Kim and Fulyana about using reading, whether it’s a physical or digital book, to keep you discuplined about personal development. What non-fiction book are you reading now and […]

Case Study – Team Dynamics When Changing Over Leadership

This week we talk through a Case Study about a team transitioning leadership. It is a regular occurrence for the team but there is always a period of time where all team members wait for the previous leader to voice an opinion before they venture their own – even the new leader. What can be […]

Managing A Team Member Who Displays Diminished Responsibility

Are you concerned for a team member or colleague? This week’s discussion is a difficult topic despite the advances for mental health at work that are occurring. Kim and Fulyana explore some real life examples of valued team members and senior staff who begin to exhibit “out of character” behaviour. Whether it is overwhelm, lack […]

Maintaining Momentum For A Long Term Project

How do you maintain momentum as a project leader for a long term project – one that may be more than 5 years away? This week Kim shares a project she is leading with an end milestone of 2026 with Fulyana providing the mentoring for this activity. What should you do to stop the excuses […]

The Unknown Change Agents – How Do You Recognise Them?

Have you made experienced a change to a process or activity that had huge impact but have no idea where the change originated? Do you know how to acknowledge those who suggest change when they can’t explain how to implement the change? This week Fulyana provides us with a couple of examples of innovation/change where […]

Getting Customer Communication Right (for the customer)

Do you wonder why your customers/clients never get your process right? Do you know if your automatic customer contacts actually work the way you think they do? What do you do with those recordings “for training purposes”? This week Kim and Fulyana explore what customer communication means from the customer perspective with some real life […]

Managing Customer and Team Expectations

Are you frustrated by team members expecting more than can be realistically accomplished? Do you struggle to manage customer expectations in a constantly changing commercial environment? This week Kim and Fulyana talk through some ways to manage both customer and team expectations. How are you approaching these issues?

Management Buzzwords for 2021

Emotional Intelligence – Situational Awareness – Pain Point…..Have you been faced with any of these phrases yet? Apparently these are some of the management buzzwords for 2021. So naturally, Kim and Fulyana have a talk about these and others, what they mean and how they have heard them used, not just recently, but throughout their […]

What Are The Positives For A New Team Leader In Challenging Times?

Yes, as we record this COVID19 is still creating havoc in people’s lives all around the world. In spite of this, Fulyana has some heartening news about the positives for a new team leader in these challenging times. Her story is based on an actual situation. Have you taken on a team leader role recently? […]

Rob Fahey Part 3

This week, in the third part of our discussion with Rob Fahey, General Manager, Holiday Inn Express, Newcastle, Australia we explore what might be the permanent changes to the hospitality industry as it begins the recovery to business in the new normal after COVID19. How is your business recovering? Will you make permanent changes to […]

Rob Fahey Part 2

How would you manage a new handpicked team that has to be stood down indefinitely after 12 short months? How do you develop an organisational culture where everyone interacts with external customers? This week we continue our discussion with Rob Fahey, General Manager, Holiday Inn Express Newcastle (Australia) looking at the importance of the right […]

Rob Fahey Part 1

This week we begin a 3 part discussion with Rob Fahey, currently General Manager of the Holiday Inn Express in Newcastle, Australia. If you have a young team, have moved “up the ranks” yourself to a management role or have had to manage in the tumultuous times of 2020 in a service industry, you will […]

Paul Cuatrecasas Part 3

This week in the final part of our discussion with Paul Cuatrecasas, Kim and Fulyana hear about Paul’s book as well as what the future might hold for education of the next generation of executive managers.

Paul Cuatrecasas Part 2

This week we continue our discussion with Paul Cuatrecasas looking at why actually making a decision is important and the value of entrepreneurial thinking for today’s organisations regardless of size.

Paul Cuatrecasas Part 1

This week Kim and Fulyana have a deep dive into the potential for disruption by information technology. Paul Cuatrecasas joins them from London for a 3 part series on exponential changes and disruptions to industries and what that means for senior executives and their organisations to survive and thrive. Part 1 covers some of the […]

Implementation Not Shelf Help

Do you have a shelf full of books and seminar notes? Have you implemented any of the ideas that were included there? This week, inspired by a comment from a guest during our 200th episode, Kim and Fulyana choose different paths to implementation of ideas whether this is for you as an executive or with […]

Do You Know How To Accept Praise?

Do you accept praise well? Does your team know how to accept praise personally as well as for the organisation? In this podcast, Kim and Fulyana share their experiences with giving and receiving praise. Do you practise “success sharing” and does it work?

Training Your Front Line Staff

Do you train your front line staff on the job? Do you know how your customers or clients perceive this? This week Kim and Fulyana look at some recent experiences from both a customer and manager viewpoint. Have you changed the way you train your staff in these days of remote working?

Do You Know How Your Customers or Clients Are Treated By Your Staff?

Do you have a workforce that interacts with customers? Have you experienced your service from the customer’s perspective? This week Kim and Fulyana look at recent examples and methods of determining what sort of experience your customers are having when they interact with your staff. Have you had bad service and not complained?

Episode 200 Part 2

We continue with our tips from some of our guests of the past 5 years. This week we hear from Nick Gorman, Anna Mirzayan, Matthew Wenberg, Maura Sweeney and Jamie Wadley. If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1 with John Eddy, Josh and Krystle Hockley, Libby Pease, Geraldine King, Bishoy Tadros, Ken Wentworth, Trisca […]

Episode 200 – Part 1

It’s a milestone episode this week – number 200! To mark the occasion and to give you some special insights, we asked our guest executives that have shared their expertise over the last 5 years, to give their two most important tips for senior managers in 2020. The response was very gratifying – so much […]

What Have We Learned From 5 Years Of Podcasting?

This week marks episode 199 for Kim and Fulyana. We hear what the journey has been for them as well as what you, the listeners, have given as feedback to keep the momentum going. There is also a hint of the special episode to come for number 200 next week!

Josh Elledge Part 3

In this final part of our discussion with Josh Elledge, we explore what it means to be a leader, both personally and in a business sense during these changing times.

Josh Elledge – Part 2

We continue our discussion with Josh Elledge, this week exploring the “ideal client” mindset as well as the importance of knowing your team. Josh shares his approach to ensuring both the team and clients are the right fit for one another.

Josh Elledge – Part 1

This week Kim and Fulyana begin a three part discussion with Josh Elledge. In this podcast we hear what you need to think about when considering PR and Marketing in today’s business climate. The book Josh mentions is Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins by Mark Schaefer

Leaving An Organisation During An Era Of Remote Working

As we record this we are still in an era of remote working due to COVID19. How does that affect you when you are leaving an organisation? Whether it is for a promotion, retirement or redundancy, what will be different about this departure? Kim and Fulyana look at how you can manage both the emotions […]

Does Your Home Office Enhance Your Professional Image?

This week Kim and Fulyana look at how your home office can affect your professional branding and image. With an increase in executives being home based during 2020, how do you maintain the right image for your clients, customers and staff?

Are You Confident or Humble?

This week Kim and Fulyana revisit a topic briefly covered in an earlier podcast. Perhaps as a result of a performance review you have been told to be “more confident”. What does this really mean and how do you go about addressing it? What can you do if you are culturally bound to be humble? […]

The Value of Career Gaps

Our discussion today centres on the value of career breaks or gaps in your resume. For many, regardless of which side of the recruiting table you sit, these are seen as negative or an indication of a lack of commitment to a career. We look at how these breaks or gaps in a corporate life […]

CEO Support Networks – Yes or No?

This week Kim and Fulyana look at the options for CEOs to share their experiences with others who may be working through similar issues even when they are in vastly different industries. Do you have a network? Do you maintain your involvement or find it a chore? Is there a better way? If you are […]

Losing Commuting Time – Is It Good Or Bad?

This week Kim and Fulyana talk about the continuing changes to work practices as a result of lockdown from COVID19. Specifically as we here move to the next stage of starting to have more options for commuting and working at our workplaces and/or at home, this podcast looks at how losing commuting time and then […]

The Value of Stakeholders

Are you continuing to work with stakeholders in the same way you have always engaged with them? Is that the best way for our changing times? Do stakeholders derail your projects with their concerns? Kim and Fulyana look at their own experience in the light of an article Kim read recently. The link to the […]

Leadership Under Pressure

This week Kim and Fulyana discuss a recent television documentary that highlighted the former NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons. They both felt it showed some interesting characteristics that can be utilised in the corporate management world. A link to the documentary is below the podcast. To view the Australian Story episode click here

Nick Gorman Part 3

This week we conclude our discussion with Nick Gorman covering aspects of mental wellbeing at work. Apart from the personal benefits, we look at what this means for organisations and the retention of valuable staff. This episode is a little longer than our usual ones – give yourself some extra time to listen to it […]