Mangroves to Mountains Podcast

21 Episodes

By: C James Dussias

The Mangroves to Mountains podcast offers fly fishing, bowhunting, bushcraft, camping, paddling discussions and more.

Twig Tolle: Twig Talks Fly Fishing, Adventure Travel, and Guitars!

Twig Tolle is an avid fly fisherman, hunter, offshore angler, adventure traveler, and guitarist.

He has worked for several fishing magazines in advertising sales, including Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Sport Fishing, and Marlin magazine.

He is a past president of The South Florida Fly Fishing Club, where he and I met many years ago.

Twig is an engaging storyteller and I will definitely have him back as a guest. We just scratched the surface in this one.

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Joe McConnell, Primitive Skills and More

This was a really fun episode with primitive skills hunter Joe McConnell from First Skills cjannel on YouTube. Great info and lots of laughs!

Talking Primitive Hunting with Ryan Gill

I had a fun and informative discussion with Ryan Gill from HuntPrimitive.

Joe McConnell: Primitive Skills and Lots More.

Joe McConnell is a primitive skills bowyer, knapper, content creator, and all around highly skilled outdoorsman. We had a fun conversation and covered a lot of bases. Lots of laughs, too.(Joe has a quick wit and always keeps me in stitches!)

Check out Joe's Channel: FIRST SKILLS on YouTube

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Talking Primitive with Ryan Gill from HuntPrimitive

I had a fun and informative conversation with Ryan Gill from HuntPrimitive. Besides being an exceptional hunter and craftsman, Ryan is a wealth of information about indigenous cultures in the Americas. I learn something new every time we have a discussion. He is also one of my favorite huntin' buddies. Give it a listen.

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Bowhunting Wild Pigs Part 1 of 2

In this episode I am discussing bowhunting for wild pigs. Where to find them, how to hunt for them, archery tackle, hunting feeders, and more.

Part 2 will be about spot and stalk and still-hunting wild pigs.

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Talking Trad with Schafer Magnant of The Green Mountain Tradcast

Schafer Magnant started archery at age 2 and has continued to pursue this unique passion ever since.

Schafer hosts The Green Mountain Tradcast and has a YouTube channel by the same name. I'm a big fan of both.

We had a really fun conversation that I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.

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Fly Fishing for Trout and Steelhead with Guest Jeff Raczkowski

In this episode I speak with Jeff Raczkowski from western New York. Jeff is an English teacher and avid fly fisherman with over thirty years experience fishing for trout and steelhead. We discuss tackle, techniques, and the challenge of "fishing with an angle".

Jeff is a wealth of information and shares techniques and some compelling fishing stories. It was a fun talk with one of my closest friends. Enjoy!

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John Kolb From Suffering Outdoors YouTube Channel: Bowhunting, Fly-fishing, and Flintlocks!

John Kolb does some amazing videos for his YouTube channel Suffering Outdoors. 

His videos are beautifully filmed, creatively edited, and have top notch production value.

John and I have a fun conversation on bowhunting, flintlocks, fly-fishing for trout, and film making.

Thanks for listening!

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My Bow Season So Far

I'm solo on this episode as I talk about my recent hunt to North Carolina and an exciting wild pig hunt.

Thanks for listening!

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A Pioneer of Bowhunting Films; Bill Langer

I am joined on this episode by good friend and bowhunting film pioneer Bill Langer. 

Bill Langer has been filming his hunts since the late 1980's and continues to share entertaining bowhunting content.

He has been a inspiration to many aspiring bowhunters and filmmakers, myself included.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Traditional Bowhunting and Adventuring with Mark Harrison of Omnivore's Homestead and Quivers

This was a fun and informative episode with Mark Harrison from Omnivore's Homestead and Quivers.

Lots of laughs in this one as the discussion ran the gamut of the merits of crawdad trapping, filming hunts, the trad bow lifestyle, tab versus glove(I may never recover from that part) and going on adventures! Mark's wife Allison also joined us for part of the episode and discussed her hunting set-up! Enjoy.

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Traditional Bowhunting Talk with Emrah Oruc from Bowhunting Soul

Emrah Oruc is the host of the Bowhunting Soul podcast and also the Bowhunting Soul YouTube channel.

He is an avid traditional bowhunter and very knowledgeable all around outdoorsman. Emrah has been a big help to me in getting The Mangroves to Mountains podcast launched and working out the kinks with a new podcast.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I think you will, too. Thanks for listening friends!

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Fly Fishing, Nature, and Boat Building with Paul Rehage

Paul Rehage is a man of many interests and talents. He is a naturalist, biologist, boat builder, artist and former science teacher and principal. Paul is also a gifted fly fisherman and happens to be my favorite fishing partner. Follow along as we discuss, as Paul puts it, "enjoying life in slow motion". Thanks for listening.

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Peacock Bass on the Fly!

Episode 7 is all about fly-fishing for peacock bass!

Thanks for listening.

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Adventure Travel in Greece with my Guest Marilucy Amezquita

On this episode I have the unique pleasure of interviewing my wife and adventure travel companion, Marilucy Amezquita!

We talk about the trip so far, places we have visited, the amazing food, landscape, and culture of Greece.

Lots of laughs in this one!

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Adventure Travel: Greece Part 1

Short episode highlighting the past week in Greece. The last two days we've been in my grandfather's mountain village, Achladokampos. Today my cousin George took on some dicey roads to visit churches around the village, there are 27 in total!

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Episode 4 Fly Fishing the Everglades 101

This episode covers the basics of fly fishing the Everglades backcountry. I cover info about the fishery, best seasons to fish, tackle, fly selection, finding fish, and more. Thanks for listening friends.

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Episode 3, An Introduction

On this episode I talk a bit about my background growing up in Michigan and western New York and share what the podcast will be about. Also check out The Mangroves to Mountains YouTube channel. Thanks for listening friends.

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Tamiami Trail Fishing Talk Part 1

This is PART ONE of my Tamiami Trail talk. I uploaded Part 2 first. Oops! I discuss the history of Tamiami Trail and the fishing in that part of the Everglades. Thanks friends for listening.

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Tamiami Trail Fishing Talk Part 2

This is PART 2 of my Tamiami Trail Talk I recorded on my way to the Everglades. I discuss a little of the history of The 'Trail and it's unique fishery. Thanks for listening friends.

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