North Pole Radio

40 Episodes

By: Matt Spaulding

Each week podcaster, life long Christmas nerd and professional Santa Matt sits down with one of his fellow Santa performers or Christmas lovers and talks about all things Christmas including the art of representing Santa, movies, music, decorations and more.

"Digital Fruitcake: Underappreciated Christmas Songs" With Ramsay Cowlishaw
Last Friday at 10:00 PM

This week Matt is delighted to be joined by Santa and Christmas music collector Ramsay Cowlishaw, who curates a Spotify playlist titled "Digital Fruitcake" which collects all sorts of underappreciated and forgotten Christmas songs!

"Elfing Around" With Myke Hutchings

Matt is joined this episode by the first elf he has had on the show, Myke Hutchings, Phineas the elf, who tells him all about what it is an elf does and how it helps Santa.

"All About Reindeer" With Matt Feeney

Get your notebooks ready, this week Matt is joined by Matt Feeney of Reindeer Acres farm who teaches us all kinds of facts about the amazing creatures that pull Santa's sleigh!

"Nurse Claus" With Robin Ferra

Matt is joined by Mrs. Claus Robin Ferra this week who tells him about being a solo Mrs. Claus who does a lot of work in a hospital!

"Kringle University" With Jeff McMullen

Matt is joined by the wonderful Jeff McMullen who talks about clowning, building a Santa house, and his Kringle University.

"Love, Joy and Respect" With John Schimmel

This week Matt is joined by John Schimmel to offer some tough love to the Christmas community by addressing the problem of LGBTQ+ intolerance. It's a touchy subject for some, but I promise you we come at with all the respect and love in the world.

"Making Dreams Come True" With Allan Siu

This week Matt is joined by Allan Siu, who talks about becoming Santa after being raised by Chinese immigrants who didn't celebrate Christmas, working at the Mall of America, and how Santa being diverse really does make a difference.

"A Hippopotamus For Christmas" With John McCarty and Jenny Watt

Matt is joined on this episode by Jenny Watt and John McCarty who are here to talk to him about their new book "A Hippopotamus For Christmas".

"Skiing With Santa" With Nicholas Gillotte

This week Matt is joined by his friend and fellow New England Santa Society member Nicholas Gillotte who talks all about his Santa journey, his after-Christmas "ski with Santa" gig, how he came to star in his own special copy of "The Night Before Christmas" and which mega-star's grandchildren he got to be Santa for!

"The Future of Christmas Performing" with Santa True

This episode, Matt welcomes back Santa True, who lays out some potential futures for the art of Christmas performing. Some are great, some are not so great, and we talk about ways to make the great reality and avoid the not great.

"The History, Importance and Practical Use of Christmas Music" With Bruce Kotowich

It's time to go to music class as Matt is joined once again by his friend Bruce Kotowich who, this time, brings his expertise as a music professor to the podcast to teach us all about Christmas music, why it's important and how we can use it when performing as a Christmas character.

"The Official Rankin/Bass Biographer" with Rick Goldschmidt

Matt is super excited this week to sit down and talk with official Rankin/Bass biographer Rick Goldschmidt, who had the distinct pleasure of being friends with Arthur Rankin, Jules Bass, Paul Coker and more of the Rankin/Bass crew and has written several books on the subject.

"Top Christmas Commercials" With Gerry D, Mike Westfall and Charlie Ague

Matt is joined by his friends Gerry Davila from Totally Rad Christmas, Mike Westfall from Advent Calendar House and Charlie Ague from Closer to Christmas to count down each our top five favorite Christmas commercials!

"A Nostalgic Santa" With Chris Parada

On this episode Matt welcomes his pal Chris Parada who not only built his own beautiful Santa shack complete with custom sleigh, but keeps the spirit of classic Santas like Charles W. Howard and Jim Yelig alive and well.

"The Storybook Writing Santa" with Mike Facherty

Matt is joined on this episode by another U.K. Santa, Mike Facherty, who very cheekily waited to almost the end of the episode to share that he wrote some fun Christmas storybooks! Ho ho ho! Plus, he teaches Matt about a Christmas song that apparently doesn't exist in the U.S.

"Santa-ing Around the World" with Ian Thom

Matt is joined this week by U.K. Santa Ian Thom who talks about not only being Santa in England, but in Denmark and Japan as well!

"Santa's Younger Brother Santa" With Liam Grob

This episode, Matt welcomes another young Santa, Liam Grob, who at 18 has already been Santa for four years and is fortunate enough to have a mentor who is an amazing, well-known and respected Santa.

"The Professional Santa" With Doug Eberhart

This week, Matt is joined by Pro Santa Shop and Pro Santa School founder Doug Eberhart, who talks about his beginnings as Santa at a very young age all the way up through starting a company that makes high-end Santa suits and a school to help Santas up their game.

"Beginner's Crash Course" With Brendan Low and Santa True

After some time off for post-Christmas recovery, Matt is back with an exciting new episode for you! In this episode, Matt's friend Brendan is back after his first season being Santa, and they are joined by Santa True of Christmas Performer's Workshop for a little crash course in starting out as Santa. Lots of good information here for beginners, but hopefully some good stuff for seasoned Santas, too!

"NORAD Tracks Santa" With Master Sergeant Benjamin Wiseman

On this very special bonus episode Matt welcomes Master Sergeant Benjamin Wiseman, one of the many people at NORAD who track Santa each and every Christmas Eve and make sure his journey is shared with believers everywhere!

"'The Santa Clauses' Episodes Five and Six" With Anthony Caruso

Matt and Anthony wrap up reviewing the first season of Disney +'s series "The Santa Clauses".

"The Heart of a True Santa: Starting the Journey" With Brendan Low

Matt is super happy to be joined by his friend Brendan Low, who has always loved Christmas and Santa and who has recently been inspired to start his own Santa journey.

"'The Santa Clauses' Episodes Three and Four" With Anthony Caruso

Matt is joined once again by his friend Anthony to discuss episodes three and four of Disney +'s "The Santa Clauses". Spoiler alert, we're really enjoying it!

"'The Santa Clauses' Episodes One and Two" with Anthony Caruso

Tis The Podcast's Anthony Caruso joins Matt once again (and for the next few weeks!) this time to recap the first two episodes of Disney+'s brand new series "The Santa Clauses"!

"Big Jolly Signing Santa" with Jeff Campagna

This week Matt is delighted to have on Jeff Campagna, who was born mostly deaf and eventually went completely deaf, but thanks to the wonders of science can now be a fantastic Santa for both hearing impaired and hearing people alike!

"The Halloween Tree" with Robert from "Behind the Bells"

On this special Halloween bonus episode, Matt and his special guest Robert of the "Behind the Bells" podcast discuss the oft-forgotten but Emmy Award winning animated Halloween special "The Halloween Tree".

"Japan Loves Santa" with Garrett Case

Matt is joined by Garrett Case, an American ex-pat who now lives in Japan and is Santa for Universal Studios Tokyo!

"Clausing Together" With Rosette and Tommy Degennaro

Matt welcomes his second Claus couple, the Degennaros, to talk about becoming Santa and Mrs. Claus together and working as a pair.

"Santa, Elf, Teacher" With Michael Beurer

This week Matt is so happy to welcome his friend Michael Beurer to the show to talk about being Santa, Herbie the Elf and a teacher of fellow Santas as well as the joy that is using your imagination to look at things with a Santa eye.

"Touring The North Pole" With Greg Swiech

This week Matt is joined by Greg Swiech, who is using technology and imagination to up the digital Santa visit game and take children on full tours of the North Pole!

"Saunders Claus" With Chris Saunders

Matt is joined this week by fellow Santa ambassador Chris Saunders!

"Christmas Comes in Many Colors" with Patrick Moss

This week, Matt welcomes Pat Moss of Black Santa EFX to talk about being a Santa of color and having a fun, unique Santa wardrobe.

"The Carlucci Way" With Santa Carlucci and Jenny Lynn Claus

Matt has his first ever Santa and Mrs. Claus duo on the show! We talk all about working as a pair and how even Santas and Mrs. Clauses who aren't married in real life can make great couples when they out performing together!

"Dean of the Academy" With Rick Rosenthal

Matt is joined by the Dean of Northern Lights Santa Academy, Santa Rick Rosenthal, who tells Matt all about the creation and courses of the school

"A Mrs. Claus For All Seasons" With Ellen Terpening

Matt is joined by another Mrs. Claus, the delightful Ellen Terpening!

"Becoming Mrs. Claus" with Kimmie Claus

Matt is joined this week by Kimmie, a newer Mrs. Claus who is spreading her wings and finding new, fun things for Mrs. Claus to do!

"Teaching Mrs. Claus" With Becki Stratton

Matt is joined by Becki Stratton, who is not only a Mrs. Claus, but a teacher of other Mrs. Clauses!

"Fargo Mrs. Claus" With Sabrina Halvorson

Matt is joined by Sabrina Halvorson, a wonderful Mrs. Claus, who chats with him about the growing role of Mrs. Claus in Christmas lore.

"Rudolph & Frosty's Christmas In July" With Gerry Davila and C.J. Belanger

Matt is joined by his Christmas Podcast Network Pals Gerry and C.J. to talk about the 1979 Rankin Bass movie "Rudolph & Frosty's Christmas in July".

"The Young Claus" With Hunter Woodson

Matt is joined this week by Hunter Woodson who started as Santa rather uniquely young and had the neat experience of coming up in the Santa world with some Santa Claus Hall of Fame mentors pretty much right out the gate.