Mischief Castle

40 Episodes

By: Cameron McLeod

Listen to the comedy fumbling of at least one(1) delinquent host; Artist and MMA fighter Cameron "The Fox" McLeod (@fox_mma on instagram, @TheFox_MMA on Twitter), and various rotating cohosts/guests (most usually cohost Aleksey). Posted every Sunday at 5am est. patreon.com/MischiefCastle for premium content. Check out my webcomic "Chain of Silvera" on Webtoon!

Last Sunday at 9:00 AM

The cast is EXTREMELY fluid. First it's Cam, Malcolm, and Aleksey. Then it's Cam and Aleksey. THEN it's Cam and Noah. Stick with us here folks, it's kinda funny.

First, it's cars and girls, then girls and punching children. at the end it's a catch up that moves to something else. Even the editor can't listen to these without these being drunk. Have fun M*therf*ckers.

Ep 65. Eskimo With A NERF Gun

Ignore the low energy of the first 30 mins, Malcolm and Cam shoot a couple tries at this one. It picks up pretty quick.

Nerf, Eskimos, apple orchard circle pits, and more hilarity on this weeks episode of Mischief Castle.

Ep 64. Into The Wild

Malcom's big beer makes his big brain talk about games again for a hot sec, before the boys discuss the homeless issue, and then disagree about some animal facts. Capped off by Aleksey, Cam, and Malcolm all desperately struggling to understand the measurements of latitude and longitude.

Ep 63. It's All Over

We bring bullying back, we bring Noah back, we bring sexy back. Recapping Cam's trip to Oswego to see Noah, some fun times making fun of Maddy and Aleksey, and hot takes on the third episode of "The Last of Us".

Mini #5: ChowderFest

Cam recounts his night out at a barhop called "ChowderFest". This was supposed to be a full episode but Aleksey refused to tell his story during this recording session.

Cries of the Deleted: Episodes 1-10

The early cringe era has been revoked, and out of it comes a few small echoes.

Here are some of our favorite bits and segments from the since deleted episodes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Ep 62. Obamanomicon


X (4.156)





This episode is pretty good. Cam is a cute little girl who went to a comedy show. Malcolm hates virgins and drinks big beer. AI continues to be scary.

Ep 61. Spooky Times

Woah! A double session! First half is Cam and Aleksey doing some funny hypotheticals, then we transition to Cam and Malcolm telling scary stories and talking video games.

Mini #4: Metal Gay Solid

Just a little extra from the last session with Cam and Malcolm. Weeb cringe, more podcast lore, and of course, some jokes about everyone's favorite Japanese game maker, Hideo Kojima.

Ep 60. Bastards 3

Aleksey, Cam, and Malcolm band together for another day of goofs and gaffs, giggles and laughs, and general discussions of terrorism, shadowy figures, psycho girlfriends, and more. These bastards three, they have a good time.

Ep 59. Death Stranding 2; The Bible

Malcolm's back again to join the cast, and he goes OFF on India. This one is actually funny. Vidya games, movies, card games, and other leisure time bullshit.

Ep 58. Shattered Memories

Angler fish, Black Widows, Praying Mantis. These are the true forms of a hot babes mind.

Straight up, didn't remember anything from this one. My brain was shattered. Too much drinking to be actually funny. Had to cut over an hour of bullshit from this one.

This is the last episode where the boys drink on air. We're moving toward true comedy from this point forward.

Ep 57. Body Count

Some stuff mighta happened idk. ignore all the editing, we had to do like 3 sessions to get enough usable content for this one.

Ep 56. Forgiveness (MC Lore)

What!? Malcolm appears? That's right folks, they hashed it out, and now he's in with the boys again.

Ep 55. The CarJacker

More disgusting fictional operations, Aleksey's antics while driving, Cameron's family life falling apart, and the secrets of the universe.

Ep 54. Happy New Year! (Operation Wingman)

Its a new year! hooray! this one is kinda sad at the end. Thank you to everyone who stuck around for the first year of the pod. yall are the bros.

Ep 53. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas folks! It's time for the last episode of the year. The boys discuss bedroom mods and stats, have goofs and gaffs, and tell yet another drunken story.

Ep 52. ????

??? What? Huh? What are you talking about? What the hell is wrong with you? Black mirror? Get the hell out of my face man.

Mini #3: The Perfect FE Game

Evan stops by to discuss the boys favorite video game franchise and the current state of it, as well as build a fantasy model of what the perfect version of the series would look like.

Ep 51. Foxy & The Golden Boy

Evan is FINALLY here and boy did we make a mess of it. This episode is all over the place folks. Crude humor, tough questions, and the dissection of modern video game development. F*CK EA GAMES. Make better stuff.

Ep 50. YIPPEE!!!

Many Cheers! Its the monumental fiftieth episode of the Mischief Castle Podcast! Noah's here! Aleksey's here! Maddie's here! And of course, as always, your host Cameron! They cover faceapp, college parties, and some savory nsfw topics. Thanks to all who've been on the ride this long.

Ep 49. Cool Armor

Cool Armor? Dragons? Check. Bakugan? Bingo. Time Travel? You know it. And you know it wouldn't be an episode of Mischief Castle if the boys didn't talk a little bit of Mikey Bay's Transformers.

Ep 48. Friendship Wars

The boys are blackout drunk in this one, recorded directly after the filming of a Kicked Out episode. This one may not be as fun as normal, as no one remembers what was talked about. Cheers!

Ep 47. Top G Watches JJK 0

NOAH IS BACK FOR A GUEST APPEARANCE. PRAISE THE LORD. Whole lotta fun stuff happens here, apologies for the boys retreading old territory from the previous episode, Noah needed to catch up.

Ep 46. Gaslighting At The BonFire

The boys recant going to see Noah and the goons for a Halloween party. many R rated shenanigan's ensue. Later, they describe how easy it was to lie to their friends as children.

Ep 45. Bakugan and other Childhood Things

Bullying is pretty funny, the dangers of a playground as a child are also pretty funny. Season 3 of Bakugan was surprisingly smart at the time, and Cameron still doesn't have a fight booked.

Ep 44. Terminator Of Dreams

Newly recurring bit where Cam tells Aleksey various fictitious tales of the crimes Cam thinks Aleksey could commit under specific and extraordinary circumstances. Later, they discuss several dreams they remember and how stupid some of those can be.

Ep 43. Special Victims Unit

We got lav mics. testing out new sound stuff. some funnies ensue about playing God with the layout of the human body, and of fictitious crimes based on some previously spoken of events. Have fun with this one guys, Lord knows Aleksey did not...

Mini #2: Ballad of Nickolai ChillZone

Javon stops by to espouse war as a new man. Witness the battle of Autism Curses and struggle between the Domains of ZALB122 and Nickolai ChillZone. Aleksey is also here.

Ep 42. The End of Twitch

The day of reckoning is upon us, like 4 weeks ago. Some real life dramas as well as online beefs and crimes are discussed while figuring out the best countries to draft for fictitious war.

Ep 41. Impromptu Therapy

Alkesey is gonna burn in Hell for trying to get me to do therapy on air. This one kinda sucks because of a low group energy but also because the podtrak is having some technical difficulties. sorry about that folks.

Ep 40. The JAVON EFFECT (still not Sam Hyde)

THE JAVON EFFECT is a group psychological effect in which the entropy of any situation increases exponentially the longer any group of people is exposed to subject 001x (codename: JAVON). The formula to calculate the fallout of the JAVON EFFECT is as follows:


where F=fallout

t=minutes since initial exposure to "JAVON"

n=number of people exposed

i=number of intoxicants present

Ep 39. If you look like this, PLEASE HMU

Ignore the title, this one is almost entirely a discussion about the viability of open relationships (they have none) through a couple very anecdotal views.

On a real note though, if you look like anyone in the thumbnail, PLEASE SEND ME A DM EXPIDITIOUSLY.

Mini #1: Megatron 2: Exonesia



What an absolute mess huh? This one ended up being way shorter so it'll just be a free bonus for this week.

Ep 38. Sci-fi sucks, play ULTRAKILL

The first portion of this one is an unpayed advert for the movement-shooter ULTRAKILL (which you should play), I think the rest of it is just grievances with the sci-fi genre as a whole

Ep 37. Transformers In Africa

Ima be completely real. This one is entirely off the rails from the beginning to the end.

Ep 36. The Samoan Crown (Bad Jobs)

Featuring a special guest appearance from Brando!

Two foreigners speak ill of our blue and white collar American working class experiences. Still working on production of Aleksey's new show. Stay tuned for that.

Check out "Chain of Silvera" on Webtoons. Episode 9 out now!

Ep 35. Psycho Poop Stories

Drunken, unlistenable rambling garbage about our bowels and various small types of social interactions thereafter.

Ep 34. I Don't Know

I don't remember anything from these recording sessions, except that this is the introduction of the Mythical Mason!

Ep 33. The Entire Bionicles Story (and other stuff)

Noah's back on the show so we're allowed to be funny again. Everything in this episode is gonna be on the test so study up kids.