Makeup Ur Mind with Mandi

11 Episodes

By: Makeup Ur Mind with Mandi

Host Amanda Terry aka Makeup Mandi- This is a mental health podcast. The most influential guests in the entertainment industry will be telling their stories on how they broke into the industry and the effects that come along with it. We will help provide the tools necessary to overcome these obstacles to our listeners. Inspiring others to do the same and feel seen, heard and to know that that they are not alone!

Ep. 11 - Luke "The Dingo" Trembath

Luke "the Dingo" Trembath is an avid Monster Energy snowboarder and host of the "UNLEASHED" podcast, who found success with sports at a young age. As someone who's experienced battles with depression and mental illness, Luke discusses how snowboarding, friendships, sports, and communication helps him achieve his goals.

Ep. 10 - Viktor Drago

Viktor Drago is a 3x-roller-ski world cup champion, YouTube and Instagram content creator with over 2 million followers and is now a professional boxer. As an all-star athlete with a worldwide influence, Viktor sits with me to discuss his discipline, his athletic background, what success means to him and how to overcome the toughest battles.

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Ep. 9 - AJ Wolfy of "Top Notch Idiots"

We're back with all new episodes, starting with Aj Wolfy of YouTube's highly popular channel, "Top Notch Idiots". WATCH as AJ explains his backstory from working at mall kiosks to being a YouTuber with over 2 million followers!

Ep. 8 - Eve Mauro

Eve Mauro is an actress and filmmaker from Atlanta, GA, known for her most recent role in the TV series, "Cypher", which was Roku's first original series. We sit with Eve to discuss her acting background, how she copes with mental health, and why we shouldn't be tied down to society's expectations.

Ep. 7 - AJ Perez

AJ Perez is a certified boxing, fitness, and health instructor with a passion for helping people via sports and martial arts. As a renowned boxing and fitness instructor, AJ knows the power of how strength, endurance, and self-discipline helps people overcome their greatest obstacles.

Ep. 5 - Justine Divanna

Justine Divanna is a makeup artist, hair stylist, actress, TV host, model, and TikTok personality known for her reaction videos. We sit with Justine talking about all things social media, influencer culture, and how going viral on TikTok may not be all that it's cracked up to be. WATCH as Justine discusses her background, her struggles with mental health and what she does to overcome them.

Ep. 5 - Andrew Velazquez of "American Beauty Star"

We sit with Andrew Velazquez, contestant from the hit Lifetime reality TV show, "American Beauty Star". Andrew is a celebrity makeup artist, hair stylist, reality TV star, and soon-to-be author, whom discusses his humble beginnings growing up in Boyle Heights to working as a renowned celebrity beauty stylist for Hollywood's hottest A-listers. From his personal family history to his experience on "American Beauty Star" to his philosophy on therapy and why it's so important for the LGBTQ community, Andrew and I take a deep dive into his background and how it can inspire others.

Ep. 4 - Brandi King

Actress/content creator and red carpet host, Brandi King, talks about the difficulty of growing up in separate homes, overcoming bullying, and how to stay persistent in the entertainment industry!

Ep. 3 - Big Neechie

Athlete and fitness connoisseur Neechie Sosa shares his opinion on how to avoid self-sabotage, and the importance and impact of giving back!

Ep. 2 - Robin Taylor

We sit down with pop singer/songwriter and live-streamer, Robin Taylor, to discuss her obstacles and setbacks of being a woman in the music industry, and how it coincided with her overcoming sexual abuse.

Ep. 1 - Opto of "TopNotch Idiots"

We sit down with Opto - Youtube prank sensation with over 2 million subscribers - and discuss the pressure of social media and how it's related to depression.