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By: Annenberg Learner

The Annenberg Learner Podcast aims to elevate the education profession through conversations that inspire, recognize, and encourage innovation and best practices in the field.

Episode 33: ExpandLA’s Work to Increase Access to Quality Out-of-School Time Programs for Youth

Episode 32: Sparking Social Impact By Using Math to Inspire Young Minds

Episode 31: Bringing STEM Education Into the Classroom and Making Music Education Relevant

Episode 30: Meet the Winners of the 2023 Young Innovators Accelerator Pitch Competition

Episode 29: Understanding Wildlife Conservation and the Importance of Early Math Interventions

This episode is a two-parter. The first half of the conversation features Beth Pratt, who serves as the California Regional Executive Director for the National Wildlife Federation. Pratt leads the #SaveLACougars campaign and has worked in environmental leadership roles for over twenty-five years.   

The second half of this episode is with math interventionist Keri Brown, who tells us how she uses social media to connect with other teachers online. Brown has been teaching in central Alabama for 14 years and has experience in kindergarten, first, and second grade.  

Episode 28: South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center with Thai Buckman

The Annenberg Learner Podcast features Thai Buckman, Program Coordinator at the South L.A. Best Buy Teen Tech Center. In this episode, Buckman discusses her work with youth, the importance of nurturing positive relationships with students, and the role of the South L.A. Best Buy Teen Tech Center in igniting a fresh wave of creativity and innovation within the community. 

Episode 27: LA84 Foundation Part II with Jason Morgan

This episode is part II of the LA84 Foundation and College Football Playoffs – Champions Educate Here. In part I, we interviewed Renata Simril at President and CEO of the LA84 Foundation, who spoke about the benefits of play and movement for our youth. Today, we welcome Jason Morgan, a recipient of the College Football Playoff Champion Educator Award. 

Episode 26: LA84 Foundation with Renata Simril

Renata Simril is the President and CEO of the LA84 Foundation, the youth serving organization committed to transforming the lives of youth in Southern California through sports and play programs, through ongoing investments, infrastructure, research, and education as a legacy of the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Episode 25: Chemistry - Challenges and Solutions

Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions is a video course designed to learn general chemistry concepts using real-life challenges in energy, materials development, biochemistry, and the environment. 

Episode 24: Social Media Literacy with Rob Greenfield