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EP39: Dr. Zara Brodie - The Psychology of Trauma, Attachment and Love
Last Friday at 9:02 PM

Dr Zara Brodie is a psychologist, university lecturer and public speaker. In this episode we learn more about trauma, the effects of childhood experiences later in life, why & how we form attachments & how love really works.

EP38: Ranking The 2023 UK Festivals + Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Was AMAZING

We go through 7 of the biggest festivals in the UK including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters, Download & more. Plus we chat about the new, epic Guardians of the galaxy 3.

EP 37: Just Jack On Making Music For 20+ Years, New Album 'That Was Now' & His Dream Festival Acts

#2 Charting musician Just Jack on his experiences during over 20 years in the music industry. His new album 'That was now'. What it was like to work with Kylie Minogue & much more!

EP36: CONSPIRACIES 2 - JFK Assassination, The Moon Landing & The Roswell Incident

Conspiracies Part 2! The second episode concentrating on some of our favourite conspiracy theories. This time we cover the John F Kennedy assassination, the moon landing & the Roswell incident. Debating the facts, theories & coming to our own conclusion on each.

EP35: Trampolene On Touring With Liam Gallagher, Recording With Pete Doherty & Making Music In The 'Spotify Era'

Welsh rock trio Trampolene join us for episode 35. We discuss their latest album 'Rules of love & war'. Stories from touring with Liam Gallagher, The Libertines & being on the road for nearly a decade. Plus how making music has changed in the internet/Spotify era.

EP34: WrestleMania 39s Best Moments & Lizzo + Jack Black In The Mandalorian!

We go over our favourite moments from WrestleMania 26, including Loagan Paul Vs Seth Rollins, KSIs appearance, Snoop Dog saving the day & Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns in the main event. Plus we talk about Jack Black + Lizzos appearance in The Mandalorian and our thoughts on season 3 so far.

EP33: Sir John Battle On Being A Government Minister & MP, Meeting King Charles & Working With Jeremy Corbyn & Tony Blair

Sir John battle is a former Minister of foreign affairs & Trade, as well as being a 23 year standing MP in Leeds. In this episode we learn about his political career, his time travelling the world representing Britain, meeting the royal family, being in government with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown & what it's really like to work in the Government.


In this episode, we explore the dark side of Disney by examining some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories surrounding the company. From hidden messages in Disney movies to secret societies and alleged mind control, we separate fact from fiction and take a critical look at these fascinating rumors and myths.

EP31: Life's Deepest Questions, Our Biggest Fears, Regrets & What Happens When We Die

This week we try to answer some of life's deepest questions. Going over our biggest fears, biggest regrets, what we think happens when you die & much more. We take a look at the updated Leeds Festival line up & what could be next for Jake Paul after the Tommy Fury loss.

EP30: Matty Healy vs Yungblud, AI & Deepfake Is Going Too Far & Call Of Duty Is Coming To Nintendo!

Yungblud & Matty Healy come to blows online. New deepfake & AI technology is becoming more prevalent across social media + Microsoft announce that Call of Duty will be coming to Nintendo consoles for at least 10 years.

EP29: Ghost Hunter Robert Pyke On His Paranormal Investigations, Scariest Experiences & Haunted UK Locations

Ghost Hunter Robert Pyke of Veritas Paranormal joins us for episode 29. We talk about Robs experiences whilst Ghost Hunting, both positive and negative. Thoughts 'demons', mediums and why Rob originally became interested in the paranormal.

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EP28: The CRAZIEST Festival Stories & Best 2023 Festival Line Ups

We searched the internet for the funniest, most disgusting, craziest festival stories. They did not disappoint! In the second half of the ep we go over the Truck, Slam Dunk & Rock Werchter 2023 line-ups.

EP27: Tom A Smith On Supporting Elton John, Opening Leeds Festival & 2023 Plans

Tom A Smith joins us for episode 27. We chat about some of Toms biggest performances including supporting Elton John, opening Leeds festival, playing in the Czech Republic & more, His past inspirations, 2023 plans & how difficult it is to make a name in the music industry.

EP26: My Coming Out As Bisexual Experience + Why BBC Introducing Needs To Be Saved

Joe tells his coming out story from first realising his sexuality, the internal and external struggles throughout, to now being completely out. We also chat about why BBC Introducing needs to be saved as a showcase for new & up and coming artists.

EP25: The Subways On New Album Uncertain Joys, Mental Health Awareness & Touring With Pop Punk Legends

We're joined by The Subways as they start their tour for new album Uncertain Joys. We discuss their new music, touring with pop punk legends Taking Back Sunday + Angels & Airwaves, mental health awareness and so much more!

EP24: Police Sergeant On Investigating The Black Panther Serial Killer & Meeting The Royals

Former Police Officer & Sergeant Keith Hughes joins us for episode 24. We talk about Keiths time in the force, the evolution in Policing, the hunt for the Black Panther Serial Killer & much more.

EP23: 2022 IN REVIEW - The Best Album, Song, Film & More Of 2022

Join us as we go over our favourite Albums, Songs, Concerts, Films & TV Shows of the year. We also review the Reading and Leeds 2023 line-up.

EP22: Carl Miller On The Digital Revolution, Rise In Cybercrime & Internet Censorship + Elons Twitter Takeover

Author of The Death of the Gods & co-founder of the Demos Centre for the Analysis of Social Media Carl Miller joins us for Episode 22. We discuss the rise of the digital age, Cybercrime, Social Media, Censorship online & much more.

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EP21: Dr Dean Burnett On The Rise In Mental Health Disorders, The Effects of Social Media & More

Neuroscientist & Author of international best selling book 'The Idiot Brain' Dr Dean Burnett joins us for episode 21. Dean helps us understand many aspects of the brain including Mental Health Disorders, Sleep Paralysis, the effects of social media & more!

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EP20: Are All New Games Broken? + Ronaldo Goes OFF & KSI vs Danis Is Confirmed

Why are all new games buggy & broken on release? Plus we chat about KSI vs Danis, Ronaldo controversial interview, Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate & the 2022 World Cup mess.

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EP19: My Dark Tourism Experiences & Why The World Cup Shouldn't Be In Qatar

Joe goes over his experiences at Chernobyl, the Paris Catacombs, Auschwitz & more. Plus we go over our thoughts on why the 2022 World Cup should not be held in Qatar. Plus we go over the Kanye West Drama & our favourite new music.

EP18: Smoove & Turrell's Funniest Tour Stories & Making Music + Touring In The Digital Era

Smoove & Turrell join the lads for episode 18. Going over their funnies times touring, making music in 2022 & much more!

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EP17: Deji vs Floyd Mayweather & Building the Ultimate Sunday Roast

Discussing Deji's upcoming fight with Floyd Maywether & Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns. Also debating & building the ultimate Sunday roast.

EP16: Are Gig Ticket Prices Getting Out Of Hand + AJ vs Fury Predictions

Discussing the gradual increase in gig ticket prices, the potential Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight. As well as going over some fan made R&L 2023 posters!

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EP15: Best Reading & Leeds 2022 Act + Who should KSI & Deji Fight next?

The lads discuss Reading and Leeds Festival 2022's best act, worst act as well as our 2022 predictions. Also, who KSI and Deji should face next.

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EP14: Andrew Tate Is Removed & Can KSI Beat Two Opponents In One Night?

Andrew Tate has been banned from social media, is it right? Plus can KSI beat 2 opponents in one night.

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EP13: CONSPIRACIES - The Illuminati, Bermuda Triangle + Is Paul McCartney Dead?

Tim, Joe & Frankie bring a conspiracy each for episode 13! Going over the illuminati, Bermuda Triange & The Paul McCartney conspiracy.

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EP12: We Miss The Xbox 360, Jake Pauls New Opponent, Thor Love & Thunder

Joe & Tim discuss going to see Green Day, the console wars & Jake Pauls upcoming fight.

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EP11: Rory Jennings On The 2022 World Cup & His Acting Career

Rory Jennings joins for episode 11. Chatting about the World Cup, Rory's acting career & much more!

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EP10: Elliot Hackney On Producing The Kick Off & Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Elliot Hackney joins for episode 10! Discussing the behind the scenes of YouTube production. Working with True Geordie, Louis Theroux & more.

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EP9: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries & Is Marvel Getting Boring?

Joe & Tim discuss Ancient Egyptian mysteries, Marvels recent decline & a bunch more.

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EP8: TRUE CRIME - 'Our Father', Daniel LaPlante + How Companies Use Gay Pride

Joe & Tim talk about the story of 'Our Father' Dr Cline & the life of Daniel LaPlante. Plus how companies use gay pride month.

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If you need help with any of the sexuality topics covered you can find it here -

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EP7: Blue Van Man On Being £35,000 In Debt & His Favourite Wrestlers

Blue Van Man (Dave) joins for episode 7. Talking about the creating content, getting out of £35,000 worth of debt & much more.

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EP6: Robbie Knox On Content Creation, Starting a Brewery & His Dream Festival

We're joined by the amazing Robbie Knox for episode 6! Chatting about starting a brewery, the most over-rated vegetables, content creation & much more.

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EP5: Urban Legends, Area 51 & Social Media Effects

Going through some Urban Legends, Aliens & the effects of social media with Tim.

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EP4: Twitter Purchase, MGK + Megan Fox & Blink 182's Best Album

Tim joins for Episode 4! Chatting about Elon Musks' Twitter purchase, MGKs relationship & Blink 182.

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EP3: Ranking The Star Wars Movies & Is Batman The Best Superhero Film?

Ellis on for Episode 3! Nerding out discussing Star Wars, Superhero's & much more.

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EP2: Premier League All Time 11 & The Problem With Tik Tok Music

Chatting with Frankie about Football, Tik Tok, Drinking culture & more!

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EP1: Dream Festival Acts & Premier League Predictions with Frankie

Chatting with Frankie about football, festivals, music & more!

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