Behind The Sermon

40 Episodes

By: Restoration Church

Welcome to the Restoration Church podcast Behind the Sermon. Where we get to sit in on a conversation between our pastors to hear about what they are learning, what they are teaching and what God is doing throughout our Church. This podcast will sit down weekly with the Pastors at restoration to give you a deeper dive into every message.

We Are Restoration: For the Ye
Last Wednesday at 4:00 AM

It's time for a brainstorm! Join in on this conversation between pastor Victoria, pastor Collin, and pastor Nate going from new ideas to the idea of being called. If you have doubts on where God is calling you, this is the conversation for you.

We Are Restoration: Please stop yelling at me.

This week we are sitting down with Pastor Travis, Pastor Nate, Pastor Collin and Pastor Jeremy to talk through accountability within the AG and within our personal walk with Christ.

Buckle up we are going to go behind the scenes on what accountability looks like within the staff at our church!

Family Classic: Parenting Through the Teenage Years

The time has come where we take a deep dive into parenting a teenager. We get it. It's hard. That's why this week, pastor Nate, pastor Stephen, and pastor Alissa join in a conversation focused on raising your teenagers. There's more than just that though. Listen in to have the opportunity to see how you can grow in your faith!

Family Classic: What's a Mulligan?

Another week into our series "Family Classic" and this time pastor Collin and pastor Jeremy come together to chat about repentance. It's a hard thing to seek forgiveness from others, especially when you mess up big. Take a listen to learn more on how we can better follow Christ!

Family Classic: Am I Doing It Wrong?

We had the treat of having our deacon Mike Younus preach this past Sunday. We also get the treat of having him dive into a conversation with pastor Jeremy about all the things that couldn't fit within the time frame of a sermon. Take a listen to another great conversation about family and relationships.

Family Classic: Parenting is Hard

Parenting is hard no doubt about it. Here to talk about it this week is pastor Nate and Michelle and pastor Jeremy and Haley. Now this episode isn't just for the parents though, it's for everyone and how we can improve our relationships with the people around us. Take a listen!

Family Classic: What Are Your Parenting Tips?

We get it. Parenting is hard. That's why this week Pastor Nate, pastor Jeremy, and Tammy talk about how they've navigated parenting and what they've learned from both experience and from what other's have taught them.

Like Jesus: That's Not It

Here at Restoration church, we love Easter and we love to celebrate our risen King! This conversation not only talks about Easter services at each of the locations but also things leading up to Easter Sunday. Listen in on this conversation between pastor Nate, pastor Jeremy, pastor Stephen, and pastor Alissa.

Like Jesus: Just Trust Him.

It's the week before Easter and all through the house...

This week pastor Nate, pastor Jeremy and Charlotte come together to discuss what is happening in the church and talking about all the things that we might get caught not trusting Jesus with. We challenge you to take some time this week to think of all the things you might not be fully trusting God with.

Like Jesus: Forgiveness For Me and For You

The series "Like Jesus" continues on, and this week continuing the conversation is pastor Victoria, pastor Alissa, and pastor Jeremy. The conversation this week is deep into what forgiveness is and isn't. Take a listen if you're ready to learn more on how to be more like Jesus.

Like Jesus: The Rules

The series "Like Jesus" is back! Diving back into how we can be more like Jesus in our lives is pastor Nate, pastor Collin, and pastor Alissa. We all know there are stigmas around christianity--let's just be more like Jesus.

NEW: Can I Do More?

What a series this has been?! To close out our NEW series, pastor Nate, Michelle, and pastor Jeremy all join together on a conversation on giving and generosity. This episode will challenge you on what you can do to be more generous in your faith.

NEW: Guest Speaker Ty Buckingham

This past Sunday we had guest speaker Ty Buckingham join us to teach us to pray for inner healing. Pastor Nate and Ty join in conversation giving us a look more into his message and more about what Ty does outside of this one message. Listen in to hear more!

NEW: "I Volunteer As Tribute!"

Listen in with Pastors Stephen, Collin and Jeremy as they talk through Serving the church, and how it transformed them.

Live From Africa: Bonus Content

Hey there, and welcome to our latest podcast episode! Today, we're thrilled to share some of the highlights and reflections from our recent missions trip to Africa.

In this episode, you'll hear from several members of our team as they reflect on their experiences serving at the orphanage and visiting local churches. We'll share stories about the children we met, the challenges we faced, and the impact our work had on the community.

Through it all, we were reminded of the incredible transformative power of Jesus and the hope that he brings to the world...

NEW: Church Must Be The Problem.

Sit in on a conversation with Pastor Jeremy, Pastor Collin and Pastor Victoria as they talk about how the idea of church can be a stumbling block for a lot of Christians.

NEW: Purity, Purpose, and Posture

Something is NEW! This week we have our first official remote podcast recording. Pastor Nate, pastor Stephen, and pastor Collin all join in on a conversation talking more about purity.

NEW: Next-Gen Take-Over

They were preaching Sunday morning and now they're here to talk to you during the week! Join in with pastor Nate is Benaiah, Asher, and for the first time, Emma! Enjoy this special episode featuring some students from Restoration church.

Vision Sunday: Dig a Hole with a Purpose

It's the most wonderful time of the year...VISION SUNDAY! This week hear to talk about why a vision for the church is so important is pastor Nate, pastor Jeremy, and pastor Collin. This conversation offers an inside scoop not only to behind the sermon but also behind the ministry.

Like Jesus: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

The snow can't keep the podcast from happening! Pastor Nate, Travis Nichelson, and Charlotte have a conversation about everything that is going on at Restoration Church this month. Tune in for a deeper dive into pastor Stephen's message.

Like Jesus: If You Do This...

This week we have an episode all about prayer. Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy, and Tammy come together to answer hard questions and dive deeper into the sermon from this past Sunday. There's no cheat code for prayer but Jesus teaches us what it should look like.

Like Jesus: Korean Rap and Korean Ramen

The "Like Jesus" sermon series has already been a great opportunity to grow in faith. This episode Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy, and Charlotte dive into a conversation on fasting and prayer. Last year we had another sermon that talked about growing deeper in our faith. This sermon explains different ways to fast and pray. You can take a listen here if you want to learn more.

Like Jesus: Prayers, Pride, and Practices

We're back...actually we never left! Here comes "season 2" of the Behind the Sermon podcast. Here to kick it off is Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy, Benaiah, and Asher. Come join them for a conversation about following Jesus and hearing God's voice.

I Got This For You: Christmas Eve

The Christmas season is over and the new year is right around the corner. We're going through the archives and looking back at all the ways we've celebrated Christmas at Restoration church. Listen in to get the inside scoop of this year's and years' past services.

I Got This For You: KFC Buffet

This week on the behind the sermon podcast Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy, and our new friend Caleb join in on the discussion of this week's sermon. From tales of internships to eloquently read stories, this week brings it all.

If you don't have any Christmas Eve plans this week, come join us and sign up here!

I Got This For You: Pickle Ball

Another week in our series leading up to Christmas and this week Pastor Nate is joined by Tammy and Charlotte. They dive into a sermon that Pastor Travis preached and offer a variety of perspectives. Hope this podcast is a gift for you!

I Got This For You: Chores

It's a gift for you! This week we have a special episode with the Gagne gang! Pastor Nate joins with his four sons Benaiah, Abram, Asher, and Benton. Listen to this week's episode to get the inside scoop of how kids are a gift from God.

Name Above All Names: Jesus

It's a standalone sermon! Coming to talk about Pastor Jeremy's message from Sunday is Pastor Nate, Pastor Collin, and Pastor John. Names are a funny thing and can set an expectation for a person. Let's dive into Jesus' name and how we can bear His name well!

Kingdom Builders: If I Were A Rich Man

It's a wrap for our Kingdom Builders series! today we sit down With Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy and Pastor John and talk about your God given gifts and how to serve using them.

Kingdom Builder's: Miracle Offering

It was a big Sunday at Restoration Church, and we're here to talk about it. Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy, and Tammy Ramsdell are here to let you in on the heart behind giving and the excitement that comes with this time of year. Don't miss out on what God has for you!

Kingdom Builder's: The Levels

Miracle Offering is right around the corner and Pastor Nate, Pastor Jeremy, and Pastor Collin are here to tell you all about giving. Money is hard to talk about but it's something we all have experience with, good or bad. Let's talk about what God has for us with the resources He provides us with.

Kingdom Builders: What is Ministry?

This week we have Pastor Jeremy, Pastor Stephen, and Charlotte and they're diving deeper into the topics from this Sunday's sermon. From all the great events happening to church to the practicals of everyday life, it's all there. Take the challenge to pray and seek out what God has been calling you to.

Kingdom Builders: Heartbreak

After a great message on Sunday, Pastor Nate and Pastor Stephen join in conversation to dive deeper into what it means to have your heart broken for lost people. This conversation is one that you don't want to miss if you're looking to grow in faith. There's even a special end to this episode!

Predictive Text: Lament Not Ferment

It's the end of our sermon series "Predictive Text." We've had fun answering all that questions that have been submitted through this series. Pastor Nate, pastor Jeremy, and Pastor Stephen take on all the statistics and comments that have come up during this time.

Predictive Text: Storm Hell With a Squirt Gun

This sermon series has brought a lot of questions, so why not answer them? Pastor Nate and pastor Jeremy tackle all the questions that the church has had from Sunday morning or throughout the week. Wanna know their favorite cookies? Take a listen!

Predictive Text: What's Happening?

Once again we have a new series! Pastor Nate, pastor Stephen, and pastor Jeremy answer questions sent in from the church and dive into the many misconceptions of the end times. The Bible is 1/3 prophecy and so we should talk about it as Christians--not just push it to the side.

Fire and Water: In Honor of Tuti

Coming in to close out the "Fire and Water" series, Pastor Nate, Pastor Rob, and Tammy chat about all things pertaining to baptisms. This past month has been a huge celebration in our church and some of those stories are shared here!

Fire and Water: You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Baptisms have been going on across every location and we've been so excited! Here to continue the conversation from Sunday are pastor Jeremy and pastor Stephen chatting all things baptisms. There are so many questions surrounding baptisms and this answers some common one's you may have.

Fire and Water: Holy Spirit Activate

Holy Spirit is not a weird thing. Joining in this week to talk all things Holy Spirit, is Pastor Nate, Alissa, Pastor Jeremy, and Pastor Stephen. This party breaks down preconceived notions and telling their own personal testimonies to allow for an approachable and biblical look at Holy Spirit baptism.

Villains: Don't Be Afraid

Hold on to your hats, this week we're talking about demons. Pastor Nate and Stephen don't hold back and give us a real look at the unseen that is around us. You've got Jesus, there's no need to fear.