Behind The Sermon

10 Episodes

By: Restoration Church

Welcome to the Restoration Church podcast Behind the Sermon. Where we get to sit in on a conversation between our pastors to hear about what they are learning, what they are teaching and what God is doing throughout our Church. This podcast will sit down weekly with the Pastors at restoration to give you a deeper dive into every message.

Pastor Nate Spittin' Rhymes
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

Today, Pastor Nate, Pastor Stephen and Pastor Jeremy talk through the idea of repentance and judgement.

The Day Is Here!

Easter was CRAZY this year!

Discovering The Soul’s Rhythm: Busy Vs Hurried

Two Friends Talking About Two Enemies

Are you aware of your Sinkhole?

Join us for the second week of the Soul Series podcast, featuring Pastor Nate, Pastor Stephen, and Asher Gagne. Tune in for insightful discussions and inspiring conversations.

It is well with Myself

Free: A GenZ Perspective

This Podcast didn't get a title

Today, Pastor Nate and Pastor Jeremy talk about the unique challenge American Christians face. Being the rich ones.

A day late and a dollar short

We are back from Texas and ready to dive into our Sunday message!

Tune in as Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Nate dive into being free from Satan's economy.