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Treading Faith is a podcast dedicated to a deep dive into open, honest, difficult and fun conversations surrounding everyday life and relationships while navigating the waters of faith.

Yoked E16 - Recap of our Most Outrageous Couples of the Bible
Last Wednesday at 10:45 AM

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss a recap of their favorite and most outrageous couples of the bible. John 15:12-13 says, " Loving each other as Jesus did, unconditionally and sacrificially can help create and sustain a healthy marriage." Maintaining healthy relationships take commitment and effort, and keeping God in the center, can go a long way in shaping our relationships with those around us.

Yoked E15 - The Commitment Trifecta

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss the last couple in Dr. David Clarke's book, Joseph and Mary; a couple that embodied serious commitment to each other and their partnership. Mary and Joseph are real couple goals. Despite countless opticals, the couple endured because they were committed to God and to each other. Our last couple of the book exemplifies perseverance, love and respect for each other. Without their obedience to God and the covenant of marriage, they would not have survived the trials. It was because of God's intervention, via a message from an angel, that Joseph did not div...

Yoked E14 - The Perfect Woman (Proverbs 31)

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss the perfect biblical couple found in Proverbs 31. A good woman is hard to find and worth far more than diamonds. Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it. The woman in Proverbs 31 is a personification of wisdom, courage, strength, and dignity who exemplifies a godly life.

Yoked E13 - Try Everything Before Divorce

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss Dr. David Clarke's plan for working it out instead of getting divorced. God doesn't want you to get divorced, but he is a good and loving God who will guide you and heal you in your situation. Submit to him, submit your marriage to God and pray for his guidance. Before seeking divorce, Dr. Clarke encourages couples to lean on God, reach out for help, including to a licensed Christian counselor, and do your best to save your marriage. We are praying for a change in your marriage, we are praying...

Yoked E12 - Break Free from Sexual Immorality

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss Dr. David Clarke's outlined plan to repair marital damage caused by sexual addition. As with all sins, the only cure for sexual addiction is Jesus Christ. Sexual purity is an important part of a relationship with God. In 1 Thessalonians 4:2-4, Paul writes, "For this is he will of God, your sanctification; that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you knows how to control his own body in holiness and honor." The number of these references shows sexual sin is a common area to be engulfed in.

Yoked E11 - Abuse Is Not God's Plan For You

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss Dr. David Clarke's 4 step plan for escaping abuse.  Dr. Clarke teaches us that we should not tolerate abuse in a marriage; instead we must take action to stop the abuse in a biblical way (Matthew 18:15-20).  To escape, you need God and the help of others.  Abuse is a product of wickedness that God rejects.  Using Abigail as the blueprint, seek God and take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your family from the abuse.  God is the great redeemer and deliverer.  He delivered Abigail's people from destruction set in motion...

Yoked E10 - Hey Karma...Meet Abigail!

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss Nabal’s abusive behavior towards his wife, Abigail (1 Samuel 25.) While in the wilderness, David's men asked a wealthy man named Nabal for food and supplies. Nabal insulted David's men and refused to help them. David intended to slay Nabal and his entire village, but his brilliant wife Abigail, intercedes. In spite of the abuse she suffers from her husband Nabal, she managed to calm David, who in turn spared Nabal's life.

Yoked E9 - Love is the Foundation of all Relationships

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss the past few episodes from this season, lessons learned and common themes. We also give a primer on what is to come. The Bible teaches that love is the foundation of all relationships and that love should be characterized by selflessness. From Adam & Eve to Samson & Delilah, we see how God created man and woman to be together for companionship, love, and friendship.

Yoked E8 - Samson's City Boy Summer

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss the lust filled decisions made by Samson that ultimately led to his destruction. In picking spouses/partners, Samson was led by lust. Although God had a plan and purpose for Samson's life, his lust put him in compromising situations when he aligned with women that he was unequally yoked with. We may all have lustful desires but we do not all act on them. We must focus on being aligned with God's word and will for our lives first and foremost. If we are struggling with lustful desires and are tempted to st...

Yoked E7 - Good Parenting Give Headaches, But Bad Parenting Give Heartaches

In this podcast episode, Yemi and Philia discuss Issac and Rebekah's bad parenting choices. The attitude of Isaac and Rebekah in parenting Esau and Jacob has put forward love for their twins over the love for one another. Instead, Isaac and Rebekah chose favoritism over their duties to maximize their roles as parents so that Esau and Jacob could grow to their God filled potential.