For My King His Kingdom Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Dean Thornton

My weekly podcast is a Christian podcast to encourage athletes who deal with mental health issues. 

Spiritual Grid Position

Don't worry about being left behind in your spiritual walk. God knows your heart and wants us to know that in each one of our spiritual journeys, that its a distance race, and that it will take time to mature your faith. 

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Godly Sorrow

God knows us, and He softens our hearts so that we can see our sins,  which enables us to repent to Him, so we can live our lives free of regret. 

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Wash Thy Feet

Jesus wants us as believers to show humility and kindness towards our fellow man  just like He did when He washed the disciples feet. It is that type of selflessness and love He wants us to show on a daily basis. 

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Interview with Christian Taylor

On today's episode we have 2x Olympic Triple Jump Gold Medalist, 4x World Champion, and 7x Diamond League winner Christian Taylor on on the show. We talk about his faith journey as well as an amazing athletic journey as he prepares for another Olympic run this year. 

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Turning Groans Into Thankfulness

It is good to thank God for all of the things He has brought us through in all of our journeys. We have to be able to look back and understand where we have been in order to understand where God is taking is taking us too. Complaining about the blessings He hasn't given us, will keep us from seeing what He potentially has in store for us. 

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Fullness Of Joy

Being close with God, fills our heart with both joy and peace, and we should take that joy and let people see it, and take the peace to calm our minds and heart. 

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His Comforting Words

It is important that as believers we fill our hearts with The Word of God, to be able to have His love, grace, and mercy so that we can help share that to others who may need to be encouraged. We know how God’s kind words have comforted us in our troubles, so it makes it even more important that we share that. 

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Spiritually Charged

Life can drain us both physically and spiritually, leaving us feeling like we have no energy to do another task or be there for a loved one. The Lord wants us to feed off His Word and call on Him daily in order to regain that strength that we need to go about our day and week. Like a battery life will constantly drain us, but with the Lord as our constant energy source we have continued hope. 

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Unforgotten Gains

It's important as believers that we do not get discouraged in growing in our faith, or even in our physical well being. The Lord sees our hard work being done for Him and He will honor us with blessings in time. 

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Eager for the Lord

When those with good judgement receive knowledge, they want to continue to actively seek it to gain wisdom. 

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