3 Episodes

By: Rahul Yadav

Human beings are storyteller by nature. "Q-T.A.L.K.S" is an abbreviation of "Quest for The Adventure of Learning and Knowing through Stories", where people coming from discrete social backgrounds such as Scientists, Social Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Singers, Teachers, Industrialists, Students, Business people and many more will unite to share their stories and perspective, enabling information from a diverse community. The episodes will be guided but not limited to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define by United Nations. The "Q-TALKS" will take us through an amazing and wonderful journey, simultaneously building community.

“How to transform successfully?”, The KEYS to 10x your life in 2022
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

Hello and welcome to the Q-T.A.L.K.S😊💐

"Change is the only constant", very well said by Heraclitus. Our life is changing each and every second even if we observe it or not.

Our toady's guest, Mrs. Hedi Schaefer is sharing her 3*3  keys for transformation, which may help get the desire changes one want to have in 2022. She is an online educator, author and an amazing mom😊
Website: https://www.hedischaefer.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/innovatewithhedi/

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Effects of colours on communications

Hello everyone😊💐,

 Welcome to the first episode of Q-T.A.L.K.S. We as human beings have emotions and feelings which are directly or indirectly related to our  environments. Looking around, it is full of colours.

Light or colours and emotions are correlated, as indicated by Max Luescher: intrinsic contentment to blue, self-respect to green, self-confidence to red and intrinsic freedom to yellow.  Similar, basic studies have been carried out in US by William M. Marston. This episode is dedicated to the importance of colors in our daily life. 

Our first guest, Prof. Klei...


Hello everyone😊💐

Welcome to the introductory trailer of Q-T.A.L.K.S.  Let me tell you a little bit about Q-talks. I remember from my childhood when my parents and grandparents used to tell me stories which made me imagine what's going on!  In the story, I feel curious, excited and sometimes relaxed and enjoy every movement of the stories.  So keeping that in my mind, the idea of qtalks clicked to me. Q-TALKS will lead us by “Quest for The Adventure of Learning and Knowing through Stories”.

Let's come together, sha...