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Welcome to the Crypto Ballers podcast! You will find the latest news in everything Top Shot including the latest Pack Drop schedule, pricing guides, new additions and ofcourse Moment GIVEAWAYS! Be sure to subscribe to our growing community and we thank you for all your support πŸ™

Jewell Loyd Holding Value | NFL Crypto Contest Week 2
Last Wednesday at 6:44 PM

Whats good Crypto Ballers! 

Today we talk alittle about the new Jewell Loyd TS Moment and how sighs continue to point up fot the WNBA moments. Also you know week 2 is right around the corner! lets talk DFS Crypto Contest!

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Jewell Loyd Showcase | NFL Crypto Contest Results
Last Monday at 5:12 PM

Whats good Crypto Ballers! Today we have to talk about the latest showcase challenge for the one....the only... Jewell Loyd! You wont want to miss your chance to land this WNBA Stats TS Moment Debut Badge. NFL DFS Crypto Contest Results Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Skylar-Diggins Smith makes Top Shot History | NFL DFS Crypto Contest Details!

Whats good Crypto Ballers! Today we return from our 1 Game absence to bring you a new Friday Edition of Crypto Ballers. We introduce our brand new NFL DFS Crypto Contest. Ofcourse we need to talk about the Skylar-Diggins Smith new Quest challenge reward and how it makes NBA TS History as this particular moment joins some truly elite company. Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

A'ja Wilson Challenge Moment | MyMoMint Display Review

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Happy Friday,

Today we talk about the FMV and Outlook of the 1st ever WNBA Challenge Reward. Then I give my Honest Review Of the new NFT Display Unit from

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TJ Laessig of OTM Joins the Show

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Today we are joined by special guest TJ Laessig of Own The Moment ( OTMNFT.Com )

We had a great conversation about how OTM was created and the pathway to launching there 1st ever Fantasy Football NFT project!

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New Showcase Challenge | Thoughts on the WNBA Drop

Whats good crypto Ballers!

Today we talk about the latest Showcase Challenge and give my thoughts on how the WNBA Moments have been received by the community so far.

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NFL's Marcas Grant Joins the Show | Talking Week 1 NFL DFS Crypto Contest

Whats good Crypto Ballers!Β  Today we are joined by Fellow Crypto Baller, NFL Fantasy Football Expert Marcas Grant! We work together to build our Lineup for the Week 1 NFL DFS Crypto Contest on DraftKings.Β  Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

The WNBA have arrived! Pack Drop details, My Top 5 Most Valuable Players to Collect

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

The WNBA had finally arrived on NBA Top Shot! We cover everything you need to know about Fridays Drop INCLUDING Confirmed LE moments AND my Top 5 List of which WNBA Players will have the most value 

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All NBA Challenge | My Quest to complete the Team Set hits a Wall

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Today we talk about the easy to complete All NBA Challenge and how we can get double rewards! Then I give you a look behind the curtain at my struggles to complete my Boston Celtics Team Set

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DeadHeads NFT talk with Project Manager Squirt11e

Whats good Crypto Ballers!! Today we have a very special Episode as im joined by Squirt11e, Project Manager of DeadHeads! A Truly unique NFT Project that warrants a closer look. Lets step into the Graveyard and check out DeadHeads offering to the NFT Community 

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Special Guest Aaron Bronsteter joins the show talking UFC, Pannini NFT, NBA Top Shot & NFTs in general

Whats good Crypto Ballers! 

On todays Podcast im joined by UFC Expert Aaron Bronsteter! We talk about all things UFC NFT and figure out who you should be collecting. Then we journey into the world of NBA Top Shot PLUS have a conversation about the NFT space in general.

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RARE Zion Williamson Giveaway | Summer of 21 Trends

Happy Friday the 13th Crypto Ballers!

All is quiet in the world on NBA Top Shot but the show must go on! We revisit the Summer of 21 set and see how its trending. Then talk about a couple massive giveaways 

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New NBA & UFC Challenge Breakdown + Tips for Blue Circle Set - Panini Edition

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Today we are sport hopping, We start in the Octagon and cover the first ever UFC NFT Challenge! Then we take the gloves off and lace up our sneakers and head to the Hardwood and talk about the brand new Ja Morant Spectra Color Blast Challenge 

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Summer of 21 gives cause for concern? | 4 Massive Giveaways you NEED to know about

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Today we have some seriously massive giveaways to send of S2 including Physical cards, ETH, a $250 LeBron James ANF a Rare Zion Williamson!

We need to talk about the Summer of 21 set and try to figure out what happened with the strange Mint reduction

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Today we enter the Octagon and talk UFC NFTs! (Panini Edition)

Today makes the first ever UFC NFT Drop! Panini America steps into the Octagon and drops not 1 but 2 packs on this Marvelous Monday! We have everything you need to know to be prepared for the drop PLUS we cant just turn our backs on the NBA like that. We have to break down the Steph Curry Spectra Color Blast Challenge! 

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Marketplace Spike!|Summer League Utility| How I ALMOST made 1,000,000 on NBA Top Shot THIS weekend

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Happy Monday, We experienced a beautiful Marketplace spike over the weekend and t was pure glory. I tell you if i was a Buyer or Seller in the Market. I breakdown and shed my future outlook from the resulting Summer League Trip and et exciting thinking of where it could go. AND how i was so close to becoming a Millionaire over the weekend on Top Shot 🀣

A Change to my Collecting Style | My Dog let me down

Welcome to Crypto Ballers!

On this Episode Money1834 shares a tragic story of physical sports cards due to educe cringing and pain. Not all is lost though as we chat a bit about changing collecting styles for the future of NBA Top Shot

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NBA Top Shot Continues to FLEX Real Life Utility | Rare Zion Contest

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Today we Take a look at the results from our Rare Zion Williamson Throwdowns moment Giveaway, Summer '21 coverage, and talk about the latest TS feature Average Sales Price and what it means. Also we put a Call to Action out to the community to find us some awesome NFT projects to look into!

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Gold Vinyl Pack drop| LBJ Challenge reward| Giannis Spectra Color Blast- BONUS PANINI PODCAST

Whats good Crypto Ballers! Welcome to a special Bonus episode Panini Edition! Today we Cover the new Gold Vinyl pack drop which is truly unique. Then recap the LBJ Sneaker Noir Challenge PLUS break down the new Giannis Challenge! Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Rare Zion Williamson Giveaway! + Giannis Playoff Finals Challenge Update

Welcome Crypto Ballers! Today we Dive into the Giannis Playoff Finals challenge and see if its worh the +$200 price tag and decide if its better to sell your Bucks moments? We are sending S2 out with a HUGE Rare Throwdowns Zion Williamson Moment giveaway!Β  Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Legendary Pack Punishment! NBA Finals Challenge | Negative EV

Whats it do Crypto Ballers!

On this Friday edition Money1834 shares yet another queue horror story from Thursdays Legendary Drop. Covers the new NBA Playoff pack AND breaks down the NBA Finals Legendary Challenge!

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Top 5 Features I'd like to see implemented in S3 of NBA Top Shot

Whats good Crypto Ballers!

Today we have a very subjective very fun podcast as I give you all my Top 5 List of features i want to see added into Series 3 of NBA Top Shot πŸ™Œ

Whats your #1 feature you would like to see? 

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LeBron James NBA Noir Challenge

Welcome to a special Bonus Episode of Crypto Ballers (Panini Edition)! Today we are breaking down the new LeBron James NBA Noir Sneaker Spotlight Challenge. We are hammering out Pricing, Requirements, reckless speculation on how much this card could be worth and MORE!

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LaMelo Ball MGLE is finally here!

Welcome to the Crypto Ballers Podcast!

Today we welcome the arivle of the long awaited LaMelo Ball MGLE. Ill tell you how to qualify in hopes to pull one of the best moments of S2 

Should we be worried about the NBA Finals Pack?| Quavo Quest| Panini Tatum Giveaway| DFS Crypto Contest TEAM USA!?

Welcome Crypto Ballers!

We have a TON of topics to get into on this Friday Pod πŸ™Œ

βœ” NBA Finals Pack

βœ” Quavo Quest

βœ”Jayson Tatum Panini Giveaway

βœ” Team USA DFS Crypto Contest?!?

Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Jason Howarth of Panini America Talks future plans of newly launched Prizm NFT Cards + Pack Giveaway!

Welcome to a new episode of Crypto Ballers! Today we are joined by VP of Marketing at Panini America Jason Howarth! We field your community questions about there new line of NBA Prizm NFTs and give away 25 NFT Prizm Packs! When will there be an NFL NFT Pack drop? What are future plans for utility? How do they compare to NBA TOP SHOT!? You got questions, we got answers Enjoy the show! Twitter@CryptoBallersTS

Panini Collaboration | ATTW4 Update | Game 6 Pickem Contest

Welcome Crypto Ballers!! Today we give an Update on ATTW4 Challenge 1 Announce a Big Time Panini Collab Talk alittle Game 6 Pickem challenge! winner gets a Donovan Mitchell LE Twitter@CryptoBallersTS

ATTW4 Challenge Update | Game 5 Pickem | Team USA Pack news!

Happy Friday Crypto Ballers! Today Money1834 shares a very somber story about his ATTW4 pack drop experience, Talks Playoff AND ATTW4 Challenges. An Update on the Team USA Pack giveaway and MORE!


Team USA Pack! | ATTW4 is Live

Welcome to the Crypto Ballers Podcast! Money1834 give us all a refresher on the RARE Pack ATTW4 and which moments to chase after and get value.

βœ” ATTW4 Challenges | Moments to grab for MAX VALUE

βœ” Team USA Pack Giveaway!

βœ” Game 4 Pickem contest is LIVE

Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Everything you need to know about ATTW4

Happy Monday Crypto Ballers! Today Money1834 Tells you everything you need to know about the newest RARE Pack "And Then There Were Four"

We got Multiple Queues, Multiple Drop times AND multiple CS requirements!  

Winner of DFS Crypto Contest Announced 

Game 3 PickEm Challenge Announced 

Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Are you feeling Playoff Challenge fatigue?| New Challenges| Finals PickEM contest

Welcome to The Crypto Ballers! Today is a wonderful day as we have a Playoff Pack Drop inbound. We talk about the new moments and the challenges that come along with them PLUS πŸ‘‡ βœ” NBA PickEM Challenge βœ” New NBA Championship BadgeΒ  βœ” DFS Crypto Contest βœ” Why your feeling Playoff challenge Fatigue Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

New pack Drop Announced! What we know thus far PLUS NBA Finals PickEM contest

Whats good Crypto Ballers! Today we cover the bases with full coverage of the new Playoff Pack coming THIS FRIDAY and we may even have a chance to buy 2 packs!?! Also we got news on our NBA Finals PickEM contest for game 2. Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Big Community Giveaway!| 2 reasons why you SHOULD complete the Kawhi and Gobert Challenges

Happy Independence Day! Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend first and foremost. Today we talk abut a big time community giveaway we are launching for the Whole duration of the NBA Finals! Plus ill give you a couple reasons why you SHOULD complete the Kawhi Leonard and Rudy Gobert Challenges.

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Top Shot offering users past pack drops!?!

Have you received an email from NBA Top Shot about getting a second chance to buy a previous pack? I give my advice on weather or not its worth buying in todays market. We also have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 challenges wrapping up today! Have a great holiday weekend everyone! 

Twitter @CryptoBallersTS 

More Lucky Pulls PLUS What do we do about the TANKING challenge rewards?

Welcome to the Crypto Ballers Podcast! Today we try and figure out what's going on with these Playoff challenges and figure out if they are even worth our time. Plus we go alittle off topic and talk about a bunch of stuff!

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Marketplace Massacre!! How YOU can take Advantage of the Dip

Welcome to the Crypto Ballers! Today we freestyle our thoughts on this massive marketplace dip and discuss how YOU can take advantage of it! 

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Playoff pack Vol 2 Challenge Rewards and speculation

Today we talk about whats coming in the Playoff Volume 2 Pack drop and what challenge rewards we are getting this round! Of course we have to do some speculating on which round 1 moments to buy in prep for the challenge! 

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Which Moments to Buy in Prep for the incoming Kyrie Irving MGLE Challenge

Welcome to a New episode of the Crypto Ballers Podcast! Today we speak on a vast array of topics such as - Playoff Pack 2 - Donovan Mitchell Showcase Quest Scandal - DFS Crypto Contest - Kyrie Irving MGLE Challenge Preparation Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Tatum, AD Challenge Rewards| Jacob Speaks about TS on Office Hours

Happy Challenge reward day! Thats right we have 2 Challenges coming to a close and they are both awesome ones. Jason Tatum and an Anthony Davis! We speculate on there value on the Marketplace and completion numbers. Then we break down some bullet points on what Jacob said on the latest Office Hours and there where some interesting things in there worth talking about.

Twitter @CryptoBallersTS

Dame, Giannis, Lebron OH MY! Challenge Updates| Charity Work| Crypto contest

Happy Friday! Today we talk about all the awesome challenges completing today and currently active! Including the details on the MGLE LeBron James challenge πŸ™Œ New rare pack leaked, also announcing our Charity we are partnering with! 

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