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For Stars Podcast © is the prime location to vibe, learn, and inspire others on the sport, lifestyle, and world of Rowing. The name of the podcast... "For Stars" symbolizes the individuals who have shined a light on others around them, whether that be teammates, friends, family, coaches, etc. Known around the globe as the “ultimate team sport”, rowing or "crew" is primarily observed at the Olympic Games, but also in the collegiate and youth communities as well. Rowing is the oldest sport known to mankind, ranging back to when the Ancient Egyptians took some oars and propelled a boat. Rowing is no...

Atlanta Juniors Varsity Men
Last Wednesday at 6:00 AM

Rowing in ATL ... Indeed! We get the opportunity to hear from the Atlanta Junior Rowing Association Varsity Men's Rowing Team, Sandro Scalfi '23 (Stanford 2027) and current student-athlete at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville on the Women's Rowing team. Coxing the Vols, Lauren's experience in the 9th seat, is quite impressive, originally coxing for the Sarasota Crew Varsity Men her freshmen year of high school, and then moving to Atlanta with her family, where she found her next home at AJRA. Lauren also brought her coxing abilities to Pennsylvania where she coxed the infamous, Penn AC Gold, furthering her talents.

Mr. Isaiah Harrison

Who, what, how ... trust me, those were my first thoughts when we got the confirmation that the true American prodigy, Mr. Isaiah Harrison, was hopping on the For Stars Podcast! Hailing from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, the "unaffiliated giant" with a 6'9" 225lbs frame, discusses with his 5'8" 125lbs coxswain pal, his focus in rowing and how everything he does, revolves around faith and family. I was fortunate enough to hear his story filled with ambition, determination, and the true willingness to improve! We speak on how he was introduced to the sport, how crossfit plays into his training...

Mr. Xeno Müller

Many of you might have received emails from a man by the name of "Xeno Müller" a Division 1, Swiss-American rower from Brown University. Like myself, you might be wondering how he even received your email, but to be honest that is a mystery in of itself. Coached by previous FSP guest, Mr. Steve Gladstone, he helps train youth athletes on what he calls the "SAT/ACT of rowing... the ERG"!! Getting recruited to university is a struggle for many athletes, in which one of the most deciding factors besides academic success, is the time/data spent on the e...

UCLA Women's Rowing

On today's episode, world's collide as we hear from West Coast & East Coast natives, who cox for UCLA Women's Rowing. Featuring on the pod are three Bruins, Ella Van Fleet, Sofia Papini, from Long Beach Juniors & Amelia Cataldi from Montclair High School. The girls chat about their experience thus far coxing the Bruins down in the Marina. We speak on their rivalry with the USC Trojans and the famous duel race, their love for the team, being willing to help others, and the perks of being a student-athlete at one of the top Power 5 Conference schools and #1 Public University...

Mr. Josh Adam

Featured on today's podcast is Division 1 Head Coach of USC Women's Rowing, Mr. Josh Adam! We talk all about his mission & the team culture of the Trojan Family, along with NCAA's, team support staff, and the amazing aspects of being a student-athlete at the University of Southern California. Coach Josh likes to pursue what he calls the "7 Core Convictions" and if all of those are met, a team can function smoothly and do it for one overall purpose. 

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Mr. Steve Gladstone

Never in a million years, would I have ever thought I would have the opportunity to sit down and talk rowing with the greatest rowing coach of all time, Mr. Steve Gladstone. Coaching for the United States, an Athletic Director for the University of California-Berkeley, creating the California Rowing Club with Mr. Gary Rogers, and coaching at Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Cal, and currently at Yale, this Division 1 rowing coach continues to make an impact wherever he sets foot. I was fortunate enough to hear his story filled with insight, intellect, and true passion for the sport, unlike any other...

Making it Rane

You have most likely heard the last name “Rane” come up in some sort of rowing dialogue. After the podcast with the New Trier Boys, I felt it was only right to have twins Rachel Rane & Jonah Rane, NTRC ‘19 coxswains, along with their older sister, Eden Rane, NTRC ‘17 coxswain, to discuss how their family comprised of 80% coxswains, manage to be some of the most elite and well-respected boat drivers in the nation. The family chats about the true competitive culture that they were raised in, how they go about breaking records, making history, and so much more. The love that the...

New Trier Varsity Men

The boys from New Trier hopped on the podcast today, and let me tell you the level of ambition and sense of team culture is REAL! Featured today is Jack Skinner (Cal 2027), Kannan Alford (Stanford 2027), Noah Silverstein (Princeton Heavies 2027), John Salvi (Stanford 2027) & Alek Balassa. The guys chat about their experience this year training down in Chula Vista for the 2022 USRowing Selection Camp and their historical, record-breaking accomplishments thus far. Not only that, but we touch on the "inner dawg," brotherhood and some emotional topics, so be sure to tune into this one!!

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MAC Varsity Women

Spotlighted today on FSP is the Marina Aquatic Center (MAC) Varsity Women who row out of Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, California. Hear from Hope Galusha (Yale), Shannon Kearney (Cal 2027), Annabelle McCulloch & Mia Subin (LMU), on their methodology to approach the 2021-2022 season, goals to define the "new MAC", Hope’s recruitment journey, and Shannon’s experience racing the USA Junior Women’s 2- with MAC athlete, Rachel Lande (Yale 2027). This one hits home, so tune in!

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Hungarian Junior National Team

Aside from United States Rowing, it was time to get a taste of International competition, so I spoke to my new friends, Petra Csayni (Miami Women's Rowing) & Anna Schrieber (Virginia Women's Rowing 2027), who raced for Hungary’s Women’s 8+ at the 2022 Junior World Championships in Italy. The stern pair shares the similarities and differences of European style training to the United States, discipline, History Making appearances, Anna's gap year, and how vital knowledge of boat mechanics truly is. The love from Petra's teammates back in Hungary was REAL, as they supported and cheered her on over live stream at the...

Mercer Varsity Women

PNRA/Mercer, Mercer, the gals from Princeton, New Jersey… whatever you want to call it - these athletes mean business. True “underdogs” who possess a “Mercer Mamba Mentality”. Featured today, is Shea Sullivan (Wisconsin) & Ellie Johnson (Penn) who sat in the Women’s Varsity 8+ at the 2022 Youth National Championships, making the A Final, and finishing 4th in the entire country! It wasn’t easy… they had to make a universal decision, either to go full send, or not at all, they chose mercy. Coached by Sarah Trowbridge, now the Head Coach for Oklahoma Women’s Rowing, turned this program into a top-of-the...

Mr. Peter Adams

I’ll tell you one thing, you can never go wrong with coxswain conversations, especially when you hear from Boston University Men’s Rowing student-athlete, Peter Adams. Hailing from the prestigious and well-known rowing club, Newport Aquatic Center, Pete coxed their Men’s team for five years. An astounding 6’2” frame… you wouldn’t think Pete is a coxswain, but let me tell you, he’s a great one. We talk about his experience at Newport, coaching relations, recruitment to BU, and more! Be sure to tune into this episode. 

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USA Junior Women’s 8+

Yes… World Champions, but hold up — World Record Holders too! These girls worked their tails off and now hold an astounding time of 6:12.16 in the World Junior Rowing Championships, more specifically in the Women’s U19 8+ event. Coxed by Francie McKenzie (Princeton) stroked by two-time consecutive world champion as well as 2022 Youth National Champ & 2022 USRowing Under-19 Female Athlete of the Year, Nora Goodwillie (Stanford), along with teammate Lily Pember (Cal) & Sarah Bradford (Virginia) worked together as a team from start to finish to hold the title to their name. Unstoppable, an impenetrable force, these girls did it not once but tw...

Sarasota Varsity Men

Welcome to another episode of the For Stars Podcast, where we hear from the Southeast Champions & members for the USA Junior National Team, Division 1 rowing signees, World Champions, and athletes from Sarasota Crew. Featured today is Tyler Horler (Harvard Heavies), Weelo Ghamra (Cornell Heavies), Grant McCurdy (Columbia Heavies 2027) & Josh Wang (Columbia Lights). This episode is genuinely one of a kind and worth the listen. We talk about the competitive nature of being an athlete on Sarasota Crew, a bit more about Hudson, college decisions, time management, the overall grind & level of dedication and hard work of a competitive student-athlete...

Newport Varsity Men

Welcome to another episode of the For Stars Podcast, where we hear from the Southwest Champions & members for the USA Junior National Team, Division 1 rowing signees, and athletes from Newport Aquatic Center Juniors. Featured today is Johnny Sherburne (Boston), Travis O'Neil, Kian Aminian (Princeton) & Davis Schroeder (Coast Crew). The legendary "Pair Boys" & "Lido Lurkers" all share their intellect & level of grit. We talk about the competitive nature of being an athlete at NAC, Davis' experience at the 2022 Junior World Championships racing the USA 4-, Travis' decision to stay another year and rip it one more time with Kian after...

Ms. Z Romero

Welcome to another episode of the For Stars Podcast, where we highlight another stellar coxswain, Elizabeth "Z" Romero, who competed for the 2019 USA Junior National Team and Oakland Strokes Varsity Men’s team. She currently coxes the two-time consecutive National Championship crew, Texas Women’s Rowing. Ranked #1 under the NCAA Division 1 polls, the Longhorns mean business and so does Z! We talk about what being a UT coxswain and student-athlete is like, the importance of mental health, and more. Tune in to another epic “Bucket of Bliss”. 

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Ms. Julia Karten

Welcome to Episode 23 of the For Stars Podcast! We hear from Julia Karten, another USC Women's Rowing signee. In high school, she rowed for Whitemarsh Boat Club in Pennsylvania, while also competing with Ready Set Row for the past two summers in order to up her game and be around a large group competitive atmosphere. She is super pumped to head to Sunny Southern California and row for the Trojans. We talk about a bunch of different topics, so be sure to tune in! Congrats on everything Julia, and keep being you...Fight on!

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Ms. Dana Shearer

While spotlighting the coxswains around the United States in particular to the West Coast, I wanted to chat with Dana Shearer, a USC Women's Rowing signee from "The Big Apple". After four years at Pelham Community Rowing Association, she trained with RowAmerica Rye, a well-known rowing club in New York to further her knowledge in the sport while better preparing herself to cox the Trojans in the Fall. Dana shares her boat's "SPECIAL SAUCE" & some of the powerful lessons she learned while competing in high school. In addition to that, Dana takes out the single quite often, and the...

Mr. Wilson Glass

While spotlighting the coxswains around the United States, I felt that it was only necessary to reach out to my man, Wilson Glass, current student-athlete & coxswain for Men's Rowing at the University of San Diego. He hails from Rose City Rowing Club in Portland, Oregon where he coxed their Varsity 8+ in high school. Do yourself a solid and tune into Glass speak on his personal journey as the 9th seat at the Division 1 collegiate level. We talk coxswain recruitment, tips, judgement, and more!

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Mr. Bennett Rossell

We add onto the coxswain features, and hear from Sarasota Crew coxswain - class of 2020, Bennett Rossell, current student-athlete for Stetson University Men's Rowing. Bennett was apart of the Junior National Team, and spent time focusing on Coastal Rowing, a different side of the sport. Find out why he ended up signing to Stetson, competing for Sarasota, and his urge to build up a program, while also going through coaching transitions, team athletic injuries, and more.

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Chicago Rowing Part 2

"YEAH BOAT"... the main motto of the 2021 Youth National Championship crew in the Women's Youth 8+ event... Chicago Rowing Foundation. The crew filled with US Junior Olympians, World Champions, and Division 1 signees, took charge amongst the pack, and did it with pure passion and ferocity. We have some new faces on the podcast today, Bella Korellis, Maeve Heneghan, Abbie Diemer, who share their story with coxswain Brie Joe (featured on the previous CRF Varsity Women episode). This one is definitely a "Bucket of Bliss" so tune in!

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Ms. Jackie Oruci

Closing out the later days of July, we hear from Penn Women's Rower and 2021 Junior National Team athlete, Jackie Oruci, who shares her personal experience and shifts from youth competitive racing to the collegiate scene. Jackie had multiple season ending injuries during her freshman year, and is now back and better than ever. We talk how important injury prevention is to training & to implement it through active recovery efforts, like stretching, son on and so forth. Nonetheless, the perks and downfalls of small boat clubs, pre-race rituals and overall mindfulness, how impactful team culture truly is as well as...

Mr. Sammy Houdaigui

Welcome back to another episode of FSP! An addition to the coxswain series collection, we hear from Dartmouth Men's Heavyweight Rowing & 2021 Junior National Team coxswain, Sammy Houdaigui. We talk shop on how developing a strong, clear, and tight coach relationships, truly helps in the long run. A nomad in his junior competitive years, Sammy took turns coxing five different clubs & groups. The "Saminator" is always eager to learn and grow in knowledge... he is a true man of the sport. Houdaigui strives to be a top dawg, and being an active listener inside and outside of the boat. For...

Mr. Justin Best

Welcome to episode 16 of FSP where we hear from a true inspiration to many individuals, Justin Best. Two seat of the 2022 USA Men's 8+, who trains at the Oakland Training Center rowing with California Rowing Club, a U23 athlete, Drexel Men's Rower '19, as well as JNT athlete. Justin shares his personal narrative and the timeline between the U19 system all throughout U23's, college, and the Senior National Team. If you want to hear the "down and dirty" on how to stay afloat as an Olympian - be proactive & do not be afraid to ask for help, in order...

Mr. Troy Riesenberger

Welcome to another episode of FSP where we hear from Troy Riesenberger, current Penn Men's Lightweight Rower, 2021 U19 Junior National Team athlete who rowed the Men's 4- in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and is currently training with the U23 National Team athlete to compete in the Men's Lightweight 4x. Troy hails from Sarasota Crew where he was apart of the Men's Varsity 8+ crew who raced at 2019 & 2021 Youth Nationals. Listen in on Troy's journey throughout the sport, and how he has grown since his freshman year of high school competitive racing.

Ms. Meena Baher

Welcome to Episode 14 of For Stars Podcast where we hear from National Champion, JNT & Los Gatos Varsity Women's Rower, Meena Baher. Committed to compete for the Division 1 level crew team, Harvard Radcliffe Women's Rowing, Meena is off to do fantastic things rowing for the Crimson. Medaling Gold at 2022 Youth National Championships in the Women's Youth 1x, Meena is a sculling phenom. She also advanced to the final and quarter final rounds at the 2022 Henley Royal Regatta in the Women's Youth 4x and 2x. Nonetheless, getting sixth in the Women's 4x category at the 2021 Junior World Championships hosted in Plovdiv...

Oakland Strokes Varsity Women

This week we add onto our chain of highlighting junior rowing crews, and today we hear from Oakland Strokes Varsity Women, a prominent crew out of Northern California. Athletes, Danielle DeFrancisci, Angela Devine, Audrey Worley & Isabella Capelli, share their personal narrative and reflect on their time training, and college search.

Penn Heavies

Another one! After the Women's Rowing segment, I thought it would be smart to hear the story from freshmen on the University of Pennsylvania Men's Heavyweight Rowing team... Jack Paterno, Arya Venugopalan, and Jack Theodore. The gents had a great career rowing for the Quakers, and today they gives us the run-down for what it takes to be an athlete at Penn and compete at such a high level. They all just competed at their first IRA National Championship, and have tons to share. Tune in!

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Wisconsin Women's Rowing

Two in one day. YEP! Hear from athletes on the University of Wisconsin Women's Rowing team... Lauren O'Connor & Anna Ardito. This episode is filled with insight, reflections on mental health, struggles throughout the season, as well as intellect/tips on how to manage a social life, athletics, and academic pursuits all in one. Let the "Ladies from Wisco" fill you in on it all.

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Mr. Will West

Adding onto the topic of Men's Rowing at the Division 1 level, we hear from Will West, rower from Columbia University Lightweight Rowing in New York, who holds the 2022 IRA National Title. Born and raised in Florida, Will or better known as ( rowed for the highly-ranked Sarasota Crew, and gives the FSP community an idea of the life experiences that he has learned while being a part of this sport.

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MBRC Varsity Women

Welcome to another solid episode of For Stars Podcast! This segment adds to our collection of spotlighting Varsity Women's Rowing Teams around the world. Featured today is Alexa Matos, Grace Matos, Charlotte Paley & Josie Moskovitz, athletes for the Miami Beach Rowing Club. These four women resemble what it means to be a true teammate and overall student-athlete. Hear from them on how they hold their teammates accountable, manage their time, the recruitment process to Division 1 universities, and how to prioritize one's mental health.

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CRF Varsity Women

Welcome to another episode of For Stars Podcast! Featured today is Lily Pember, Nora Goodwillie, Ashley Whipple, and Brie Joe, crew members for the Chicago Rowing Foundation Varsity Women's Rowing Team. Pember and Goodwillie both represented the United States Junior National Rowing team at the 2021 Junior World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. These women all care for one another and want each and everyone of their teammates to shine. They are all hardworking, fearless, resilient, and strive to be at the "top of the food chain". Sit back, listen in, and get ready for this "Bucket of Bliss".


Kent Varsity Men

Another epic episode from the For Stars Podcast Community is live! Featured today is Paddy McNamara, Wyatt Mills & Ian Lehman, current student-athletes for the Kent School Varsity Men's Rowing team in Connecticut. McNamara decided to enroll at Kent, taking a post-graduate year, following St. Joseph's Prep, where he and his Men’s Youth 8+ struck Gold at 2021 Youth Nationals, coxed by Connor Neill, spotlighted in Episode 5 of FSP. These three musketeers are well-suited to succeed in life, and yearn to inspire individuals each and everyday. Hear from Paddy, Wyatt & Ian on their adventure connecting school, rowing, recruiting, and strengthening the bo...

Mr. Ethan deBorja

Adding flavor to the coxswain featured series, Ethan deBorja, current sophomore coxswain for Oregon State Men’s Rowing, joins us on FSP. Ethan was born and raised in Virginia, coxing Resilient Rowing in his high school years. Since his freshman year coxing in college, Ethan has been selected as the Oregon State Varsity 8+ coxswain. This absolute stud, comprised of pure compassion, empathy, and dedication, Ethan influences the For Stars community of his overall journey in the sport and overcoming adversity in his youth rowing years, along with aspirations for the rest of his collegiate career.

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Mr. Connor Neill

Another episode is in the books, and featured today is Connor Neill, current freshman coxswain for Princeton Heavyweight Rowing. Connor was the Varsity 8+ coxswain for the reigning National Championship crew, St. Joseph’s Prep, who won Gold in the Men’s Youth 8+ event at 2021 Youth Nationals. A man of talent, leadership, and grit, Connor enlightens the For Stars community on his road to triumph, as well as the challenges he overcame while coxing his scholastic crew team, and trip to Canadian Henley.

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Row NJ Varsity Men '21

Welcome to another episode of For Stars Podcast! Today, we have a group of gentlemen raised in the state of New Jersey, who competed for one of the top youth rowing clubs in America... Row New Jersey! During the summer of 2021, the Varsity Men of Row New Jersey, traveled to Sarasota, Florida to race at 2021 Youth Nationals. The crew placed 2nd in the A Final - Men's Youth 8+ category. These men are junior olympians, collegiate & elite athletes who compete for some of the most prestigious universities around the nation. Aside from all of that, the brotherhood and camaraderie that...

CIRC Varsity Men

A true tale of the "Band of Brothers"... Forster's role on his competitive youth rowing team goes deeper than just his teammate's coxswain, but the willingness for them to succeed in both life, and on the water. Originally scheduled to be published in December of 2021, we talk about lightweight rowing in the junior & collegiate level, Robbie's diet, Alex's move across the nation, Daniel's ergo, 2021 Youth Nationals & entrances/demands of being recruited to a lightweight rowing school. Tune into another "Bucket of Bliss" with the members, past & present of the Channel Islands Varsity Men's Rowing Team!

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Mr. Alex Chick

Times were tough, storylines were cut short, resolutions were left unfinished, but it's simple, what could you achieve in the midst of all the chaos? Was there room for light at the end of the tunnel? Born in the UK, raised in Southern California while rowing for Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing, then getting recruited to join the Beavs & row D1 crew over at Oregon State University, and then moving back to the UK, in order to row for Oxford Brookes, is the journey of Mr. Alex Chick. An American Rower (mixed with a "spritz" of British ancestry) recalls...

Ms. Whitney Powell

Forster states that "I have always been a coxswain but I just recently found rowing". Locking in and mentally preparing for the adventure, the smaller sized individual takes charge and leads the crew to victory on and off the water. Coined as the Coxswain, half the size of the pack but more powerful than one can imagine, the leader of the squad or “ninth seat” embraces the chronicles of an athlete, without the need to perform physical exercise. Respect, trust, leadership, admiration, along with others, are earned, not expected. We talk about the power of the individual being mighty in i...

Mr. Arshay Cooper

Featured on today's episode is "Award Winning Author, Rower & Motivational Speaker" Mr. Arshay Cooper. His novel, which later evolved into a documentary "A Most Beautiful Thing," is a true story that highlights the wonderful aspects of rowing and the narrative of the first Black American High School Rowing Team. Arshay's struggles and trauma of childhood life in the West Side of Chicago, is something that lives with him forever. His goal is to "Pay it Forward" and to make a mark in the rowing community for future generations. We are absolutely thrilled to have him spotlighted on our very...