Out of the Hourglass

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By: Nolan Consulting Group

Out of the Hourglass, presented by Nolan Consulting Group, is here to help Small Business Owners and Contractors alike visualize their goals, develop their team & build sustainable growth. You'll hear from our panel of NCG Coaches on a variety of topics, guest speakers from top industry resources, Business Owners sharing best practices and a focus on strategies across sales, marketing, business planning, human resources and more. We're here to take you "out of the hourglass" and reach YOUR Summit.

Safety Culture - Make it a Priority

Today's episode features Nolan Painting Field Supervisor, Conal Mulreany & Painters USA Vice President, Paul Cook. Committing to a culture of safety and making it the forefront of your business will help to prevent the unfortunate tragedies that can happen in the industry and make your company a better place to work. How often do you talk about safety with your team? Paul and Conal remind us that it should be a critical component of your business operations and that the opportunity to improve on its presence through training and daily emphasis is a constant. As you listen to this week's...

Operational Field Leadership

It's no secret that the Operations team plays a critical role in making the wheels turn in a business. The head of the Operations Department is often the face of your business in the day to day. Juggling many roles and responsibilities makes it crucial to ensure that you have the right person for the job. Today's episode features NCG Managing Partner Brian Nolan for a fantastic discussion on questions pertaining to: What makes a person the right fit for this role... What KPI's can you set for someone in this role... and How should an Operational leader solve problems? ...

Performance Improvement Plans

Today's episode features a discussion between NCG Managing Partner Brian Nolan and NCG Business Coach Kathryn Freeman. Having a discussion with an employee who is not performing as well as you would like can be difficult. This week we unpack how to navigate that important conversation as well as tools that you can use to ensure that your employees understand the vision for their roll from the time they are hired. Developing your employees is an ongoing tasks. As you listen to this week's podcast consider if there are any employees in your company that may benefit from a well...

Business is Messy - The April Edition

Today's episode brings you the latest edition of Lessons in Leadership with Brian Nolan & Kevin Nolan and our Business is Messy Series! Brian & Kevin unpack this month's (and week's!) current business messes at Nolan Painting including topics such as battling employee retention and competitive wages, managing difficult customers, handling lawsuits and more! As everyone in the contracting industry knows, a dull day never goes by. Pick up new tips on how to navigate these messes in your business and take on the week on this podcast episode.

The Sales Guys: Selling in a High Demand Environment

The Sales Guys are back with some new faces! Today's episode features a discussion between NCG Business Coaches, Andrew Amrhein & Colin Nolan along with great insights from NCG Member Coach, Chuck Winkles and Nolan Painting Senior Estimator, Jim Falk. As the Spring rush arrives and the summer months approach, the team discusses the challenges surrounding selling in a high demand environment. Chuck and Jim weigh in with their experience from the field on managing customer expectations when you are scheduling out months in advance. How can you utilize different pieces of the Sales Process to overcome these challenges?

Levels of Work Series: Level 4

Today's episode features a discussion between NCG Business Coaches, Andrew Amrhein & Kathryn Freeman along with some highlights from NCG Marketing & Program Manager, Molly Nolan. The team wraps up our Levels of Work Series in this episode focusing on the last level, Level 4. How do Levels 1, 2, and 3 support Level 4? How can you prepare someone for a Level 4 role? How do you utilize Level 4 work in your company? Listen to this week's podcast to find out - or start at the beginning of the series to gain foundational knowledge!

Hiring: The Role of the GM

Today's episode features a discussion between NCG Business Coach, Colin Nolan and NCG Marketing & Program Manager, Molly Nolan on the topic of hiring a General Manager! Have you thought about what it might look like to bring a GM role into the fold? For many business owners, this seems like a daunting task - What is my true purpose for this hire? How do I make sure this person is the right fit? When is the right time for me to let go? Molly and Colin unpack all of this and more in this week's podcast!

Dealing With Resistance

Today's episode features NCG Managing Partner, Brian Nolan with a new guest to the podcast, Brian's Brother, Terrence Nolan! Resistance is a force that we ALL battle - personally & professionally, small and large. It comes at us DAILY! Why do we hold back on certain aspects of our life? How can we fight the head trash that resistance feeds us? Terrence and Brian have an energetic conversation on resistance in their own lives and tactics for how they went to combat with the force. For further reading on the topic of resistance, we HIGHLY recommend The War of Art, by...

Recruiting with Kevin Nolan

Today's episode features NCG Partner and President of Nolan Painting, Kevin Nolan, for a discussion on Spring Recruiting and details on a new Co-Op Program they've started with a local School District to recruit potential employees in the future - and show them the potential for a successful career! Recruiting for the trades is an issue that is felt from Coast to Coast and the question remains, what else can we do to find people? How else can we be creative? It continues to be an ongoing discussion of best practices and today's episode is just that!

Levels of Work Series: Level 3

Today's episode features NCG Coaches Andrew Amrhein & Kathryn Freeman in a continuation of their Levels of Work Series - today focusing on Level 3! Kathryn and Andrew discuss the framework of what defines a Level 3, and what kind of tasks and work capacity lives in that stage. As you listen, consider what tasks and operational functions are Level 3 work in your company. Have you given appropriate tasks and roles to the correct employees? Are you setting them up to fail or to succeed?

The Role of the CEO

Today’s Episode features NCG Managing Partner, Brian Nolan, and a discussion on the Role of the CEO. Hosted by Molly Nolan, the two have a lively discussion on what to expect out of yourself as a CEO. Many Summit Members join us, eager to get themselves out of the hourglass, and do exactly that! But what happens once the business owner feels free from the work that had been keeping them IN the hourglass? As you listen, consider your vision for your future and the future of your company, and what work is most appropriate for someone who has go...

How to Win Friends & Influence Others Using DISC

Today’s Episode features NCG Coach Colin Nolan discussing How to Win Friends and Influence People Using DISC. Hosted by Molly Nolan, the two team up to use their expertise to apply Dale Carnagie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People to DISC Assessments. Those who work with us know that understanding DISC is essential to building your team and ensuring that you have the right people in the right places at every level in your company.

Levels of Work Series: Level 2

Today, we continue our Levels of Work Series featuring NCG Coaches Andrew Amrhein and Kathryn Freeman. In our second episode of the season, Kathryn and Andrew discuss Level 2, and what Level 2 work looks like. As you listen, consider what tasks and work in your company should be considered level 2. Do you have the right people doing level 2 work in your company? Be sure to go back and listen to the first episode of the Levels of Work Series if you have not already, to ensure you’re caught up.

Lessons in Leadership: Cleaning Up the Mess

Today, we’re bringing you the latest edition of Lessons in Leadership, featuring Brian & Kevin Nolan, on the theme of “Cleaning up the Monthly Mess”. As everyone in the contracting industry knows, business is messy, there are always new problems and weekly challenges! How are you working through them? On this episode, Kevin shares with Brian some of the messes that he is currently dealing with at Nolan Painting. Everything from Covid related issues, OSHA, HR problems & much much more. Be sure to listen as Brian shares some tactical advice and they walk through the mindset of dealing with the onset...

Hiring a Sales Rep

On today’s episode, Molly and Colin Nolan team up to discuss Hiring a New Sales Rep. We know that hiring the right person can seem difficult, but that should never stop you from doing your best to pursue the right people. This is the time of year where many of you are looking to hire new Sales Reps in anticipation for upcoming busy season. Colin will walk you through the types of behaviors and profiles that make a great sales rep, as well as some proven strategies to implement during the hiring process to ensure you end up with th...

Levels of Work Series: Level 1

Today we are kicking off our Levels of Work Series, hosted by Molly Nolan; featuring Andrew Amrhein and Kathryn Freeman. In this series, we’ll discuss different levels of work and understanding the concept of timespan for each employee. This episode starts things off at the beginning - an introduction to the concept & Level 1. As you’re listening, start to think about which roles in your company belong in the Level 1 category, and if the right people are in those roles.

Creating an Annual Sales Business Plan

This episode features NCG’s Sales Guys, Andrew Amrhein and Jim Falk. They team up to discuss the outline for an Annual Sales Business Plan. Do your estimators have an Annual Business plan? Are they preparing for 2021 with goals and do they understand what they need to do each day to achieve those goals? All of this and more from Andrew and Jim.

The Cascading Planning Process in 2021

Today's episode of Out of the Hourglass features highlights from our recent CPP Planning Webinar. You'll hear from NCG Coaches Brian Nolan, Kathryn Freeman and Andrew Amrhein who will go into detail about your vision for 2021, how to manage your team moving forward, and preparing yourself financially today, for what lies ahead in the coming year.

Refreshing the Employee Handbook

Today’s episode features a discussion with Molly Nolan and Senior NCG Coach & Director of Operations Kathryn Freeman on creating or refreshing an Employee Handbook. Consider asking yourself: When was the last time you revised your employee handbook? Is everyone in your company aware of what it entails? Listen now for some key points on why it's important and how to go about an efficient refresh process.

Sales Management Covenants

Today’s episode features some highlights from our recent Sales Management Webinar featuring Brian Nolan and Mark Repkin. Leading the discussion is a conversation around "Sales Covenants", an idea from the Summit Sales Peer Groups that includes 15 creative behaviors, attributes, and commitments that create a successful Sales Manager and Leader.

NCG Highlights What They're Listening To

This week on Out of The Hourglass, we decided to give a look into what our team listens to in our free time. Whether we're in the car, out on a run, or even getting some work done, we're always looking for new content to absorb and share with Summit Members. Over the years, we have recommended many new books to Summit Members, and many Summit Members have recommended books to us. So why stop there? Now we're looking to different platforms such as podcasts, audiobooks and more to innovate and collaborate, personally & professionally.

Special Release: Book Club in Action - First, Break All the Rules

This week's episode is a bit more unique. A few weeks back, the NCG Team hopped on a full-team Zoom call to discuss First, Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman. This book discusses how managers can get the most out of each of their employees by assigning them to the correct role and playing to their strengths. At NCG, we're always striving to keep ourselves sharp with new information and bouncing ideas off of one another. Holding regular Book Club meetings such as this one give us a great opportunity to continue expanding our knowledge, discussing it...

D4 & S4 - SLII Experience™ Series

This episode is the final installment in our SL2 Experience Series, finally discussing the highly sought after D4 and S4 level. Colin and Molly team up to talk about how to tell that someone has reached D4 in a particular area, how to keep them there, and effective ways of restoring their D4 status if they happen to drop back into D3. As always, we recommend that you scroll back and listen to our previous episodes in the series to catch up if you have not already.

Winter Sales Prep & Identity Role

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today’s episode features The Sales Guys, Andrew Amrhein and Jim Falk. They have a discussion on a number of topics including what the upcoming Winter looks like from a Sales Perspective, how to implement Identity-Role Theory into your thought process, and the importance of preparation before each and every prospect meeting.

Lessons in Leadership 3.0

Today’s episode features our third installment of Lessons in Leadership. NCG Managing Partner Brian Nolan is joined by NCG Partner and Nolan Painting President & CEO, Kevin Nolan. This conversation is all about preparing to lead and navigate through uncertain times. Our first Covid Winter is steadily approaching and Brian and Kevin are here to help you wrap your head around the future, plan accordingly, and come out stronger on the other side.

Ideas to Make a Budget That's Worth Making

Today’s episode is a discussion around Budgeting. Senior NCG Coach Andrew Amrhein joins Molly Nolan to discuss taking the necessary steps to having your 2021 budget ready with time to spare. Additionally, a conversation on employee development. How can you have an understanding of where your company will be by creating a vision for your employees to buy into? All of this and more to make sure you are prepared for 2021 both financially and strategically.

Behaviors & Accountability of Business Development

Today’s episode features 2 esteemed NCG Coaches; Kathryn Freeman and Jerry Block. Jerry joins Kathryn to bring his expertise and years of experience to the table regarding Behaviors & Accountability of Business Development. This is all about relationship building; whether you have someone in your company devoted to Business Development OR you view it as a group effort amongst members of the Sales team and beyond.

D3 & S3 - SLII Experience™ Series

Continuing our SL2 Experience Series featuring NCG Coach Colin Nolan, and hosted by Molly Nolan This time, they’re covering the D3 Learner and S3 Leader. What traits are common to someone in D3 in a particular area? What are some of the risks of someone sticking around too long in D3? All of this and much more. Don’t forget to stick around for the end where Colin puts Molly’s knowledge to the test with a short quiz for you to play along with!

Becoming WBENC Certified: A Personal Take

Long time Summit Member, Meg Cook, President of Painters USA in Chicago. Meg joins NCG Coach Colin Nolan to discuss becoming WBENC Certified. For those not familiar, WBENC stands for the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to get your business WBENC Certified or interested in learning more about the Council, Meg shares her experience and will likely answer some your top questions during this episode! Thanks to Meg Cook for sharing!

Getting Ready to Budget for 2021

Featuring NCG Coach and Financial Expert Andrew Amrhein, discussion topics include how to budget during an uncertain time, When to start discussing your 2021 Budget, how to approach meetings about the budget, who to include, and much more

D2 & S2 - SLII Experience™ Series

The latest installment of our SLII Experience™ Series. NCG Coach Colin Nolan and Molly Nolan are teaming up again to discuss Situational Leadership, this time talking about D2 and S2. Do you know how to spot where an employee may be a D2 in your company? What are some of the ways you can manage a D2 properly? All of this and much more on this episode of Out of The Hourglass!

Preparing for Fall in the Field

Our resident Field Expert, Conal Mulreany joins NCG Coach Kathryn Freeman, Conal discusses what safety protocols and general operations Nolan Painting is implementing this Fall. Staying on top of your field operations is essential to keep your business running smoothly, especially as complications like Covid-19 mean more attention and effort on keeping your employees and customers aligned.

Leveraging Google to Boost SEO

Molly Nolan has a virtual sit-down with Micheal Murray, Owner of Textbook Painting in Cleveland, Ohio and contributing Summit Member. Molly and Michael discuss the importance of leveraging your "Google Real Estate" to improve your SEO presence and how to be proactive in your strategy.  In addition to running his own business and involvement within the Summit Group, Michael has recently joined the NCG Team as a Peer Content Coach to assist Summit Members with Marketing. Whether just scratching the surface, or looking to take things to the next level, Michael can help with an assessment of your current marketing activ...

Lessons in Leadership 2.0

This episode features two very special guests. NCG’s Managing Partner, Brian Nolan, as well as NCG Partner and Nolan Painting President, Kevin Nolan for another discussion on Lessons in Leadership. They'll share what they’ve implemented themselves over the Summer, as well as what they’ve learned from business owners around the country during this time. Additionally, we know the Winter months are coming. How are you preparing your cash reserves for the upcoming Covid winter and the uncertainty that it will bring? Brian and Kevin take a dive on this to help you envision your business for the rest o...

D1 & S1 - SLII Experience™ Series

NCG Coach Colin Nolan discusses the different development and support levels as a part of the Leadership Model. Hosted by Molly Nolan, We’ll cover what it means to be a D1 and the right support needed for continued success as well as the different characteristics and misconceptions that are attributed to D1’s. Don’t forget to stick around for the end where Colin puts Molly’s knowledge to the test with a pop quiz for you to play along with.

Advanced Sales Training Highlights

Recently, The Sales Guys, Andrew Amrhein & Jim Falk held a Virtual Advanced Sales Boot Camp. This week, they sit down and discuss some of the key points that were hit on over the course of the 3-Day Training. Topics on this episode include Identity-Role Theory, Parent-Adult-Child Model, The Closing Funnel & much more! Take a listen today and don't forget to share with your Sales Teams!

Process Documentation

NCG Coach Kathryn Freeman sits down with our Business Consultant Analyst, Deidre Ellis,to talk about how to capture all of the details that must be in place to ensure your systems are running smoothly. They will discuss how to use a Process Documentation to identify accountability opportunities in both internal and external projects as well as considering the use of tools to track details and transitions. All of this and more on the Process Documentation podcast!

Role of the CFO

NCG Managing Partner, Brian Nolan, is joined by Nolan Painting CFO, Steve Nafranowicz. They discuss Steve's evolution as CFO, how a CFO should communicate with the field, Pay for Performance, how Nolan Painting is planning financially for the Winter and much more! This is a great listen for anyone looking for guidance into what the CFO role should look like, or could look like in their business.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

This episode focuses on S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to implement them in your approach to not only your company as a whole, but the development of each individual employee. NCG Coach Colin Nolan answers your questions. What do S.M.A.R.T. goals stand for? How do I know if I'm setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for my team? Listen now to find out! Situational Leadership Theory, or the Situational Leadership Model, is a model created by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard

The War of Art

The Sales Guys, NCG Coach Andrew Amrhein and Jim Falk sit down to discuss Steven Pressfield's War of Art - applying the book's concepts real-life scenarios they've put in practice to boost their sales game. Every Salesperson faces resistance regularly, what separates the highest performers is how they're able to learn and adapt from each experience.