Lutheran - St. Paul's Sydney Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Pastor Richard Schwedes

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Sydney, Australia.A regular podcast from Pastor Richard Schwedes and guests at St Paul's Sydney Lutheran Church, Australia.

3rd. Sunday in Lent - A Journey of True Love - Being Cleansed
Last Sunday at 3:00 AM

Our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), continues with this week we are focusing on being cleansed by Jesus, based on John 2:13-22.   

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2nd. Sunday of Lent - A Journey of True Love - Discovering Commitment

As we continue on our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), we move from discovering the blessings of repentance to discovering commitment,  based on Mark 8:31-38.   And this week we seek how the commitment that Jesus has for God's mission of saving the world, impacts our lives in at least two ways.   
 If you haven't picked the 2024 Lenten Devotion...Understanding Grace, you can  download a copy 2024 Understanding Grace address.pdf - Google Drive

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1st. Sunday of Lent - A Journey of True Love - Discovering the blessings of repentance....

This week we began the season of Lent, our journey to Easter with Jesus and each other.   Our focus is On a Journey of true love, and this week as part of that journey we discover the blessings of repentance, based on our Gospel reading from Mark 1:14-15.  

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Ash Wednesday - A Journey of True Love

Our Bishop Rev Rob Bartholomaeus presented the message for our Churches of Sydney Ash Wednesday service based on  Isaiah 58:1-12.

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Transfiguration Sunday - Seeing God differently

Have you ever changed the way you look at someone or something because of an event or interaction with someone?    Well this week is Transfiguration Sunday, we see that the disciples understanding of God begins to change as a result of seeing only Jesus, and seeing him in a different way.  We are exploring how God helps us see him differently when we focus on Jesus, based on our readings from Mark 9:1-9 and 2 Corinthians 4:3-6.   

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5th. Sunday after Epiphany - Thankfulness is always possible !!!

This week we focus on being thankful in all circumstances, based on the reading from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.   We are exploring how thankfulness is important in having a healthy earthly and spiritual life.  

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4th. Sunday after Epiphany - Jesus - loving authority

Mention the word authority to people, and you get different reactions.  Some like to be clear of who has authority, others associate it with power (and some even the misuse of power) and most of the responses people have to the word authority is are rules and law.   However this week's focus from Mark 1:21-28 highlights that the authority Jesus has is not based on rules or law but something else, which we will be exploring in our worship this week.   

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3rd. Sunday after Epiphany - Changing what fuels your life.

From time to time God has an impact us that alters how they see God and how we relate to others.  This week we see one of those impacts as we look at the Conversion of Paul, previous known as Saul, and how God's interaction with him moved him from focussing on God's law as the most important thing to focussing on God grace for all people as what is important.   Come and discover what this story means for us today based on Acts 9:1-22.  

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2nd. Sunday after Epiphany - Following Christ

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus calls people to follow Him, and this week we explore one of these calling stories, based on John 1:43-51. 
Today's sermon was written and presented by Anthony Fawcett. 

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1st. Sunday after Epiphany - Discovering King Jesus

The Christmas story continues as we celebrate Epiphany. This is significant as God makes it clear that he came not just for one select group of people, but for all people. And this week we focus on discovering King Jesus, based on Matthew 2:1-12.   
Today's message was prepared by Pastor Richard Schwedes and presented by Neil Modra.

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