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By: Patrick Casale

Welcome to the All Things Private Practice podcast, where we explore the challenges and triumphs of running a mental health business. This podcast is conversational in nature, and we interview experts in the entrepreneurial world. As a private practice owner, it can be easy to feel like an imposter, especially when starting out. Imposter syndrome is that nagging feeling that you don't really know what you're doing, and that you'll eventually be found out as a fraud. We'll talk about how to recognize and combat imposter syndrome, so you can keep moving forward with confidence. Another topic we'll delve into...

Episode 77: Feelings Help Defrost Your Heart [featuring Montoyia McGowan]
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

Vulnerability can be both frightening and liberating as a business owner and just as a person in general.

When we are real and honest with who we are, we attract more of the people who lift us up and support us and our business. At the same time, others get to see sides of you that not everyone will agree with or like.

However, being vulnerable also allows you to speak your truth and live in a way where you can be more honest and open about your feelings, wants, and needs.


Episode 76: Social Media Simplified for Therapists in Private Practice [featuring Kelly Mckenna]

The idea of posting on social media can sometimes feel uncomfortable for therapists in private practice who are trying to market their businesses, but it is no doubt an effective way to network, establish yourself and create know, like, and trust in the mental health community, and connect with new clients... if done well.

But how do you know what works and doesn't when it comes to managing social media for therapists in private practice?

And how can you make the process of posting and growing a following not feel like a stressful, time-consuming chore...

Episode 75: Pivot, Adjust, and Get Back Up [featuring Amber Lyda]

It can be really easy for new entrepreneurs to get caught in a comparison trap and uphold these one-dimensional expectations and standards around what it means to be successful.

Many new entrepreneurs are often under the belief that success is measured by meeting grand goals and making tons of money, but the reality is that success holds a different meaning for everyone, and if you structure your business and lifestyle to match your values, you will be able to create a business that, no matter how much money you make or many vacations you take, will be...

Episode 74: Impact of Compassion Fatigue on Mental Health Entrepreneurs [featuring Sharise Nance]

As a mental health worker, you are often placed on the frontline of experiencing and supporting people through their trauma, suffering, and pain. It's no surprise that that can easily lead to a feeling of emotional and physical exhaustion known as compassion fatigue. It can almost be said that it sort of comes with the job.

So, if you are experiencing these symptoms and starting to wonder how you can protect yourself while still helping others, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I talk with Sharise Nance, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trauma...

Episode 73: Life Doesn't Reset at Midnight [featuring Cindi Miller]

The time between holidays and the end of the year can sometimes feel unsettling and anxiety-inducing. It's when we are both told to rest and, at the same time, to start planning our fresh start and big goals for the new year.

During this time, it's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to feel a sense of anxiety as they try to live up to the idea that they've worked hard all year and now should reward themselves with rest while at the same time feeling guilt over not using their time to create.

If you feel...

Episode 72: Is There a "Right Way" to Do Private Practice? [featuring Tara Holmquist]

Therapists starting private practice often get hit with a lot of self-doubt and end up second-guessing many of the decisions they make.

Grad school doesn't prepare us to build a business, so when we decide to go into private practice, everyone seems to give different advice and have different values around what's ethical, how you should handle money, what is and isn't okay when providing client care, etc.

It can feel really overwhelming when there are so many voices saying how private practice should be done.

In this episode, I talk with Tara...

Episode 71: Balancing Chronic Health Conditions & Entrepreneurship [featuring Hillary Bolter]

Do you dream of entrepreneurship but hesitate whenever you think of the “what ifs” around health care and being able to work for yourself? 

Are you working for yourself now while struggling with a chronic health condition and wondering how to keep to it all together as you try to find balance between business and health?

Do you ever worry about what the heck you would do if a chronic health condition were ever to appear for you?

Well, this episode is for you.

I talk with Hillary Bolter, therapist and motiv...

Episode 70: The Retreat Boom: Entrepreneurial Therapists [featuring Jennifer Agee]

Do you ever think that, even though you might love being a therapist, there is another calling out there or a way to take your therapeutic skills and give back to the world?

Do you ever feel stagnant in your career and wish you could rekindle your passion or shift it to something related but better for you?

Have you ever wanted to get away, travel someplace new, have an adventure, and experience the world in a raw and authentic way without having to take time from your busy schedule to make plans or figure...

Episode 69: Staying Grounded to Grow [featuring Yunetta Spring]

Ever worry that you’ll get locked into the career and business choices you make now and then you’re stuck with them forever?

Have you ever felt like you were following someone else’s path because it’s what “everyone” says will “set you up for life,” but it’s not working for you?

Are you looking for the way to build a business grounded in authenticity, healing, growth, emotional security, and abundance?

Well, this episode is for you.

I talk with Yunetta Spring, therapist, and CEO and founder of both Spring Forth...

Episode 68: How Your Relationship With Money Affects Your Business [featuring David Frank]

“What is your relationship with money?” Is this a question that you can easily answer, or do you not really know the role money plays in your life and business?

Do you ever feel anxious or lost around the topic of money and can’t recognize how you are doing with your finances no matter how much you make or plan for?

If you’re struggling with money trauma, do you wonder where the healthy intersection of emotion and money is?

Well, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I talk wit...

Episode 67: What Therapists Should Know When Creating Online Courses [featuring Melvin Varghese]

Even though you may love being a therapist, do you ever feel burnt out and tired of trading 60-minute increments of time for money?

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have some passive income or just another revenue stream, in general, to take some of the pressure off of always wondering if you’ll have enough clients this month to foot the bills?

Do you want a way to scale your income and stop trading dollars for hours?

Well, this episode is for you!

In this episode, I ta...

Episode 66: 30 Tips for 2023 for Therapists & Entrepreneurs

Have you been thinking about starting private practice but before you get started it seems like a million other things get in the way?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the little things that come on the entrepreneurial journey?

Are you determined but stuck on where to start with private practice ownership?

Well, this episode is for you.

Top 3 reasons to listen to the entire episode:

Get 30 tips to help mental health professionals create private practices.Learn how therapists can effectively use networking, marketing, and content creation to grow their...

Episode 65: Solution-Focused Entrepreneurship + BIPOC Therapists [featuring LaTasha Carter]

Have you ever been ignored and had your future written off by others because of your circumstances or the way you look?

Have you ever stopped yourself from making bold moves because of fear, uncertainty, or thinking that the world is against you and it probably won’t work out?

OR are you someone who, no matter how much pushback comes, still can’t seem to let it stop you?

Well, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I talk with LaTasha Carter, licensed therapist, group, practice owner, business coach, auth...

Episode 64: Therapist Content Marketing & Tech Startup Consulting [featuring Michael Fulwiler]

Do you ever feel frustrated that you are available to take clients and tons of people are looking for therapists, but you hardly ever get the calls?

Have you made a Psyc Today profile, but after months of being “visible” online, nothing has really improved for your private practice?

Have you started to wonder if you should consider using those therapy tech startups, but question if they are ethical and if you can even make a livable income through them?

Well, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I talk with...

Episode 63: Autistic, ADHD Therapists & Entrepreneurs [featuring Megan Neff]

Autistic, ADHD Therapists and Entrepreneurs…

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the combination of those words?

Is it connection, empathy, passion, creativity, and innovation? Is it struggles with picking up social cues, energy depletion, over-commitment, and sensory overload?

The answers are broad and vary from person to person, but it’s fair to say that in many cases, it’s a mix of all of the above (and maybe a few more things).

In this episode, I talk with Megan Neff, psychologist, an expert in neurod...

Episode 62: SEO Marketing & Extra Income for Therapists Without Doing Therapy [featuring Jessica Tappana]

Therapists are often under the impression that their degree locks them into only doing therapy, so they grind through 60-minute sessions which can result in major burnout. But there are many ways to help others and support mental health that doesn't require always doing therapy.

In this episode, I talk with Jessica Tappana, therapist, group practice owner, and founder of Simplified SEO Consulting, about what SEO is and why it's one of the best tools for therapists to get clients, as well as how she found her accidental passion for SEO while promoting her own private practice...

Episode 61: The Power of SEO & Authenticity for Therapy Websites [featuring Nick Fuller]

So you built a private practice for your therapy services, created a Psychology Today profile, and made a website (or maybe you skipped some of these), but clients aren't calling. If you're wondering what you're missing that all the therapists who have full practices have, you might want to start with, first, can clients find you online, and, second, can they relate to you? That's where SEO and Authenticity will play a big role in your business.

In this episode, I talk with Nick Fuller, SEO specialist and website designer for therapists, and owner of iTherapy, about...

Episode 60: Mixing Creativity, Mental Health, & Corporations [featuring Azizi Marshall]

What do corporations, mental health, creativity, and fun have in common?

In this episode, I talk with Azizi Marshall, LCPC, board-certified trainer in drama therapy, group practice owner, and the owner of Revolutionize Your Private Practice.

We talk about...

how she used rocks (yes, the ones you find on the ground) to market her businesshow to use creativity to bring awareness to mental health and art therapyhow to be visible with marketing when you're an introverthow LinkedIn was the best tool for her business and connecting with corporate clientshow she created a name for...

Episode 59: "GRIIT" — Growth, Resilience, Identity, Integrity, & Training [featuring Kelly Lynch]

Imagine what you could accomplish in your business if you didn't allow impostor syndrome into your life and if you acted in alignment with your values to fully utilize all the amazing skills and knowledge that you already have to create your dream private practice.

In this episode, I talk with Kelly Lynch, social worker, life coach, fitness and nutrition coach, and former EMT, about what it takes to be so aligned with your values, really know yourself, have strong resilience and boundaries, and not "feed the imposter syndrome beast" that you, as a therapist, can be...

Episode 58: Therapist Influencers Stirring Sh*t Up [featuring Jeff Guenther]

Many therapists are afraid to show up on social media in any way that relates to their profession and make money using their therapeutic knowledge and skills that isn't 60 minutes in a chair. But is it actually unethical to be a therapist "influencer," or is it the next step in opening up conversations about mental health?

In this episode, I talk with my friend, Jeff Guenther, for the third time on this podcast. Jeff is a therapist, owner of TherapyDen, and a huge voice in the therapist community on TikTok as TherapyJeff. He shares the experiences that...

Episode 57: Influence, Income, & Impact — Shaping Your Business & Life [featuring Dominique Pritchett]

Even in this day and age, it can still be very challenging for people in the BIPOC community to find therapists that look like them or therapy practices that are inclusive and culturally sensitive.

In this episode, I talk with Dominique Pritchett, therapist, speaker, and health and well-being consultant, about how private practices can create more inclusive spaces for black women and girls in therapy. Dominique also shares how to be an advocate on a larger scale to leave a bigger impact, as well as shares her experience and expertise with being a business owner and showing...

Episode 56: Notes & Other Private Practice Paperwork Made EASY [featuring Maelisa McCaffrey]

Writing notes and doing other private practice paperwork can be a HUGE stressor for therapists, but what if it didn't actually have to be tedious, hard, or take hours of precious time?

It's no secret that writing notes have become a sore point for a lot of therapists (and even has been a factor in therapists leaving the profession), but my guest in this episode, Maelisa McCaffrey, has created a simple and stress-free way to manage all private practice paperwork that has helped many therapists get on track and free up their time.

In this...

Episode 55: Retired Therapist & Beyond! [featuring Katie Lemieux]

What does life look like for a retired therapist, and where do things go from there? Therapists have skills that can be applied to way more things than just butt-in-the-seat therapy, but we often have a hard time seeing our potential for ourselves.

In this episode, I talk with Katie Lemieux, Retired Therapist, Licensed Realtor, Real Estate Investor, and Owner and Co-Founder of The Homeowners Agent Empowered by La Rosa Realty Beaches"

We talk about...

How and why Katie retired from being a therapist to start other entrepreneurial venturesHow "systems" can be used to...

Episode 54: Live Your Truth, Speak Up, & Take Up Space [featuring Sarah Harris]

Minorities can face a unique challenge when it comes to confidently claiming wins, celebrating success, and standing out, and can face tough mental and physical hurdles that take real effort to overcome.

In this episode, I talk with Sarah Harris, BIPOC therapist, group practice owner of Serenity & Grace Therapeutic Services, and holistic wellness coach and consultant for high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs.

We talk about...

Sarah's struggles and wins as a BIPOC therapist, group practice owner, and coachwhy "bragging" isn't always badthe reservations that minorities can sometimes feel about standing out and speaking up (even...

Episode 53: Trans-Affirming Therapists [featuring Kieran McMonagle]

What does it mean to be a trans-affirming therapist? How do pronouns work? Why is it so important to get educated and support the queer and trans community as a therapist?

In this episode, I talk with Kieran McMonagle to answer these questions. He is an LMFT in California and Washington and the owner of Red Cape Therapy which teaches therapists how to support the queer and trans community by creating trans-affirming therapy practices.

More about Kieran:

Kieran McMonagle (he/him) is queering therapy—from supporting your transgender kid, supporting a couple to im...

Episode 52: S*x, TikTok, Travel, & All Things [featuring Jessica Cline]

Sex is one of those subjects that many people are afraid to openly discuss in public, let alone on TikTok for anyone to see, but some sexologists are stepping into this territory, making history, and going viral.

In this episode, I talk with Jessica Cline, a board-certified sexologist, travel therapist, and "sexpert" influencer on TikTok, about embodying openness on the level of "the things I talk about with my friends, I put out there." She shares her story and philosophy on social media and talking about sex, and how that has allowed others to open up conversations...

Episode 51: This is Me — Authenticity & Disclosure for Therapists [featuring Megan Kelly]

"Authenticity" and "Disclosure" can feel taboo for therapists who want to put their names out to the world and see more clients, but what they often don't realize is that those two things are actually the greatest asset they have to get the attention of new clients and build report before ever talking on the phone.

In this episode, I talk with Megan Kelly, therapist and host of the Mental Status Podcast, about the role authenticity plays in private practice success and longevity, and how to show up as your authentic self in your private practice business...

Episode 50: Creativity & Crash — Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs [featuring Amber Hawley]

Nuerodivergence can be an amazing superpower for entrepreneurs that often leads to more creativity and inventiveness over the course of like a weekend than might seem feasible, but with that drive and extreme productivity comes some intense hyper-focusing and an equally big crash.

In this episode, I talk with Amber Hawley, private practice owner and host of The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur and Couples Fix podcasts, about neurodivergence creativity, the process of bringing ideas to life, and how to create an environment that supports the way a neurodivergent brain gets things done, as well as about the crash...

Episode 49: Remote Leadership & Online Group Practices [featuring Lisa Lovelace]

After the pandemic began, it became pretty clear that telehealth therapy would become a new norm, but navigating the best ways to implement and use it can be challenging at first, especially when you run a group practice (or would like to in the future).

In this episode, I talk with Lisa Lovelace, Clinical Psychologist and Owner of Synergy eTherapy, about building and managing successful, fully remote group practices.

We talk about

how Lisa got into the virtual therapy world and how she organically became an expert on online group private practiceswhat makes a...

Episode 48: TikTok Marketing for Therapists — How & Why [featuring Austin Armstrong]

"Use TikTok" is something that a lot of digital marketers and therapist entrepreneurs throw around as a strategy to get potential clients calling and your private practice thriving.

But how the hell do you "use" it?!

In this episode, I talk with Austin Armstrong, digital marketer, public speaker, CEO of Socialty Pro, and TikTok specialist extraordinaire, about...

how being a great therapist is not the same as being a great business ownerhow marketing is crucial to bring in steady clientshow TikTok is changing the shape of the mental health world and how it can...

Episode 47: Psychotherapy Memes — Connecting & Commiserating Through Humor [featuring Nicole Arzt]

Burnout and impostor syndrome are common for therapists, so taking a moment to connect with other therapists to find some humor in common struggles can really help you get out of the grind for a moment to laugh and relax a bit.

In this episode, I talk with Nicole Arzt, therapist, author, and the creator of Psychotherapy Memes, about how she built an inclusive space for therapists based on the idea of shared humor and collective experience, as well as the struggles she faced as a therapist in community mental health, how she copes with and overcomes...

Episode 46: Building GROUP Practices — The Good, Bad, & Ugly [featuring Maureen Werrbach]

Ever considered running a group practice?

In this episode, I talk with Maureen Werrbach, group practice extraordinaire, owner of the Group Practice Exchange, and an LCPC in Illinois, about running group practices as a neurodivergent entrepreneur.

We discuss...

the differences between running a solo vs. group practicemotivations behind building group practicesour own stories of the biggest mistakes (like me overpaying my clinicians by $75,000 one year) and how we handled them and learned from themthe ethics and considerations that go into managing a group and being a leaderAND MORE

Check out Maureen's Website...

Episode 45: Giving Yourself Permission to "Do ALL The Things" [featuring Marquita Johnson]

It's easy to minimize what we do as therapists and look at all the years of schooling, experience, and skills as something anyone can do, but there is so much value in what you offer to the world (and what you can offer to yourself if you just give yourself permission to create and live the life you want).

In this episode, I talk with Marquita Johnson, therapist, dating coach, motivational speaker, business speaker, author, and amazing single mom, about her experiences building a business, caring for and conserving energy as an entrepreneur, and giving permission to...

Episode 44: Adult Autism: Neurodivergent Insights [featuring Megan Neff]

I was diagnosed as Autistic at 35 years old. Adult Autism Diagnosis is becoming increasingly more common as we learn more about it and have more advocacy and awareness around it.

Adult Autism Diagnosis — How many of us have been overlooked, misunderstood, and searching for lifelong answers?

Dr. Megan Neff and I speak about our own experiences as autistic people and therapists, and how to build lives that work for us. We are hoping that people listening are able to feel validation, support, and acceptance.

Some of the things that we talk about:


Episode 43: My Job Is Actually Killing Me — It's Finally Time To Quit [featuring Celina Jacques]

Imagine being in a hospital bed and your boss is calling you, asking you where your work laptop and productivity reports are.

I'm sure you've worked at a job that didn't care about you, and only cared about your productivity.

Hell, we live in a capitalist society, and community mental health is no different. A lot of the time it can feel like an emotionally abusive relationship.

Creating your own journey, your own path, and doing so within your values, beliefs, and passions is special. It's bold. And it takes courage.


Episode 42: Build The Plane As You Fly It — Impulse Momentum [featuring Laura Long]

Putting your ideas out to the world can be horrifying. Sometimes we get paralyzed, and impostor syndrome takes over.

Laura Long of “Your Badass Therapy Practice” and I talk about how to work through this fear by creating Impulse Momentum or Imperfect Action.

Building the plane as you fly it (or simply putting the idea out to the world before it’s finished) is really how you start to work through a lot of this fearfulness, insecurity, and self-doubt.

Laura and I both own private practice coaching businesses, are successful speakers, and have built...

Episode 41: Leading By Example: How To Develop Leadership Culture [featuring Michael Diettrich-Chastain]

During this episode, I speak with Michael Dietrich-Chastain, author, therapist, and leadership coach.

We talk about Michael’s journey from graduate school to training executives on implementing a culture of leadership and development.

Leadership in organizations is important and sets the tone for your business's values, core beliefs, training programs, and how you want your staff to be treated.

Being able to train and raise people up, and empowering them to grow ensures that people feel fulfilled, challenged, held accountable, and appreciated.

Leadership also means making hard decisions, standing up for wh...

Episode 40: Outsourcing Leads To Growth: The Productive Therapist [featuring Uriah Guilford]

Outsourcing is such an important part of small business growth and development. Think of it like this: "I'd rather work an extra hour each week so I don't have to mow my own lawn." Outsourcing for business is more or less the same concept.

In this episode, I talk with Uriah Guilford, creator and owner of The Productive Therapist, and an expert in outsourcing business tasks to make private practice life easier and more enjoyable.

When we're able to step away from the things we don't enjoy doing or don't want to do, it allows...

Episode 39: Honoring & Updating Your Boundaries [featuring Latasha Matthews]

Setting healthy boundaries is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

In this episode, I talk with Latasha Matthews, a boundaries expert, about embracing changes in the seasons of your life and updating boundaries to match them, how childhood trauma can affect the way you position your boundaries, how boundaries impact and are impacted by relationships, the importance of creating space for nothingness, and more.

Latasha shares stories about her own shifting and evolving boundaries and how it has impacted her life journey.

More about Latasha:

Latasha Matthews is...

Episode 38: Don't You Dare Keep Yourself Small: Follow Your Bliss [featuring Jane Carter]

This episode is packed with metaphors galore! Starting a small business is scary but that doesn't mean it can't also be fun.

Playfulness inspires creativity, as well as motivates, energizes, and fuels entrepreneurship.

In order to live the life you want to live you need to take risks — to fall down, dust yourself off, and try again.

In this episode, I talk with my good friend, Jane Carter, about small business fears, failures, lessons, and how to work through all of them by following your bliss.

We discuss how to find th...