All Things Private Practice Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Patrick Casale

All Things Private Practice Podcast is where we dive deep into the gritty, unfiltered world of being a mental health entrepreneur and a private practice therapist. Join us as we explore the emotional roller coaster of this wild journey, tackling the raw and unapologetic aspects that often go unspoken. In each episode, we fearlessly dissect self-doubt, resilience, impostor syndrome, and paralyzing perfectionism.Patrick Casale is an Autistic ADHD licensed clinical mental health therapist, group practice owner, coach, consultant, speaker, retreat host, and entrepreneur. He interviews industry experts to share their stories of resilience, and to offer "how-tos" to help support...

From Burnout to Breakthrough: Selling A Group Practice Successfully

🧵Are you a group practice owner feeling overwhelmed and considering an exit plan? Dive into our latest episode where Gabrielle Juliano-Villani talks about the emotional roller coaster of selling her practice.

This episode isn't just about the when and the how of selling a group practice—it's also a tale of personal evolution, burnout prevention, and understanding that your business is an asset.

Key Themes:

1. Considering Selling Due to Burnout: Many private practice owners may be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities and stress associated with running their practice, which can lead to burnout. This...

When Life Hands You Lemons: Pivot and Adapt

In this episode, I’m joined by the resilient and insightful Danica Wolf, COO of Simplified SEO Consulting. We dive into the heart of entrepreneurship—confronting imposter syndrome, embracing our authentic struggles, and owning our unique journeys.

Danica opens up about her path from birth trauma to becoming a doula, and now to empowering therapists through effective SEO strategies.

We share our personal stories, discussing how unexpected challenges can rock our world but also lead to profound growth and leadership. Tune in to learn how to turn setbacks into comebacks and help your private practice thri...

Empowering Healthcare Providers: Secure Texting and Telemedicine with Spruce Health

This week I talked with Jessica Gulish about the revolutionary role of Spruce Health in HIPAA Compliant patient communication software for mental health professionals.

🔐 HIPAA Compliance and Secure Messaging: Understanding the importance of secure texting for patient communication and the need to prioritize HIPAA compliance for protecting patient information.

📱 Benefits of Spruce Health: Exploring the outstanding features of Spruce's telehealth platform, from secure communication to scheduling and payment collection, catering to the needs of mental health professionals.

💬 Optimize Patient Communication: Leveraging Spruce for efficient and secure messaging, group communication, and coordination of care among hea...

Ripping the Bandaid Off Hurts, But We Have to Hurt to Heal

In this emotional episode, Arielle Jordan shares her remarkable journey, including her niche in working with veterans, first responders, and the military community. She opens up about her personal experiences in the military, discussing the challenges, isolation, and grief she faced, particularly as a person of color.

Arielle and Patrick touch on the impact of military racism and the layers of loss within the military environment, evoking critical insights into the mental health challenges faced by BIPOC individuals.

Arielle bravely shares her grief journey, where she discusses the loss of her father, daughter, marriage, identity...

Profit First For Therapists: Making Money Work

In this episode, Patrick is joined by special guest Julie Herres, CEO of GreenOak Accounting, specifically designed for therapists and counselors in private practice. Some Key Takeaways:

1. Financial Insecurity in Private Practice: Many therapists and counselors struggle with feeling guilty about making money in the mental health field, which can lead to undercharging for services and not paying themselves a fair wage. This episode addresses the importance of therapists being able to make a good living and feel comfortable with their finances, offering practical tips and advice on aligning business revenue with personal financial needs.


Marketing Authenticity and Client Relationships in Private Practice

In this episode, Patrick Casale and Ryan Schwartz dive deep into marketing strategies and imposter syndrome in private practice, highlighting the importance of therapists separating their self-worth from business outcomes and using relatable, hopeful, and authentic language in their marketing materials to attract and connect with clients.

They emphasize the need for therapists to showcase their personalities, understand clients' experiences, and create a sense of hope and connection in their profiles to foster meaningful client relationships and successful private practices.

Here are the top 3 key takeaways:

1️⃣ Authenticity is Key: Therapists should focus on thei...

Retirement Planning 101: How To Protect Your Future

Retirement planning doesn't have to be scary or unattainable. In this episode of the All Things Private Practice Podcast, host Patrick Casale is joined by Ryan Derousseau, a certified financial planner. They dive deep into the importance of retirement planning for private practitioners and therapists. They discuss the common challenges faced by those in private practice, including the lack of financial planning and the emotions of shame and fear surrounding retirement.

Ryan shares valuable insights on simple strategies to start securing financial stability, the importance of investment in retirement accounts, and the significance of building assets beyond...

[FLASHBACK - Episode 44] Adult Autism: Neurodivergent Insights [featuring Megan Neff]

I was diagnosed as Autistic at 35 years old. Adult Autism Diagnosis is becoming increasingly more common as we learn more about it and have more advocacy and awareness around it.

Adult Autism Diagnosis — How many of us have been overlooked, misunderstood, and searching for lifelong answers?

Dr. Megan Neff and I speak about our own experiences as autistic people and therapists, and how to build lives that work for us. We are hoping that people listening are able to feel validation, support, and acceptance.

Some of the things that we talk about:


[FLASHBACK - Episode 10] Peeing Your Pants & Other Private Practice Startup Fears [featuring Jeff Guenther]

Private Practice Startup fears are real, but have you thought that you were peeing your pants during your sessions?

In this hilarious but very real episode, I talk with Jeff Guenther, the owner and founder of Therapy Den and a TikTok influencer, about the very real fears that exist when starting your private practice.

I talk about my own fears of leaving my agency job, including the infamous question: "Will people ever call me, and am I qualified enough to help people?" AKA Impostor Syndrome...

Jeff talks about starting his private practice in...

[FLASHBACK - Episode 33] Taxes... Not As Scary As You Think [Featuring Jennie Schottmiller]

In one of the most helpful episodes I've ever recorded, Jennie Schottmiller and I discuss "All Things Taxes and Accounting."

If you need EASY-to-make-sense-of tax advice or want to listen to Jennie Schottmiller and I go down our own ADHD rabbit holes, this episode is for you!

Jennie and I talk about...

Small business startup FAQs Accounting 101 Very common accounting errors How to ask for tax help without feeling ashamed Tangible steps you can take starting today to make your business run smoothly Business Startup 101

Jennie gives out tons of...