Simple Thoughts Devotions

14 Episodes

By: Ken Kirkley

Simple, short, practical, devotional thoughts to challenge and encourage in your Christian walk.

Christmas Is Different This Year
Today at 5:00 AM

For many, Christmas will be different this year. Life will have changed and caused this difference. Today I share how Christmas was different for me a few years back.

My Favorite Gifts
Last Friday at 5:00 AM

What was your favorite gift(s) as a child? What is the greatest gift ever given?

It's Almost Christmas!
Last Wednesday at 5:00 AM

Christmas seems to sneak up on me every year! Does it for you? I'm glad that first Christmas did not sneak up on God.


Life often shows us a curve ball. We talk about how tough life is. And, it is! But, the Believer can still rejoice!

How Great Thou Art

God often reveals His greatness to us in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. May our eyes always be open to His greatness.

Counting Our Blessings

God blesses us daily with what many would call small blessings. The blessings that come our way daily. May you reflect upon those this week.

Dealing With Worry

Even something as simple as a bird can teach us about God's provisions and help us to leave worry behind.

Our Hiding Place

I imagine as a child you played hide and go seek. You knew where the best places were to hide. In modern society we still seek a hiding place...from the pressures and problems of the world. Listen to find out more...

Why Another Podcast

Why have I added another podcast to an already crowded field? Listen and learn the reasons.

A Merry Heart

Modern society places a lot of pressure on us. This pressures often leads to the need for medicines. Let me encourage you today to seek a free medicine to go along with your prescription medicines...A Merry Heart. the Bible says a merry heart is like medicine. I hope you have a good laugh today.

The Greatest Soldier

On Veterans Day we honor and celebrate those brave men and women who have served in our military. May we also honor and celebrate Jesus Christ as I believe He is The Greatest Soldier of all times.

A Genie or Grace?

What one item would you request from God if given only one to ask for?

Living In The In Between

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