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Aprilia Steps Up to Ducati Level Cheating
Last Thursday at 4:00 AM

best bike Victory Empulse
worst bike honda rebel 500

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Lets get This Party Bump Started

Another bike roundup, best/worst, how to sound like you know what you are talking about bump start edition and Dr mike joins us

best bike:
worst bike: TX750

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Episode R167¬ģ

If you joined the Patreon, we are shocked, and very much appreciate it. We're blushing. I cant remember if we get to everything in this episode but it for sure includes weird late to the party branding tricks from Yamaha, Best worst/worst bike and another roundup of new bikes coming out,

Worst bike this week: Aprilia Capanord
Best BIke this Week: Honda ST1300 

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Worst/Worst Bike II: The Worstening

Our patreon is up, but more importantly we have Worst/Worst bike in the world this week and GP commentary. We say we are getting to emails but we dont. So dont whine about it

Worst bike #1 Harley Street Rod
Worst bike #2 this BMW R18 Transcontinental Guzzi knock off bullshit

for reference the guzzi flying fortress
for reference the guzzi eldorado

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Noco Moto Totally Sells Out

With our usual lack of shame we completely sell out and become as horrible as every other podcast in the world

Best bike #1 Harley Road GLide
Best BIke #2 Yamaha R1M

Honda Might Be Listening!

Our thoughts on the new Deauville. Best worst bike. Corrections and Omissions. No racing. A typical episode

Worst bike, cant remember
Best bike Harley sportster 1200

Swiggy: Bike Builder

Swigs is having a go at building some bikes, in a very swigs kind of way. Emails catch up. Best worst bike. Its an episode
Best bike in the world this week  Harley sportster
Worst bike in the world this week Cheap Chinese bullshit

Winners Don't Pull Out

In this one we do best worst bike, We talk about downgrades in your bike that are really upgrades, and we talk MotoGP at the end.

Best bike
worst bike 

Lets Kill The Puppies

Finally a return to the format. We round up all the new bikes of 2021, because it had to be done. MotoGp is back so theres talk of that. Its a long one but a good one. Lots of hot/insane takes

Worst bike: Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled
Best Bike: Kymco People 150

Mid Ohio Is Totes Cray Y'all

Unfortunately  no one can be told what Mid Ohio have to experience it for yourself....

Mid Ohio Round Table

Noco Moto, Cleveland Moto and the Misfits combined in a sort of drunken and shapeless voltron configuration and tried real hard to describe the mid ohio experience. Results were mixed but mostly good. Phil had trouble using a microphone but the feedback almost disappears after ten mins. enjoy

Lets Talk About Electric Valves

What about electric valves? They might make inline fours cool again. We give a ride report on a rebel 300 and give the definitive answer on what this bike is and where it fits in the world. Best worst bike of course and a lot of emails

best bike
worst bike

Pete Gets A Concussion

How should you let someone ride your bike for the first time, if its their first time. Well, have them take a class obviously.....but outside of that, that's what we cover. A ride and crash report from Pete, Best/Worst bike and a rather satisfying round of emails.

Best bike this week  Suzuki 400 fours or the GSX 400X
Worst bike this week 2022 ZH2

Cant Hardly Wait for Best/Worst Bike

We cover almost nothing we say we are going to in this one. Corrections/ommisions and Objections starts us of...THEN Best/Worst then we get to the bottom of whats going on in GP this season on and off track. A little of whats happening next year in GP even.

Best Bike THe razkull
worst bike The r1150r rockster edition 80

The Foot Job of Motorcycles

Here is episode 155......the best titled episode so far. best/worst bike, pointless performance mods and a lecture about your neglected suspension. Emails are finally addressed.

Best bike The BFG 1300
Worst Bike The Honda PCX150

The Shambretta

episode 154
we cover: Best worst bike, Things we would like to see become "a thing", MotoGP

Best bike this week The Shadow
worst bike this week The Lambretta V200

Pushrods and Dildos, Do YOU Know The Difference?

 Man buns, giga pets, the great unknown and beyond. We cover a lot in this episode. Moto3 concerns are shared around the industry, Stickers we no longer see on bikes, Emails, and of course best/worst bike. Its a lot to get in to. Are you gonna keep yourself distracted at work long enough to find out about all of it?

Best bike the Yamaha Bt1100 Bulldog
Worst bike The Kawasaki Z125 

Let's Fine Race Direction

We love racing, we promise. 

Best bike this week: Any KTM GP Bike
Worst bike this week: CRF450L

The Silver Scooter, Its not what you think

This ones is all over the map, in a good way. The sad commentary on reality that is the oregon veto, MotoGP catchup(at the end), taking responsibility for your own accidents and of course best worst bike. Filled with all the weird reference goodness and crude commentary youve come to expect from the drunk Jad Abumrad  and semi sober Tim Dillon of moto podcasting

best bike this week The 1916 traub
worst bike the yamaha radian

The Lysine Contingency

A long one where we catch up on things. First off we attach Clevelands fun but misguided attack on the little credibility MotoGPete still has with the public.  Next is best/worst bike. News items such as the Klim vest the GSX-S 1000, Pan America, Mid-Ohio and Sturgis celebrity appearances. Finally we catch up with Emails.

Best bike in the world this week 2021 Kawasaki ZX10R SE
Worst bike in the world this week The Sacred Cow

Guest Erik Buell

Sorry For our bad audio, Erik sounds great though.  This must be our best interview ever. 
No best/worst bike this week, Just a great talk with one of the most beloved legends in motorcycling.

We fixed the Misfits/Cleveland list

Pete had covid, but hes not dead. Corrections and omissions sees us fix the misfits/Cleveland Moto 10 best bikes list. For good, youre welcome everybody.  Best worst bike and a MotoGP catchup finishes it out.

Best Bike in the world this week MV Augusta SuperVeloce
Worst bike in the world this week Cb1000r

Everyone, get out of your lanes

notes will be updated

Dirt To Street and Back Again, What Translates?

Just Best/Worst and a talk about dirt vs street skills and which help you more for the other.

Worst Bike DR200
Best Bike Yz250F

Lets talk about RoboCop

More motorcycle movie scenes are discussed in this one. An update on how Pete is the Yz250f whisperer. Best worst bike of course and we finish with a breakdown of round 2 of qatar

Best Bike in the world this week 1983 z1100

No one is looking for a Cavalcade

hey kids. in this one we report our first day at the dirt track, we discuss the bikes which are the new cheap "just needs a carb clean" stock. Emails and reviews are read and of course, best/worst bike

best bike in the world this week sr125

worst bike in the world this week 1998 ducati ss900

Another Costner Movie Reference

We cover a lot of ground in this one. Best/Worst Bike, An update on the bikes weve been working on in quarantine, tool hacks and finally round one of motogp. dont worry we let you know when to pause it for spoilers.

Best bike Honda X-ADV
Worst Bike Ascot-Pullin

We Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle

We finally pulled off all the segments we wanted to do in an episode. We get into a little update on buying bikes first.  Best/worst bike is next with a little guilt trip from pete built in. Following that we talk about a few of our favorite motorcycle movie scenes. Lastly we talk about a few common characteristics of dirt bikes that street bikes should adopt.

Best bike in the world this week the victory vision
worst bike in the world this week Husqvarna Desert Master

Safety Culture Will Make Bikes Cool Again?

Corrections and Omissions hits Pete and Swiggy this week. Best worst Bike is right after that and then a non polical conversation about how the demographics of motorcycles will be affected by safety culture. Its pretty optimistic. Change our minds. We catch up on emails at the end.  

Worst bike in the world this week. Ninja 300
Best bike in the world this week 

Challenge Accepted

Yet another brother joins us for this episode. "So there's 4 of them now?", you ask. Yes, deal with it.  This episode is Best/Worst bike and then a round of Made up Motorcycle where swigs is just on fire the whole time.  Emails follow up and then were done.

Best bike in the world this week Yz450F
Worst bike in the world this week Rx3 Cyclone

Tobor Breaks His Silence

Wow, Tobor from Creative Riding guests for a short time on this episode to tell us all about what the disgusting Host who will not be named is up to and the horrible conditions over at Creative Riding. Its shocking they are allowed to stay on the network.

First up on the show we handle the biggest correction and omission ever. for reals.
Best worst bike follows
Tobor calls in
a dirt update/state of the new bike market

Best bike in the world this week 2010 triumph sprint st
Worst bike...

Hey Creative Riding...Watch Your Back

This aggression will not stand. Our hand has been forced, its war. Creative riding will feel our wrath. best worst bike and a super baiting talk about motorcycle specific fluids. Swigs reads emails. the usual

Dorna, Join the 20s Already

Honda, We dont need your charity jobs anymore. Now Dorna and MotoGP need to hire us for the liquid genius that leaks out of our brains, out our mouths, into the mics and through everyones phones. We rethink DOrnas entire online subcription service out of nowhere as well as the pre season content. Of course there is Best work bike in there somewhere too. Pete is buying dirt bikes now and needs your advice.  Finally we read emails

Best bike in the world this week: Honda Rebel 1100

Worst bike in the world this week...

An Airing Of Grievances

MotoGPete goes on a rant about fake cancellations of bike models and other nonsense we get fed on a regular basis in motorcycle media.

Best Bike in the World: Aermacchi Chimera
Worst Bike in the World: Lightning Strike

Cheap Biker Moves

Bikers are many things, and often cheap lets walk through some of the weirder cheap moves they pull. Before that theres about 25mins of corrections and ommissions. Mainly a second serving of the last episode. Best worst follows of course and then the cheapness begins.

Worst bike in the world this week the 1984,1985,1986, 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 750

best bike in the world this week the 2003 Suzuki TL1000 R SRAD

For Shame, Moto Fads

Back on the schedule again. A quick correction/omissions and then onto best worst bike. After that we spend time going through a fairly long list of moto fads we collectively should be ashamed of.

Best bike in the world this week Ducati 848 Evo
Worst bike in the world this week Triumph Street Scrambler

Motorcycle Tech Lasts

Back after Pete spent  a stint in hospital. Pretty simple breakdown for this week. a predicable correction/omissions segment then best worst bike. Following best worst is a talk about why some motorcycle tech just isnt and isnt likely to ever be universally adopted. Finally swigs reads emails sober as both your host got dead tired.

Best bike in the world this week  2006 BMW R 1200 RT

Worst bike int he world this week 1959 Panther 120

Motorcycle Technology Firsts

A questionable account of modern motorcycle tech's debut appearances.

Worst Bike in the World:  Minsk 13

Best Bike in the World: Harley Davidson Project Nova

Road Warrior Commentary

MotoGPete, Swiggy, and Dr Mike  sit down to watch a film, with a lot of beer. 

Honda's Never-Ending Automatic Sidequest

An explanation of honda tech chronicling  Honda's bloody minded obsession with attracting car drivers. to motorcycles. First we do best/ worst bike though.

Best Bike in the world this week 2020 ninja 1000 SX

Worst bike in the world this week 1959 moto guzzi galleto