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Weekly stock banter and guest CEOs in the UK small-cap space.

Midweek Takeaway featuring Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman of Karelian Diamond Resources (AIM:KDR) #KDR
Last Tuesday at 11:15 AM

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby welcome Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman of Karelian Diamond Resources PLC, to dive deep into a series of groundbreaking announcements that have positioned the company at the forefront of mineral exploration. First, we explore the significant strides made in the quest for the elusive source of the Kuhmo green diamond in Finland. Recent Electron Microprobe Analysis of Kimberlitic garnets has not only indicated the presence of a diamond stability field but also suggests an imminent proximity to the diamond-bearing kimberlite, marking a potential breakthrough in the search for colored diamonds, which are highly prized in the...

Midweek Takeaway featuring Marc Sale, CEO and James Knowles, Chairman of First Class Metals (LSE:FCM) #FCM

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby are joined by Marc Sale, CEO and James Knowles ,Chairman of First Class Metals after the company announced significant developments. Firstly the company secured an exclusivity agreement for the Kerr's Gold Project in Northeastern Ontario, which boasts a historic estimate of 386,467 ounces of gold. Additionally, it received a $200,000 Canadian Dollar grant from the Ontario Junior Exploration Program for the Zigzag lithium and critical metals property and a GST/HST credit amounting to $212,780 Canadian Dollars for the fiscal year 2023. James highlighted the timely acquisition of funds, the strategic investment during market downturns, and the pursuit of...

Sunday Roast featuring Tim McCarthy, Chairman of Incanthera PLC and 12 stocks quarterly review #INC #CHLL #CGNR #CEL #ACRM #GGP #TM1 #ATN #JLP #AFP #SVML #PXEN #GMET #FCM #EPP #XTR #FRG #C4XD #MEN #BYOT #LFT

Join us for the season 7 finale of The Sunday Roast this Sunday, 31st March, with your hosts Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby. As we embrace Spring and the days grow longer—yes, we've just set the clocks forward and lost an hour— we're gearing up for a break this Easter. But not before we dive into an enthralling discussion on an exciting company making waves in the healthcare and biotech sectors.

In this episode, we're featuring Incanthera PLC, a trailblazing entity born from the University of Bradford in 2010. Specializing in cutting-edge dermatological cancer treatments, Incanthera has ventured into the...

Midweek Takeaway with Mark Routh, CEO of Prospex Energy (AIM:PXEN) #PXEN

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby and joined by Mark Routh, CEO of Prospex Energy after the company announced that it has completed the final payment on Convertible Loan Notes issued in September 2022, marking the company's transition to being debt-free. The repayment, totaling £175,239.83, covered the last of three quarterly installments and accrued interest. Originally valued at £500,000, these loans were provided by three individuals and convertible at 5.5p per share. CEO Mark Routh highlighted this achievement as a crucial step for Prospex, which now enjoys a stable financial base thanks to monthly income from gas production in Italy and electricity sales from it...

Midweek Takeaway with Rupert Verco, CEO of Cobra Resources #COBR

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby are delighted to be joined by Rupert Verco, CEO of Cobra Resources after the company announced promising results from recent sonic core drilling at the Boland ionic rare earths (REE) prospect, positioning it as a potential world-class source of magnet and heavy rare earths. The drilling confirmed high-grade concentrations across three mineralization zones, with significant grades and mineralization supportive of cost-effective in situ recovery (ISR). This method is favored for its scale, cost, and environmental benefits, setting Cobra on a path to industry leadership in ionic rare earth mineralization extraction. Rupert highlighted the exceptional province...

Midweek Takeaway with Leon Coetzer, CEO of Jubilee Metals and Charles Archer, long-term FTSE/AIM investor and freelance financial analyst (AIM:JLP) #JLP

In today’s episode, we're thrilled to have Leon Coetzer, CEO of Jubilee Metals, along with our esteemed analyst and financial journalist, Charles Archer, on board. Today, they dive into Charles's recent analysis titled “Investing Strategy: The Jubilee Metals Edit,” shedding light on Jubilee Metals’ remarkable evolution and strategic repositioning in the high-stakes arena of critical minerals. They delve into Jubilee’s successful expansion beyond platinum group metals (PGMs) and chrome to enhance its copper operations in Zambia, a strategic pivot poised to significantly impact its market valuation and operational scope. They unpack the journey of Jubilee from financial challenges to achievi...

Sunday Roast featuring First Class Metals (LSE:FCM) and Power Metal Resources (AIM:POW) #FCM #POW #HE1 #IMC #SYM #ORCP #TM1 #PREM #GMET #GGP

Join your hosts Phil Carroll, Kevin Hornsby, and Charles Archer on "The Sunday Roast" this week for a double helping of insights and revelations from the mining and exploration sector. We're featuring in-depth discussions with leaders from First Class Metals and Power Metal Resources, diving into the heart of recent news articles surrounding these dynamic companies. Explore their latest ventures, strategic moves, and what sets them apart in the search for valuable metal discoveries across the globe. Alongside these exclusive interviews, we'll also carve through the week's top news stories, spotlighting the movers and shakers making waves in the industry...

Midweek Takeaway featuring Alex Stanbury and Robin Brundle of Technology Minerals (LSE:TM1) #TM1

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby talk to Alex and Robin after the company announced that their subsidiary, Recyclus Group Ltd, has signed a MoU with a cleantech company to develop a low carbon technology for processing Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery black mass, aiming to recover critical raw materials. This collaboration, leveraging a novel chemistry-based technology, promises higher efficiency and quality in material recovery compared to traditional methods. The process, operational within 18 months, will further Recyclus' mission to establish a circular economy for battery metals in the UK. Recyclus, operating the UK's first industrial-scale Li-ion recycling plant in Wolverhampton, is set to...

Sunday Roast featuring Paul Atherley, Non-Executive Chairman of Alkemy Capital Investments PLC #ALK #SYNT #VRS #ARCM #JLP #GGP #CGNR #TM1 #POW #GMET #UEE #BZT #KDR #KEN #AFP #GLR #XTR

This week's Sunday Roast shines a spotlight on Alkemy Capital Investments PLC, a visionary company embarking on ambitious projects critical for powering the global battery industry. With its shares making waves on the London and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges, Alkemy's strategic venture into mineral processing refineries in the UK represents a significant leap towards meeting the increasing demand for battery-grade materials. The episode features an exclusive conversation with Paul Atherley, a distinguished figure in the resources sector with a wealth of international and capital markets experience. At the forefront of Alkemy's innovative approach is the Tees Valley Lithium project, set to...

Sunday Roast featuring Tim Blake, CEO of Hydrogen Future Industries plc and Jonathan Owen, CEO of Metals One #CHLL #HFI #MET1 #TM1 #BTC #SEED #BEN #ETH #CEG #MTW #SNT #MAST #KIBO #JLP #CGNR #FCM #GMET #POW

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby welcome Tim Blake, CEO of Hydrogen Future Industries plc (AQSE: HFI), a pioneering force in the green hydrogen production sector. Over the past year, HFI has marked significant milestones, from enhancing its intellectual property with international patents acquisition in October 2022, to groundbreaking prototype testing of its advanced aerodynamic wind turbine in Montana, USA. These tests have not only validated the turbine's efficiency and noise reduction capabilities but also forecasted a substantial increase in energy production.

In parallel, HFI's collaboration with Tower Green Holdings Limited in January 2023 underscores their commitment to establishing hydrogen hubs...