Coaching In Session

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By: Michael Rearden

Reven Concepts presents - Coaching In Session. Join Michael Rearden, CEO of Reven Concepts, an educator, and mindset coach, as he breaks down specific topics that inspire listeners to embrace positive mental change.Coaching in Session will share abundant wisdom, methods, and concepts to help switch your limiting beliefs into possibilities. It would be best if you did not live in fear, stress, negativity, or limiting beliefs. Imagine if you can unlock your fullest potential and truly become the person you were destined to be while learning how to find your purpose in life.Mindset is the secret key–the “hidd...

Ep.288: Setting the Table Before the Ideal Marriage with Jeanell Greene
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

Marriage has evolved from until death do us part to until I do not feel like doing my part. 

Though that is the case for 50% of the marriage, it does not have to be your statistic.

You can have an amazing marriage with an amazing partner, but you must first learn and understand a few things about people and relationships.

Join the interview with Michael Rearden and Jeanell Greene as they talk about marriage and relationships.

Ep.287: The Importance of Expectations
Last Wednesday at 9:00 PM

I have always been big on setting expectations for myself growing up, and when I became a teacher, I learned the importance of setting expectations for others.

Setting expectations for people is not as bad as it seems. Setting expectations for people can lead to disappointment and arguments, but that is only if done incorrectly.

Today, I will talk about expectations in a few significant walks of life. I will also show you how to...

Ep.286: The Issue with Societal Norms

Societal norms have taken over the world you know without you even knowing.

Though some people have chosen to work against the system, many are still stuck in the matrix with their horse blinders. 

Unsurprisingly, people are struggling and trying to find the answers but are constantly met with ridicule and lies. However, today I want to present to you that the norms that a society can dictate can affect your life and mindset.

Join your host Michael R...

Ep.285: Learn How to Overcome Challenge & Find Purpose with Jai Bazevski

Life can toss you a curve-ball when you least expect it, and the world wants you to get a home run. However, expecting one thing and getting another can potentially set up back.

In life, there will be many setbacks that we must learn to overcome, but we shouldn’t have to go through that process alone.

Join the interview with Michael Rearden and Jai Bazevski as they talk about the world of progress and opportunity.


Ep.284: Opinion Is What Facts Aren’t Today

As you are probably aware, we live in a fact-based world, but people would instead choose to live in a fantasy world structured and formed by one’s opinions.

The issue with opinion is that my opinion might not be yours and vice versa. Who is wrong, and who is right?

This is the issue with the world today. We have so many sources and mainstream news networks that will say one thing about a story, and then we...

Ep.283: Working Through Major Negative Emotions

Coaching In Session - Ep.283: Working Through Major Negative Emotions

I have been on a mission lately to speak about Emotional Intelligence (EG), and there is still much to be said and done. That is why I am bringing you this Tune-Up Series.

I recently heard that if there is a problem in the world, it is your duty to complain and ridicule it and provide an alternative.  Today, I will be speaking about one of the alternatives.

Ep.282: How to Re-Engineer Your Life for MORE Purpose with Zach White

Are you feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and doubting yourself in your career? If that is the case, this episode is for you.

Zach White is sharing with us today his transformational career and life outlook. He is known as the World’s Best Lifestyle Engineer and Coach, holding both a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is living proof of someone who conquered career challenges—failure, burnout, self-doubt, overworked, undervalued, you name it.

This episode is packed with secrets that will help n...

Ep.281: Not Every Coach & Mentor is Built the Same

Just as there are many makes and models of cars, so are there many types of coaches in the world.

I do not have to say that the quality of cars will differ depending on the manufacturer, and in the same aspect are coaches of different attributes

What we do here in Coaching In Session is bring you an array of coaches from all works and parts of the world to share some wisdom and insight into their work and h...

Ep.280: The 3 Areas for Effective Relationships

There are many factors to having a strong and effective relationship. It can range from understanding love language, staying out of the crazy cycle, and understanding each other's goals and values. Though those are the most popular, you will learn how to build a stronger, more effective relationship by focusing on these three areas.


These three areas will make a relationship harmonious or create a divide that causes one or both individuals to feel disconnected. Yes, there can be other factors like infidelity and abuse...

Ep.279: Redefining Potency and Mindfulness with Bret Hill

Are you familiar with what a bit of mindfulness can bring you?

Well, there is a method called the Mindful Coach Method that helps people gracefully and powerfully reconnect to their somatic experience at the moment and re-identify as their core selves, not the selves they’ve become, to meet societal demands.

Great power comes with being present in your life, and today we will bring that power back into your life.

Join the interview with Michael Re...

Ep.278: The Guide to Simple and EFFECTIVE Parenting

As a parent, I want the best for my child. I will sacrifice everything I have for that ideal to become a reality. Yet, I am well aware of the limits of a parent.

Through my coaching, I have helped parents raise happy and healthy children in the areas mom and dad cannot reach.

I know many parents have the best intentions for their children, but the truth is that many parents are not giving their children what they need...

Ep.277: Do the Foods You Eat Affect Your Mindset

Have you ever wondered which foods your body may enjoy and which you should avoid? I'm sure you'll enjoy this episode if that's the case!

Regarding mindset, food might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, consistently eating good food can do more in a given day. 

In this episode, you'll learn how to take a closer look at the foods you eat and make big changes in your life.

In the episode, join your host M...

Ep.276: What is the Definition of a Man - Group Edition: with Antwaun Thompson, Ted Phaeton, & Ralph Graves Jr.

Since no one knows the definition of a woman, can we figure out what the definition of a man is?

What is the definition of a man? Does a man have to fight through the world while a woman can coast? Is the role of a man still to protect and provide, or has it evolved?

Join the interview with Michael Rearden, Ted Phaeton, Ralph Graves Jr., and Antwaun Thompson as they discuss the definition of a man.


Ep.275: The Best Foundation is Behavior and Environment

Talking about Child and brain development has to be one of my favorite things to do because I am always talking about it on the podcast. 

The concept and theory of learning and education are fascinating, especially the foundational parts of Behavior and Environment.

These two areas act as the foundation for every person between the age of 0-7 and will play a vital role in an individual's mindset.


Ep.274: Everything That Glitters Isn't Always Gold

Coaching In Session - Ep.274: Everything That Glitters Isn't Always Gold

Most people live trying to fill the emptiness they are feeling with material goods, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc., to try and feel whole.

These things that we give ourselves might be something we have our minds set on; however, just because our focus is there doesn’t mean that it should be our destination.

Watch this episode to help you define what you want and need an...

Ep.273: How to Create Radical Responsibility with Carolyn Mahboubi

Do you often ask yourself how you can improve? What are the new things you've learned? What's next in your career?

If you identify with this, you are unquestionably hungry for self-improvement, and this is the episode for you!

Imagine our guest Carolyn Mahboubi just launched her first business at age 16 and has held executive and management roles at four of the top fashion companies in the world. Throughout her 30s and 40s, she led teams at Hermés, Yves Saint Laurent, Bulgari, and G...

Ep.272: The Benefits of Self-Assessment

If you are or have been a teacher like me, you are probably familiar with Self-Assesment. If you are a teacher today, you know the term assessment. Are the terms the same?

Our school administration loves nothing more than a good assessment to see how far their students are from grading their grade level, and the fix they think children need is more testing.

Though today's episode is not about the school system, be ready because I will do that ...

Ep.271: Entitlement Mentality

Currently, entitlement is a hot topic that needs to be discussed. Entitlement is the belief that one inherently deserves special privileges or special treatment. 

The word we must watch out for in that definition is “inherently” because this term adds to reference something permanent or essential. This can cause conflict in the description of entitlement because if someone has a permanent idea of special privileges they deserve or feel they MUST have or be given special treatment, is this mindset helpful? 

The simple answer is tha...

Ep.270: What is the Key to Finding Peace with Katie Wenger

Would you like to live a more peaceful life in the future? Are you curious about why you sometimes feel lost, confused, and unhappy? If that is the case, this episode is right for you!

This episode will discuss self-exploration and give you tips on how to get started. You'll get to know yourself better and understand what is really stopping you from moving forward.

It is beneficial not only to you but also to your loved one because when you are...

Ep.269: Learning How To Get UNSTUCK From Fear

Fear is something that our minds can struggle with daily. Though this is the case for many, it doesn’t have to be with you.

Fear can be overcome, but you first need to learn how to identify it and deal with it. 

Genuine fear and fake fear have been intermingled, and people can no longer tell the difference, but there is a distinction between real and phony fear.

Join your host, Michael Rea...

Ep.268: The Importance Of Understanding Your Circle

What will happen when you run your race and separate yourself from the pack? Do you even know what you would do in that event? Would you slow down or speed up? These questions are essential to understanding our mindset and how we can distinguish ourselves from the pack. 

Today, I will explain the importance of separating from the group and the mentality on the other end.

Separating from your initial packs will help you gain new clarity in life. This is something that many people will not even attempt t...

Ep.267: The Secret Unspoken Lanaguage of Sales with Kathy Walterhouse

Are you having trouble growing your business? If so, this episode will help you have an authentic voice to attract the right customers to grow your business.

Today, I have good news for all business owners, entrepreneurs, or consultants looking for ways to ignite their sales so that they can live the life of their dreams. 

We must understand an S-A-L-E-S Method to become unstoppable in our sales and business.

Ep.266: The Best Way To Find Your Purpose & Set Goals with Gabe DeRita

If you are looking for other approaches to personal development besides coaching, you’ll enjoy this episode. 

In this episode, authentic relating and psychedelics are introduced and expounded by Gabriel DeRita, a co-active certified professional coach. He coaches incredible humans, including leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and runs training and retreats worldwide on authentic relating, coaching, and working with psychedelics for personal growth. 

Join the interview with Michael Rearden and Gabriel DeRita as they talk about authentic relating, psychedelics, and coaching for personal transformation.

Ep.265: How to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Knowing that we have the potential for more growth, why do more people not go out and thrive for more? The answer is that people are afraid. Fear will be one of the main factors in why someone doesn’t take more action.

Today, more people are on the decline and struggling than ever. The reason is that they have been told to seek and stay within comfort. Yes, we might feel at ease from stress and feel safe, but we are far from our maximum growth.

You're lucky be...

Ep.264: How To Create and Live in a Higher Frequency with Less Stress with Marcos Vargas

We pack on so much stress in our life that sometimes we forget what it does to us.

People are living in the most stressful times today and are living an unhealthy lifestyle because they do not know how to manage the stress or that they even have it. This will lead to severe traumas if we cannot make some changes.

We will also share a new concept on the low and high frequencies podcast. Do you know what frequency your mindset is in?<...

Ep.263: Who Has More Stress MEN or WOMEN

Many people have stress, and those people DO NOT KNOW how to manage it.

People who throw their problems into the corner or blame others and make excuses will continue to experience large amounts of stress.

What would happen if you have grown tired of carrying that stress on your shoulders and want to change how much stress you have in your life?

Recently, I brought up a hot topic, discussing who has more stress...

Ep.262: Luck Vs. Probability

There is a 100% probability you can be successful, but only a 50% probability it will be given to you. If that is the case, why do so many people hold onto the process of inaction and live in a fantasy-based world where things will fall into their laps with no work or effort? The answer is that it is easier to dream than to take action.

Anyone can want something in life. They can even complain if they do not get it, but is this path dealing more with luck, or are...

Ep.261: The 4 Irrefutable Laws of High Performance with Jon Kovach

There are secrets in this world that we must learn to accept. The first secret is that we have everything within us to be high performers. Sometimes we need a person or a group to help uncover that latent potential.

This episode will also feature Jon Kovach Jr.'s 4 Irrefutable Laws of High Performance. A set of laws that has helped thousands of professionals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Join the interview with Michael Rearden and Jon Kovach Jr. as they talk about the Power of Mastermind...

Ep.260: What is Mindset OD (Overdose)

We live in a world where many people will choose to lie down or bow down to the powers to be, but the truth is, we should be on the throne.

Many have relinquished their powers and barely live the life they would like because they are not mentally equipped to begin that process.

How can we gain the skills and understand the process and master it?

You will not want to miss today’s episode and th...

Ep.259: Emotional Intelligence is Not The Answer

Over the last few years, we have discussed ensuring our children learn about Emotional Intelligence. Though there is a place for that to be known, it has evolved into something toxic in our culture. Emotional intelligence has the opposite effect of what we would like it to have. 

How will today's children become functional human beings if not taught how to be emotionally intelligent?

It's time to break down emotional intelligence and the truths most people are unaware of.

Ep.258: The Best Way to Build Your Body & Mindset with Sherry Shaban

Are you one of many people struggling to overcome health and fitness obstacles?  Have you ever wanted to unplug from diet culture? If that is the case, this episode is for you!

You’ll be able to learn how intuitive eating and workouts help you shift your mindset and build a lean body to become the best version of yourself.

It will undoubtedly transform you from the inside out.

Join the int...

Ep.257: The Issue With Woke Culture

We live in a culture where opinion is king, facts don’t matter, and science is optional regarding a person's belief.

Though people can live how they want to, how they think about it should be in their power and not in the ever-so-popular victim mentality.

We have made entitlement familiar, and the minds of this generation are suffering and confused because they are fighting for something that has little meaning for most people.

If you want to...

Ep.256: How To Be The Million Dollar YOU

Here in the west, we have a culture of a million dollars. 

Suppose you need happiness, a MILLION DOLLARS! If you need love, a MILLION DOLLARS. Suppose you need help, a MILLION DOLLARS. If need peace, a million dollars…

Money seems to cure all our problems, but what is a true million-dollar evaluation? Is it the sum of your assets minus your debts, or is it how much cause you have liquid?

Join your host, Michael Rearden, as...

Ep.255: What is the Power of Wellness with Rachel Boehm

Here on the podcast, Coaching In Session, we bring on many different coaches from all walks of life to come on and share their mindset. 

Today we are talking about wellness and what it means, but then move into the importance of synergy in the coach you choose.

We get to choose to live life any way we want, and having a coach that compliments that is essential.

Join the interview with Michael Rearden and Rachel Boehm as they discuss the different coaches you can choose and what wellness is.


Ep.254: Health & Fitness Coaching with Reven Concepts

How to get into shape is a trending topic, but not something someone would commit to wholly.

We will give ourselves a New Yeards Resolution to get into shape and try all the fad diets like Keto, Akins, Whole 30, Etc. only to find out we gained back all the weight we lost during that stint.

There is a secret to weight loss, and it might not be something you are aware of. 

Do you want t...

Ep.253: How to Remain Consistent

Many people want to achieve goals that are out of reach to many, but it doesn’t mean it has to be out of reach for you.

People will tell you to stop or take it easy to keep you stuck where you are, but I’m telling you to ignore that and go out and get what is yours.

However, to do that, we must develop a plan to reach our goals; we will need some effort and consistency. 


Ep.252: What Changes Need To Be Made In The World with Ahmard Vital

Once in a while, I do an excellent job at finding a fantastic guest for the podcast. 

This is not to say that all my other guests are not good, but when you are good, you are good, and my guest today is beyond good; he is excellent.

The conversation we shared in this episode will bring so many new thoughts and give you a newfound mission and purpose in your life.

Yes, as a culture and s...

Ep.251: The Current State Of The World

If you watch the news, you are misinformed, but if you do not watch the news, you are not informed. We have been given fear and lies and told that these must become our truths.

Well, the truth about the world will not be something that people can easily see because they have been fed a blue pill and given horse blinders to keep them on track with the social agenda.

Though the world is in a tailspin, that doesn't mean we have to...

Ep.250: At The End of The Road - Creating A Legacy

Our time on this earth is not going to be forever. With that being said, what are you doing to create your mark?

I am not talking about your footprint and how much you pollute or how much you try to fight climate change, but rather how the world will remember you when you are gone.

People do not want to think about the fear of death, but we have to think about what we will leave behind at some point.


Ep.249: How To Unlock Your Full Human Potential With Integral Coaching with Dr. Max Klau

Are you ready to feel deeply aligned with purpose?  If that's the case, we'd love to tell you about integral coaching and how it can help.

Integral coaching is a holistic approach to human development that uses a deep understanding of the "whole" person to create an ongoing commitment to their highest possibilities. It helps people understand their internal wisdom, develop new self-awareness, and gain access to the challenges and solutions they have within themselves.

Integral coaching is all about exploring what goes on inside you that is h...