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Home of everything Garifuna Arts and Culture...Conversations and topics to inspire and awaken the economics of the Garifuna People.

Hopkins Uncut's Dirk Francisco
Yesterday at 6:00 PM

In this episode, I sat down with Hopkins' very own Dirk Francisco the creator of Hopkins Uncut. We discussed the inspiration, and why he started his Advertising an /marketing agency.

We had the honour of recording at Lebeha Drumming Center and Restaurant on the North side of Hopkins.


 · Advertising/Marketing

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Clayton "C Wills Williams
Last Wednesday at 5:00 PM

In this episode, I sat down with Clayton Williams in his home here in Hopkins and we had an incredible chat about his journey into music starting at 11 years, his inspiration, family support and so much more.  A special thank you to his wife and family for allow me to crash their going away party for him.

But as you will soon find out, namule comes from humble beginnings.

No auto tunes needed for this brother, he has the natural God given talents to belt out a tune in  acapella, as he clearly demonstrated during th...

Garifuna Arts and Culture
Last Monday at 12:00 PM

In this episode, I will be sharing an article I read on MyBelize.Net, who ought to be ashamed of themselves for this opening.

"Garifuna Music Artists

From colonial days, music and dance have been an essential part of the Creole culture. Drum-led dancing was a major part of Christmas and other celebrations in Creole communities. A style of music called brukdown originated from the all night brams thrown by Creole families that focuses both on social commentary and hijinks. This music and the party associated with it are on the decline as youths adopt...

Garifuna Arts and Culture Intro

Home of everything Garifuna Arts and Culture...Conversations and topics to inspire and awaken the economics of the Garifuna People. 

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Transformation through Fear w/Marjorie Noralez

The essence of who and what we are is manifested through our experiences with and reactions to fear. When we are paying attention and engaged in an interpersonal relationship with self, we are better able to guide and direct our dance with fear and its purpose in our lives.  FEAR shows up when change is required to elevate us to our higher purpose in life. It is the messenger of change and the instrument of transformation. How we view and react to our fearful reactions to life's challenges, determines how much we grow. While fear is not the only i...

Blaine Caliz New Generation Bombers/Leadership

Being a great leader is all about having a genuine willingness and a true commitment to lead others to achieve a common vision and goals through positive influence. No leader can ever achieve anything great or long-lasting all alone. Teamwork goes hand in hand with leadership. Leadership is about people-and for people.

In this episode of the Soul Warrior's Journey, I sat down with founder and creator of the New Generation Bomber, Blaine Caliz. We discussed the inspiration behind his passion for the work with the youth of Hopkins village, here in Belize. <...


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Desire by Napoleon Hill

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The Master Key to Success by Napoleon Hill

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20 Powerful Earl Nightingale Quotes

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The Sales Advantage Summary

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Think and Grow Rich-the summary

The Book in Three Sentences

Napoleon Hill researched more than forty millionaires to find out what made them the men that they were.In Think and Grow Rich, he imparts that knowledge to you.Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

The Five Big Ideas

The starting point of all achievement is desire.You are the master of your destiny.When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.Your greatest...

The Personal Development Secret to Create your Fortune

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Diving into life and Entrepreneurship

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Honouring Mothers

Pause for six minutes with Shantel Baltazar, to honour the mothers in your life, or yourself as a mother. 

Shantel has been encouraging mothers through yoga, meditation and pre and postnatal coaching since 2008.  As a mother, the past two years have provided the opportunity to guide her children in a deeper way through homeschooling.  The lessons of birth can often bring great wisdom in many areas of life.  And the 'powerful pause' of breath and meditation can be a tool to carry us through some of the most intense transitions of life. 

Buzzsprout - Let...

Manifestation Meditation


"In the beginning, the word," and so it is with all creation, for the word is the thought. Speaking the word with conviction and maintaining that conviction with faith is the complete chain of manifestation from the thought to the thing.

The first meditation, which is given at the end of this chapter, is designed to put you in contact with the Universal Subconscious Mind, to provide you with a sense of peace, power and security, for only with this sense of the absolute can you go through the entire book to complete se...

GariMaya Gift Shop's Owner Marlon Flores

In this podcast episode, I sat down with the Marlon "Aba" Flores, the owner and operator of GariMaya Gift Shop in Hopkins Village to learn more about his soul warrior's journey. Aba shared how he and his beautiful wife Ema started their beloved gift shop, as well as the inspiration behind it all.

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Muse's Owner Brandee Friesen on her Journey

In this episode of Soul Warrior's Journey. I sat down with my guest Brandee Friesen the owner of Saskatoon's newest Hair and beauty Salon, @musehaircouture. Brandee shared why she felt the need to open her salon, the inspiration behind the services she offers as well as the experience she intends to facilitate for the clients of @musehaircouture.

I AM very happy for Brandee, because I clearly remember when this Salon was just a dream which at one point she did not think was possible. However, by shifting her mindset and being true to her hearts passion and...