What The Pod Was That?

10 Episodes

By: Barrett Gruber, Cari Simmons, Zac King

Well, you're here. And you're here because likely someone asked you to come here. And if you're experienced, you've seen other things on the internet. We have too. That's what this podcast is about. We find interesting things on the internet and present them to each other, provoke conversation, and you get to listen. Want to interact, or share things from the internet with us and have us share them? Please tweet us @whatthepodpod! Please, Rate, Review, Like, Subscribe and everything else. Oh! And share!

S03 E58 | "A.I. People Really Might Have Some Bugs"
Last Wednesday at 7:30 AM

Zac and Barrett, minus Cari again, as she's out hop-scotching the world, emphasis on "scotching," bring more content to share and entertain!

Barrett 1st Share | Ride ShareZac 1st Share | All My Friends Are RobotsBarrett 2nd Share | The Battle of Green BeansZac 2nd Share | You Don't Know Your BoysBarrett 3rd Share | What Wind Be Like...Zac 3rd Share | There's Something in My SeatBarrett 4th Share | Where's My WifeZac 4th Share | Karen Patrol

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S03 E57 | "Elon Musk Has a Brain Chip Solution For All Of Us"

First; Sorry to all the Cari fans! She's off for this episode touring the world for her birthday! But enjoy what is a really great episode, sharing everything from what Fish do under water to what actually happens when Elon Musk puts a chip on your brain!

Zac 1st Share | Destination WeddingBarrett 1st Share | Fish PerspectiveZac 2nd Share | Not a Huge DealBarrett 2nd Share | An Angel ProblemZac 3rd Share | High Schools Coming BackBarrett 3rd Share | $0.99 WhiteZac 4th Share | Get This Sh*t Outta My HeadBarrett 4th Share | Nothing Electrical Works

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S03 E56 | "This Show Ends In Cannibalism"

Cari, Zac and Barrett are back at it again with the sharing and laughing! This is where the Internet meets the "funny!"

Zac 1st Share | The Fish Is Eyeing MeCari 1st Share | Can't Trust Puerto RicansBarrett 1st Share | Police-Man RaceZac 2nd Share | I Can't Ride The Bus AnymoreCari 2nd Share | Never Hold In A FartBarrett 2nd Share | All The Weee-WhoosZac 3rd Share | Look At The Pair On That GuyCari 3rd Share | Reese's Peanut Butter CupsBarrett 3rd Share | Jon Breaks Bad NewsZac 4th Share | Why's Your Knife All Rusty?Cari 4th Share | LuluLemonBarrett 4th Share | Ginger Jokes For Chloe<...

S03 E55 | "Is This The End?!?"

From "Babies on a Plan" to "Pets People Probably Should Have;" Zac, Cari and Barrett find some of the best and worst of the Internet, and we discuss what a TikTok Ban could do to the show?

Cari 1st Share | Child Screaming In PlaneZac 1st Share | Boomer DadBarrett 1st Share | It's Baseball SeasonCari 2nd Share | Alabama Barking SpiderZac 2nd Share | I Am The Law ...Barrett 2nd Share | Why This Pet?Cari 3rd Share | Follow Your HeartZac 3rd Share | I'm Elder Emo And This Makes Me HappyBarrett 3rd Share | Germany Has Not Great BagelsCari 4th Share | Grocery ListZac 4th...

S03 E54 | "Who Can Be The Most Offensive with (The) Cody Hughes"

This episode we welcome back for another round into our very own #ForYouPage(s), from TikTok, (The) Cody Hughes!

Cody 1st Share | How Taylor Swift Sounds To MeBarrett 1st Share | Shark In The WaterCari 1st Share | Deaf Man RappingCody 2nd Share | Beavers Be LikeBarrett 2nd Share | The Only Eat VegetablesCari 2nd Share | New Year, New NamesBarrett 3rd Share | Perfect MoonCari 3rd Share | Less Time with the KidsCody 4th Share | When You Complain About The Crockpot DinnerBarrett 4th Share | Perfect PerformanceCari 4th Share | Slav LifeCody Bonus Clip | Deaf Threats

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S03 E53 | "Run Away From Little People with (The) Cody Hughes"

This week, Cari and Barrett are excited to (finally) welcome, local Tik Tok celebrity, Cody Hughes to the show to share what is in all of our algorithms!

Cari 1st | Limits of the DanceBarrett 1st | Perfect Prank ExecutionCody 1st | Friends Who Are Too Good At ComebacksCari 2nd | It's Good To See You, But Go AwayBarrett 2nd | You Don't Need Those BoltsCody 2nd | My Intrusive Thoughts While DrivingCari 3rd | About To Go To Taco BellBarrett 3rd | That's Not My NameCody 3rd | I'm Scared Of Short PeopleCari 4th | Bit StrongBarrett 4th | The Whole Seat is MeltedCody 4th | What is Burger...

S03 E52 | "Don't Throw Away Your Dead Hamster!"

It's another round of hijynx and embarassment on this episode of "What The Pod Was That!"

Barrett's Extra Share | Billy In A TruckZac 1st Share | He's Sleeping, Not DeadCari 1st Share | Half a SandwichBarrett 1st Share | Problem with the PitchZac 2nd Share | They Come At Night, MostlyCari 2nd Share | Evacuate Women & ChildrenBarrett 2nd Share | Leaky SewerZac 3rd Share | HeavyCari 3rd Share | Best Hype ManBarrett 3rd Share | OSHA ViolationsZac 4th Share | I Smell It All The TimeCari 4th Share | Worked Hard At SchoolBarrett 4th Share | How Long Did He Hold On To That One

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S03 E51 | "Zac Shames Barrett and Cari"

On this episode of "What The Pod Was That," Zac definitely holds the high ground over Barrett and Cari as some of what gets shared is pretty low-brow. We also welcome TikTok Super Star, Cody Hughes to defend one of his TikToks (click here).

You can check out The Cody Hughes and follow!

Cari 1st Share | Five GuysBarrett 1st Share | Smooth as a CatZac 1st Share | Put a Egg in Ya ShoeCari 2nd Share | What Has God Done To MeBarrett 2nd Share | New National Anthem OpeningZac 2nd Share | I'm The Bee KeeperCari 3rd Share | Cari is...

S03 E50 | "The Great Seacock - Peacock Mixup"

Half way through January never felt so good with another episode of 'What The Pod Was That?' with Zac, Cari and Barrett.

Leslie Jones makes it to this latest episode with how best to handle those family members over holiday meals, and Zac share some 'Poop' that is bound to make it to the top of some music playlists!

Zac's 1st | SeacockCari's 1st | Cari Didn't NameBarrett's 1st | It's Real MagicZac's 2nd | Poop NoodleCari's 2nd | Apple and CheatingBarrett's 2nd | Simply TerrifyingZac's 3rd | Crimuh SpuritCari's 3rd | Dog MathBarrett's 3rd | Instructions Not IncludedZac's 4th | Leslie's Here To HelpCari's 4...

S03 E49 | "What The 2024 Was That?!"

It's a New Year and New Season for Zac, Cari and Barrett on "What The Pod Was That?"

So take it all in! These are some of the best and worst that we found on the internet!

Barrett 1st | Sister In Laws BirthdayZac 1st | Put It On An AngleCari 1st | Gregory Ain Fucking AroundBarrett 2nd | Baby-StruckZac 2nd | It's A Mixed DrinkCari 2nd | He'll Pay The TaxesBarrett 3rd | Johnny Two FeathersZac 3rd | You Elf Parents Are F*cked UpCari 3rd | Moving Fast Don't Ya ThinkBarrett 4th | BaconZac 4th | Robo Wants An OreoCari 4th | You Probably Drive a...