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Welcome, McKenzie Frank here! Daughter, sister, wife, and new mom! I am twenty something... aren't we all?! Momming is beautiful, intense, magical, and friggin hard sometimes! Let's talk about it all. Here to bring light to the hard conversations and unspoken topics. Tips, tricks, hacks, and more we cover it all. Creating a space where judgement disappears and nothing goes unsaid. The Twenty Something Mom

Life After Loss: Losing a Husband
Last Wednesday at 4:00 AM

On this weeks episode McKenzie is joined by Meghan Abate a mother to her 2 year old daughter and school teacher. Meghan has experienced immense loss after her husband Joe passed 17 months ago. Opening up about the passing of her husband and the steps she took to get to the place she is today. Meghan shares firsthand insight on how you can be helpful to someone experiencing loss and much more. Tune into this story of love, life, and strength.

Toddler Tantrums and Potty Training

Jessica from Rooted in Routine joins McKenzie on this weeks episode! As they quickly realize their toddlers are days apart the pair is able to connect on behaviors and much more! Jessica is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Childhood Routine Expert who covers all the basis on todays episode! Tune in to hear toddler behavioral tips and potty training do's and dont's. Jessica can be found on Instagram @rootedinroutine where she shares an abundance of helpful information for parents. You can always head to here website listed below for guides and much more! <...

Carseat Safety Convo w/ Forbes Featured Expert Holly Choi

McKenzie welcomes Holly Choi to The Twenty Something Mom Podcast to discuss all things car seat safety. Holly Choi is a leader in childhood injury prevention education in North America. Holly runs our popular Instagram account, @safebeginnings, educating over 65,000 parents worldwide on injury prevention for babies and toddlers across our social media platforms. Her extensive knowledge in baby + toddler safety - first aid, car seat safety, and childproofing - gives her a well-rounded and unique perspective.

Show notes:

Holly Choi Instagram: @safebeginnings

Safe Kids Worldwide:

Pet Safety and Your Baby

On this weeks episode McKenzie is joined by Professional Dog Trainer Deanna Maria who gives expert advice on pet safety involving children. Whether you are a dog mom who is expecting or a mother of toddlers who would like to bring a dog into your family Deanna gives helpful tips and tricks to use in all scenarios. This episode is also useful for those who have kids but no pets or vice versa as our goal is to help set you and your family up for success when it comes to pet safety. You can find Deanna on Instagram...

Margs & Mother In-Laws

For this weeks episode McKenzie is joined by mom Lee and Priscilla who is her bother's girlfriend. The three discuss family dynamics specifically between mother in-law and girlfriend/wife, the negativity that is being shown in motherhood, and getting what you paid for.

When Your Children Meet Their Birth Mom

When a reel on Instagram went viral of her children meeting their birth mom for the first time Rachel sits down with McKenzie to discuss how her family came to be. A story of love, faith, and family.

Dan's Meat on the Heat

McKenzie is joined by husband Dan for this weeks episode! The famous Girl Dad is back by popular demand and we are here for it. The couple discuss their similar personalities and Dan gets technical when talking about one of his favorite hobby's. Tune in to catch up with these two.

Dan's Meat on the Heat

McKenzie is joined by husband Dan for this weeks episode! The famous Girl Dad is back by popular demand and we are here for it. The couple discuss their similar personalities and Dan gets technical when talking about one of his favorite hobby's. Tune in to catch up with these two.

My Mom's Story: Continues Pt. 3

In the third part of the series My Mom's Story: 2 Deaths, 2 Fires, 2 Cancers Too Many McKenzie is once again joined by her mother Lee Fayne for the final part of her story. A re-diagnosis, a family death, and the strength to keep pushing for her kids and her family.

My Mom's Story: Continues Pt.2

Tragedy, loss, financial burden, and so much more to uncover. McKenzie is joined by her mother Lee Fayne for a part 2 of her heart wrenchingly inspiring story. Lee discusses how two separate fire tragedies overwhelmed a part of her life and how she persevered through these times with four children, a husband, and no house.

My Mom's Story: 2 Deaths, 2 Fires, 2 Cancers Too Much Pt. 1

McKenzie sits down with her hero and mother Lee as she tells the story of her life. Multiple Cancer diagnosis's and the loss of two close loved ones are just some of the difficult battles she has faced. The power of positivity and pure strength help Lee triumph through all of her tragedies.

Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

McKenzie shares details of her experiences traveling with her daughter Jagger from infant to toddler this episode breaks down what you will need to bring and what you will need to know.

Finding Your Enneagram Type & The Power It Has On Relationships

McKenzie is joined by Enneagram Expert and Author of 'Illustrated Enneagram' Deanna Talwalkar. Today's episode is an introduction to the enneagram and all 9 types. The pair discuss the benefits understanding your enneagram can have on your life and each of the relationships in your life. Visit to take a free enneagram test today!

Co-Parenting Peacefully What You Didn't Think Of

McKenzie is joined by co-parenting expert and coach Katie Davie who discuss the ins and outs of co-parenting, boundaries, how to cope, and letting go of control. Katie shares bits from her co-parenting relationship and what has helped in her journey to a successful relationship. An open conversation that can help any parent because at the end of the day our children are our priority.

Trigger Warning! A Postpartum Story Every Parent Needs to Hear

Trigger Warning! This episode of The Twenty Something Mom discusses a mother's vulnerable journey to seeking help after suffering & surviving a battle with severe postpartum depression & anxiety at 4.5 months postpartum with her second baby. Jenn is the founder of Mom’s Maternal Health where she is sharing relatable content that helps expecting moms, new moms & toddler moms worry LESS, feel less alone & more “normal” as they navigate motherhood. McKenzie and Jenn discuss the need for postpartum awareness and support as Jenn opens up about her experience.

Becoming a Step-Mom Success

McKenzie welcomes bestie Lauren back on the Podcast to discuss her story of becoming a step-mom to her fiancés daughter. Lauren opens up about what has worked for her as she took on this new role on. From Boston Party girl to Saturday Nights on the couch Lauren has advice for those who find themselves becoming a step-parent. As the two navigate a topic that can be so diverse they find key qualities and tips that can make your step-parenting journey better.

Lactation Support is Essential, Tongue Tie's & Lip Tie's, Relactation is a Thing!

For this weeks episode of The Twenty Something Mom McKenzie is joined by RN, IBCLC, and Lactation Consultant Sabrina Barber. As the two discuss the importance of seeking professional help for breastfeeding postpartum the conversation raises a multitude of questions that Sabrina is ready to answer! McKenzie shares her journey with Jagger as an infant struggling to decide if a tongue and lip tie release was the right choice. Sabrina geeks out and gives science based insight on the benefits breastmilk. And when you think the conversation is interesting enough Sabrina shares an experience of how she helped a...

Packing Your Hospital Bag

McKenzie gives a crash course with tips and tricks on packing for the hospital! This episode is intended as a guide and a helpful tool for parents as they get ready to meet their baby or babies.

Why We Need To Keep Talking About Stillbirth & Grief

A Mother's Journey through stillbirth, why it is so important to keep these hard conversations alive, and stillbirth prevention and resources all discussed on this weeks episode of The Twenty Something Mom Podcast. Our host McKenzie is joined by wife, mother, and stillborn advocate Kim Routley to share her story and tell us all what we need to know about stillbirths. The pair discusses in detail grief and what that looks like for a mom still recovering after childbirth, how a father's grieving process is overlooked, and how to support little ones dealing with grief themselves. Kim answers questions...

Conscious Parenting with Psychotherapist Bryana Kappadakunnel

Bryana Kappadakunnel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a board-certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, and an endorsed Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist. For the past decade, she has worked exclusively with new moms and families with very young children to work through issues related to trauma, attachment, family needs, life adjustments and transitions, grief, loss, and more. Bryana runs her own mommy center in Redondo Beach, California, where she leads new mom and baby groups for infants and toddlers, as well as conscious mothering circles for mothers of older children. She is the owner of Conscious Mommy...

Sex Talk with Parents & Difficulties in Friendships

As McKenzie and friends Christina, Lauren, and Emily discuss sex talks with parents and difficulties in friendships a helpful book is brought up in convo. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz. Join the girls as they share personal stories and insight on growing up and what parental mistakes they hope to avoid raising their own children.

Evolving Relationships & Middle Child Syndrome

McKenzie is joined by friends Christina, Emily, and Lauren to discuss the evolution of parental relationships, friendships, and sibling relationships. The group shares personal experiences from their childhood and relationships with significant others to break down topics such as Middle Child Syndrome and bettering all relationships in your life. "Unpacking" why it is hard to view our parents as humans, achieving healthy arguments, and so much more. Sit back, relax, and come hang with the girls!

The Evolution of Friends & Supporting without Giving Advice

McKenzie is joined by two of her very best college friends as they enjoy champagne and a whole lot of girl talk. Christina and Emily first share their thoughts and experiences on McKenzie being their first friend to have a baby. The group discusses how to support friends and family by being who they need you to be.

Postpartum Hormones, Bringing Baby Home, & Accepting Help

McKenzie sits down with long time friend Ashley once again to finish off the 'Having a Baby! Now What?' Series as they discuss bringing your newborn home from the hospital. As if becoming a new mom isn't hard enough the pair discuss visitors and hormones as McKenzie recalls an argument with Dan. The pair shares their advice to new moms and ideas for how to help someone you know that has just become a new mom. Tune in to hear how to sift through all of the advice coming your way as you bring baby home!

Giving Birth in a Car & Pregnancy Advice from Mom of Three

This week is a continuation of the 'Having a Baby!' series and McKenzie is joined by her friend Ashley as they discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy. Ashley shares her incredible experience of giving birth to her daughter IN HER CAR! And why her daughters initials are E.M.S. McKenzie and Ashley also discuss Midwives vs. OBGYN, what no ones tells you about the third trimester, and much more!

Giving Birth in a Car and Pregnancy Advice from Mom of Three

This week is a continuation of the 'Having a Baby!' series and McKenzie is joined by her friend Ashley as they discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy. Ashley shares her incredible experience of giving birth to her daughter IN HER CAR! And why her daughters initials are E.M.S. McKenzie and Ashley also discuss Midwives vs. OBGYN, what no ones tells you about the third trimester, and much more!

Having a Baby Series! Man to Man Thoughts & Advice

Having a Baby Series begins! This multi-part series is introduced in this episode as McKenzie and husband Daniel sit down to discuss and reminisce her pregnancy from finding out, to bringing baby Jagger home. The pair open up about inconclusive bloodwork, entering the wrong hospital entrance, postpartum hormones, much more. As Daniel gives a males perspective on watching his wife give birth to their daughter we learn there are only a few things to remember for a soon-to-be-dad. Take a listen and find out!

Infertility Journey with Abby Shinners

McKenzie sits down with Abby Shinners a mother and Infertility Advocate who shares her journey with infertility. The two talk coping strategies, pregnancy announcements, how to support someone going through infertility, and so much more! This conversation brings light to a topic not often talked about and Abby's story is one that can bring hope to other woman who are walking this path.

Big Christmas Guy, Buffets, & Mom and Dads night out

This weeks episode of The Twenty Something Mom McKenzie checks in with hubby Daniel after popular demand brings him back in the studio. The pair discuss their night out, the awkward handshakes Daniel encountered while out, and why McKenzie loves Christmas shopping as a couple. Finally the two share their love for Christmas and why babies screaming on Santa's lap is a thing.

All Things Baby Sleep with Special Guest & Sleep Expert Katie Roeder

McKenzie sits down with Katie Roeder founder of Happily Ever After Sleep! Sleep is so important and setting a good sleep foundation for your baby is so helpful! Tune into this weeks episode as this duo discusses the importance of following awake windows, sleep regressions and leaps, the 80/20 rule, and breaking the stigma that you don't have to use the cry it out method to have a good sleeper!

DIY Halloween Costume Gone Wrong, Wood Stove Fiasco, and Hobbies

This week on The Twenty Something Mom McKenzie sits down with hubby Dan AKA Daniel. The two discuss last weekends Halloween night and how Jagger got heat rash at only a few weeks old. Dan explains his want and need for a wood stove and what happened when he brought it home. Then McKenzie talks about the DIY Halloween lion tragedy. First episode is up and running and McKenzie thanks you all for tuning in! Join us next week for more with The Twenty Something Mom.


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