Equipped Podcast

3 Episodes

By: Colby Hales & Garrett Blackburn

Welcome to the Equipped Podcast! We aspire to help equip everyday people to understand and conquer their mental health through honest conversations, personal experience, and Biblical encouragement. We wholeheartedly believe that God equips the unequipped, and we want to share this Good News with you!

Episode 3: Mental Health and Faith (feat. Dr. Chris Dowd)

In this episode, Colby and Garrett sit down with Dr. Chris Dowd to discuss how Bedrock Community Church and the American Church as a whole have handled mental health over the last decade. Dr. Dowd also gives a lesson on faith in the story of Hannah in the book of 1 Samuel.

Episode 2: Family Grief (feat. Melanie Denney)

In this episode, Colby and Garrett sit down with LU Shepherd Director, Melanie Denney, and discuss her personal experience with family grief, how the Shepherd's Office at Liberty University handles mental health, and her own walk with the Lord.

Episode 1: Introduction

In this episode, Colby and Garrett will be discussing the beginnings of this podcast, how it came to be, and their own personal journeys with their mental health.