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Australia's love affair with property is a national obsession, and no one is more in the know than Australia's leading finance and real estate expert, all-around property guru and the co-founder of BuyersBuyers, Pete Wargent. Join Pete each week as he chats all things property with the movers and shakers in the Aussieproperty industry and well-known personalities who share their property journeys and investment insights. So, if you're looking to achieve financial freedom through real estate or have a passion for property and want to find out practical tried and tested tips, this show is for you!

Episode 33: Cheryl Leong - Do what you do best, outsource the rest

In this episode, Pete speaks with Cheryl Leong from The Growth Hub about how to create financial and time freedom using outsourcing, one of the key concepts outlined in the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

Episode 32: Simon Pressley - These are the housing markets with the brightest outlook

In this week's episode, Pete interviews Simon Pressley from Propertyology, who explains how to analyse Australia's 200 key housing markets, and which of them will have the best outlook.

Episode 31: Michael Yardney - This is what will drive property prices over the next decade

Michael Yardney has been investing in Australian property for 5 decades, including through the high inflation of the 1970s, the 1980s recession, and right up to the most recent cycle. 

In this episode Michael joins Pete to explain what drives property prices over the short term, and what to expect over the decade ahead.

Episode 30: Peter Meek - What can you achieve in a decade?

This week, the former MD of Chobani and keen investor Peter Meek joins Pete on the pod.

Peter explains how life's setbacks can prove to be a gift, and how people tend to overestimate what they can achieve in a year, but massively underestimate what they can achieve in a year.

Episode 29: Owen Rask - Making your vacation your vocation

This week on the Property Pod, Pete is joined by Owen Raszkiewickz from Rask, who shares how he shed an unhealthy relationship with money to become a highly respected finance and investment expert and educator.

Owen discusses the pros and cons of buying a place of residence, versus learning to invest in other assets, such as stocks. Or should you do both?

Episode 28: Hayden West - Keep moving forward - how to build a powerhouse portfolio by 32

Hayden West originally trained as a carpenter, setting up his own carpentry business by the age of 21.

Now aged 32, he has built a powerful portfolio of residential and commercial investment properties in Moreton Bay and south-east Queensland.

Listen to how he did it, and hear the key insights as to how you can keep progressing your portfolio with commercial property!

Episode 27: Simon Kuestenmacher - Don't bet against Australia

In this episode, Simon Kuestenmacher from The Demographics Group explains how living patterns have shifted over the past two years, and in turn how this is impacting commercial and residential real estate markets.

Simon explains why as a demographer he is so optimistic about the lucky country of Australia and its prospects over the long term. 

Episode 26: Chris Booth - Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

This week Chris Booth from Lydian Finance shares his insights from decades in the finance game, and how patience and discipline can deliver extraordinary results over time. 

Episode 25: Kent Lardner - This is how to pick outperforming suburbs

This week Kent Lardner from Suburb Trends explains how his detailed market analysis can pick out the superior locations and suburbs to buy property.

Episode 24: Bushy Martin - Property investors going bush

This week on the Property Pod, Bushy Martin joins Pete to discuss the outlook for mortgage rates, and how Australians have been embracing some of the regional markets around the country. 

Tune in for borrowing tips, expert investment insights, and more!

Episode 23: Suvidh Arora - This is how borrowers should prepare for rising mortgage rates

This week on the Property Pod, Pete interviews Suvidh Arora, who shares his international journey from India to investment banking in Hong Kong, and overcoming adversity in Australia.

Suvidh showed tremendous drive and determination to overcome personal health issues and ultimately found one of Australia's fastest growing businesses in the home loan space, Cinch Home Loans.

Suvidh shares advice for borrowers in the market today, and how to approach the prospect of rising inflation and interest rates.

Episode 22: Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins - This is how to build a winning team

This week, Pete interviews Bruce Hopkins, better known to millions as Hoppo from the world-famous Bondi Rescue, the global hit that is the most watched show on the Discovery Channel.

Bruce talks about his journey to become the head of the Bondi lifeguards, the resilience needed when dealing with resuscitations, drownings, and suicides, how to build a winning team, and much more.

Episode 21: Alan Kohler - How high will interest rates go?

This week Pete interviews the legendary Alan Kohler, a veteran of more than 45 years in Australian business journalism, and an ever-familiar face with his graphs and charts on ABC Business News. 

Alan discusses the highs and lows of his many decades in Australia's business cycles, and the lessons we can learn from cycles past.

The discussion turns to the prospect of rising interest rates, and how far they might run through the coming tightening cycle. 

Episode 20: Catherine Cashmore - This is when the 18-year land cycle will peak

This week Pete interviews buyer's advocate and land cycle expert Catherine Cashmore, President of Prosper, Australia's oldest economic association.

Catherine explains the 18-year land cycle, when the next market cycle will peak, and the outlook for the Australian property market, with a particular focus on Melbourne and Victoria.

Episode 19: Louis Christopher: Run for the hills! Inflation is coming

In this episode, Pete interviews top housing market analysts Louis Christopher, who says high and accelerating inflation is coming and investors need to hedge accordingly.

Louis explains how high inflation has impacted real estate and other tangible assets historically, and what he thinks comes next.

Episode 18: Melinda Jennison - How will Brisbane fare after the floods?

This week Pete interviews Brisbane's premier property expert Melinda Jennison.

Melinda shares her views on what will happen in Brisbane following the floods, and the outlook for the decade ahead as Brisbane gets set to host the 2032 Olympics.

Episode 17: Chris Bates - Borrowing time: the importance of a long-term view

This week Pete interviews Chris Bates from Wealthful, to discuss getting granular on the property market, building a property portfolio, debt recycling, and other borrowing tips.

Episode 16: Is investing in property an art or a science with Michael Yardney

In this week's episode, Pete interviews Michael Yardney to determine how to research property markets. 

Find out whether investing is an art, science, or both?

Episode 15: Michael Bevan - To finish first, you must first finish

One of Australia's greatest ever one-day cricketers, this week Pete talks to Michael Bevan talks cricket, goal-setting, planning, and property.

To find out more about Michael's coaching and equipment services, see here:

Episode 14: How to build a great investment portfolio with Stuart Wemyss

In this week's episode, Pete interviews Stuart Wemyss from ProSolution Private Clients on his career, property journey, and how you can build a great investment portfolio to achieve your ultimate financial and life goals.

Episode 13: Bushy Martin - how to self-fund retirement with a property pension

This week on the podcast, Pete discusses with Bushy Martin whether everyday Aussies can self-fund their retirement with a property pension, and if so, how?

Bushy enlightens listeners with how, to begin with, the end in mind - working out how much will be enough in retirement, and how to design your ideal day.

Episode 12: Steve Sammartino - how to invest like a futurist

Steve Sammartino is Australia’s leading futurist, author and television host. In this episode, Pete learns about Steve’s journey as a property investor and how he uses his skills to pinpoint where to invest.

Find out his future predictions on how we will live and work, the boom regions to watch, and the impact of technology on property and development. Will 3D printing change the housing market?

It’s an interesting podcast that will open you up to new exciting possibilities.  

Episode 11: Steve Palise - is it better to invest in commercial property?

In this episode Pete speaks to commercial property expert Steve Palise about whether it's better to invest in commercial property, or stick with residential.

They discuss the differences in rental income, how much deposit you might need, and how to manage the potential risks of vacancies.

Find out specifically what types of commercial property Steve recommends for investors!

Episode 10: Michael Yardney - This is what to expect in property in 2022

Michael Yardney has 50 years of experience in Australian property, so who better than to give us the top property trends to watch in 2022?

Pete Wargent interviews Michael on this week's Property Pod!

Episode 9: Michael Pascoe - How to invest for your future

This week Pete chats to Michael Pascoe, blue-blood aristocrat of Australian business journalism, about his career and journey.

Tune in to hear Michael's news and views on property, stock markets, and more!

Episode 8: Stephen Koukoulas - Will Australia rebound powerfully in 2022?

Stephen Koukoulas, top Australian economist and MD of Market Economics, gives us his outlook for 2022.

As the borders reopen and immigration cranks up again, Kouk sees the Aussie economy growing by more than 5% next year (and hopefully we can see the same again in 2023). 

And for the first time in years, we could see a really meaningful surge in our pay packets.

Tune in to hear Kouk's thoughts...

Episode 7: How to live the life of a multi-millionaire with Chris Gray

Chris Gray from Your Empire bought his first property at 22, and has built a very substantial property portfolio and significant real estate over the years.

Yet Chris does things differently from the crowd: he rents where he lives, and invests the difference. 

He also uses rent-vesting strategies to live and travel in genuine luxury, drive expensive sports cars, and cruise around Sydney Harbour by yacht. 

Can others apply any of the same principles?

This week's Property Pod is not one to be missed!

Episode 6: Jane Slack-Smith - can you still renovate profitably in today's market?

This week Pete discusses how to undertake a profitable property renovation with expert Jane Slack-Smith from Your Property Success.

In recent times the costs of materials and trade services have suddenly jumped which has changed the dynamics for would-be renovators.

Tune in below to find out how to approach the most profitable renovation strategies in 2022 and beyond!

Episode 5: Cameron Kusher - will the property boom continue in 2022?

Cameron Kusher is a veteran of property market research in Australia, and is presently the Executive Manager of Economic Research at Australia's leading global digital business specialising in property, REA Group.

In this episode, Cameron shares his thoughts on the questions everyone wants to know the answers to, including whether the property boom will continue in 2022.

Episode 4: How to build a property portfolio which works for you, with Cate Bakos

Top buyer's agent Cate Bakos is the President of the Real Estate Buyer's Agency Association (REBAA), and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Australian property.

As the 2018 Buyer's Agent of the Year, a published author, and repeat finalist nominee for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year, Cate knows perhaps more than anyone else about the nuts and bolts of the Aussie property market. 

In this week's episode, Cate shares exactly how you can build a property portfolio which works for your personal situation. 

Episode 3: Michael Yardney discusses his property portfolio, after 50 years as a real estate investor

Over recent decades Michael Yardney has educated more property investors than anyone else in Australia, and is Australia's leading expert in the psychology of wealth creation, as well as a best-selling author.

In this episode Pete and Michael discuss how Michael lost his property portfolio, but came back stronger with all the knowledge he had accumulated to build his very substantial and diversified portfolio today. 

Michael discusses how you can avoid self-sabotage in property and in life, to achieve your ultimate goals. 

Episode 2: Stephen 'The Kouk' Koukoulas on the big Aussie reopening and outlook for property

Stephen Koukoulas, known as 'Kouk', is the MD of Market Economics and was formerly the Senior Economic Advisor to Prime Minister Gillard. Kouk is the biggest name in Aussie economics and is never short of an opinion or two on all matters, including property and markets. 

 Pete and Kouk chat about the outlook for the property market in 2022, the impact of the Federal Election, and the red-hot topic of immigration once Australia reopens its borders to the world. He provides some insights on his first foray into the housing market and gives some pro tips to first ho...

Episode 1: Pete chats all things property with Jonathan Giles

In this week's episode, Pete speaks to AFL footballer Jonathan Giles. Originally from Adelaide, Jonathan Giles had an extensive AFL career spanning many seasons as a ruckman at Greater Western Sydney Giants, Essendon Football Club, and the West Coast Eagles. At over 2 metres tall, Jonathan was always a standout character on the football pitch in more ways than one, and now he's making an impact in property. 

Listen to Jonathan speaking about his experience in the world of sport, how he took an early interest in securing his financial future, and how he has now forged a s...