That's Life

40 Episodes

By: Derryn Hinch & Tony Tardio

These weekly “That’s Life” podcasts cover the good, the bad and the ugly of Derryn Hinch’s sixty-plus years in the media. What’s history, what’s making history and what’s ahead. He’s interviewed by 3AW veteran Tony Tardio.

September 11
Last Wednesday at 12:44 AM

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio look back on the September 11 terrorist attacks. Twenty years on from the dramatic event in New York - how did this change the world and what are their memories?

Sirhan Sirhan

The story behind the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Derryn Hinch was a young reporter covering the Kennedy campaign trail in 1968. In this episode Hinch shares his recollections from June 5, 1968.

Sigley and The Stones

Ernie Sigley and The Rolling Stones headline this episode of That's Life. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio look back at the life and times of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and pay tribute to Aussie Showbiz legend Ernie Sigley.

For whom the bell trolls

The Good, the bad and the ugly of the internet. How do you use social media? How do you deal with trolls? This week Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss all things internet trolls and the social media accounts which hide under the cloak of anonymity

How are we getting out of this?

The Delta variant has spread through New South Wales and Victoria sending both states into lockdown. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss all the latest with covid and how we will get out of this?

Television Giants

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio look back at the lives of David Leckie and John Cornell.

'It was as boring as batshit'

The Tokyo Olympic Games are underway and Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio look back at the Opening Ceremony. And the Covid situation in New South Wales - where to from here?

Off to Tokyo

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and the latest sex scandal to engulf parliament.

Have they stuffed it up?

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss lockdown politics - why won't the New South Wales premier use the word lockdown? Did Gladys leave it too late and have they stuffed it up?

Scomo v Albo

We are now less than a year out from the next federal election. Can Scomo win the covid election or will Albo topple him?

Geoffrey Edelsten

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio look back at the colourful life of Geoffrey Edelsten

Losing local news

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss the demise of local news services in Australia.

Why Victoria?

Lockdown 4.0 for Victoria. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio ask - Why Victoria? Plus Vaccines. We now have 3.5 million people vaccinated and 500,000 more due this week. Why are so many people so bitter and opposed?

Hitchcock and Hinch

Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss the legendary filmmaker and the time Hinch met him.

Government response to Covid

Derryn and Tony discuss the Australian Government's response to Covid.

Derryn's Indulgence

A staple on Derryn's radio show, here is the podcast version of Derryn's Indulgence.

Andrew Peacock

Andrew Peacock. A friend and a political powerhouse. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio pay tribute to a great Australian.

Port Arthur

April 28 marks 25 years since the Port Arthur massacre. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio look back on the event that rocked Australia.

The Duke & The Designer

On the agenda in this episode - The Duke of Edinburgh dead aged 99. Hinch shares memories of a meeting he had with him in the 60's. Plus the loss of fasion icon Carla Zampatti.

Behind The Scenes

A Podcast listener requested this. We’ve had HINCH on Channel 7 and 10 and HINCH Live on SKY. But what about the other shows you’ve been on? Beauty and the Beast, City Homicide, Dancing With The Stars.

The Culture in Canberra

The latest allegations about Canberra being a sex pit.

Should there be an inquiry?

The Christian Porter story rocked Canberra. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss the consequences for the Coalition, should Porter be subjected to an inquiry and can he ever clear his name?

The Royal Rumble

Harry and Meghan have caused a stir after their interview with Oprah. Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio discuss the fall out from the interview, how it will impact Australia and the road to a republic. Plus changes at Breakfast Central as Samantha Armytage calls it quits - Hinch, a Sunrise contributor gives us the latest.

The future of international travel post-Covid

The future of international travel post-Covid. Can airlines survive? Will you need a vaccine passport?

What did the PM know and when did he know it?

The allegations of rape at Parliament house in Canberra by Brittany Higgins has rocked the Federal Government. Who knew what and when? Where to now for all involved?

What would you write in your own obituary?

A Texas man who died one month after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer left behind a self-written obituary filled with the big lessons he learned during his “75 eventful years on Planet Earth. Derryn and Tony pose the question - what would you write in your own obituary?

Paperback Writer

There’s a cynical theory about writing: Everybody has a book in them – and that’s where it should stay. Who am I to talk having just finished writing my 16th book? How hard is it? What do you need to know before you even start? Plus all the fall out from the Eddie McGuire situation at Collingwood.

Melbourne v Sydney

The internecine Melbourne-Sydney rivalry. How real? A Sydneysider once said ‘the last good thing to come out of Melbourne was the Hume highway.’ And when I lived in Sydney, a Melburnian’s best insult was: ‘ you, you… you Sydney hard mover’.

The Court of Public Opinion

Margaret Court divided opinions this week with her Australia Day Honour. Did she deserve the accolade and should the embargo have been broken? Plus the United States has a new president who actually sounds presidential. The Trumpian disaster is over after four years. Can Biden bind the nation? And what next for Trump?


That's Life returning soon.

Growing old

Growing old in Australia. Post-Covid how will things change? The biggest poverty group now are women over 50. The govt is looking at cutting compulsory super. Can you survive your twilight years?

Who kicked the Christ out of Christmas?

The meaning of Christmas. Or ‘who kicked the Christ out of Christmas? ‘ Where does religion stand in Australia today?

The Midday Show

My life hosting Midday. It was an Australian TV tradition for decades. With hosts like Mike Walsh, Ray Martin, Hinch. There were stars like Jeanne Little and John-Michael Howson. What went on behind the scenes?

Australia and America - where to now?

America – Australia where now? Finally, it seems Biden has been confirmed as the new president – despite what Trump says. Will our relationship change? Will the world settle down post-Trump? And where do we now sit with China? Plus observations on season four of The Crown.

60 Minutes

60 Minutes first went to air in Australia four decades ago. Gerald Stone the man who built it's success and made the ticking clock an institution died recently. What few people know is that in 1978 Derryn Hinch turned down an offer to join 60 Minutes. For Hinch 60 Minutes is the one that got away.

The Bonk Ban

What goes on in Canberra afterdark and between the sheets? A fairbit it seems which has seen the implementation of the bonk ban. Derryn Hinch spent three years as a Senator in federal parliament. What did he see and what is his take?

The Chase For Skase

In 1987 Derryn Hinch was lured from radio to television. The man who wooed Hinch to Channel Seven was the high-flying and flamboyant Christopher Skase. Come the late 1980's and early 1990's Skase would become one of Australia's most wanted fugitives. In this episode Hinch explains how Skase poached him from 3AW, his dealings with media moguls including Kerry Packer and the Chase for Skase.

The Melbourne Cup

It's The Race That Stops The Nation. This week on That's Life - Derryn Hinch and Tony Tardio chat all things Melbourne Cup plus the death of Sean Connery.

The Derryn Hinch Diet

Years ago, I wrote a book which, unexpectedly, became a bestseller. The Derryn Hinch Diet Book. It concentrated on soup for dinner. It worked. This year, on a New Year health kick, I launched the mythical GoyA Club – an acronym for Get Off Your Arse. I started walking five kms a day and in 40 weeks lost 13 kilos.

The AFL Grand Final

The AFL Grand Final, for the first time, will not be held at the MCG. Because of Covid it will be held in Queensland. Queensland!! We look back on the unique sporting religion that means so much to so many people.