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Garrett Gourley is an Adult Fan of LEGO® (AFOL) that isn't just passionate about building LEGO, but talking about them too! Back 2 Brick is dedicated to, well, everything LEGO! Providing Adult Fans of LEGO listeners with a way to get Back 2 LEGO. Missed out on some LEGO news this past week? Every Friday we post Bricking News to help you "rebuild" what new and exciting things are happening with LEGO! The primary focus of Back 2 Brick is to give our listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the LEGO MOCs and sets they see every day. Every Monday we host a LEGO D...

Bricking News! September 10th - 17th, 2021
Today at 3:00 AM

Hey all you brick nerds I'm back!  I took a little break last week because life got a bit hectic.  But i'm back and LEGO didn't disappoint.  We have a lot of Star Wars news (no surprise) and some good rumors coming.  Santa is on his way with some great sets ready for you Winter Village.  Season 2 of LEGO Masters concluded in the U.S. and a wonder was announced!  Lots to talk about so click those bricks together and take a listen to this week's Bricking News!

Brick 70 - Barbara Hoel (@barbara_hoel) Designer Interview
Last Monday at 3:00 AM

This weeks guest knows a thing or two about building models that no one thinks of. She took some ordinary bricks (and some unique ones) and built models the shine! (literally)  She took her creative designs not only to her LUG but also with her children and grandchildren.  Using blacklight she creates scenes that look like they are out of Avatar. I highly recommend you listen to this episode as we get to see a woman's perspective and how LEGO has always been inclusive to all genders!

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Brick 69 - Daniel Olvera (@danielbrickson) Designer Interview

Creations in LEGO can range from anything.  They can be builds around you, creatures, characters, and just, so much more.  This week's podcast guest Daniel Olvera was able to make creatures and and characters not only from the "LEGO system" (bricks) but also major adaptions with Bionicle parts.  This inclusion to his models allows them to have interesting shapes to build his custom creations that will inspire your own imagination.

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Bricking News posted eve...

Bricking News! August 28th - September 3rd, 2021

Brick to the bricking news people.  It's time to learn what LEGO has been up to this past week! Not only do we get a new football stadium (soccer for us Americans) but 2 new batmobiles!  Talk about a lucky week of new sets.  Disney+ marvel minifigures are finally out and ready to have some WandaVision, Loki, and What If fun!  Check out all the things we get to talk about this week on the Back 2 Brick Bricking News!

Remake Retired sets?Disney+ minifiguresColor variations are liveFootshop Adidas exclusiveUK chosen for recoloring?Star Wars Advent CalendarStar Wars Batt...

Brick 67 - Chris Hill (@scifibriks) Designer Interview

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Bricking News! August 21st - 27th, 2021

Welcome one and all to the rebuilding of the Bricking News!  CAT finally makes it's technic appearance, LEGO Masters get their own sets, the marvel world is exploding with Spider-man and the Eternals, and wow, just wow.  Got some fun news and rumors that are read for you all to hear about!  Dive right in people!
LEGO Masters set
Ideas vote extended
Spider-man No Way Home
Pirate activity challenge
Enterals set missing a character?
Tumbler on the way
Santa Polybag
Enterals reveal
Toys R Us not dead?!

Brick 66 - Isaac W. (@1saacbricks) Designer Interview

Cars are iconic.  We remember the ones our grandparents had, our parents had/have, and then our first car.  That goes also for classic cars.  Well, at least I love them!  A lot of other people seem to like them too.  Isaac loved some so much be built them out of LEGO!  Isaac makes some epic builds just 7 studs wide of cars we all remember, some classic hotrods, VW Buses, and many more.  His collection continues to expand and skill level of getting every detail in too!  Take a listen and learn how he takes cars from history and makes th...

Bricking News! July 14th - August 20th, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome back to this week's edition of the Bricking News!  How was your week?  Mine was SUPER BUSY so glad it's the weekend!  LEGO is workin hard this week talking about new sets and tons about education!  I'm all for education, that's why I make this podcast!  We have a full scale car at 477,000 pieces, two ideas sets on the way and LOTS of retiring sets t talk about!  Check out the list below:

Full scale Toyota GR SupraJunkbot rebuilt!Donda ToyK5 Learning setretiring setsHome Alone houseHiring LEGO Design...

Brick Replay - Adam Dodge (@adamsonofwilliam) Designer Interview

Been extra busy with my finally finishing up by builds for the LEGO House display!  They look great but took a lot longer than expected lol.  So this we will be a Brick Replay of my interview with Adam Dodge.  This was way back almost a year ago!  He's an extremely talented designer and very well known in the community.  We had a great discussion about his work and his life with LEGO! Have a listen and enjoy!

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Bricking News! July 7st - August 13th, 2021

LEGO celebrated their 89th birthday this past week, and news keeps coming of new sets they will be making!  Lot of history and lots of potential for LEGO in the future.  LEGO Sonic might become not just a set but a series of sets. A new soccer stadium is on the way and an olympic gold medalist got the set of his dreams!  Lots to talk about (as always) so check out what we talk about below!

Bionicle Masks of Power videogame.  TrailerSuper Mario CoinCamp Nou football stadiumBear stepping on LEGO Like matFull collection of LEGO Ideas setsMarvel Coll...

Brick 65 - Alex (@tipsandbricks) Blogger Interview

At 15 years old Alex wanted to create a place were he could collect all the different techniques he had seen in LEGO builds and share them with the community.  4 years later Tips & Bricks is a thriving busy with employees, recognized LEGO Media Fan, and over 90k followers on Instagram!  There are over 1400 different LEGO techniques that you can learn from curves, rock structures, minifigures, technic designs, and SOOOO much more!  We all struggle building things but Alex's posts and website can help you navigate that difficult builds and find a new technique to use!


Bricking News! July 31st - August 6th, 2021

Back from the Brickfair in Virginia I'm pumped to catch up on the LEGO News!  I got to meet a ton of cool fans and learn about all their builds!  (Might hear some of them as designers interviews!).  This week we got a ton of new sets on August 1st and I know some people's bank accounts too a HIT!  But I'd say well worth it.  Check out the latest episode of the Bricking News and hear what else you missed this past week!

Working bicycle!
Advent calendars
Star Wars...

Brick 64 - Brent Waller (@wallercustoms) Designer Interview

A lot of people submit ideas onto LEGO Ideas in hopes of getting their ideas made into products.  Well, Brent Waller, had that same thought, and now he has not one but TWO official LEGO Ideas. Products.  Not only that but 7 of his entries into the Ideas website have surpassed over 10,000 votes!  He has struck a cord within the LEGO community for building creations that bring the LEGO fans out to vote for a set they want in their homes.  We talked about his work on the LEGO Batman movie, and how he see's LEGO progressing through the...

Bricking News! July 24th - 30th, 2021

Welcome one and all to the Bricking News.  You can catch up on this past weeks LEGO News!  A really cool gift with purchase is out and lots of news concerning LEGO Masters.  If you like Adidas shoes then it's time to buy!  Disney is on the move finally with some collectible minfiigures, and they do not disappoint!  If you are going to Brickfair in VA this weekend let me know!  I'll be there and we can hang out or just say hi!  message @back2brick2

Adidas Superstar 3pm EST Link
Heidi Klum &a...

Brick 64 - Marcin Otręba (martinlegodesign) Designer Interview

Today we get the opportunity to talk with Marcin Otręba about his creations.  He has created some of the most iconic movie culture characters from Saron, the villain of The Lord of the Rings, to Drogon from Game of Thrones.  Not only are they extremely detailed but have some fun stories about the parts that made them!  Without his eye for details and creative use of parts you may never have know that Saron is mostly Batman parts!  Check out our interview and learn a bit about his creative side, and unlock yours!

Check out Marci...

Bricking News! July 17th - 23rd, 2021

Back in the home studio I bring you sound, all around, you!  Hopefully it's better than it was!  This week brought out lots of rumors about sets all of us are looking forward to.  From Home Alone to the UCS AT-AT.  The community was very engaged and ready to build a huge A380 Airbus JumboJet and a COVID Tracking QR code!  Check out the latest news from the past week!

Home Alone RumorsSeasonal sets revealedBrick Playing CardsQR CodeSailboat Gift With PurchaseUCS AT-AT confirmed?40,000 piece A380 Aircraft - linkNational Geographic ArticleTexas LEGO ConventionLEGO Masters New ZealandRetiring DB5$900 LEGO...

Brick 63 - Corey C. (cococompro) Photographer Interview

Corey is not only a comedian, but an artist at heart.  He takes your custom minifigures created from fellow AFOL fans and makes stunning art pieces that can be hung on your walls.  Big fan of Alien?  He's got it.  Enjoy the X-Files?  He's got a few of those.  Take yourself into the mind of a minifigure photographer as he creates scenes from the pop culture from across the ages.

Check out Corey's Page!

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Bricking News posted every...

Bricking News! July 10th - 16th, 2021

On vacation again! I know. Doing a little motorcycle riding with the family. But the Bricking News stops for no one! (Yet lol). This weeks wasn’t too much news but enough that I HAD to talk about it. Any VW and Star Wars nerds out there get ready!

Super Fun real gun…Rumored Nintendo mini setType 2 VW Camper Van!Ultimate collector series Republic Gunship!!!!

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Brick 62 - Jesse (Brickdesigned) Designer Interview

Now most houses can be pretty empty when you first buy them.  That can be the same for LEGO buildings sometimes.  Well, Jesse of BrickDesigned took on the challenge of filling a house FULL fo furniture.  His designs range from early 1900s up to modern furniture designs.  He also does weekly videos were he posts his work on Instagram Reels so you can build them too! Extremely fun minifigure sized builds so that you can add more and more detail to your LEGO house design.

Check out Jesse's Pages:


Bricking News! July 3rd - 9th, 2021

"Like that I don't know that' I'm pathetic."  Seinfeld finally makes its entrance.  A lot of people were waiting for this arrival!  Then there was bricklink this past week.  A lot of people were upset about the outcome of the Designer Program.  But the news doesn't stop there, so check out the topics we will be discussing below!

21328 LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set
UCS Republic Gunship coming soon?
AFOLF Survey Survey Link
Bricklink Designer Program mistakes
LEGO Batman movie new films?
Fast and Furious LEGO...

Brick 61 - Andreas Lenander (Drdoddo) Designer Interview

Andreas is an incredibly talented builder.  Not only a LEGO designer, but a father and survey too!  I mean, how smart can you get!?  He has also been featured in the Master Showcase Gallery at the LEGO House and almost been on 2 times to the Sweden LEGO Masters contest (work and covid stopped those two, but shooting for season 3!)  His designs range from space ships, to Star Wars, landscapes, and architectural builds all over the world.  It's a range I honesty haven't seen in many builders and it inspires you to try and build outside your...

Bricking News! June 26th - July 2nd, 2021

So this episode took some time.  I just had to be on vacation the week LEGO went all crazy and came out with so much news!  The Bricking News is packed full of great stuff this week!  From new products on Bricklink to many many grevencies about LEGO Con and Slave I.  It's been a tough week to come back to reality haha!  Check out what we talk about this week on the Bricking News below!

Bricklink Designer Program LIVE. LinkLast minute changes?No Star Wars minifigure updatesMando Luke set?#youareenough campaignLEGO Con 2022LEGO Con Ideas Conte...

Brick 60 - Vacation Break with a call to Action

This week I was on vacation in Hawai’i and it was. Spectacular. Perfect weather, great food, and wonderful company.  Best time to finally get away. So that is why this weeks episode is to still take a break from a lonnnng trip home. So I call on you to listen to some of the many episodes of other designer interviews to listen to! We have over 50 designer interviews you can dive into:
Brick 7 - TKBricks
Brick 19 - Adam Dodge

Brick 20 - 9BrickCity
Brick 22 - Paulvillemoc
Brick 25 - R...

Bricking News! Jun 19th - 25th, 2021

I may be in Hawaii but the Bricking News stops for no one! I will say I didn’t bring my mic and the background audio may be waves but , can you blame me? This week LEGO stepped up to their promise of a better more sustainable product this week. Also able to bring some more creativity to a LEGO store near you!

Adidas creationsAdidas gift with purchase + $5?High power microscope made with LEGO!?Builder’s Journeybrand new flagship store in NYCBoard games on the way back?Prime dayIdeas winner selectedRecyclable LEGO brick

Designer inte...

Brick 59 - BrickinNick Designer Interview

Nick is not only a an extremely creation LEGO designer, but a truly motivated individual. He’s our first interview with a LEGO at witch streamer! (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is he explains it). We get to talk about his many builds from his twitch viewers suggestions and his LEGO Ideas submissions. You might know I’m from his Tesla Cybertryck build. Jump in and enjoy this weeks designer interview episode!

Check out his pages!
LEGO Ideas

Designer interviews posted e...

Bricking News! Jun 12th - 18th, 2021

Shoes, oh my God, shoes.  If you know what I'm referencing you are as old as me or older.  i appreciate that. LEGO and Adidas.  But Mario is coming up too with a brand new Bowser ship and tons of cool and fun facts from all over the world with LEGO.  Check out what we got for you this week on the Bricking News!

Adidas Superstar Shoe! Designer Video link
Super Mario Third Wave
LEGO Ideas next sets
Bass Guitar from bricks
"Don't Google LEGO piece 26047"

Brick 58 - Kevin.J.Walter Designer Interview

Who's a Trekkie?  Or even a Stargate nerd? Maybe the Expanse? Raise your hand.  Well, I raided all three of mine so this interview was very special to me.  I was able to talk with Kevin Walter, a truly talented LEGO Star Trek and sci-fi builder.  His designs aren't just about the form but the display action of it.  From his latest Expanse build to the Enterprise D in a massive Ultimate Collectors edition scale, all-in-all a sci-fi nerd to the end.  Check out this fun episode and see how sci-fi inspired him to build with L...

Bricking News! Jun 5th - 11th, 2021

LEGOLAND steals the show this week on Bricking News.  But not only that, we got some new excited sets on the way!  I am typing this on a computer, but I was I was typing it on the LEGO typewriter!  This summer is turning out to be another big win for LEGO!  Check out what we talk about below:

21327 Ideas Typewriter revealed. Designer Video LinkTypewriter mini buildNext LEGO Master Model Builder Tokyo could be you! Link to ApplyCreate a banner for LEGO World Builder! link Mythica Land opens in LEGOLAND WindsorLEGO Masters Season 2 ratings dropLife sized Lamborghini SíanIsr...

Brick 58 - The one about the Mosaics (Michael & Stephen)

This week my two good buddies Michael and Stephen grace us with their presences to grind our technic gears about the LEOG Mosaic line. We talk about what we like about the sets, the pricing, the design, and what we think could be improved upon.  We do give LEGO a break, this is their first year, just like brickheadz, with time comes improvements!  Do you own any of the mosaics? What are your thoughts on them?  Send me a message on instagram (@back2brick2) and you'll get a callout in this week's Bricking News!

Bricking News! May 29th - June 4th, 2021

I feel a storm coming... of Bricking News!   LEGO is going to be holding their first official convention?!  What will they reveal?  Then sets are being revealed left and right with even some new sub theme created.  All good news this week and can't wait for you to listen!  Check out our list of topics for today:

Guide on how to clean LEGOStar Wars summer sets - A.K.A. MandoMarvel's What If?...LEGO CON!Skywalker Saga release date?LEGO Masters Season 2 Episode 1Builder's Journey LEGO GameDarth Vader Meditation ChamberThanos Sanctuary IILargest LEGO...

Brick 57 - luispg Designer Interview

Science, history, and creativity, what three things go better together (ok, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream). But seriously, for all those nerds and history buffs out there it can be inspiring to see all the creativity and ingenuity in a museum.  Our latest guest Luis Peña García gave us the opportunity to see how his love of science and history come to life with his brick building.  From prehistory undersea creatures to the international space station, Luis creates some truly inspiring models.

Check out his work!

Designer interviews post...

Bricking News! May 22nd - 28th, 2021

This week on the Bricking News we bring you some insider deep secrets from the LEGOLAND parks in California and New York.  The Eternals are on the move to a LEGO store near you,  the June Calendar has a lot of nice giveaways, and VIDIYO is coming to the Adidas license.  Lot's happening down in the brickin' world.  Catch all we talk about below!

Pre-Order The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks.  LINKMarvel advent calendarSnapchat AR + LEGOLEGO Masters Season 2!Marvel Eternals setsLEGO Movie World OpensChronicle Books book and calendarWorld Map Art setBullying lead to LGBTQ...

Brick 56 - Steponabrick Designer Interview Part 2

In our part 2 episode with Marius Herrmann, @steponabrick, we get into more and more detail about his builds.  I was curious how he went about his commissions and his instruction building process.  I know I hate doing them, so wanted to see if he shared the same feeling!  But the real questions is always how LEGO became a part of his life.  How his creativity was inspired by someone else's creativity.  What a great way to build on not only your passion but someone else's as well!  I hope you enjoy part 2 of this epic interv...

Bricking News! May 15th - 21st, 2021

BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE BRICKING NEWS! Well, that's kinda like the phrase right? Welcome one and all to the LEGO news portal from the last week.  Lots of fun and exciting things from marvel, with their first Modular building set!  This next month is also able "Everyone is Awesome!" and the coin to end all coins came up, but with VIP drama, again.  Check out what we got for you this week!

Infinity Gauntlet pre-orderDaily BugleLEGO City - in the jungleThe One With the Friends ApartmentsGold Coin - VIP problemsEveryone is Awe...

Brick 56 - Steponabrick Designer Interview Part 1

Marius Herrmann, @steponabrick, brings out his inner childhood excitement in his creations.  He takes his love and the beauty within video games and brings them to life wait bits of plastic.   From Halo, Spiro, and Horizon Zero Dawn, no ship or creature is too hard for him to tackle.  We talked a lot about LEGO and his designs, so much it's in 2 parts!  But you'll enjoy the entire thing I promise you.  So make sure to come back next week!

Check out his work!

Bricking News! May 8th - 14th, 2021

Welcome one and all back to the Bricking News!  This week I wrapped up the LEGO Contest Fan vote pleading for votes, thank you all that supported!  To all my Friends out there (get it) an apartment was finally revealed!  Marvel is on the move again, and exciting news from LEGOLAND New York!  Check out what we talk about this week:

LEGO Leaked UCS Tumbler?Guinness Record buildLEGO VentilatorBricklink takes another 2 projects downMarvel Infinity saga moved againStranger Things is coming....VP of Design is teasing a new setDaily Bugle coming end of MayUCS AT-ATJust2Good leaving the Ambassador netw...

Brick 55 - Wizard_Bricks Designer Interview

This week we get a brick in our head, a true brickheadz episode.  Being a brickheadz designer myself I wanted to talk about how Thomas goes about his designs.  With designs though stretch from music to pop culture with Marvel and DC Comics.  if you're a fan of brickheadz or just learning what they are this is the episode for you!

Check out his work!

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Question: What do I say A LOT of on the podcast? and...

Bricking News! May 1st - 7th, 2021

This may be the longest Bricking News we've every had!  But that is what we are here for, to bring you all the LEGO News from the week, no matter how long!  Lots of fun new sets and rumors coming out.  Star War, Botanical garden sets, Ikea all take center stage.  But first  I NEED YOUR HELP!
TWO of my LEGO designers were accepted into the LEGO House Contest.  I am asking for you to PLEASE VOTE on them!  They are both linked right here for an easy way to vote.  Comment too to drive up interest...

Brick 54 - TheBrickEducator LEGO Podcaster Interview

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Bricking News! April 24th - April 30th, 2021

Bricking News comin' in HOT!  It's been a super hectic week in my own personal life but LEGO decided that it would be a news filled week too!  From the review of the LEGO Master season 2 contestants (which a few are former guest on the podcast!) to VIDIYO sets running out the gauntlet it a full week!  Check out the list below to see what we chit chat about!

LEGO Masters Season 2 castVIDIYO summer setsnew plate that's been 60 years in the making!LEGO House contest wraps uphouse overrun with LEGO trains (link)HYPE sla...