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We are a fandom related podcast dedicated to anime, geek culture, and Japanese Asethics or Asian Studies. Family oriented programming and expect open forum discussion and conversational casual. Join as we discuss the topics important at hand and have an unique perspective for those tuning in. Episodes will vary in content and 60 minutes in length most of the time. The schedule for publishing are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays. Expect 24 hours on third party podcast sites for podcasts to show fully. RSS Feed will have most updated episodes. If you like the content please join us on patreon and...

Audio Visual & Event Setup
Last Saturday at 11:31 PM

In this enlightening episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Elliot, a versatile professional in the realm of Audio Visual (AV) and event setup. Hailing from Max On Productions, a company dedicated to delivering top-notch event experiences (, Elliot shared his wealth of expertise as a Tech/Stage Handler, DJ Operator, and Independent Music Producer.

Our discussion centered on the intricacies of independent music events where Elliot takes the stage as a DJ. We explored the specifics of event setup, unraveling the behind-the-scenes details that contribute to creating a seamless and immersive experience for...

Jake Set Radio & Anime Drawing

In this dynamic episode, we welcomed Jacob, a Visual Radio Specialist, Anime Artist, and New Style Drawer, as our guest. Our conversation traversed the vibrant realms of "Jake Set Radio" and the intricate art of anime drawing.

Jacob shared insights into his artistic journey, drawing inspiration from the world of anime. We explored the depths of his drawing experiences, unraveling the evolution of his skills and techniques over time.

A significant part of our discussion centered around Jacob's unique perspective as an artist alley vendor. He provided a firsthand account of the challenges and triumphs...

CoCo Review & Day of the Dead

In this captivating episode, we embarked on a fascinating exploration of the "Day of the Dead" holiday, uncovering its origins and customs. We delved into the rich cultural significance, with insights into Hispanic traditions that make this holiday a unique and vibrant celebration.

Our discussion extended to the animated film "CoCo" and its connection to the "Day of the Dead." We drew comparisons between the movie's portrayal of the holiday and the real customs, offering a comprehensive view of how "CoCo" both honors and adds creative layers to this cherished tradition.

Following our exploration of...

CoCo Review & Day of the Dead

In this captivating episode, we embarked on a fascinating exploration of the "Day of the Dead" holiday, uncovering its origins and customs. We delved into the rich cultural significance, with insights into Hispanic traditions that make this holiday a unique and vibrant celebration.

Our discussion extended to the animated film "CoCo" and its connection to the "Day of the Dead." We drew comparisons between the movie's portrayal of the holiday and the real customs, offering a comprehensive view of how "CoCo" both honors and adds creative layers to this cherished tradition.

Following our exploration of...

The Magicians Show Review

In our latest episode, we embark on a detailed exploration of "The Magicians" TV show. The core of our review revolves around the central theme that magic doesn't provide all the answers and solutions, a unique approach in the realm of fantasy.

We delve into the intricate world-building that creates the fantastical backdrop of the series. This world-building adds depth and authenticity to the story, contributing to the immersive experience for viewers.

Our discussion also touches upon the art of weaving individual plot lines into a cohesive narrative. We examine how the show masterfully brings...

Friday the 13th: Theatrics & Fear

In our captivating episode, "Friday the 13th: Theatrics & Fear," we had the pleasure of hosting Patrick, a theater performer, t-shirt vendor, and convention traveler. The heart of our conversation centered on the profound exploration of fear and its intersection with the world of theatrics.

During our discussion, we embarked on a journey through the intricate landscape of fear itself. We probed its origins, different types, and the visceral reactions it elicits from individuals. The concept of fear was not limited to any specific franchise or scenes, but rather a comprehensive examination of this complex human emotion.


Breaking Bad Show Review

In this episode, we delve into a comprehensive review of the iconic show "Breaking Bad." The heart of our discussion revolves around the profound themes of sacrifices for family and the intricate world of meth-making.

We dissect the dynamic partnership of Walter and Jesse, two characters whose evolution captivated audiences. The exploration of their complex relationship adds depth to the show's narrative.

The concept of a job as a means to an end takes center stage as we analyze the motivations and decisions of the characters. We delve into how each character navigates their choices...

International Cosplay Day & Cosplay Factors

In this episode, titled "International Cosplay Day & Cosplay Factors," we were joined by the talented Leslie Madewell, an expert in the world of cosplay. Our discussion centered around the vibrant celebration of International Cosplay Day and the multifaceted factors that contribute to the art of cosplay.

Throughout the episode, we delved into the significance of International Cosplay Day, an occasion that unites enthusiasts worldwide celebrating creativity and fandom. Leslie shared insights into the camaraderie and shared passion that mark this global event.

Our conversation then shifted to the intricate art of characterization in cosplay. We...

Absolute Power & Hypnotherapy

In this episode of the MC Anime Podcast, we had a great discussion with Sigrid Zandate, a Certified Master Hypnotist, Licensed counselor, and Certified SUD Counselor, among other certifications. Sigrid has been practicing hypnosis for over 20 years and specializes in helping clients break down barriers that constrict them at an unconscious level.

During our conversation, we explored several interesting topics, including the Power of Suggestion, the Rhetoric Behind Speeches, and Working with Recovering Addicts. Sigrid shared with us some of her favorite testimonials, including patients she worked with during chemotherapy and surgery recovery.

We also...

The Sandman Series Review

In the latest podcast episode titled "The Sandman Series Review," we delved into a captivating exploration of the show. The heart of the episode revolved around the protagonist's quest to retrieve three significant magical items: Dream's Healm, Dream's Sand Pouch, and the Dream Ruby. These items, central to the storyline, carried a unique aura of mystique.

Throughout the discussion, we navigated through the escapades of confronting escaped nightmares such as The Corinthian, Fiddlers Green, and Gault. These encounters added layers of suspense and intrigue to the show's plot, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.


Dell Technology: Research & Development

In this episode, titled "Dell Technology: Research & Development," we had the pleasure of hosting Samuel B, a Field Service Technician, and Dell Technology Office Administrator. Together, we explored the exciting world of technological advancements, focusing on phones, microchips, and essential research and development projects at Dell Technology.

During the conversation, Samuel shared insights into cutting-edge technology, and discused the rapid progress in mobile phones and microchip technologies. We explored the transformative impact of these advancements on various industries and everyday life.

Samuel shed light on his role at Dell Technology, providing a glimpse into the...

Honor & Tribute: Mark Brunetti

In this heartfelt episode, titled "Mark Brunetti Tribute and Honor," we had the privilege of paying tribute to the remarkable life and contributions of Mark Brunetti in the realm of acting and entertainment. Joined by guest Arie, we celebrated Mark's rich and diverse career, as well as his unique experiences and personal journey.

Throughout the episode, we explored various aspects of Mark's life and artistic endeavors. We delved into his passion for acting and the dedication he brought to his craft. We reflected on his ability to captivate audiences through his performances, showcasing his talent and commitment...

Interior Design: Making A Space Vibrant

In this episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Hillary Waters, a Creative Director, Interior Designer, and Fabricator, to delve into the fascinating world of interior design and the art of making a space vibrant. Throughout the conversation, we explored various key topics related to creating vibrant spaces. We discussed the importance of natural light and how it can greatly impact the overall ambiance and mood of a room. Hillary shared insights on how to maximize natural light and strategically place windows or mirrors to enhance the brightness and openness of a space. Another aspect we explored...

Meteorology & Weather Explained

In this episode of the MC Anime Podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming Leslie, a photographer and avid fan of the show, as our special guest. Together, we delved into the fascinating world of meteorology and explained the intricate workings of weather phenomena.

Throughout our conversation, we explored the various factors that affect weather, including wind patterns, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and cloudiness. We discussed how these elements interact and contribute to the formation of different weather conditions.

We also delved into the topic of weather forecasting, examining the tools and instruments used...

Website Making, Marketing, & Brand Building

In this episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting with Special Guest James Hipkin, a Website Developer, Marketing Strategist, and Author. Throughout the conversation, we covered three main topics: website making, marketing, and brand building.

When discussing website development, James emphasized the importance of providing an excellent user experience, optimizing the website for search engines, and creating quality content that aligns with the target audience's needs.

Moving on to marketing, we explored different strategies for promoting a website and building a recognizable brand, including social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine...

Ben Ten Classic: Worst Alien Transformations

In this episode of the podcast, we were joined by Tyler from Geek Talk With Tyler podcast to discuss the worst alien transformations in the classic version of the popular animated series "Ben 10". We reviewed various transformations that Ben had access to, including Ghost Freak, Heatblast, Way Big, and Rip Jaws.

We explored how power scaling affected the effectiveness of each transformation. For example, Ghost Freak was a formidable transformation, but its weaknesses made it one of the worst transformations overall. Heatblast was a fan favorite due to its powerful fire abilities, but it was not always...

The Importance of Archiving

Archiving is the process preserving documents, paintings, writings, and other historical artifacts. Often, these scanning projects include the preservation of such degree and make them digital. The digitalization allows legal documents, audit information, backup copies, data processing and more to be accessed when needed. It helps how projects have data to do inquiries and allows the user searching in keywords. Archiving might allow the easy access to data but without it we will have difficulties proving mandates and other reasons to search them. Remember, archiving preserves the old well into the future for various uses for the data it...

Transforming Dreams Into Passions

This episode will be how to take dreams and turn them as passions. I have Eric Abraham who will share how his dream became his passion. Eric grew up on a lake and this influenced two things boats and the outdoors. He traveled back to his homely aboud in Canada to the lake home property. This would result in relocating to this property and live his passion for the outdoors. He lived his dream living off the grind and eventually got his wife not only support it but develop remote podcast business. Eric works as a podcast editor for...

20th Anniversary NARUTOP99 Reaction

Naruto is celebrating 20 years of the franchise and Jump Festa 2022 announced NARUTOP99. This promotion was a global poll on most beloved character to get a spin off manga and top ten get concept art design. I talk to Chemi once again about different takes on characters getting their own short manga. We mentioned characters like Tsuande Senju, Iruka Sensei, Kushina Uzumaki, Shisui Uchiha, and more. One more thing, the moments of Naruto that really brings everyone are The Land of Waves Mission, Konoha Crush Arc, Shukaku vs Gamabunta, and others. I hope Naruto can see itself in more directions...

Remembering 2022 & It's Highlights

2022 has been an interesting year and as such had an impact in MC Anime Podcast as well. The year had drama, deaths, documentaries, apps, sports, and more in 2022. We use Google Trends in 2022 as perspective on these talking points and coverage in this episode. The popular topics of 2022 are Wordle, Will Smith VS Chris Rock, Queen Elizabeth & Betty White Passings, The World Cup, and Inventing Anna/ Tinder Swindler documentaries. Google global users searching online might be the source but that is only a fraction of 2022 moments. Finally, MC Anime Podcast had website generation, production staff, logo rebranding, podcast networking...

Pokémon: Ash & Pikachu's Legacy

Pokémon spanned 25 years with Ash as the main protagonist and Pikachu as the first partner. They go to 8 regions and explore the passion to be Pokémon Master which Ash follows to a tee. Galar Champion Cup is where Ash strikes gold in first offical league victory. There were other times where Ash either won (Orange Islands) and others close to winning in top 4. Ash achieved his main goal to be Pokémon Master. Join as I have ST from Next in Time podcast giving their input in the legacy of Ash & Pikachu's journey to this great accomplishment and...

Open Source Software & The Public Sector

Open source software is a code available to the public and anyone could use or modify. In the public sector, anyone has the ability to adapt the code and software into projects if the license matches the use for it. The implementations of OSS allows safer products potentially, faster assembly or better convenience for private use. Join as I speak with Mac about OSS and ways public can benefit in a program available for anyone. Mac is a programmer, discord designer, and gamer who likes yugioh. If you like his correspondence please contact Mac here on Discord Arie#4714.

Food As Self Expression

Food serves as substance to digest but has a double function in giving joy. Food has been a practice to please the tasters and people who eat it. I have Nat joining me and we discussing cooking, taste, presentation, and gratitude of food. Nat is a political consultant, data processor, and supporter of many friends. He joins us to share his insights of Food As Self Expression and his hidden passion behind food and cooking. You can find him at for more updates in Nat's daily life.

The Santa Clause Franchise Breakdown

The Santa Clause movies are a trilogy following Scott Calvin becoming Santa Claus. Then, the TV show The Santa Clauses on Disney Plus follow Scott with his family as well. However, Scott Calvin soon realizes that being S.C. is more than the meets the eye. The contract to be Santa Claus includes all these fine print details which are known as clauses. These clauses include The Santa Clause, The Ms. Clause, The Escape Clause, and The Successes Clause. Join as I give the breakdown of the movies, the clauses, and the tv show about The Santa Clause project.<...

Intuitiveness & Self Alignment

MC Anime Podcast Intuitiveness & Self Alignment S3 EP122 They say trust your intuition and see where it goes. Also, finding the right balance can be success or obstacles in life. I speak with Jennifer Takagi in a session of body and emotional chart reading. Join as I have her go over my finger and the server knife injury I had. Jennifer found that my finger lymph nodes, circulatory system, and then the stomach. We discuss how she operates Takagi Consulting and her training as a practioner of self healing techniques. There is a disclaimer at the end how truly...

Intuitiveness & Self-Alignment

MC Anime Podcast Intuitiveness & Self Alignment S3 EP122 They say trust your intuition and see where it goes. Also, finding the right balance can be success or obstacles in life. I speak with Jennifer Takagi in a session of body and emotional chart reading. Join as I have her go over my finger and the server knife injury I had. Jennifer found that my finger lymph nodes, circulatory system, and then the stomach. We discuss how she operates Takagi Consulting and her training as a practioner of self healing techniques. There is a disclaimer at the end how truly...

Idea Consulting & Creativity Mindset

Ideas comes from places we least expect and can be pretty powerful. These ideas often involve creative engineering to transform them into reality. I talk to Braden Ricketts who is a podcast consultant for Amplify You Networks. We discuss how idea consultanting plays a vital role in production and how someone with a creative mindset can truly think of something amazing. As Braden likes to say, "Your Uniqueness is your Genius," and as of a result let your individuality shine through everything around you. You will be surprised how much you can thrive in your mind and let ideas...

Japan's Mythology Yokai Explained

Japan is known for interesting cultural traditions and one such concept is yokai. Yokai are mysterious creatures of supernatural origins and spirits. It comes from Japanese folklore and refers to spirits, demon, and other strange phenomenon otherwise unexplained. Common types of yokai are characteristics of the true form, the mutation category, external attributes, and others. The yokai that I will be discussing are kitsune, oni, tengu, tsukumogami, and yuki onna. I truly hope that this episode helps put yokai from Japan in a better light for some.

Show Analysis & Character Roles in Jobs

We take shows and assign characters generic roles in real life. Let's say we assign a role of programming then we as hosts will think of characters to fit that role to the best of our knowledge. So, in the sense of anime we give real life roles and think outside of the box to these characters. For example, the retail category we discuss Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins) and AE3803 Red Blood Cell (Cells at Work). We discuss how these characters will be great at retail and specifically mention good qualities relating to retail that the characters show. Join...

Telenovela "Lo Que La Vida Me Robo"

We talked about Susy's favorite soap opera. Susy is a domestic worker and a nurse in a hospital. I love her connection to the soap opera about being a mother. The program is about a woman who had to choose her situation with whom to marry and the benefits of each one. Come and listen, while I talk with Susy about why she loves the show and her related experiences throughout What Life Took From Me show. Thanks to Saylor Cooper for work as a translator on this podcast episode. Here is her facebook social media if you want...

MC Anime's Testimonials & Flashback

I take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the journey along the way. This episode is self evident of the fact looking back at the moments in MC Anime Podcast that are Impactful or rememberable. The discussion will be 12 episodes or so where moments I think were great. Some of these episodes include Misconceptions in Anime, DragonBall VA Stephanie Nadolny, Entertainment Scavenger Hunt, and more. These are some of the moments where I truly feel a strong sense of looking back at testimonials people who were part of the journey. I explain the episodes in brief summary...

The Titanic Movie Review

The Titantic is a movie to remember and one that will live on. The story concerning Kate and Jack is something to admire how they meet and find meaning in each other. As well as love, we have more interesting subjects in Titantic. Talking points in this episode: depicting class struggles in wealth, portraying gender stereotypes, showing historical perspective, responding to panic and so much more in the film. Join as we discuss The Titantic and various plot developments within our conversation. Now, maybe we can find the Heart of the Ocean and truly unravel its secrets in the...

Finding The Perfect Mindset

Mindset impacts everyone and affects our lives in different ways. How someone finds their perfect mindset is up to them and subjective? There is no one size fits all model and that is where having a mindset that you find is so helpful. There are variations to how mindset is achieved and I will be exploring that viewpoint from my special guest speaker Denise Belisle. Denise is a serenity expert and positive intelligence specialist. If you think you could benefit greatly from Denise's services then here is her site

Defenders of the Scroll Preview

Defenders of the Scroll is written by Shiraz Baboo ( and is one of two books published by him. It is a fantasy book about a heroine caster, Dara, who happens to have summon magic. As the name suggests, Dara defends the scroll in which her father bestowed a lot of magic via enchantment. When she uses the Scroll, it is a double edge sword. The Scroll acts as a beacon for enemies to approach the main character. Though, it acts as a beacon the people who want the scroll they have to be careful for...

Alternative Investments & Finance Sector

Alternative Investments is where you can potentially invest money into larger margins. The entire goal is advance money originally invested and yield a positive return. Now, the finance sector is often tricky and difficult to navigate the captail necessary for the future. The most common investments are retirement, property, crytocurrency and other areas. Mainly, people worry about retirement and for good reason as such. Join as I speak with a financial consultant, Lyle Benjamin, who is an author, an entrepreneur, and a nonprofit director. We discuss alternative investments (certificate of deposit, 401K, bonds, etc.) and the future for retirement...

Matrix: How Does It Show Spirituality?

The Matrix is a movie where the fight of the simulated and unsimulated takes full swing. The fight to go against the Machines reveals the struggle of mankind not having freewill in mass mind programming. The spirituality of The Matrix is very evident in the fact that people choosing blue and red pills plus them The Resistance placing hopes in all humanity. Also, the message Neo "The One" holding the power to set people free and let them choose for themselves. There are many meanings in spiritual messages in the Matrix. Join as I speak with Kathyrn Johnson (key...

Halloween Origins & Lore

Halloween is the spirit realm meeting the moral side on Hallow's Eve right before everything gets spooky. The day dates back to Celtic traditions of Samhain. Ancient Samhain was celebrated as spirits pass from the other world into the living with humans. This day was important for between Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice to celebrate the fall harvest through fire festivals and other neat customs. Sometimes, they required sacrifices and had differing variations as well. Join as I speak with Leslie once again about his fascination of Samhain, Day of the Dead, Hallow's Eve and other spooky subjects...

Transpersonal Psychology & It's Benefits

Transpersonal Psychology is the matter in which we maintain our "egoic" counterpart and spiritual self as well. It provides principles to deal with our ego and how to truly manifest ourselves in something more. We find the pause and await the results. Sometimes, we have to be slient and see how living in the moment is good for everyone. Join as I speak with Alan Carroll who works in Transpersonal Pyschology and as a life coach to help people find balance. Please book a consultation with him for it might open opportunities otherwise nonreachable if you dont. If you...

Super Smash Bros. VS Tekken

Fighting games creates an environment where characters are put in combos to fight and do characters mesh ups against one another. Super Smash Melee created a nostalgic playing style and further interaction in the fighting aspect. It also encourages a casual theme and easy skill level to play. Tekken breaks down a skilled character combo playability and adaptability in fighting. These two games provide parallels of the fighting genre but also differences in overall seriousness in both games. Join as I speak with Anton Djinn about his explanations and experiences with both Super Smash Bros and Tekken respectively. If...

Hospitality Industry & How It is Vital

The Hospitality Industry is where travel meets destinations and back as well. The industry follows four main segments food/beverage, travel/tourism, lodging and recreation. I talk with my dear friend Nat about his experiences in US domestic travel and international travel. He discusses what he did and how it is vital in the four segments to get correct while traveling. Also, discusses travel to France, Ecuador, and other places on his journeys. If you like his comentary please visit him at and communicate with them.