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By: Maison Collawn

We are a fandom related podcast dedicated to anime, geek culture, and Japanese Asethics or Asian Studies. Family oriented programming and expect open forum discussion and conversational casual. Join as we discuss the topics important at hand and have an unique perspective for those tuning in. Episodes will vary in content and 60 minutes in length most of the time. The schedule for publishing are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays. Expect 24 hours on third party podcast sites for podcasts to show fully. RSS Feed will have most updated episodes. If you like the content please join us on patreon and...

MC Anime's Testimonials & Flashback
Last Thursday at 2:39 AM

I take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the journey along the way. This episode is self evident of the fact looking back at the moments in MC Anime Podcast that are Impactful or rememberable. The discussion will be 12 episodes or so where moments I think were great. Some of these episodes include Misconceptions in Anime, DragonBall VA Stephanie Nadolny, Entertainment Scavenger Hunt, and more. These are some of the moments where I truly feel a strong sense of looking back at testimonials people who were part of the journey. I explain the episodes in brief summary...

The Titanic Movie Review
Last Tuesday at 3:55 AM

The Titantic is a movie to remember and one that will live on. The story concerning Kate and Jack is something to admire how they meet and find meaning in each other. As well as love, we have more interesting subjects in Titantic. Talking points in this episode: depicting class struggles in wealth, portraying gender stereotypes, showing historical perspective, responding to panic and so much more in the film. Join as we discuss The Titantic and various plot developments within our conversation. Now, maybe we can find the Heart of the Ocean and truly unravel its secrets in the...

Finding The Perfect Mindset

Mindset impacts everyone and affects our lives in different ways. How someone finds their perfect mindset is up to them and subjective? There is no one size fits all model and that is where having a mindset that you find is so helpful. There are variations to how mindset is achieved and I will be exploring that viewpoint from my special guest speaker Denise Belisle. Denise is a serenity expert and positive intelligence specialist. If you think you could benefit greatly from Denise's services then here is her site

Defenders of the Scroll Preview

Defenders of the Scroll is written by Shiraz Baboo ( and is one of two books published by him. It is a fantasy book about a heroine caster, Dara, who happens to have summon magic. As the name suggests, Dara defends the scroll in which her father bestowed a lot of magic via enchantment. When she uses the Scroll, it is a double edge sword. The Scroll acts as a beacon for enemies to approach the main character. Though, it acts as a beacon the people who want the scroll they have to be careful for...

Alternative Investments & Finance Sector

Alternative Investments is where you can potentially invest money into larger margins. The entire goal is advance money originally invested and yield a positive return. Now, the finance sector is often tricky and difficult to navigate the captail necessary for the future. The most common investments are retirement, property, crytocurrency and other areas. Mainly, people worry about retirement and for good reason as such. Join as I speak with a financial consultant, Lyle Benjamin, who is an author, an entrepreneur, and a nonprofit director. We discuss alternative investments (certificate of deposit, 401K, bonds, etc.) and the future for retirement...

Matrix: How Does It Show Spirituality?

The Matrix is a movie where the fight of the simulated and unsimulated takes full swing. The fight to go against the Machines reveals the struggle of mankind not having freewill in mass mind programming. The spirituality of The Matrix is very evident in the fact that people choosing blue and red pills plus them The Resistance placing hopes in all humanity. Also, the message Neo "The One" holding the power to set people free and let them choose for themselves. There are many meanings in spiritual messages in the Matrix. Join as I speak with Kathyrn Johnson (key...

Halloween Origins & Lore

Halloween is the spirit realm meeting the moral side on Hallow's Eve right before everything gets spooky. The day dates back to Celtic traditions of Samhain. Ancient Samhain was celebrated as spirits pass from the other world into the living with humans. This day was important for between Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice to celebrate the fall harvest through fire festivals and other neat customs. Sometimes, they required sacrifices and had differing variations as well. Join as I speak with Leslie once again about his fascination of Samhain, Day of the Dead, Hallow's Eve and other spooky subjects...

Transpersonal Psychology & It's Benefits

Transpersonal Psychology is the matter in which we maintain our "egoic" counterpart and spiritual self as well. It provides principles to deal with our ego and how to truly manifest ourselves in something more. We find the pause and await the results. Sometimes, we have to be slient and see how living in the moment is good for everyone. Join as I speak with Alan Carroll who works in Transpersonal Pyschology and as a life coach to help people find balance. Please book a consultation with him for it might open opportunities otherwise nonreachable if you dont. If you...

Super Smash Bros. VS Tekken

Fighting games creates an environment where characters are put in combos to fight and do characters mesh ups against one another. Super Smash Melee created a nostalgic playing style and further interaction in the fighting aspect. It also encourages a casual theme and easy skill level to play. Tekken breaks down a skilled character combo playability and adaptability in fighting. These two games provide parallels of the fighting genre but also differences in overall seriousness in both games. Join as I speak with Anton Djinn about his explanations and experiences with both Super Smash Bros and Tekken respectively. If...

Hospitality Industry & How It is Vital

The Hospitality Industry is where travel meets destinations and back as well. The industry follows four main segments food/beverage, travel/tourism, lodging and recreation. I talk with my dear friend Nat about his experiences in US domestic travel and international travel. He discusses what he did and how it is vital in the four segments to get correct while traveling. Also, discusses travel to France, Ecuador, and other places on his journeys. If you like his comentary please visit him at and communicate with them.

Seven Deadly Sins SpongeBob Rendition

The seven deadly sins are attributes of humanity that represents the capital vices. These behaviors are greed, gluttony, pride, wrath, envy, lust, and sloth. SpongeBob funny enough has these 7 vices embodied by SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Gary, and Sandy. SpongeBob is an American animation where memes circulate from and as such serves as the inspiration for this episode. Join as Mac and myself discuss episodes that are evident of sins by cast and overall SpongeBob moments. If you like Mac's commentary then please message them on discord Arie#4714.

Sports Fandom & How It Entertains

Sports provides a culture in which it gives fans experience in thrill and passion for the game. It is a Fandom where any type of fan can express who they are and where they drive the interest to entertain. Join as we discuss sports and entertainment behind them. Talking points in this episode includes achievement in team, game festivities, arena atmosphere, invested time, and love for sports.

Asian Studies: Alternative Treatments & Traditional Medicine

Alternative Treatments & Traditional Medicine are aspects of Eastern culture where 2000 years of customs passed down. These techniques are based on pseudo science and based on some benefit for ailments in relief. The practices mentioned at hand are not full replacements for western medicine. Some practices we discuss are acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Tai Chi, Herbal Medicine, and others. Tune in an interesting topic of unconventional ways to find cures or remedies by other means.

Anime As a Case Study

Anime and Japan can be a blend of intrigue and mystery. It creates the idea of anime influences outside of Japan. We use anime as a case study to find examples of how anime integrates itself in the world's sphere and where it presents as a muse for inspiration. We examine animation studios, music, cultural references, social media and other industries impacted by anime. It is an enlightening conversation as we share personal experiences and connections about this topic.

Classic Cartoons & The Decades

Classic Cartoons bring such nostalgia and fond memories of when we might have watched it and remember. I talk with a dear friend of my friend of mine, Reggie, and we discuss cartoons from the 1960s to 2010s. We will provide two examples per decade and how we feel about them. Some of the cartoons mentined are Flintstones, Pink Panther, Thundercats, Batman: The Animated Series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars & others. Join as we explain the shows at hand, the decades they come from, and more about cartoons mentioned. If you liked Reggie as correspondence please follow them on...

The First National Cinema Day

National holidays are invented by people and organizations celebrating a central theme or concept for that day. National Cinema Day was one of those days and was September 3, 2022. It created a day with movie theaters like Regal, AMC, Cinemax and others for 3 dollar movies. The significance for the cinema day has COVID, boost of the summer, and fall timelines for the movie. All of these play a factor in the First National Cinema Day and other discussions on this episode. Plus, stay tuned for movies and how movie theaters basics work. Check out Lesie at<...

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero follows the exploits of Gohan, Piccolo, and friends. Piccolo fights Gamma androids and as a result follows them back to headquarters. It is revealed that Red Ribbon Army is back and Cell Max project as well. Dr. Hedo and Magenta devise yet another version Cell and try to perfect another android. Gamma 2 and Gamma 2 join the fight to defeat Cell Max along side Gohan and the others. We give our reaction DR Super: Super Hero movie and what we think about it.

Stocks Investing: Anime & Manga

Stocks are stakes in a company where you have shares and have a small ownership of the business entity. They pay out dividends to shareholders which is determined by the capital gains or drops in the stock itself. The anime market surely have a rising action and has an influence where lots of potential occurs. Such companies to look out for Toei Animation, CrunchyRoll, FUNimation, and others. We go in further deliberation about the basics of stocks, the anime market of stocks, companies and trends to look out for in general.

Entertainment Scavenger Hunt

MC Anime welcomes you to an orginial game where it tests people's tastes in media. Entertainment Scavenger Hunt is a game of random concepts grouped together and the first person to correctly match them wins the round. Each player is given 3 concepts and it is their job to think of an entertainment property to match them the best they can. Players vote for the winner ideally who was first and if others accept the answer. For example, ballons, gum, and sneakers a correct response will be the movies: It or Sandlot. Join as Leia, Tex, and Rey competes to...

Literary Review of Books

Books are the medium to give arise to information sharing via text and recording purposes. The literary review process of books include a better understanding of a book in an analytical aspect. Its purpose is to give an opinion whether it is recommending the book or rejecting the book. You engage in the text and keep it short in your review. Join as Chemi and myself discuss the elements of book reviews, how they are used and provide the reader book information without spoilers.

Japan's Smart Technology Industry

Japan has many developments and industry building concepts. This is no exception with smart technology. Smart Technology is machinery or electronics to perform specific tasks in the functionality. The "smart" element gives the feature of it being specialized in the task at hand. Japan builds entire concepts on smart technology like flash memory, agricultural advances in rice, smart cities, apps and so much more. Join as we discuss what the smart industry in Japan truly holds and what could the future look like.

Gambling Games & Player Mindset

Gambling is the process in which money of a monetary value is put on an event of chance. The chance is determined by odds or other factors to win the game or even get your wager winnings. We are exploring the Mindset through two roles dealer/operator and the player. The gambling games that we are exploring are poker, horse racing, blackjack, lottery, roulette, and others. Join as I have Chemi ask questions from the player perspective while myself will answer and explain the games from person conducting the game. Gambling creates very interesting discussions and provides a case...

Thor Love and Thunder Review

Thor Love and Thunder explores the adventures of Jane trying to learn Mjolnir. Jane undergoes cancer at stage 4 and seeks Mjolnir as if the hammer calls to her. She is granted the Asgarian biology and embodies Thor powers in a way. In the mean time, Thor has not seen Jane in 8 years and has to deal with memories coming back plus Storm Breaker jealous of him over Mjolnir. The God Butcher, Gorr, wrecks havoc all gods in existence while Jane and Thor are the ones to defeat him for the New Asgard children. Join as we discuss Thor Love...

Friday Night Funkin' Reaction.

Friday Night Funkin' is a music indie rhythmic game. It begins with Boyfriend and Girlfriend who want to develop a dating connection. However, Daddy Dearest stands in the way and only way for Boyfriend to prove his worth is a music battle. The former Rockstar Daddy Dearest challenges and Boyfriend accepts. This brings Boyfriend in the forefront of other characters and music battles over the series. The rhythmic style in the music battles represents sounds mixed together to give the feeling of words. They create unique vibrato such as beep o'bop and others as if they are singing. Join...

Morality and Ethics of Anime

Morality plays a role in values of the person who holds them dear and personal to who they are. Ethics are the practice of justifications of right and wrong in the conduct of the character. In this discussion, we are speaking about morality of characters and ethics of situations in anime. We are examining shows of Ghost in the Shell, Kinos Journey, Monster, Legend of the Galatic Heroes, and more. Leslie Madewell is a guest once again and see how philosophy makes him think. Please support Leslie at Madewell Photography

Expectations for Black Adam Movie

Black Adam movie is coming soon in October 2022. It follows Teth-Adam in Egyptian roots and bestowed powers by Shazam wizard. Black Adam was the Mighy Human before Captain Marvel, Shazam was introduced. The movie has Adam trapped in a magical prison for 5,000 years to only return for Kahndaq to be King. Join as I share my expectations for Black Adam Movie. I will be discussing in detail about "The Rock" role as Black Adam, Justice Society of America, Shazam implications, and others.

Percy Jackson Olympians Questionnaire

Percy Jackson Olympians traces influences in Percy Greek mythology roots. The stories takes the foothold of the demigod Percy whose father is Poesidon. He brings the story together in the several books: The Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters, The Titans Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympicans. Throughout, this discussion Saber and myself will examine Percy Jackson Olympians series. If you liked the commentary of Saber then feel free to direct message him on discord Saber#4321.

Artificial Intelligence Plots in Anime

Artificial Intelligence is the process where computer automation are performing without human intervention. Yes, humanity program these A.I. but usually after they only need maintenance thereafter. Anime plays an interesting role in AI development in the internet, sentient hybrids, human intellect all together, androids, and other forms. Some of the anime plot lines were Ergo Proxy, Serial Lain Experiments, Pyscho-Pass, Chobits and others. These plotlines often vary like AI bringing disaster, no individuality, fighting robots, open interface and other breakthroughs. Technology will continue to grow and artifical intelligence will be one such area to always be expanded on...

Understanding Fans & Fandoms

Fans are the group that drive the Fandom culture and things associated with the entertainment sector. Fandoms are the result of fans giving a property or franchise a follower base enjoying the content. These fandoms drive consumerism, transformative fan made projects, groups of people, subcultures and many more. Learn how fans truly make the impact required in these fields and how they change the status quo in entertainment. Furthermore, let this be the understanding necessary to know fans and fandoms in totally different perspectives than society's lens.

POV For Filming

Point-of-view (POV) is a storytelling technique to convey perspective in the story. The common examples are first-person, second-person, third-person limited, & third-person omniscient. These POV often switch and used interchangeable in who is telling the story and how they tell it. It is very important to use a point of view to establish who is talking, setting the plot, and provide interesting dialogue of the characters. It creates the "I", "you", "he/she", "they" of the stories and pronouns of the characters perspective. It is essential to have the perspective of who is speaking in not only context but general...

Asian Studies: Gunpowder & Fireworks

The history of China and gunpowder plus fireworks being the pivot for the success of "fire drug". The fire drug in China was the source of gunpowder and early firecrackers. The uses of such invention were fireworks, firecrackers/rockets, guns, and bombs. Gunpowder is not of China's 4 Great Intventions without reason. Fireworks being a display for entertainment and brings fire to awe and intrigue. It is beautiful but dangerous as well. Fire is vital in life and hazard at the same time. Gunpowder emits destruction and a show for the eyes to enjoy. Join as I discuss this highly...

American Animation Discussion

Animation is an universal method to bring moving images to characters and stories to tell. United States is no different in this regard. Western Animation takes influence such entertainment like anime and other sources to make orginial content. Often the trope, in America the animation are usually cartoons but served to very popular and media as a whole. Join as I state really notable examples of the craft and how these shows made their way into modern entertainment in America. Some of the shows mentioned are RWBY, The Boondocks, The Legend of Korra, Batman: The Animated Series and Steven's...

Minecraft Gaming & Components to Play

Minecraft is a sandbox game where do you what you want to do with it. The game itself is very diverse and provides so many features to use how you see fit. The game is simple but gives the players so much accessibility and versatility in the game. Join this conversation as I speak with Nick, who is an avid Minecraft player, Yugioh Duelist, and fresh graduate, about Minecraft. We are discussing the modes, the servers, the components to play, the players, the mini games and so much more. Be hold the limitless imagination at your fingertips with Minecraft...

Suspense Anime As We Know It

Suspense is the feeling of the unexpected, excitement, fear and anxiousness. This captures the genre to be very diverse and crossovering to other genres. Anime in Suspense often uses elements of psychological, horror, thriller, and other features to tell the story. Join us we discuss bad Suspense and good Suspense in the category. Some of the shows we are using as examples for Suspense are Death Parade, Future Diary, Pupa, The Island of Giant Insects, and Steins;Gate.

Asian Studies: Philippines & Anime Trends

Philippines is a country by islands and is unique in the the Asian contingent. The country trace tribal origins and also has Spanish colonization. The Spanish influence is a big part for what the Philippines has to offer to its culture and status in Asia. The Phillipines follows Roman Catholicism as the major religion and drives Westernization as a model for the culture aesthetics. Anime in the Philippines is interesting for networks Hero TV, Pop TV, Netflix, Animax, and others make up the programming in this area. Anime legality is scarce in the Fillipino sphere for the importing of...

YGO Simulators & Timelines

Stimulators capture the essence of the models and programming for the concept at hand. YU-GI-OH stimulators create a virtual and digital experience of the game instead of the tabletop version traditionally played. Throughout the years, Yugioh has underdone several renditions of the game and stimulators recreating the essethics of playing. The timeline for these stimulators stretches back to the earliest video games to consoles to mobile and PC devices. Join as I speak with Antimetaman (AM) about YGO Stimulators and Timelines. Antimetaman is a developer for Duelist United, programmer for YGO Pro, and Host Of discord servers. Please support...

Azur Lane & Game Applications

Azur Lane is a mobile with history elements and ships with female pilots. The premise takes historical perspective of Allies vs Red Axis factions with the twist of the sirens. It draws influence from anime in the design for the female pilots and battleships based on WW2 origin. The battleships vary from submarine, surface ships, and airships. Join as I speak with Infected who is an avid player of Azur Lane and the game applications as well.

Asian Studies: Hinduism & Beliefs

Hinduism is a major religion of the world and is one of the oldest. It is has many deities and traditions like the caste system, cows as sacred animals, and others. The modern day religion is predominantly India and highly Indian culture as well. It is intertwined with the history and beliefs of the citizens in India to the point it is national religion. I hope you guys appreciate my brief insight of Hinduism and look at the origins, holy books, major gods, Hindu sects, and much more.

Ending The Big 3 & Legacy

Disclaimer: This episode will contain major spoilers for Naruto, Bleach, & One Piece.

The Big 3 have been widely popular and synonymous with the anime community as Shonen Jump notable publications. Yes, they have not been always at the top all the time but they were long running that is where it starts. As One Piece ends, the Big 3 will be ending as well. Join me as I speak about Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece for their powers and the legacy from each one.

AMV Scoring & Productions

AMV or Anime Music Video is a fan made medium of works, clips, and music all together. It creates captivating visuals and music matching the b-roll footage used. With of all this, you have AMV born and flourish in the online space and private sector. Join as we discuss the framing, video elements, music composition, storytelling, song matching, and sequencing. Who knows maybe one day there will be an AMV election video and one leader for Anime Community.