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By: Maison Collawn

We are a fandom related podcast dedicated to anime, geek culture, and Japanese Asethics or Asian Studies. Family oriented programming and expect open forum discussion and conversational casual. Join as we discuss the topics important at hand and have an unique perspective for those tuning in. Episodes will vary in content and 60 minutes in length most of the time. The schedule for publishing are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays. Expect 24 hours on third party podcast sites for podcasts to show fully. RSS Feed will have most updated episodes. If you like the content please join us on patreon and...

Case Study: A Slient Voice
Last Friday at 1:29 PM

In this episode, we delve into a case study of "A Silent Voice" alongside our guest Crystal, who brings unique insights into the themes and characters of this impactful film. Crystal, known for her thoughtful analysis and engaging commentary, joins us to explore the profound messages conveyed in "A Silent Voice."

Our discussion begins by examining the character of Shōya and his journey through mental health challenges. We delve into the complexities of his struggles, exploring the portrayal of anxiety, depression, and self-forgiveness in the film.

Next, we turn our attention to Shōko an...

Funimation Merging With Funimation

In this episode, we delve into the recent announcement of Funimation merging with Crunchyroll, two of the largest anime streaming platforms. Our guest, Chemi, a featured speaker, TCG player, and retail worker, joins us to explore the significant implications of this industry-shaping move.

We begin by examining the shifting landscape of the streaming industry, highlighting the increasing competition and changing consumer preferences driving companies to secure exclusive content and expand their reach. Sony's strategic decision to acquire Crunchyroll is a focal point of our discussion, as we analyze the motivations behind the acquisition and its potential impact...

Facets of Writing & It's Basics

In this enlightening episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Crystal, a talented fanfic writer, and Emerald, a skilled novelist and scriptwriter. Together, we delved into the multifaceted world of writing, exploring its various facets and fundamental principles.

Our discussion began with a deep dive into storytelling, led by Emerald Lionelle. We explored the art of crafting compelling narratives, discussing the elements of plot, character development, and world-building. Emerald shared valuable insights into the creative process behind storytelling, offering practical tips and techniques for aspiring writers.

Transitioning to the basics of writing, we examined the...

Gender Representation in Asian Society

In this thought-provoking episode, we welcomed Leslie, a podcast host, photographer, and entertainment enthusiast, to explore the nuanced topic of gender representation in Asian society.

Our discussion delved into the status quo of gender in Asian society, unpacking traditional and contemporary perceptions and roles assigned to individuals based on gender. Leslie shared insightful observations on societal norms and expectations, shedding light on the complexities inherent in navigating gender dynamics in Asian cultures.

One key aspect we explored was the concept of "Bishonen" (beautiful youth) and its role in shaping the portrayal of male characters in...

Trading Card Game & Mechanics

In this episode, Crystal, a featured speaker known for her expertise in trading card games (TCGs), joined me in an insightful discussion. As a TCG Player, Hybrid Commission Artist, and Animation Enthusiast, Crystal shared her deep knowledge and insights into the mechanics of popular TCGs.

Together, we explored the intricacies of Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hearthstone, and Cardfight!! Vanguard. Crystal and I delved into the unique gameplay elements of each game, discussing card types, combat systems, and strategic nuances.

Throughout our conversation, both Crystal and I offered valuable perspectives on strategy, deck building...

Cosplayer, Author, & Model

In this dynamic episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Danielle Orsino, a multi-talented individual known for her prowess in cosplaying, fantasy authorship, martial arts, and modeling. Together, we explored the diverse facets of her creative journey.

Our discussion kicked off with a deep dive into Danielle's origins and journey as a cosplayer. We unraveled the inspirations and motivations that fueled her passion for bringing characters to life through costume and embodying them at various events and conventions.

Transitioning into her role as a fantasy author, we explored the fascinating narrative behind "Birth of the...

AR: The Realm of Warminster

In this captivating episode, we were joined by J.V. Hillard, author of The Realm of Warminster, avid Dungeons and Dragons player, and entrepreneur, to delve into the immersive world of augmented reality (AR) gaming.

Our discussion kicked off with an exploration of how Hillard's book universe was ingeniously transformed into an augmented reality experience. We delved into the intricate process of blending storytelling with cutting-edge technology, creating an immersive and interactive gaming environment.

Transitioning to the inspirations behind The Realm of Warminster, we explored Hillard's deep-seated love for Dungeons and Dragons and the fantasy...

Cultural Significance in Anime

In this enriching episode, we delved into the cultural significance of anime with our esteemed guest, Leslie Madewell, a Photographer, Business Owner, and Podcast Host. Together, we explored the multifaceted layers of anime's impact and relevance in today's world.

Our discussion commenced with an exploration of the origins of anime and how it came to be. We delved into the historical and cultural factors that shaped the development of anime, tracing its roots and evolution over time.

Transitioning to reflections on Japanese society, we examined how anime serves as a reflection of the social, political...

Asian Studies: Eastern VS Western Storytelling

In this thought-provoking episode, we welcomed Crystal, a Commission Artist, TCG Player, and Animation Enthusiast, to delve into the captivating realm of Asian Studies. Together, we explored the intriguing comparison between Eastern and Western storytelling techniques.

The episode began with an exploration of the Hero's Journey, a quintessential narrative structure prevalent in Western storytelling. Crystal provided insights into the key stages of the Hero's Journey and how it has shaped countless narratives in Western literature and media.

We then transitioned to the Kishotenketsu story structure, a traditional narrative framework commonly found in East Asian storytelling...

Character Design & Theme Methods

In this enlightening episode, we welcomed the talented Emerald, a renowned MLP creator, streamer, and gamer, known as @mlpunplug5480 on YouTube and Emerald_Woods on Discord. Our exploration centered on the intricate art of character design and the fascinating methods behind incorporating themes.

The discussion unfolded into the diverse landscape of character design, with Emerald providing insights into his process of crafting characters within specific landscapes. We delved into the creative interplay between characters and their environments, discovering how the setting influences and shapes their personalities. Notably, Emerald shared his expertise on contributing to three distinct landscapes...