Deep Thoughts with Ben and Owen

26 Episodes

By: TheMuffinTop

Greetings and welcome to the Deep Thoughts podcast, where we (Ben, Owen, and various friends) try and talk about whatever topic we think of. New episodes every Saturday! Usually. If you like our voices and want to see us actually do stuff, check out our YouTube, TheMuffinTop!

Ep. 26: Origins of TheMuffinTop
Last Saturday at 12:00 PM

Greetings charming listeners! In this episode, we discuss how our New Year's was spent, look back at how our podcast and Youtube channel has expanded in its short life, and remember all the dumb decisions we made along the way!

Ep. 25: The Hate Club

Greetings beautiful listeners! In this episode, Ben can't come in because of work, so Morgyn takes his spot, as well as Owen's dog and a special call-in guest!

Ep. 24: Pickle Golf EXTREME

Greetings fantabulous listeners! In this episode, Ben talks about eating mold, his lack of sickness, and we reminisce on memories from freshman year PE class.
Also I am aware it sounds like we are talking in a can, but I promise we're using a new microphone we're just a little too far away from it. Oops. 

Ep. 23: Bone Cookies for Santa

Greetings fabulous listeners! In this episode, Ben talks about his Christmas traditions, Hayden talks about his Christmas movie rating, and Owen learns about some movies he hasn't seen yet but probably should have by now. Merry Christmas!

Ep. 22: Ben's Pinky Toe and Mandela's Mind Ray

Greetings delectable listeners! In this episode, Hayden makes a surprise guest appearance and Ben quizzes us on some common Mandela effect scenarios!

B-Roll (ska) - Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Ep. 21: Coins, Colors, and Wizards

Greetings, fabulous listeners! In this episode, Ben and Owen struggle to come up with things to talk about, which naturally leads to random topics, such as the "personality" test we took recently!

Ep. 20: Saving the Sea Turtles

Greetings darling listeners! In this episode, we bring our friend Thomas on to tell us a story of a totally legit mission trip to Costa Rica and Ben discusses his concerning sick day routine.

Ep. 19: The Ol' Shuttlecock

Greetings splendiferous listeners! In this episode, we bring Hayden back on as a guest, discuss Ben's black hole stomach, and various things that happen during fall!

Ep. 18: Debt and Danny Devito

Greetings beautiful listeners! In this episode, Ben becomes a stripper, Morgyn talks about lying, Owen pays Morgyn back for food, and everyone freaks out about the cast of the Lorax. Oh also we try to talk about money I guess.

Ep. 17: The Microphone(s) from HELL

Everything is either breaking or won't work for literally no reason at all, so naturally we rant about it instead of staying on topic!

Ep. 16: Poisoned Candy is Delicious

Greetings, you delightful listeners! In this episode we bring Morgyn on again and talk about old Halloweens and costumes we've worn, as well as a super short murder story! Happy Halloween!

Ep. 15: Super Spooky Ghost Stories

Greetings delightful listeners! In this one we tell a few tales that almost have real ghosts in them! Almost!

Ep. 14: Axes and Jazz Music

Greetings dear listeners! In this episode we have our friend Morgyn back on to discuss a spooky murder case that happened close to where we live! And as always we stay entirely on topic the whole time 100%.

Ep. 13: Professional Movie Critics

Greetings, all you lovely listeners! In this episode we discuss absolutely terrifying horror movies we've seen and recommend to every person ever. Also we now exist on platforms other than YouTube, so go listen there too! (And if you already are, congratulations, you are now superior to the others)

Ep.1: Cloning is Cool.. or is it?!

This is our first episode of our Podcast, Deep Thoughts (with Ben and Owen). In this episode we talk about the science of human cloning and set the stage for deeper thoughts. Enjoy!

Ep.2: Cloning Makes Humans?!

In the second episode of Deep Thoughts (with Ben and Owen), we think even deeper on the topic of cloning and such.

Ep. 3: We Attempt to Explain all of Zelda

In the third episode of Deep Thoughts with Ben and Owen, we bring our dear friend and “Hylian Historian” Hayden along to attempt to explain the complicated timeline that exists in the Legend of Zelda series. Also, we’re doing longer episodes now! :D

Ep 4: The Afterlife is Whack!

In this episode of Deep Thoughts, we (poorly) attempt to delve into the meaning of death and what comes after. And if you hear birds and/or the sounds of lost souls, no you didn’t.

Ep. 5: The Wonderful World of Amazon Products

In this episode of Deep Thoughts with Ben and Owen, we find some bizarre and/or weirdly useful things that you can buy online!

Ep. 6: Attempting to explain more Zelda

Greetings lovely humans! In this episode of Deep Thoughts, we bring Hayden back on to try and wrap up the Zelda timeline to the best of our ability to our good (and confused) friend Ben.


In this episode of Deep Thoughts, we initiate the first-ever annual Great Food Debate, the battle between corn and spaghetti. Also, we have our unpaid artist Jacksón to try to focus long enough to judge the winner!

Ep. 8: Pets n' Stuff

After an extensive break from uploading, we have revived our souls and are once again able to produce glorious content for your eye holes and ear holes. Please enjoy to your cardiovascular system's content. Also, PETS!

Ep. 9: Magical Mind Stuff

Greetings dear viewers, in this episode of Deep Thoughts (with Ben and Owen) we delve deep into people with special abilities that normal mortals aren't gifted with. Fun!

Ep. 11: Masters of Cooking

Greetings dear viewers! This time around we try our hardest to think of something to talk about and end up talking about food a bunch. Maybe we were just hungry.

Ep. 12: We're Gettin' Watched

Greetings delicious viewers! Today we bring in our friend Morgyn to tell us the spoOoOooky tale of The Watcher to begin the spooky season! Also we're all spooky now!

Ep. 10: We DEFINITELY Talk About Machines

Greetings wonderful viewers and welcome back to Deep Thoughts! This time we try our hardest to talk about anything related to machines and we very much do, yup definitely talk about machines.