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By: Mikey Krenek

It's allllllll Cool Dad's Basement!!! (This is honestly just Mikey Krenek is Unemployed with a fresh coat of paint but baby its good to be babbling)

More Like LAME Theory
Last Sunday at 4:00 PM

On dreaming, the Game Theory YouTube channel, and a few other things as well. 

The Top 5 Years (That Haven't Happened Yet) Of All Time
Last Saturday at 5:00 PM

A look into to the future using maths, sciences, and ancient alchemies, all things I'm actually super good at. 

Cool Dad Yule Dad
Last Friday at 4:00 PM

That title has very little if anything to do with this episode about INFLUENCERS and BECOMING AN INFLUENCER and TIK TOK and SANTA SONGS VS JESUS SONGS (Sorry trying to improve my algo) 

The Truth About Trees AND A Major Announcement

Let's talk trees *and* the official announcement of the greatest holiday podcast* of all time.

*made by me

The Top Five (Moments From) Christmas Songs Of All Time

Apparently it's "against the rules" to play full songs on a podcast, but Johnny Law never accounted for someone as clever as I. Here's the Top 5 Christmas Song Moments of All Time. 

A Holiday Stampede

We kick the holiday season off right by talking Black Friday, the perils of recording early, and inflatable decorations. 

Emergency Episode: Apologizing For Being Canceled

An apology and an EXPLANATION, not an EXCUSE, an EXPLANATION. Very different. 

Thanksgiving Tier Lists

Pies and Sides: Tiered, just the way you like 'em. 

Having a Normalized One

Let's talk about some things to normalize (and not normalize) this holiday season. 

Earnest. Scared. Stupid.

This is one of those honest episodes, so buckle up baby. 

Actually Speaking of Hypotheticals

This episode poses you a hypothetical question (10:08)  and consider it's many implications. and then email your reply. Or find @MikeyKrenek on any social media site. 

The Top 5 Harry Potter Characters of All Time

I've never read any of the Harry Potter books and I've seen a few of the movies. 

RIP Westworld

The worst once-good television show ever has been canceled and the best never-bad podcast is going to talk about it. 


It's the ultimate Trick and Treat, we're reading Reddit posts out loud!!! 

Halloween Safety Tips For Parents of Children w/ Dr. Balloonicus

The foremost Balloon Physician/Child Smile-Maker Dr. Balloonicus with some must-hear Halloween Safety Tips For Parents

Could It Be Possible?: An Encounter with Bigfoot

Listen to one man's harrowing tale of his experience with the legendary cryptid Bigfoot. Fact? Fiction? Only you can answer that. 

Coach Dad's NFL Half an Hour Week 8

Ranking the big trades, a ghost of Coach Dad's past haunting him once again, and the only spooky twist ending of any NFL podcast this week! What more could you want? 

The Most TOXIC Thing About Halloween

That's right folks, we're doing a hard-hitting piece on the most unacceptable, downright toxic thing about Halloween and scary movies. What is it? You have to listen to the show, sorry. 

The Bracket Show: Halloween Candy

The greatest Halloween Candy of all time and my most embarrassing story all at once, in what I consider to be the greatest episode of Cool Dad's Basement ever. 

Michael Myers v Jason v Donald Trump v Ron DeSantis

With a name like that, this is a MUST listen! (Thanks Townsquare Media for teaching me everything I know about content development) 

Coach Dad's NFL Half an Hour Week 7

Hut Hut Hi! Another topsy turvy week in the NFL means your classic Coach Dad brand of recaps and picks, plus two special guest picks and a bad case of buyer's remorse. 

The Casual NBA Fan's Guide to the Eastern Conference

Back today with some Eastern-style analysis, which is the same style as the Western analysis, but just with different teams. 

The Casual Fan's Guide to the Western Conference

Trying to just kinda follow the NBA this year? Cool Dad's Basement has you covered. Get the key scoop on each NBA team in the West in Part 1 of our Casual Fan's Guide. 

Coach Dad's NFL Half an Hour Week 6

It's Week 6. How will Coach Dad back bounce from his first losing week ATS? With honesty, care, and desperation. 

MLB Divisional Playoffs Preview

Hit .750 on the WC round without prepping, so why start now? 

The Bracket Show: Cereals

This is an exciting new feature where we do a bracket, this time of breakfast cereals! 

MLB Wildcard Preview

Hands down the *most* unprepared MLB playoff preview you'll hear this year. 

Coach Dad's NFL Half An Hour Week 5

Coach Dad is back in biz with some brand new segments. Which teams are most likely to pick in the Top 4 of the NFL Draft? Which teams are most likely to meet in the title games? Find out in the First and Final Fours, PLUS the same high quality Coach Dad analysis you've come to love. 

Who's Got Next (Door?)

The greatest social media platform on the world wide web and why its weird to go to an anime convention at 60. 

The *TWISTED* Side of Pixar

People are gonna see that badass title and know this is a spooktacular way to spend your October 1st. Happy 1st Birthday, Cool Dad's Basement!!!! 

Trevor No-tSadToSeeYouGO-ah

Trevor Noah is leaving the Daily Show. Is anyone upset? I don't know! We investigate this AND more on today's Cool Dad's Basement. 

Coach Dad's NFL Half and Hour Week 4

A little late, but you can be late when you're 31-16-1 against the spread. Coach Dad's got his usual recaps, picks, celebrity  guests and NFL rival. Who is it? Find out! 

EDIT: Oops! Uploaded the raw, pre-edit file first. Still not mic quality, but a much better file is now live. Don't blame me, I'm working for free. 

Coach Dad's EMERGENCY NFL 15 Minutes

Coach Dad DEMANDED this time to make some adjustments to his picks, and who am I to argue with a legend? 

Sit Down Comedy

Today was supposed to be a Rushmore, but I don't feel good. So here's me reading some standup material that I will never, ever perform in front of a live audience. 

Cries for Yelp: Reviewing Fast Food Reviews

Yelp Dot Com has always been a place where people can get perspective on local establishments and where local psychopaths can leave insane reviews of individual fast food chain locations. Let's enjoy it. 

Coach Dad's NFL Half An Hour Week 3

Certified Sharp Coach Dad is 21-11 ATS this season...are you going to doubt that kind of expertise? 

Don't Drink Coke on the 4th of July:, 9/11, and the Rise and Fall of "Verified Truth" Part 1

The first of a multipart series about how the Internet shaped society after the biggest tragedy in American history ripped it asunder. This is a very different episode of Cool Dad's Basement to say the least. 

A Trip To Computer World

Ever think about how wild it is that there are people on this earth who didn't even know what the internet was in high school who are now expected to not b we terrified of the Metaverse? That's what I'm aiming to explore with this new CDB episode type...Computer World. 

God Save The Little Mermaid

Two BIG OL news stories that I don't quite understand certain opinions are the menu today. Even if you think you know what I think, tune in. It may surprise you to discover how FURIOUS I am about a black King Triton. 

Coach Dad's NFL Half An Hour Week 2

Coach Dad is back and over .500 (twice!), meaning he's eminently qualified to provide you with the only half an hour you need to come to an expert understanding of Week 2.