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Welcome to the, Growth by Shawn podcast. I am your host, Shawn Rivers. I initially created this platform with the intention of helping people through the lenses of others perspectives: sharing their growth and other passions. I touch on everything from physical health and fitness to personal development, mindset and anything in between. I am a nutrition and wellness coach that brings my own philosophies to training, dieting, diet culture and recovery as well.

How Breathwork Changed Amanda's Entire World with Amanda Russo

Tune in this week to a real and raw conversation with Amanda Russo. 

What to Expect in the Aspect: 
- The physical side of growth
- Health Benefits of Walking
- Amanda's up and down weight loss journey
- The power of community
- What does Breathwork even mean
- A Utah Breathwork Retreat
- You have done harder things than breathing
- Can You do Multiple Breathwork Sessions in a Day? 
- What Problems Does Breathwork Solve? 
- Finding Out Who You're Meant to be With

How to Get Back on Track After Easter

Do you feel like all your progress was ruined after you overate yesterday? Many of us fall into this mentality and build momentum in the wrong direction because of one "bad" meal. 

My goal is to help build healthy relationships with food and actually make the progress you are looking for in your body and mind. 

I hope this podcast is the perspective shift you're looking for

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Should You Stop Dieting if You Binge Eat? with Amanda Jostad

Amanda Jostad's journey to health and fitness started at the young age of just 12 years old. Amanda has had a roller coaster of a journey, overcoming binge eating and now helping women build a better relationship with themselves and with food. Amanda is a women's health and fitness coach who brings fresh insights around food and food relationships with  her personal and client journeys. 

There is more and more awareness being built around binge eating.

This Episode Includes: 
- What Binge Eating is
- Food Relationships
- How that Impacts Your Relationship wit...

Life Lessons From an Alcoholic with Dr. Swart

Dr. Christopher Swart is an exercise science professor where he opens up about his struggle with alcoholism for the first time publicly. Dr. Swart is a well respected professor who has his P.H.D in Exercise Physiology along with a laundry list of other credentials. 

In this episode you will find: 
- What to Expect in AA
- Sports Vs Alcohol 
- What does an Alcoholic Really Look Like? 
- Controlling How Much You Drink
- Identifying Alcoholism as a Disease
- The Role of a Support System
- How...

5 Pillars of Fat Loss

There are 100s of diets
1000's of workout plans
What do you actually need to follow to lose bodyfat? 

These are 5 of my most basic pillars that you can implement and embody today for true sustainable success. When you can master the basics your fat loss journey can become much more fun and effortless. 

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Deep Dive on Making Fat Loss Sustainable and Common Misconceptions with Bryan Fitzsimmons

Bryan Fitzsimmons is an online health and fitness coach who also works in person with a select group of clients. Bryan first started at a chain gym called Curves out of the Greater Boston area. During his time there, he developed a deep love for training specifically women over 40. 

What to Expect:
- F45 and Orange Theory
- What "Good Coaching" Really is
- Are Women Over Eating or Under Eating?
- Navigating Eating Out
- Are protein Bars Ruining Your Progress?
- Navigating Hunger Cues
- Approaching Grocery Shopping

The AI Takeover! AI Masterclass with Josh Powers

Join Josh Powers and your host Shawn Rivers as they have committed to bringing you a podcast episode every single month. Today, we cover a full masterclass of Artificial Intelligence and what to expect and how to not get left behind. 

In this episode: 
- Monthly/Weekly Recap
- Launching AI
- Beginning to Utilize AI
- What is Real?
- The Energy of AI
- Can this Reconnect Us?
- Creating Jobs with AI
- Levels of Consciousness 
- Reality Creation
- Artificial Awareness
- The...

The Secrets to How Ashton Blew up On Instagram and Tik Tok with Ashton McGettigan

Ashton Mcgettigan is a men's fitness coach, guiding men to get under 200lbs and take control of their lives. Ashton Specializes in helping men get back under 200lbs and feel truly confident in themselves. Ashton walks us through some strategies that helped him reach over 250k followers across platforms. 

- Where We're Going Wrong with fat loss
- How Your Environment is Serving You
- Relationship Challenges
- Being Shadow Banned On Instagram
- Creating Better Social Media Content
- The Next Wave of Content
- The Creative Process of Content

Building Your Self Worth, Identity, Meal Prep and Your Spirituality with Nicole Dewes

Join this weeks guest, Nicole Dewes as she is an online health and fitness coach who leads women to become the strongest and most confident version of themselves. Nicole is a YouTuber, online fitness coach and content creator. 

Here's What to Expect in this Episode: 
- Worth in Your Physical Appearance
- Being Seen, Heard and Understood
- Building Awareness
- The Thief of Comparison 
- Nicole's Prep Journey
- Identity Work
- Failure
- Relationships
- Meal Prep
- Cooking Tips
- Spirituality
- App...

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

In this short episode, I cover basic steps you can use today to start meditating on your own. There are 100s of different ways to meditate. The most important aspects are learning how to regulate your nervous system and the intention behind what you do. 

Wim Hof Breathing Technique:

Solfeggio Frequencies:

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