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By: Mark Greenburg

Join author, speaker, and coach Mark Greenburg, along with leaders from a variety of fields, where Mark will translate powerful life lessons and leadership strategies into real-world techniques you can put into play at work and home right now. You will learn new ways to address conflict, equip yourself with easy-to-implement tools, and spend more time focused on what you love about leading the most important people in your lives. You will gain an insightful game plan to foster strong leaders and productive team players, all while gaining a deeper understanding of yourself in the process. You’ll leave having la...

Larry Hagner
Yesterday at 9:00 PM

This week I sit down with Larry Hagner, host of The Dad Edge Podcast. I kick off the show sharing my encounter with Hillary Clinton and a lesson learned from Nelson Mandela. We discuss Larry’s childhood growing up in a toxic household, Larry’s eye-opening experience as a parent, the power of shame, commonalities between parenting and leadership, superheroes and vulnerability, managing our own versions of “Kryptonite”, dealing with criticism, and we throw in a little pop culture along the way. 

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Jon Harris

This week I sit down with Jon Harris, founder of Athlife. I kick off the show with lessons learned from my kidney stone, how to diffuse conflict at work and at home, Jon shares an overview of Athlife, we discuss challenges pro athletes face when the cheering stops, mental health in sports, the need to teach life skills to HS athletes, how to get your team out of a slump, being OK with failure, and we dish on some old school basketball memories from the 80’s.

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Todd Adams

This week I sit down with Todd Adams, host of Zen Parenting Podcast. I kick off the show with my thoughts on the "Thrill Of Victory" and "The Agony Of Defeat", I come full circle with Todd and share a story from 2015 regarding my mental health, Todd discusses the inner critic and how to bring mindfulness into your life, the need to appear imperfect in front of our teams, the importance of modeling failure, dealing with an “absence of consciousness” in corporate culture, and an optimistic way in which we can view conflict. We also shar...

Brandon Laws

Interview With Brandon Laws

This week Mark had the pleasure of talking with Brandon Laws, host of “Transform Your Workplace.” Mark begins with a great story about how leadership comes in all sizes and what we can learn from a 13-year old. Brandon and Mark tackle the fringe benefits we provide our kids on a daily basis, Brandon shares his recipe on how to create a healthy culture at the office and at home, the need for mental health awareness, the need for creating a coaching culture, , and Mark shares a fantastic technique that you can use for those that getting your kids off...

Ryan Dempster

This week Mark is joined by World Series champion and former Chicago Cub Ryan Dempster. Ryan shares his experience playing baseball as a kid in British Columbia, his philosophy on youth sports, his first encounter with Nolan Ryan, the parent as a leader, the importance of failure, and his recipe for being the best version of yourself both on and off the field. Mark shares the 6 most important words a parent can say to their child, and Ryan sheds light on the stigma of mental health in sports and society. They conclude with a challenge to raise money and...

Interview With Dr. Seth Preminger

This week Mark is joined by child psychologist Dr. Seth Preminger. They discuss life lessons learned during the pandemic and the need to teach resiliency at work and at school. Dr. P. and Mark also dive into identifying the root of the parent and leader as a micromanager, as well as some tips to get “unstuck.” Mark shares his 3-most important words when communicating with someone and tells the harrowing story of the time he almost got eaten by a wolf. Be sure to stick around until the end for an exciting offer.

Interview With My Dad

This week Mark is joined by his dad, Fred Greenburg, founder of Fred's Camp. Fred's tells the inspiring story of how he fulfilled his life long dream by opening up his own private summer camp, Fred's Camp, at the age of 50. He candidly shares his triumphs and roadblocks, as well as his recipe for success. Mark also razzes on his dad's golf game and lack of technology in his life. Check out this entertaining and inspirational back and forth between a father and a son.

The Emotional Tug Of War

In this episode Mark tells the story of his fight at O"hare Airport, deconstructs the childhood game tug of war, shares how one phrase can decrease tension and conflict, and touches on World Mental Health Day. 

Lead At Work and At Home