10 Episodes

By: Steve Bushotee, Len LaGuardia, Jeremy Girard, Travis Bolles

This show is hosted by enthusiasts of the Mythic Legions toy line created by Fourhorsemen Studios. The guys will deliver relevant news as well as discuss figures and character bios.

Chapter 44

Steve, Emil and Len discuss LegionsCon 2023 exclusive reveals before doing a Faction Focus of the legion of Arethyr.

Chapter 43

Steve and Len welcome Emil Wickman as he leads them through a Necronominus faction tour. 

Chapter 43

Len and Steve talk All Stars 6 and pick their favorite Mythic Females.

chapter 42

Nate strong joins Len and Steve for this Chapter. Sit down and find out what makes this Legions Lounge host tick.

Chapter 41

Len and Steve evaluate different types of Mythic Legions collectors.

Chapter 40

Jesse Arnold joins Len and Steve to discuss the newly revealed Necronominus wave of Mythic Legions

Road Trip to LegionsCon 2022

Steve and Len are joined by Curtis Ackerman as they do a faction study of the two factions expected to be focused on in this upcoming G Con reveal.

Chapter 39

Steve and Len answer listener questions!

Chapter 38

Steve, Jeremy and Len are joined by Tomas Rydberg to discuss what their collections might look like if they were only allowed one figure per faction

Chapter 37

Mythic Mistakes is the topic of this episode! Listen as Jeremy, Steve and Len share the dumb things they have done along their journeys through Mythic Legions collecting!