40 Episodes

By: Steve Bushotee, Len LaGuardia, Jeremy Girard, Travis Bolles

This show is hosted by enthusiasts of the Mythic Legions toy line created by Fourhorsemen Studios. The guys will deliver relevant news as well as discuss figures and character bios.

Chapter 41
Last Wednesday at 1:24 AM

Len and Steve evaluate different types of Mythic Legions collectors.

Chapter 40

Jesse Arnold joins Len and Steve to discuss the newly revealed Necronominus wave of Mythic Legions

Road Trip to LegionsCon 2022

Steve and Len are joined by Curtis Ackerman as they do a faction study of the two factions expected to be focused on in this upcoming G Con reveal.

Chapter 39

Steve and Len answer listener questions!

Chapter 38

Steve, Jeremy and Len are joined by Tomas Rydberg to discuss what their collections might look like if they were only allowed one figure per faction

Chapter 37

Mythic Mistakes is the topic of this episode! Listen as Jeremy, Steve and Len share the dumb things they have done along their journeys through Mythic Legions collecting!

Chapter 36

Jeremy, Steve and Len Welcome Nate Baertsch to LegionsCast to recap PowerCon 2022!

Chapter 35

All Stars 5 + is the topic, but this time Jeremy and Steve bring in Len Laguardia and Emil Wickman to help break down this new wave of Mythic Legions toys.

Chapter 34

Lord Steven is joined by Anthony Houseal As they discuss news and predict the future of figure Obcura.

Chapter 33

Steve and Jeremy serve up another chapter of Legionscast! Get caught up on Legions news and here predictions for the near future of Legions mania!

Chapter 32

Travis and Steve talk to MOTU Joe and Russ Colter of Retro Rags Ltd about their awesome Mythic Legions apparel!

Chapter 31

Steve and Jeremy discuss Cosmic Legions Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight pre-order before digging into the lore of the Order of Eathyron.

Chapter 29

Before Steve leaves for vacation him and Jeremy Girard squeeze in an impromptu episode. LegionsCon 2022 is discussed before the two hosts take a deep dive discussing Orcs in the land of Mythoss.

Chapter 28

Steve and Jeremy have a short LegionsCon recap before discussing customozing and their top 5 sleeper figures of the line.

Chapter 27

Steve and Jeremy (LBC) Girard present Legions news and commentary! Get yourself caught up on current events before the guys pick their top three figures they would like to see updated.

Chapter 26

Cosmic Legions are here! Travis, Steve and Jeremy talk about the brand new Cosmic Launch!

Chapter 25

Jeremy (LBC) Girard and Steven break down the first teaser image from Cosmic Legions before discussing their thoughts on fudging non-Mythic Legions figures into the collection.

Chapter 24

Lord Steven and Jeremy Girard explore Gobhollow as they dissect the Cavern Goblin race in the land of Mythoss

Chapter 23

Jeremy Girard joins Steve to discuss LegionsCon, Legions shop, Wolf King Customs, fan votes, Jeremy’s bad hotel choices and more!

Chapter 22

Steve and Travis talk about displaying their collections and give a rundown of their orders for the Deluxe Legion Builder wave. LegionCon is coming and the boys express their excitement.

Special interview with the Mythic Legions game developers and Jim from four horsemen studios

Legionscast with the Four Horsemen

Get the details on the all new Deluxe Legion Builder wave of Mythic Legions straight from the horses mouth.

Chapter 21

Tales of All Stars 4 are told while our hero’s look to the future of Mythos. Also legends of Sir Owain and the evil Tibius are retold.

Chapter 20

Jeremy Girard joins as the boys explore the new landscape of Mythos! Orcs and Elves have been spotted on the horizon, and talks of a new adventure can be heard if one can quiet his own tongue.

Chapter 19

Come hither!! There is word of games, Orcs, and All Stars 3! Listen and be learned.

Chapter 18

Steve and Travis chat about all things Mythic in this all new episode.

Chapter 17

The guys re-cap Mythic Weekend and open up a gift from Trevor Williams.

LegionsCon 2020 Info Special Episode

Tune in as Jeremy Girard tells us what to expect from LegionsCon 2020.

Chapter 16

Three weary travelers share tales of the aftermath of Exodus, and look to the future of the land of Mythoss.

Chapter 15

Travis and Steve catch up on Mythic Legions news! Custom piece sales are coming often supplying the rabid fans with new options for their armies. Settle in and pick a nice stool to listen to the conversation.

Chapter 14

The boys return after a long quest to with new PowerCon early release figures to review, as well as a slew of custom pieces to outfit the armies of Mythos!

Chapter 13

Ho! Enter the dungeon and listen to thieves and murderers discuss the subculture of Mythoss. Hear tales of custom parts that can magically change ordinary citizens into brand new characters and monsters. Be careful not to be changed yourself! Also listen to your guide mumble the known facts about the mysterious Raygorr! Enjoy!

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 may be short, but it brings exploits of bravery as competition ensues for a small dismembered heads from My Action Figure Customs! Word is also told of a prized Kickapoo waiting to meet its lucky owner.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is here! Eavesdrop on two unknowing peasants talk about hero’s and villains of the world of Mythoss.

Chapter 10

Listen to Travis and Steve be entertained by the famous artisan Jeremy Girard as he tells stories of Mythoss. You wont want to miss the tales of a craftsman such as this, so grab your warmest tunic and find you place at the campfire.

Chapter 9

Drink your ale while listening to three fools discuss market prices, legends of horrible villains from the Legion of Arethyr, and beautiful custom artistry.

Chapter 8

This episode features artist Nate Baertsch! Nate brings stories of inspirational art surrounding the characters of Mythoss as we recieve them inside of their plastic prisons. You have to listen to this one. Your LegionsCast hosts may be sub par, but they captured a great guest.

Special Episode featuring H Eric “Cornboy” Mayse from Four Horsemen Studios

Grab a seat around the campfire and hear the latest Mythic Legions news straight from the “Horsemen’s” mouth!

Chapter 7

Find shelter from your weary travels and settle in to listen to stories of warriors of all shapes and sizes. Legionscast is ready to discuss the Mythoss marketplace and renew your interest in characters like Bromdenn ironjaw and the vicious creature known as Boarrior.

Chapter 6

Board your steed at the stable and head to the inn for drink, rest, and stories of Mythoss.Tales of fantastical eBay prices, beautiful customizations and well chosen articulation points will be told. Stay till the end to hear rumors of Gorgo Aetherblade and Bothar Shadowhorn’s place in the legends of Mythoss.