2 Hoes Figuring It Out

10 Episodes

By: Jessica & Eric

1 Human 1 Animal, young couple existing in this STRANGE REALM called life, from a Downtown LA Loft to the entire universe, we share HILARIOUS self-awareness stories/experiences!! CALL IT SELF-HELP! CALL IT THERAPY! CALL IT COMEDY! CALL IT STUPID! Whatever you call it... we call it REALITY! TABOO??????????? We'll always bare our NAKED souls to you & BRING THE GOOD VIBES! Eric & Jessica... JUST 2 HOES FIGURING IT OUT! haha New VIDEO Episodes every week! Follow us for sneak peaks into our sexy lives.. jk lol @2hoesfio IG, Twitter, FB, Spotify, Apple, Youtube, TikTok

Ep. 10 - Our first trip out of the country... TOGETHER!!
Last Thursday at 2:37 AM

We traveled together! Experiencing Mexico like a local as Americans was a wild, fun, sad, annoying, exciting, frustrating, scary, amazing… even sexyyyyy ;) We learned a lot about each other as a couple from an unplanned trip we took to meet FAMILY in a foreign country for the first time... and there was NO RAGRETS (not even a letter) lol

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Ep. 9 - Should we get TATTOOS!?!?!?!
Last Tuesday at 2:44 AM

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Are you allowed to act different despite having a strict stance on an idea? Our tattoo virginities are yet to be popped but we are excited to share thoughts that can cause turmoil internally and how we decide to act on those acts based on our new "reality".

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Ep. 8 - Sleep Problems!!!!!

Sometimes our heads keep us awake at night, more than we'd like to admit actually… but in those moments we find clarity despite the chaos in our heads. Having a partner that understands without completely dumping everything on them is key. We share intimate thoughts because vulnerability is HEALTHY, hope you can relate :)

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Ep. 7 - Little Caesarrrrrsss

In this episode we become high class bitches doing what we do best... which is eat pizza and soda out of wine glasses... while on an edible haha We go down memory lane and share stupid stories revolving little Caesars. Not everything needs to be fancy, it's all about good conversations and company!

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Ep. 6 - Ass or Titties!? (Couple's Preferences)

The infamous question, ass or titties? We share our honest stories/experiences of our preferences as a couple with no filter and no jealousy haha Male and Female perspective without the judgement, we would love to hear the world's perspective too!

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Ep. 5 - Our Virginities!! (gone forever lol)

Why does the human species make suuuuuch a big deal about virginities?? Why do parents have such strange rules about it?? We share our intimate moments with NO SHAME. JUST LOVE & HUMOR .❤️ We'd love to hear your story cause no story is ever the same!! Break stereotypes!!

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Ep. 4 - Are we justifying trying edibles?! :O

dOn'T dO tHiS! dOn'T dO tHaT! Trying new things are scary, trying new things is WEIRD. What works for someone might work you! If not, why judge it? Keep trying new things and spreading love with what works for YOU! Keep trying new things our hoes ❤️

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Ep. 3 - Oh no! Me so so so sad =(

Dealing with sadness f'n sucks!

Ep 2 - Moved In Together in 7 MONTHS!!!

When is the right time to move in?! Some say ASAP, some say 1 year of dating, some 5 years after dating, and some say AFTER MARRIAGE... well.. we felt the vibe and said NOW?? why the f not?? This is our story and if it feels right for ya, we'll cheer ya on!! What works for us, might not work for others... its all about 2 Hoes Figuring It Out! ;) Comment, Rate, Follow, Like, & Subscribe for more!! *korean finger hearts*


Just "2 hoes" introducing themselves, we want to feel your insides by sharing what's in OUR insides ;( Like everyone in the world, we just want to be understood in a deeper level and hope you can relate with our HIGHS and LOWS. Cheaper than therapy, share a laugh, share a thought with some thots. This is Eric & Jessica coming live from LA to the world.

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