Hello Meeples! Boardgame Podcast

5 Episodes

By: Russell and Jennifer Archey

Hello Meeples! We're a couple (literally) of board gamers that love the hobby so much we decided to just...start talking about it. Russell and Jennifer--that's us--have been a part of multiple gaming groups, drawn in our family, and hooked our kids on board gaming for the last 20 years. Need more talk about your favorite obsession? Hearing dice in your sleep? Daydreaming about that next gaming group session? Let us help take the edge off! We talk about EVERYTHING: specific games, groups of games, themes of games, gaming sessions. All. Of. It. Come join us for some dice-rolling, victory-point earning...

Era: The Medieval Age (aka Feudal SimCity)

A fun surprise we found on a night out. Alcohol may have been involved, but that's often the best way to deal with anything medieval. We try to keep our peasants fed, our merchants paid, and our walls high.

Horror Games

It's October, so you know we had do more than just a zombie episode. Fortunately, we have a big pile of horror-themed games in the ol' nerd burrow. We've got ghosts, eldritch abominations, vampires, fantasy vampires, ogre vampires (gah, fine GW..."ogor"), and serial killers. Sounds like your parents' Halloween party. This should be fun.


Much like the creature themselves, it seems zombie shows, movies, and games are never going to die. We have a pile of these, so we're going to tell you what we think about all of them. We have our favorites, of course, so come find out if you agree. Or, if you'd prefer to leave us to the walking dead (We're allowed to use that term right? No copyright issues involved? Sure...).

Two Can Play That Game

Sometimes, you have to stick to a game with just your roommate, significant other, spouse, or that hobo you talk to at the bus stop.

That's ok! We discuss a lot of great two-player options here. Jenn insists these are great for date night, when really she just likes humiliating Russell with her strategic superiority.

Episode 0: Meeples Meet and Greet

Hello Meeples!

Who is your daddy and what does he do? In this case, mommy, too.

Come meet your hosts before the first official episode launches!