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Breaking Free of the Christian Bubble: Step Outside, Shine Your Light
Last Tuesday at 9:30 AM

In this episode of the True Discipleship Podcast, Ayren and Morgan explore the concept of the "Christian bubble" and its impact on our faith and outreach. It's easy to find ourselves surrounded by like-minded believers, but what does this mean for our spiritual growth and ability to connect with others? Join us as we discuss the challenges and opportunities of living out our faith in a diverse world. We're still learning and growing in this area and invite you to journey with us as we break free from spiritual isolation and strive to make a meaningful impact beyond our...

Faith and Tough Talks: When Should Christians Speak Up and When Should We Remain Silent?

Welcome to another episode of the True Discipleship podcast! In today's discussion, Ayren and Morgan dive into a thought-provoking topic: "When should Christians mind their own business?" This episode explores the delicate balance between speaking up and staying silent, a challenge many believers face in their daily lives.

We'll cover:

The motivations behind choosing to intervene or remain silentPersonal experiences and insights on handling tricky situationsHow to discern the right approach based on our faith and relationshipsThe importance of aligning ourselves with God's guidance before getting involved

Join us as we share practical wisdom on...

The Thin Line Between Judgment and Hypocrisy: A Christian Perspective

Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 2 of the True Discipleship Podcast! In this week's episode, Aaron and Morgan tackle the complex and often misunderstood topic of judging others. What does it really mean to judge? How can Christians navigate the fine line between healthy judgment and hypocrisy?

Dive deep with us as we explore the biblical perspective on judgment, focusing on key passages like Matthew 7. We'll discuss the difference between righteous judgment and stereotyping, and address the common perception that Christians are overly judgmental. Aaron and Morgan also share personal insights and experiences, shedding light on how to...

A Biblical Response to Harrison Butker's Commencement Speech

In this episode of The True Discipleship Podcasts, join hosts Morgan and Ayren as they delve into a thoughtful discussion on Harrison Butker's recent commencement speech at Benedictine College. Harrison Butker, the renowned NFL kicker, delivered a somewhat controversial address that has sparked conversations nationwide. Our hosts analyze his speech through a biblical lens, exploring themes of faith, leadership, and respect. Tune in for an engaging dialogue offering unique insights into how biblical principles can guide our response to contemporary issues. 

Keywords: Harrison Butker, Benedictine College, commencement speech, biblical response, faith, leadership, community, theology podcast, generational p...

We've Got Big News!!! - Embracing Christian Values as a Family

Hosts: Ayren and Morgan Nelson

Episode Description:
In this heartwarming episode of the True Discipleship Podcast, hosts Ayren and Morgan Nelson share a special update with their listeners: the exciting news of their growing family! Join them as they reflect on the journey so far and discuss the values they hope to embody as they prepare to welcome their newest addition.

Key Highlights:

Introduction and Family Update: Ayren and Morgan kick off the episode with an update on their family, sharing the joyous news of their expanding household.<...

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How to Survive the Comment Section - Christians N Culture Pt 4 (feat. Justin Mitchell from GoGoPowerup)

GoGoPowerup Website:
Justin's Twitch Livestream:
GoGoPowerUp March Store:

In this episode, we discuss how we as Christians should navigate internet toxicity:

What We Talk About in this Episode:
Who is Justin Mitchell?
What was his inspiration for GoGoPowerUp
Why is the internet so toxic?
Are there any benefits to conversations on social media or should we just ditch it all together?
How does the Bible say we should conduct...

Our Passive Consumption of Entertainment - Christians N Culture Pt 3 (feat. Micah Thompson)

In this episode, we discuss how we determine when entertainment is going too far.

What We Talk About in this Episode:
Are there limits to what should be expressed in the realm of entertainment?
Is there such a thing as "too far" when it comes to media consumption?
What does the Bible say about protecting our minds?
What are practical ways to gauge when enough is enough?

Music in This Episode:
Come to the Table (prod. by Tato Morales)
Far Away by neur self
Cosmonkey by Old Sneakers<...

What Do We Do With Disney? - Christians N Culture Pt 2 (Feat. The Disney Pastor)

In this episode, we discuss how Christians should handle the frequent and jarring changes of the culture around us:

Link to the TikTok Video We Mentioned:
Check out The Disney Pastor on Youtube:

What We Talk About in this Episode:
What's going on with Disney?
Has Disney always been as wholesome as we remember?
How do we as Christians navigate an ever-changing culture?
What examples and truths does the Bible give us?
What does it look...

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? - Christians N Culture Pt 1 (feat. Jonah Wiley -

In this episode, we discuss whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween:

What We Talk About in this Episode:
Who is and why is he in trouble?
What is our experience with Halloween?
Is Halloween actually a good thing?
Is the history of Halloween enough to throw it all out the window?
What does the Bible say about personal conviction?

Music in This Episode:
Come to the Table (prod. by Tato Morales)
Feel by Peter Spacey
The Ballad of Orpheus by Clara Kamil