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We are a team with over 40 years of experience in coaching, educating, and supporting others to become better learners. Our passion is to freely support our fellow humans in discovering and expressing their best qualities to the highest degree. We are not looking for donations, sales, or any other outside form of support. We are simply doing our best to get people to participate in recognizing all that is possible for them to learn and sharing with them in ways to bring that about. Our belief is that the best way to do that is to give people the tools...

Long-term Goals versus Short-term Goals
Last Tuesday at 2:00 PM

How do we understand the relationship between our long-term goals and our short-term goals? How do we align our goals seamlessly to get the outcomes and successes that we've been yearning for? We have that right here for you.

You Can Do Anything

So many students have told us how they struggle to engage with their learning in school because there are bigger, seemingly more pressing things going on in the world. 

We address this concern and more here.

If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which you can find here: http://howyoulearn.org/

Interview with a Learn to Learn Long-term User part 2

We have the opportunity to continue to share in the insights and tremendous success that has come out of this woman's experience using specifically the techniques that we advocate here. This is a powerful excursion into the world of enhanced learning and success.

Mini Series: Clear Goals Make the Difference

Having a clear understanding of our goals makes the difference in our lives to help us feel fulfilled and deeply happy.

Without a clear vision of where we want to go, decisions we make are more random and we can struggle to feel motivated to work towards our future.

We talk about the importance of finding what's truly important to you in this video, and about how to set those goals.

If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which...

Interview with a Learn to Learn Long-term User part 1

We had the great privilege to spend an hour with someone that has been very actively incorporating the approaches and methodologies that we share with you here. Listen in to see what an amazing difference this has made for her.

Focus and the Reticular Activating System

The better that we can focus the better that we can learn. Success is dependent on our ability to focus on outcomes and not be distracted. Here's your chance to learn how.

Cognitive Capacity Can Be Powerfully Increased

All of us want to be smarter. All of us want our cognitive capacity to be at maximum. Join us in this podcast to engage methods that will bring this about for you.

Mini Series: Problems Can Work For Us

Running into problems and challenges doesn't have to work against us. We can actually use those problems to grow and to learn.

In this mini series we walk through a strategy to harness the power of working through challenges to fundamentally change how we are able to think about problems.

If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which you can find here: http://howyoulearn.org/

The Meaning We Give Makes Us Who We Are

Humans are fundamentally meaning makers. When anything significant happens, we give it meaning and then we live from within the cage of meaning that we created. We can do a much better job of this and here's how.

Read Faster and Comprehend More

How much time would it save you if you could read even twice as fast as you currently do. We cover the most usable techniques for increasing our reading speed and with that often dramatically increasing our comprehension.

Questions Live at the Core of Our Being

Even deeper than beliefs are the core questions that operate out of our subconscious. We spend our lives trying to answer these questions even though we're often unaware of what they are. Here is the primer for how to recognize and take charge of these questions.

More of Beyond the Fear of Something Going Wrong

Far too often we live in fear of what could go wrong. That fear rules too much of our lives. Those fears very often are rooted in false perceptions. It's time to change them .

Mini Series: Dealing with Depression

*This is not medical advice.*

In the 40+ years we’ve spent working with people, we’ve found that one of the most common reasons for people feeling down and depressed is their inability to see a future (or a way to that future) that they genuinely would be happy in. 

In this mini episode, we talk about a couple of ways to bridge the gap between where we are now and the future we want, one in which we can be happy, fulfilled, and genuinely engaged in. 

We have a full podcast coming out on...

How Decisions Rule Our Lives

We often make decisions about who we are and what has meaning in our lives without even noticing. These very decisions rule our perception and our outcomes. It's time we take charge of these decisions.

Mini Series: What’s The Point?

We can often wonder, "what's the point?" 

There are a lot of things going wrong in the world right now - climate change, wars, etc. - and school asks students to do math homework? It can feel trivial and pointless at times.

We understand how that can feel, and want to offer a perspective that we hope will help you feel motivated and create meaning in the world despite, even because of everything going on.

Good Questions Enliven Learning and All Success

Behind the scenes, our lives are orchestrated by the very questions that we're asking ourselves. These questions are often almost subliminal and yet focus our attention and determine our outcomes.

Amplify Your Success

What if there was a way to become even better and more successful at what you're already doing and with your learning. In this podcast we cover the how-to's of getting exactly those even better outcomes.

Mini Series: Improved Pattern Recognition Yields Greater Intelligence

Having the ability to recognize patterns in school, life, and anything we learn gives us a higher level of intelligence and has a huge impact on the way we view the world.

Developing the ability to recognize patterns on a more refined level can help us be successful, and lets us see the world with a deeper understanding.

When it comes to learning, pattern recognition helps us learn more thoroughly, but it also makes learning easier.

In this mini-series episode we walk through several ways to develop this skill and help you become...

Put Stress Behind You

We all talk about how stressed we are. But most of us don't really understand what stress is nor how to fundamentally change it. Here we explore the roots of stress and how to move beyond it. You can live stress free.

Evolving Identities for Learning and Success

Learning and success are intimately intertwined. Our sense of our identity is what sets all learning and success in motion. The most common limiter for us is false and poorly defined identifications. Here we explore exactly how to recognize and change these limits. 

Creating habits that work for us, Part 5

In this podcast we take the positive habits that we have developed and explore how we can refine them much further to move our goals and outcomes forward even more. How do we take what we already do well and make it great. 

Mini Series: The How To of Learning

Why have we created the Learn-To-Learn podcast the way the have?

We fundamentally believe in giving actionable how-to's instead of simply providing fleeting inspiration. Without understanding how to do something, the inspiration ultimately fades, while we want to help you create lasting results.

In this mini-series episode we walk you through why we've created this podcast, and we hope you'll join us and try out our other podcast episodes!

You can find the episodes and mini-series episodes on our website here https://learn-to-learn.org

Creating Habits that Work for Us, Part 4

We come back to Habits once again because if we can get our habits to work for us, it changes everything in our life. Habits are at the root of getting anything and everything done. Overcoming limiting habits and developing good habits are one of the fundamental secrets to success. 

Podcast #33 - Creating Habits that Work for Us, Part 3

We have already explored some in prior podcasts about how to recognize negative and limiting habits. In this podcast we show you how to develop positive habits, habits that move you forward in your learning and in your day-to-day life. These are the habits that get you where you want to go. 

Creating Habits that Work for Us, Part 2

In this part of the series on habits, we explore specifically how to recognize and change limiting and negative habits. These often go unnoticed and yet limit or delays many times a day. Explore with us how to get free of these.

Creating Habits that Work for Us

We embark here on a series of podcasts that explore what habits are and how to recognize them and upgrade our habits. This gives us the leverage to get this success that we work so hard for more easily.

Mini Series: Habits

Habits are crucial to how we engage with the world, and they ultimately dictate how easily and successfully we'll be able to reach our goals.

Do you find it difficult to work through challenging projects? Or procrastinate studying? Or do you stop for a moment after finishing a successful project to recognize how that's helping you reach your goals?

Every single one of our habits, both external and even the habits of how we think about things, can help us reach our goals if they are aligned.

In this mini episode we go...

Mini Series: Gratitude - A Portable Paradise

Gratitude has the power to completely change how we view the world, and can actually be used to get us out of feeling stuck. 

Have you ever felt incredibly grateful for someone or something that happened? We can help you use that feeling to actually advance your capability to learn and to help you get back in the groove when you feel off.

Come learn how to use gratitude to create the life you want.

Mini Series: Chemistry Can Be Easy to Learn

A lot of our friends and listeners have struggled to learn chemistry. With so many formulas, it became a tedious process trying to memorize them all. Chemistry can be so much more than that - it can be easy and actually fun and engaging to learn.

We'll walk you through the method that the best chemists in the world use to learn chemistry. Try it out and see how it affects your learning!

What If?

What if there were a way to nearly magically turn around our outlook on whatever our problems of the moment are? This powerful technique gives us the leverage to do just that.

Learning to Think More Clearly

Developing clear thinking is one of the most important outcomes of school and most of the learning that we engage in. How do we achieve clearer thinking more easily?

Learn to Be More Popular

In this podcast we explore together how to be more popular. Studies indicate that being more popular activates the brain in ways that can enhance learning. It's certainly also makes success easier.

Goals Drive Learning

Goals drive all of life. To get the best results with our learning we not only need to know our immediate outcome but we need to know what the long-term goals are that that fits into. We need to make clear what's important to us and how what we do today links to that.

Start Your Day Right

We explore together how to start our day in a way that results in being happy with our day at the end of our day. How do we set our day up for success? Join us for this important podcast.

What is the Real Measure of Intelligence

Is intelligence something just measured by IQ or is it something much greater and more dynamic? How do we develop real intelligence? How much can it be increased? Learn the secrets of intelligence and see your life take off.

Mini Series: How Do You Learn Best

We are often taught that we are visual learners, or auditory learners, maybe kinesthetic learners. While we may have preferences, that's just another way to limit our ability to learn. 

Here at Learn-to-Learn we believe that everyone has the capacity to learn, and learn well. In this mini series episode we cover some strategies to help you feel confident in your ability to be an amazing learner.

Trapped by Shame and Entitlement

Shame and entitlement are two sides of the same coin. One makes us diminished and one makes us arrogant. How do we free ourselves from these incumbencies in a way that increases all of our capacities.

Learn to Love Exercise

We explore here how to take care of our bodies through exercise and the food we eat so that our body can take care of us. I healthy body supports a highly functioning mind. We need these tools if we want to learn and succeed.

Mini Series: Failure Is Not Real

Did you recently not do as well on a test, work presentation, job interview as you wanted to? Failure can seem overwhelming and make it hard to progress sometimes. 

There are lots of perspectives on failure, and while can are helpful, we like to go about it a different way, to help you overcome the sense of failure and feel confident in your self concept.

We have a number of other podcasts that can be helpful in this, and you can find them on our website at

Get in the Mood ( to Learn and Live Fully)

The mood we're in changes how we perceive, how we engage and how we learn. Is it possible to pick our mood and make our mood work for us. Here's how to pick the attitude that we live from.