Hustling Way

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By: Piyush Khati

Hey everyone this is Piyush khati.and this podcast is regarding the literature academic for various classes .also we are going to talk a lot of other practical things in a student life . And a lot more stuff for your overall development.😘😁hope you will enjoy the podcast series. So nice of you all. Love u all .❤️


Hey just an another episode of theHustling way season 2.Chapter covered--- The address from snapshots....hope u enjoyed ❤️

We are not afraid to die...Hornbill class11th

This is the third episode of the podcast series by HUSTLING WAY season2 .thanks for listening to the podcast and hope u liked it and please share it ur more needy friends ......and chill maaro

A Portrait of a lady by Khuswant singh --Hustling way 11th

This is the second episode for the season second of hustling way ....just plug your earphones in and get lost in the world of feeling the literature essence in this beautiful chapterby Khushwant singh .........just follow HUSTLING WAY on this platform and get notified whenever we release a new segmentor episode ....Stay safe stay healthy guyss.

The summer of beautiful horse.(snapshots)2.0

This will help you to visualise the complete chapter with the bro vibes from your brother PiyushKhati...just share out hustling way.😁peace

Baker fromgoa.from"glimpses of india"class10.part1

Hey everyone this is the first part of chapter named as glimpses of india from first flight textbook of to my youtube channel for more such exciting episodes so please like share the audio podcasts.#india's first Literature podcast series

The black aeroplane.India's first Literature podcast series

Hey everyone this is Piyush basically this is a podcast series to complete our literature syllabus in an interesting and dhamakedar this podcast series we will complete the literature section of English literature and language and hindi'a'for class10 cbse. .. .hope u will like the series and the podcast under make sure u share and follow the series and can join me on my utube channel named 'piyush khati'or clicking the link thanks to listen the podcast 😁😁❤️😘

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