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Actionable leadership advice for real world leaders. Designed for all leaders, find the challenges you face with your leadership team and learn how to address them and drive organizational performance. We focus strategic leadership, leadership development and process improvement.

Goal Achievement: Work Breakdown Structure Part 4
Last Wednesday at 1:22 AM

its one thing to set a quality goal, its wholly another to achieve it. Many people ultimately fail in their goal aspirations because they don't understand how to translate the idea of a goal into an action plan whereby you can achieve a goal. We explore in this cast the project management approach of the work breakdown structure and how through this logical approach you can stack the odds of success in your favor. We walk through two examples of exactly how to break a goal down to build an action plan in this cast.

Goal Achievement: Goal Integration Part 3

In our continuing series on goal setting and achievement this episode starts to look at how you can integrate goals into a successful life and career enhancing process. We feature a tool for setting professional goals when your organization lacks a formal strategic process or leadership in the form of a clear vision and values.

Goal Achievement: Goal Support Nuts & Bolts of Achievement Part 2

Books I referred to 

Charles Duhigg The Power of Habit

Brian Moran & Michael Lennington The Twelve Week Year 

John Doerr Measure What Matters

The daily goal journal I use and recommend

Phoenix Journal



Goal Achievement: Professional Goals - Part 1

This cast was conceived on January 1 when i considered what i wanted to achieve this year. It seems to me that we all could benefit from a conversation around how to set and achieve goals. In this first cast of this series we will explore professional goals. What should you consider in setting goals that will enhance your professional success.

Verbal Judo

Books I recommended on this cast

Just listen by Mark Goulsten

Verbal Judo by George Thompson

Positive Intelligence by Sharzard Carmine

Love is Just Damn Good Business by Steve Farber

The Secret Laws of Success by Noah St John

Walking into any Room

In this episode friend of the show and leadership coach extraordinaire, Shelli Hendricks and I explore the presence required to enter a room as a leader. We cover self awareness, intention, executive presence as well as the practical where to put and how to contribute. I know you will find this show infinitely practical as you consider the standing meetings you are are part of. Side note my audio engineer Brad has accepted a new position as a producer and will be departing the show. I wish him nothing but the best and completely appreciate his dedication and work ethic...

Adversity and Leadership

Note: If you listened to the cast early you might have noticed i uploaded the pre-edit file. Apologies for that... In this cast we explore the idea of adversity and how to address it. For me adverse circumstances, situation, and relationships are the very problems we as leaders face every day. With this in mind we can apply a problem solving mindset and work our way through. This cast offers a process for doing so.

Stress... Friend or Foe?

in this cast i quoted "Plans are useless, planning is everything" This quote comes from the 34th President of the USA Dwight D Eisenhower

The Big Lie about Motivation

in leadership training classes I am regularly asked, 'how do i motivate my employees?' On the surface this seems like a reasonable question. However for me it points to a lie about motivation that all supervisors and managers have bought into and need to relearn. Motivation is not just about money! Sure if you don't make enough its about the money, of course it is!But once a reasonable wage is established and ills can be paid your employees will begin to search for other things. in this cast i walk you through how to motivate your employees when...

Silent Leadership

A short cast to consider the role of humility and integrity in leadership. It is far too common to see larger than life bombastic knuckleheads claim they are leaders. What really matters are the humble behind the scenes leaders who get things done without fanfare or even being noticed. This cast is for them. I see you. Special thanks to my fellow leadership coach colleague and friend of the show Shelli Hendricks from Blue Horizon Solutions for the idea for this cast.


In this cast we step into many people's fear an economic downturn aka a recession. How do you prepare for a recession? What are some practical steps you can take now to be ready? What do you need to be thinking about now way in advance of a recession? This cast offers practical advice on how you can prepare yourself to weather any economic storm. Don't wait until a recession slams you in the face, act now and be prepared.

Bright Shiny Objects

If you are a leader, don't give in to them, if you are en employee know how to navigate them. Bright shiny objects captivate our attention and if we aren't careful they can quickly change our priorities. In this cast i explain how not to be a leader who reacts to every BSO and if you are an employee, I offer proven strategies to help your leader not give into BSO's and also how you can resist their impact on your role.

Developing Leaders Part 3

In our continuing series on developing leaders, this cast breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most common strategies of leadership development. Each has their place in development, we need to be intentional about what to use when. While i have included many of my favorite techniques, note that i can't give you advice as to which is the best. The one exception is that mentoring is potentially the one approach that can be most effective because it can incorporate many of the other approaches.

Developing Leaders Part 2

In this cast we return for part two of one of the first casts in the series, #4 Developing Leaders. Where in the first cast i explained the foundation of how to create an environment where leadership development would blossom, in this cast we take on the critical questions of: Who should i develop? When should i develop them? and How should i approach it? It's not who you think it might be, it's not when you think it might be either. Listen in and learn the who, when and the start of how in developing leaders.

Compliance Versus Commitment: What's your stance?

I referenced one of my top five leadership books The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in this cast. I highly recommend this book as one of the most complete coverages of my favorite form of leadership model, transformational leadership

Quiet Quitting: Is it a Thing?

Here is the link to the article I discuss in the cast...


Ensuring your Leadership Focus

Hey everyone! This episode was one that was on my mind (pun intended). The question is how do you ensure you maintain your focus during a challenging business day. In this cast i examine a number of practical steps you can take to improve and maintain your focus on the right priorities.

Break in the Series: Decision Making An Interview with Will Morales

In this show I welcome a colleague and customer Will Morales onto the show. Will is the plant manager of a manufacturing plant in southern California. In this cast we explore what it means to make decisions, how important they are and what types of decisions leaders face.

Break in the Series: Decision Making Part 2 - Evaluation

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Break in the Series: Decision Making - What Every Leader Must Master

Well I wanted to continue to interrupt the influence series with a few casts i wanted to make. Today we look at part one of how to make decisions. Making decisions is the most critical role of a leader. If that is true why do so many leaders not have good process on how to make them? Great question, listen to the cast and get process for yourself!

Break in the Series: The Go Giver with Joffrey Gurule

Here is a link to the book we discuss on this episode

The Go Giver

Influence: Psychological Approaches 4: Change the Tense

In this episode i reference the amazing book Midline's. You can find it here


Influence: Psychological Approaches 3: Personality Based Appeals

In this cast we explore a simple model of personality known as DiSC and how knowing this model can fundamentally change your ability to influence those around you. We offer you a simple diagnostic tool to help recognize what style individuals are coming from and how to subtly change your communication delivery to be even more influential.

Influence: Psychological Approaches 2: Past the Ego Wall

sorry for the delay folks, i had a mixup in my communication with my sound engineer. My responsibility. Here is yesterdays cast... I love this technique! Getting past the ego wall of another human being is by far one of the most powerful influence techniques in my repertoire. This technique is respect based and completely consistent with a learning culture. It gives you access to developmental data that will help you grow your team while getting them to get the right things done. In this cast i also dig into the what versus how conversation that i believe is central...

Influence: Psychological Approaches 1: Yes And

Comedians know the power of Yes and. When on their game they masterfully build upon each others contributions and create art. Leaders can do the same but without the comedy. The heart of yes and is the ability to make a human connection that bypasses the walls, and defense mechanisms most of us use habitually when interacting. I love this technique for opening up an influence process. It is particularly powerful when interacting with individuals who appear closed minded or operating from low self awareness. This technique is so essential that i consider it a swiss army knife of influence...

Influence: Foundations 5: Be a Wheat Farmer

in this episode i walk you through one of my favorite long term influence strategies called wheat farming. It is a take on Stephen Covey's law of the farm. The idea is that as a leader we develop a vision of a better future, then using the work breakdown structure from project management, create a detailed plan of how to make the vision happen. Over the course of the next several months / years implement the project plan and make the vision happen. This technique builds on and integrates all of the strategies we have explored in the previous five casts...

Influence: Foundations 4: Show me your process

In our continuing series on the foundations of influence, next we explore the concept of influencing through learning someone else's process. There are two ways this technique works, long term and short term. Assuming our goal is to influence the other person to consider a change in their process, in the short term version we listen carefully to that person's narration of their process. Remaining open to being influenced by them (of course! refer to the past two casts) we can then listen carefully to their explanation and evaluate potential risk factors in that process. If a risk factor is...

Influence: Foundations 3: Express the Unseen Risk

In our continuing Influence foundations series, this week we look at a technique I call expressing the unseen risk. Face it, we all have blind spots and do appreciate when someone we trust gently and thoughtfully points them out to us. This cast walks you through exactly how to do this. It is critical that you remember that this technique is most effective when a trust based relationship is present. The technique draws upon your experience and ability to understand cause and effect. Essentially, can you proactively identify a risk the other person faces that is "reasonable"? If you can...

Influence: Foundations 2: Be Influenced

In this episode we explore the paradoxical idea that by first being opened to be influenced by the other (employee, peer, customer, supplier, supervisor) you become far more influential. We dig deeper into the idea of how by being aware of your own interests rather than just a lazy thinking position, more options open up for you.

Influence: Foundations - Listen and Build Trust

Here is the link to the book by Fisher and Try I reference in the cast.

Getting to Yes

Influence: The Power Tool of Effective Leaders

There are several references I will mention in our exploration of influence. The first and most important belongs to my mentor Dr Stephen Covey. This deep rich leadership book has one of the most comprehensive cioverages of influence principles I have ever found.

Principle Centered Leadership



Nuts & Bolts: Building Self Awareness

In this cast I offered you two free gifts. First if you want a copy of my first book, The First Questions, so that you can conduct an inventory of your skills, talents and opportunities, send me an email note at


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If you want to continue the co...

Tell Yell Sell - How not to Lead

In this cast i mentioned one of my favorite books of the year. You can get it through the link below

Conversational Intelligence

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Our Guests

Dr Kim Acker

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References we talked about

Primal Leadership

Thinking Fast and Slow

Resilient Leadership

Start with Why


Leadership Communication Writing An Interview with Wayne Turmel

To find out more about Wayne and his work you can visit his website at

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Below are links to two of Waynes 14 books...

The Long Distance Teammate

The Long Distance Leader

Leadership Communication Speaking - An Interview with Eduardo Placer

Leadership Communication - Reading Interview Angel Sanchez

Below I have captured many of the books Angel and I discussed on the cast. 

Love is just damn good business

The Daily Stoic


Flaming Hot

Wealth of Nations

The Four hour Work Week

Toyota Kata

Conscious Capitalism 

Ego is the Enemy

The SNAFU Principle

Leadership Communication Listening Interview Shelli Hendricks

To connect with Shelli and find out more about her leadership coaching practice, you can find her on her website here.

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Leadership Communication

This is the opening cast in a series on leadership communication. There are many leaders who think they already are excellent communicators. If this is you i have news for you, you can always get better. In this cast we explore the four primary channels of leadership communication and offer some advice on how to improve in each. In the following four weeks we will interview friends and colleagues of mine and explore each channel in more depth.

Putting the Fun in Dysfunction

This was a really fun episode to record. How often do leaders with the best of intentions come together and not know how to create a cohesive team. It happens more often than you think. whether its competing priorities, low trust or other reasons leadership teams regularly struggle with coming together and being effective. In this cast i break down the reasons why leadership teams struggle and what to do about it. We look at how emotional intelligence in the form of higher levels of self awareness can help overcome the challenge. We also explore how personality often throws a...