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Sun 16 Jun, 2024: Disruption Strategies - Trolling Foreign And Domestic Terrorists
Last Monday at 4:37 AM

The preferred method for many is brute force. This is a straightforward and forceful method to achieve a desired goal. In a cyber security context, it means a constant and repetitious trial and error approach to cracking codes and gaining access to, or even disrupting data systems. Now consider communication platforms like Zoom. Direct and overwhelming brute force tactics can be used to confuse, frustrate, discourage and disrupt enemy operational planning efforts. This is the time to love our country and not keep silent. It's also a time for victory, and for peace.

Sat 15 Jun, 2024: Tore As The Chaos Coordinator - Why Is The Right Insisting President Trump Is In Danger? #disrupt (Part 3 of 3)
Last Sunday at 6:27 AM

Out of all of them, we have just 17 real fighters in Congress. Let's take it as a given that they have plans for disrupting coming elections. What do we do? Where is the evidence for their plans? Maybe it's time to think about moving the venue. Some pause about the twelve Elon's of Mars. Serving vitriol brings bad karma. Who's dangerous for the Chinese government? This is groundbreaking, so why don't we talk about it. We are being conditioned to be sheep. Standing up takes courage. Credible threats recorded in zoom calls. Raytheon and Lockeed discussed. They advertise their...

Sat 15 Jun, 2024: Tore As The Chaos Coordinator - Why Is The Right Insisting President Trump Is In Danger? #disrupt (Part 2 of 3)
Last Sunday at 6:18 AM

We the people need to start seeing more concrete action taking place. One side says go left, the other says right. We are showing them credible threats. The goal is to stop it. Kidnapping children has effectively closed the border. Where's Congress? And what the hell is domestic intel doing? J6 was just a huge photo op. It's time for us to really get control. Journalists are not identifying issues correctly. Some groups are looking for people to sacrifice. They are preparing for all consequences. We've turned it all over to the police. They dox all law enforcement. When...

Sat 15 Jun, 2024: Tore As The Chaos Coordinator - Why Is The Right Insisting President Trump Is In Danger? #disrupt (Part 1 of 3)
Last Sunday at 6:08 AM

Threats to President Trump seem to harbor many different motives. This is the color revolution and the Arab spring combined. What is the reasoning behind it all? Signs of J6 show an orchestrated operation. It's a straight line from then to now. Looking at similar events is important. The date is too convenient. How did they know? Smoke bombs cover their acts. Rioters are being trained by foreigners. Similar ops are ongoing in Europe. How these groups form and organize. The right is making VP demands. Sequestering and silencing info is a key technique. Positioning strategies and obvious desperation...

Sat 08 Jun, 2024: Tore As The Chaos Coordinator - Night Cap - Roger Stone And The Planned Riots (Part 2 of 2)

It must be very sad to be like them. Crazy people and paid gang stalkers. Why do they think they are so much better? Operatives in the RNC and GOP are active. Stone's need for money was a factor. All the distractions are now being thrown at us. Horrible events are being covered up. The disclosure coming is massive. Elon's chip factories need major water rights. There are some major bank events about to unfold. Stop labeling people and pay attention to what needs to be done. Making a paper trail to document the jury wheel. They have already...

Sat 08 Jun, 2024: Tore As The Chaos Coordinator - Night Cap - Roger Stone And The Planned Riots (Part 1 of 2)

It is going to be a very hot weekend. The people, places and money that make for pre planned riots. Let's have a fun nightcap. Who are these groups being unmasked? The anonymous comrade collective. Foul tweets and extremist thugs. Public facing journalists and the right winger narrative. Unethical doxing and career killing articles. Who are these people? Remember, they can be traced. The group called Stop Hate. On video breaking thru barriers. How many versions of J6 truth are there? The Roger Stone complications. Some people don't like General Flynn. So what? They like to criticize those who...

Fri 07 Jun, 2024: Lesson Two - How Domestic Terrorism Is Escalating And Why

Preventing violent actions is the bottom line. Identifying domestic terror cells disguised as activist groups happens first. This involves front line intelligence and the real time collection and analysis of info. This includes surveillance, human intelligence (HUMINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and open source intelligence (OSINT). Crucial threat assessments involve collaboration with various law enforcement and intel agencies. Sharing information is key in conducting thorough threat assessments. The goal is to preemptively disrupt potential terrorist activities while respecting civil liberties and lawful activism.

Thu 06 Jun, 2024: Lesson One - How To Organize And Riot Like A Commie

This is an imperative demonstrated lesson on the nefarious groups that are actively involved in organizing riots. The actions they are shown planning will have severe consequences. These are the faces of those involved in premeditated disobedience and blatant law breaking. Our awareness becomes their deterrent. The repercussions for what they plan to do will be significant, both legal and social. They should reconsider now and stop all illegal efforts. Obey the law and keep the peace.

Wed 05 Jun, 2024: Money Money Money And Cash Cash Cash - A Quick Tore Update

This is Tore's test of the Rumble stream plus a short commentary on banks, cash and the financial turmoil that is coming.

Fri 31 May, 2024: Tore Is A Call In Guest On The Grant Guillot Podcast: A Quick Lunch Discussion On Finding Your Still In This Hellacious Storm

Tore calls in from her vacation in Jamaica for a discussion with Grant on the big subject of the day, the Trump convictions. There's also plenty more about peace, love and politics. Tore's call begins around minute 22.