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Are you sick of the establishment corporate media manipulating the truth in America? We are. The Benny Show is 100% INDEPENDENT and your source for breaking news and raw commentary. Benny Johnson is an award-winning storyteller who hits back in the culture wars. Benny has spent his entire life working at the center of the bare-knuckles brawl for the future of America and has the scars to prove it. Benny delivers cutting, behind-the-scenes insight into the global conflict for freedom in our time.

BOMBSHELL: Joe Manchin Reportedly Wants to LEAVE The Democrat Party and Ditch SINKING SHIP Biden Agenda
Last Thursday at 7:50 PM

Joe Manchin Is Reportedly Considering LEAVING the Democratic Party over FAILING Biden Agenda. In-N-Out Burger Slams San Fran After City Closes Restaurant Over Vaccine Mandate. "Let’s Go Brandon" by 'MAGA Rapper' Loza Alexander Shoots to Top of iTunes Hip-Hop Charts

Ron DeSanta Saves Christmas From Joe Grinch
Last Wednesday at 7:32 PM

Ron DeSantis becomes "Ron DeSanta", Opens Florida Ports to Ease Backlog of Ships in California, New York to Help Solve Supply Chain Crisis, Get Christmas Presents Delivered in Time. Biden Secretly Flying Underage Migrants Into NY in Dead of Night. And AOC, Omar and Bush Spent Nearly $100k on Private Security Last Quarter, Despite Defund Police Rhetoric

Southwest Airlines DITCHES Vaccine Mandate As Pelosi DITCHES The Democrat Party
Last Tuesday at 4:54 PM

Report Says PELOSI May Ditch Dems, STEP DOWN as Polling Shows Party LOSING CONTROL in 2022. Southwest DROPS plan to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave. CRT Pushing Panorama Education, Co-founded by U.S. AG Merrick Garland’s Son-in-law, Contracted With 23,000 Public Schools & Raised $76m From Investors.

Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates Are CRUMBLING As Arline CEO REJECTS ORDER, Cops Threaten to STRIKE, and Members of Military Files LAWSUIT
Last Monday at 4:12 PM

Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates Are CRUMBLING as an Airline, Cops, and Members of Military FIGHT BACK, Biden’s Own Brain Is CRUMBLING as he SHOUTS at speech, International Security Is Crumbling as China Tests New Space Capability With Nuclear Capable Hypersonic Missile, Shocking U.S. Intel

How Joe Biden STOLE Christmas

The Biden Administration Is Full of GRINCHES - It’s Going to Be a BAD CHRISTMAS Because of Their FAILURES. Winter Heating Bills Set to JUMP as Much as 54% as Inflation Hits Home. Sleepy Joe Reportedly FELL ASLEEP at Nephew’s Wedding

The TITANIC is LEAKING: BOMBSHELL Emails Show Joe and Hunter Shared Bank Account, LEAKED DOCS Show 160,000 Illegals Released into U.S.

BOMBSHELL Leaked Emails Reveal Joe and Hunter Biden Shared Bank Accounts, Paid Each Other's Bills - Including a Bill for a Crack and Hooker Filled Bender, Will Joe Biden Get INDICTED?

Documents From Border Patrol Reveal 160,000 Illegals Released Into U.S. Since March

The Corrupt Loudoun County Virginia School Board Is Caught in Another Scandal -- It Is Grotesque and Horrifying and if You're a Voter and Parent in Virginia You WILL Want to Know This

Vaccine Mandates BACKFIRE Across The Country As GOP FLIPS Longtime Democrat Seat in Iowa

The RED WAVE is HERE: Longtime Democrat Seat in Iowas FLIPS . Vaccine Mandates are CRUMBLING Nationwide. And The Supply Chain Crisis is Hitting America


Texas Takes Stand Against Tyranny, BANS VACCINE MANDATES Amid Southwest Controversy. Wife of Navy Nuclear Engineer Arrested for Espionage-Related Charges was a ‘Resistance,’ and BLM Supporter. Kamala Harris video goes VIRAL for all the wrong reasons, spoiler alert, it's CRINGE.


THOUSANDS of FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS Hit Southwest, as Pilots Take a Stand AGAINST VACCINE MANDATES - Airline BLAMES “Bad Weather” despite clear skies. TRUMP Holds MASSIVE RALLY in Iowa a State that will be CRUCIAL for 2022 and 2024

Joe Biden is FINISHED

Biden Is FINISHED. Polls Are Collapsing to Historic Lows, His Agenda Is Stalled, His Own Party Is Turning on Him and the Media Have Backstabbed Joe for Ratings. If that’s not bad enough, new controversy is surrounding his AG, Merrick Garland, over a potential conflict of interest with silencing opposition to CRT. And Project Veritas dropped a BOMBSHELL

Bombshell Documents Reveal US, Chinese Scientists Planned To CREATE New Deadly Coronavirus

Documents REVEAL US and China Were Planning to CREATE a “New Coronavirus” Before the Pandemic. The Terrorist That Killed 13 Americans Was a Prisoner Released From Bagram Air Force Prison After Biden Abandoned Base. And Who Showed up at Hunter Biden's Art Show?


NIH Director RESIGNS After Gain of Function Scandal, Big Tech Blacks Out As Facebook “Whistleblower” Pushes to Censor Conservatives, and Biden is trolled by “Let’s go Brandon” chants in Michigan.

The Rise of LIBERAL FASCISM In America

Democrats were slow to speak out against the harassment of U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Biden dismissed the incident as “part of the process”. This lack of empathy is a warning sign, it means the Democrat Party is promoting LIBERAL FASCISM.

Democrat Senator ATTACKED By DEMOCRAT VOTERS, Forced To Hide In Bathroom Stall, Joe Biden Says This Is PART OF THE PROCESS

Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema is ATTACKED By DEMOCRAT VOTERS, Forced To Hide In Bathroom Stall, Joe Biden Says This Is PART OF THE PROCESS. SHOCK POLL SAYS Majority of Trump Voters Want Red States to Secede from Blue States. FAUCI says NO CHRISTMAS For Americans And DHS BRACES for 400,000 Migrants set to cross the Border this Month.

TICKING TIME BOMB: Global Supply Chain Is BREAKING, MASS Food Shortages And Inflation CRISIS

TICKING TIME BOMB: Global Supply Chain Is BREAKING, MASS Food Shortages And Inflation CRISIS. Biden Targets Businesses over Vaccine Mandates. Hero Marine Who Saved Babies in Afghanistan UNDER INVESTIGATION for Speaking at TRUMP Rally

BIDEN BOOED At Congressional Baseball Game As Democrats TAKE A BAT To JOE’S AGENDA

BIDEN Got BOOED At The Congressional Baseball Game As Democrats TAKE A BAT To JOE’S AGENDA. The Pentagon Loses Another War on Capitol Hill as the Grilling for the Afghanistan Disaster Intensifies. A Conservative Commentator Moves States to Destroy School Board for Indoctrinating Students.

Ron DeSantis SUES Joe Biden, American Generals BACKSTAB Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi FINALLY ADMITS Who Is Running The Biden White House

Ron DeSantis is Standing up to The Biden Administration's Open Borders Policies with an Executive Order and a Lawsuit. , American Generals BACKSTAB Biden UNDER OATH Before Congress and Nancy Pelosi FINALLY ADMITS Who Is Running The Biden White House.

Marine Who Spoke Out Against Joe Biden JAILED As Cops, Nurses And First Responders Across The Country Are FIRED FOR Refusing The Jab

Marine Who Went VIRAL Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller THROWN IN JAIL After Criticizing Afghanistan Withdrawal, Media FORCED to Retract Border Patrol WHIP HOAX Story, And First Responders get FIRED and HARASSED With Vaccine Mandates

Arizona Audit BOMBSHELL Reveals 2020 Election Rigging, Hillary Clinton Called A WAR CRIMINAL To Her FACE, Trump Electrifies MASSIVE Georgia Rally, BETO BACKSTABS BIDEN

Despite what the Corporate Media is Reporting, The Arizona Audit was a BOMBSHELL, Hillary Clinton was Called A WAR CRIMINAL To Her FACE, Trump Electrifies MASSIVE Georgia Rally, The Biden Admin FINALLY Admits THOUSANDS of Migrants were RELEASED INTO the U.S. And "BETO" BACKSTABS BIDEN.


Grifter Al Sharpton was SHOUTED OUT Of TEXAS at border visit, AOC cried On The House Floor after Congress voted to fund the Iron Dome. CRIMINAL HAITIANS are charged for BITING PILOTS And AFGHAN MIGRANTS are CHARGED For Abusing CHILDREN. RESIGNATIONS DROP as the Administration turns on each other over the Biden Border Crisis.

Whistleblower BOMBSHELL Claims COVID-19 Was RELEASED By the CCP INTENTIONALLY, Criminal Migrants BITE American Military Pilots On Deportation Flights, Biden Goons SHOUT AND SHOVE Press out of Oval Office

Whistleblower BOMBSHELL Claims COVID-19 Was RELEASED By the CCP INTENTIONALLY, The BORDER CRISIS Continues to SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL as Criminal Migrants BITE ICE AGENTS and American Military Pilots On Deportation Flights, Biden Goons SHOUT AND SHOVE Press out of Oval Office, Press File Formal Complaint

REVOLT: Criminal Migrants SEIZE CONTROL of American Deportation Bus, Biden BOMBS at the U.N. and CNN Says Democrats Should be “TERRIFIED” in 2022

Migrants REVOLT, SEIZE CONTROL of Deportation Bus at Border. Biden gets ROASTED by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as he FLOPS at the U.N. and puts America Last on the World Stage. And CNN Says Democrats Should be “TERRIFIED” in 2022 After Biden TANKS in the polls as his Presidency UNRAVELS.

Liberal Tears FLOOD D.C. As Democrats Get The DEATH BLOW To Their Agenda And The Case To END ABORTION In America IS HERE

The Democrat Push for Amnesty Gets Hit With DEVASTATING BLOW, Border Agents SPEAK OUT amid Crisis, Americans Hit MASKLESS ELITES at the Emmy’s AND The Case To END ABORTION In America IS HERE

Fed Boi Fest 2021 BOMBS, America INVADED And Beto Is BACK Bro

D.C. was in a PANIC this weekend over a supposed re-run of January 6th and more FEDS and Media showed up than protesters. The Border Crisis continued to SURGE this weekend, Biden and “Border Czar” Kamala are nowhere to be found. And “BETO” O’Rourke Is Trying To Make a COMEBACK. Texas Republicans are Rejoicing at the news!

We Are On The US-MEXICO Border RIGHT NOW Exposing Biden's CRISIS, The Media WILL NOT Show You This…

Benny takes the show to the U.S./Mexico Border amid a massive surge and exposes the real life consequences of the Biden Presidency. Human Trafficking, Drug Smuggling, Migrants on the TERROR WATCHLIST coming into our country are all issues being faced there. Plus, what Biden has done with Trump’s Wall will ENRAGE You.

HILLARY CLINTON’S Lawyer Going To JAIL? INDICTMENTS FINALLY Coming in Durham Investigation

Will Justice be Served for Russiagate Liars as Durham Seeks INDICTMENT of Hillary CLINTON LAWYER? The FBI was exposed for covering for sex abuse in the Larry Nassar Case. And the Nicki Minaj saga continues as she becomes an unlikely fighter for personal freedom and Unconstitutional Mandates despite BACKLASH from the Left

Nuclear Weapons STOLEN From TRUMP In SECRET PENTAGON MEETING Of Generals, Calls For MILITARY TRIBUNALS and TREASON RING in the Halls of Congress

This is BAD. General Milley reportedly did something so egregious that Trump is calling his actions Treasonous and even Democrats are calling for his resignation. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been getting absolutely GRILLED on the Hill over the Biden Administration's incompetence in Afghanistan. Plus, The California Recall Election results are in - and while Newsom will remain in power, there were upsides to last night's results.

Who WORE It Better? AOC vs. JESUS CHICKEN Edition, Joe Biden Trolled And Booed Across The Nation, California Is BURNING, Nicki Minaj ROASTS Joy Reid

AOC went to the Met Gala last night and wore a "Chick-fil-a"-like dress that lit the internet on fire - Not in a good way. Meanwhile Biden went to California to help save the dumpster fire that is Gavin Newsom from being recalled and got TROLLED. And what caused Nicki Minaj to go NUCLEAR on Joy Reid? You might be surprised.

Joe Biden BOOED and PUNKD at 9/11 Memorial Events as Trump is CHEERED By First Responders, BOMBSHELL Stories From The California RECALL and the “ISIS” Bombing

This weekend the energy shifted. Joe Biden's handlers didn't dare let him near a mic, he was trolled by children and he even got booed. On the other hand Donald Trump completely overshadowed him with a visit to first responders and hosting a heavyweight boxing match with thousands of fans chanting his name. In California - Will Larry Elder become Governor? The Recall Election is tomorrow and history could be made. And did you catch the BOMBSHELL dropped on Friday afternoon before the weekend? I'll give you a hint - It's not good news for the Biden Administration.

The GHOSTS Of 9/11: Did AMERICA Lose?

20 years later, we remember the deadliest attack on American soil in history. In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Benny reflects on the elements of America that changed forever that day and how it's impacts are still felt today. Also hear what 9/11 first responders had to say about Ilhan Omar's infamous comments.

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