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Light-hearted conversations with all my favorite people. 100% objective opinions on the stories that matter most to you. Perfect for your morning drive or during dinner with your family. World class content. Recorded in the one and only Bear Park Studios. Don't miss it!

Last Wednesday at 11:21 PM 
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Kelsey is BACK for part TWO! We follow up on Inktober, check in on #vanlife, and Kelsey shares a couple additional wild tales, EXCLUSIVE to In / My Head... SO much fun. So glad to have Kelsey here... Enjoy!

Happy BEARthday!!

BEARthday excitement abounds on this special episode of the pod. Bear is here to talk Bearthday memories, and she even gets a few special messages from her friends, fans, and even a surprise guest from a galaxy far far awax!

Don't Watch / Two Episodes per Night!

Cairon finally makes good on his DM (or whatever it's called in facebook) and comes on the show. We talk origins, video games, binging versus stinge-ing your favorite shows, and what to cook on a first date. Fun fact: we went to Six Mile Bridge after this and shared an order of french fries. It was nice.

Back to "Back to Baghdad"

Don's back. The first member of the 5-timers crew. His signed guitar is lost in a Seattle shipping port, but it will get here soon. Don't miss our thoughtful foray into childhood video game memories, Nelly, and professional wrestling. It's a banger.

Don't Forget your Lunchbox... it's / there!

Carp!?... Stalker? or just a bromance? You decide...

Wallace the Third Episode

Wallace stops by to talk Kickboxing! As well as movies and TV... We have a very serious debate which we manage to resolve in quite a novel way. You're going to enjoy it.

Paranormal Whack-tivity: Mind / Matter?

Chris and Brynn are the most experienced and professional ghost hunters that I know, and I'm very thankful to have had them here with me during this, the paranormalest episode to date. Ghosts be ghostin. Host be hostin... This episode we postin. 

Don't / Cook your Salsa!

Salsa hasn't forgotten about you, so why have you forgotten about salsa? Get off the sidelines and back into life with my simple approach to salsa creation... no cooking required! Mother nature produced the ingredients, corporations made them available to you at the maximum price you're willing to pay for them... and I'm here to tell you how to turn them into something that people will love to eat. Win-win...-win? Bon appétit.

Turn / every stone... to find the shiny stones!

I finally give you what you've been wanting this whole time. That's right, it's the BEAR! My lovely wife comes on the show and shares some thoughts, feelings, and even a story. She'll tell you a little about our history together, and things even get a little steamy (WOOOO!). I've never felt so much love for a person who is actively interrupting me for the 10th time in as many minutes. It's a beautiful thing. If you like Bear, listen to this 'sode. You won't regret it. And if you have feedback that you want more Bear and less...

What's Cooler than Cool? Ice Cold / Michelle...

Michelle is one of the coolest people I've met. Don't miss the chance to hang with her and hear some cool-ass stories that she has to tell! You'd be a fool! 

Ducks / Horses

Claire is here, and we have problems to solve... Don't worry, we solve them, but it takes some doing. Come along for the ride!

Bear ≡ my L / !

BEAR! I don't believe it. Not only did we identify the Bear... She actually came here to chat on the mic for a sec. Hoping to lay down a full-length ep soon... but for now, enjoy the morsels we give you! ENJOY THEM!

/ Night / Kill: When AirBnB Backfires

Don's back! It's not the first time that I've been kicked off of a tennis court by someone's wife.  Don discusses the pros and cons of Ring™ doorbells, AirBnBs, and combinations thereof. Also, shoutouts Ms. Dombrink ;)

Need a Layer of Clay / the Soil!

Special guest Jake Darl is in the house to talk DJing frat parties, tractors, and how great we are at softball. You're going to want to check it out.

Water Trafficking / State Lines

Brad Hoffmeister stops in to talk vacations. His methods are... a little unorthodox. Backroads only, no map, no itinerary. I love hearing his wild adventure stories. This one is no exception.

Battery-powered subpoena, your Honor?... / RULED!

_Didier_Dogba_ is here to set the record straight. Diamond Don and Dynamite Dan agree... Strip Clubs: not that cool. In other news, the World Cup is full of mean GERMANS, and Germans also all seem more mean than they really are. The key take away from our conversation, however, is that Company 314 are St. Louis' true gift to the world. That's right. Not Crystal Palace, not Bob Costas... Fo' flat tires.


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Instagram: kelsey_garrett_draws 
Instagram: hiking_west 

So excited to have Kelsey on the podz! This was our first attempt to run a pod ONLINE. A lot of things went really well, but we did also have a lot of technical... hiccups. The audio is not great, but it should do... There were a couple of connectivity challenges. That's just the way it is. I did my best to clean up the audio. The stories are hilarious. Kelsey is absolutely 24 Karat, and you're welcome. Deal with it! :)  Also, look...

Don't / Cook your Birds!

Thermoworks Thermopop
Victorinox Fibrox 8" Cheffy
Food Safety Stuff
Additional Important Safety Information

Wallace / Analyzes Easy Questions

It's not everyday that two individuals come along who know the answers to not one, but ALL of the questions... In this episode, Wallace and I break the record for most number of important questions answered with perfect accuracy in under 36 minutes. You're not going to want to miss these valuable insights. #LifeChanging #Rammstein

Run / by an Oldsmobile

I'm so happy to invite one of my best buddies to the podcast this time. It's Joff, my college roommate and buddy to this day. In college, he was up to some crazy antics, and still today, he's up to some wild shit... just a little less wild. I'm thrilled to have him on to talk about any and all of it. You definitely don't want to miss this one!

9 Summers at Cl / leaf Ranch

Nathan and I cover difficult topics like what Voldemort was doing on the moon and cults. The Bear Hunt sees some breakthrough developments... and we talk about parents. Don't miss it!

By demand, here's an episode / 1 hour.

Never forget that evil permeates all we do. 

Coaches feud / their "equipment".

Imagine... the sun is low against the horizon. A gentle haze descends upon the pitch. Two teams, at war. No athletic contest could decide this battle... how will it end? Don reveals the conclusion of this epic showdown. Don't miss it!

Jimmy Came / to Chat

It's our 10,000 subscriber special!!! Jimmy comes by to answer all my questions, play some games, and then help me with some user questions... Including some from "Bear". Can't wait to see what he or she has to say this time!

Contr / sial Emails!

Take a listen... it's cozy!

Don may be / qualified for this

This episode is great. You're not going to be disappointed.

But Done / Thinking it

In this, the groundbreaking inaugural episode of this podcast's "Description" section, I quit after the first sentence.