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By: Paul Engel

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Consequences of the COVID Reactions
Today at 3:17 PM

Lately, it seems all COVID news is bad news. There is good news out there; you just have to find it. Today, I take a look at a few COVID stories to find the good news, something we could all use this holiday season. Then I spend the second half of the program answering your questions. If you would like to ask a question for a future program, please email me at Listen to other episodes of The Constitution Study, available on podcast.

The Scare Tactics Will Continue Until You Submit
Yesterday at 6:15 AM

We have Fauci and the CDC calling for more vaccination, while the NIH admits it will be weeks before they even know if these "vaccines" will be effective. Lost in all of this trumped-up fear is the announcement from the doctor who raised the alarm about the new variant that its symptoms are mild. It appears that there are those...

When Government Circumvents the Supreme Law
Last Friday at 4:05 PM

It is not the Constitution that protects your rights, but We the People enforcing that law that does so. So what do we do when those we've hired to positions in government circumvent this supreme law? What happens when We the People no longer uphold and enforce the supreme law of the land. How can we secure the blessings of...

America’s Blame Game
Last Wednesday at 11:44 PM

There are some that blame the fact that the US is a corporation run by tyrants. But is the US a corporation? Today, I answer that question and look at why and how we get so distracted. Sadly, if you want to see who to blame for the state of America and the government of the United States, you need to look no further than your closest mirror...

With Liberty and Justice for All?
Last Tuesday at 4:19 PM

There are plenty of people out there who do not believe both sides could receive justice at the same time, but they did. Mr. Rittenhouse was found not guilty, because the jury believed the evidence showed that he was defending himself. The families of those Mr. Rittenhouse shot received justice as well. By seeing the evidence of the acts their loved ones committed...

Parents Rights: Vaccine Mandates to Racist Indoctrination

Decisions about vaccines, teaching standards, even who is capable of taking care of your children should be your decision. However, more and more governments are claiming the authority to decide for you. From "vaccine" mandates to racist indoctrination, governments want to tell you how to raise your children...

Making the Sausage

Recent news about how the Biden administration plans to enact their mandates and coercive policies shows our future may look more like East Germany than the United States. Sadly, it's not just the federal government that does these things. Today we'll take a look at some of what has been put in the sausage of recent legislation..

The Pilgrims Experimented in Socialism

The blessings of living in America. She's not perfect, but millions of people a year are trying to get into America rather than trying to leave. I will look a little closer at the pilgrim story we've all been told, including their experiment in socialism. We should not forget that if we don't protect what we are thankful for, our children and...

Americans’ Trust in Their Institutions is Failing

As examples of those in government abusing our trust, we have to ask ourselves two questions. First, do you trust those in government? Second, what are we going to do about it? These examples of the abusive power of government should encourage most Americans to action. Sadly, examples of parents standing up to abusive...

Just Another Empty Promise from Politicians

From policies to not enforcing laws to defunding and crippling our police forces, there are many places in America where the government is not fulfilling its promise to protect you. Even where those in government aren't blatantly leaving citizens without protection...

Washington DC Accelerates Policies Toward a Marxist Nation

Rather than stopping the digging, it seems Washington, D.C. is bent on finding better ways to destroy our economy, deprive us of our liberty, and turn us into the third-world, banana republic hellhole we used to try scoff at. And when the American people go begging the federal government for relief, we find ourselves beaten...

Prosecutorial Misconduct to Media Malfeasance

From apparent prosecutorial misconduct to media malfeasance and social media bias on full display, it begs the question. Can We the People receive justice? And if not, why not and what can we do about it? Do we have a justice system or just a system?

Will We Ever Be Done With These Mandates?

You've probably been tempted to just tune out and let the chips fall where they may. I know I have from time to time. But if we sit out this fight for our rights and liberty, where does that leave us? When will the American people stop waiting for someone to come save us and realize that it is our duty to stand up and save ourselves?

The Supremacy Clause and the Tenth Amendment

Jen Psaki said in a press conference that federal law trumps state law, but that isn't always true. Join me as we look at the Supremacy Clause and the Tenth Amendment to see who truly reigns supreme under what circumstances...

Government Getting Between Mama Bear and Her Cubs

We're told we must do this "for the children!" That would explain why so many people from presidents, mayors, and even educators seem out to get our children. From pushing experimental COVID vaccinations to public school indoctrination, it appears that the agenda is to train our children to be good little subjects, to do what they're told...

The Bureaucrats Who Cried Wolf, And Never Stopped

It's about time the American people realize that those in Washington, D.C., our statehouses, city halls, media, and business have been crying wolf for years. Sure, we can focus on COVID-19, but how many of you remember "The New Ice Age" and "Overpopulation" scares of the 1970s? How many times were we told that the world would end from...

A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations

It seems too many Americans have traded their essential liberties for the empty and vapid promise of safety and security. Until the American people stop bending the knee to a government they created, they will continue to be their slaves. And for those of us who refuse to bend the knee, we need to seek ways of living for ourselves as the bullies...

Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor

Let's not make this Veterans Day merely about parades and wreaths, but about personally recognizing each and every veteran we encounter. Let this day be a reminder of the debt we owe these find men, women, and families. And let us pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to supporting them as well...

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

Shouldn't we require those who exercise our powers in our name not simply do something, but do something effective? Today, I want to look at some of the "somethings" that are worse than what they claimed to fix. From gun cases to vaccine mandates, let's look at how our desire to "do something" has set us up for failure.

Restoring Government to Role as Public Servants Rather Than Masters

We trust that those in government will fulfill their oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States. Based on recent events, should we trust those in government? And before you throw your hands up in frustration, ask yourself, what happens if we, as a people, continue to do nothing?

How are the States Reacting to COVID Mandates?

We've been talking a lot about what the federal government has done to infringe on our liberty with mandates. Isn't it time we look at how the states are responding to them? Yes, some states and even cities have gone much further in infringing the rights of their citizens, while others have claimed they are opposed to those infringements...

America Will be Controlled by Either Patriots or Tyrants

Sure, there will be costs to standing for liberty, but isn't it worth it? Are you willing to look at your children or grandchildren and explain to them that their freedom wasn't worth the time, effort, and expense to fight for it? America will be controlled by one of two groups, patriots or tyrants. Which group are you in?

How to Deal With Political Bullies

It's well past time that the American people stand up to the bullies in government who have been subjugating us for decades. All of our founding documents show that We the People created government, that power is inherent in us, not government. Yet we've been trained to be submissive and do what we're told. This is probably why it seems...

Standing Up Against School Boards and Other Liberty Deniers

The federal government goes beyond the powers We the People have consented to; the states not only have a right to stand up and say no, they have a duty to do so. They don't need to beg the federal courts for protection from the federal government; we just need to hire state officials with the knowledge that they are not servants of...

The Consequences of Our Blind Trust

Using two of the biggest storylines in the news today, we need to look at the consequences we suffer when we don't take the time to verify if what we are being told is true, or even makes sense. We've been told by government actors to get the vaccine and wear masks, but have you checked the data to see the effects of those actions?

If You Don’t Pay for the Service, You are the Service

Few Americans seem to consider just how expensive those "free" services really are. We look to government to, protect us, shield us, even provide for us in contradiction to the Constitution. Yet how many Americans have asked what those illegal government services cost, not just in money but in the rights and liberties we must give away to get them?

American Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor

Today, we again see a long train of abuses whose object is to reduce us under absolute despotism. Will the American people recognize their right and duty to throw off those who commit those abuses, attempting to grind us under their despotism? Will we pledge to each other our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to support freedom, rights, and liberty?

Acts in Violation of the Constitution, Are Not Representation

From Congress claiming the ability to enact new powers via legislation, the intimidation of our fellow citizens, to the size of the House of Representatives, these are acts in violation of the Constitution. What are the American people and their states doing to ensure that they are effectively represented in our national legislature?

Stopping the National Insanity!

Today you can be called a domestic terrorist or an insurrectionist for openly and fervently disagreeing with a school board or standing up when states violate the Constitution in selecting their Presidential Electors. If you support the wrong political positions, you can be held in jail for accusations of minor offenses, denied medical treatment, and even...

Washington, DC Today Resembles the One in London in 1776

It's amazing how much the government in Washington, D.C. today resembles the one in London in 1776. Yet, it seems the American people simply will not recognize this fact. Because of that, we are suffering the same indignities, the same violation of our rights that caused our Founding Fathers to go to war...

Federal Mandates and The States

What are the American people to do? Once we learn that those in Washington, D.C., and our state houses are our employees rather than our masters, we will have the foundation to fight for our rights. When we develop the intestinal fortitude to stand against their criminal behavior, then we will be able to stop the advance of their tyranny...

About These Vaccine Mandates… It’s as if America had a King

Even without an executive order or regulations from OSHA (both of which would be illegal), companies across the country are instituting vaccine mandates because President Biden announced he was going to issue on EO. That is not the act of free citizens dealing with a federal employee. No, that is the act of a subject bowing, scraping, and kissing the boot of a king...

Without Due Process

The Fourth through Eighth Amendments to the Constitution are called the "Due Process Amendment." What is Due Process? The Free Legal Dictionary defines due process as "An established course for judicial proceedings or other governmental activities designed to safeguard the legal rights of the individual." Yet, our right to due process seems to be all but ignored by lawyers, politicians, and everyday Americans alike. I want to take some time today and look at some of the attacks on our due process rights, and what we can do to protect them.

Mythical Governmental Powers

The good news is, we can slay the mythical beasts in Washington, D.C., our statehouses, and our city halls. Just as in those epics of old, the journey will be long and fraught with danger. But if we can screw our courage to the sticking point, point the sword of truth at those beasts, and together with others, defend our lives, our liberties, and our lands...

Consequences of COVID Tyranny

I've been warning the American people that COVID will be used as an excuse to take away your rights. And once those in government illegally assumes power, the only way to get it away from them is by force. Today, we are suffering the consequences of that lack of vision. The question we all must answer is, what are we going to do about it?

A Tale of Two Americas, Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

You can be denied the opportunity to go to a restaurant, a movie, even a ball game unless you are vaccinated. You can be denied the chance to go to school, or even keep your job if you don't get vaccinated. We'd love to blame the government or business for these atrocities, but ultimately these policies are put in place by people...

What To Do About Federal Overreach

A visitor to the website asked, "How can a federal judge temporally suspend a state law?" That is an excellent question, but I don't think most people will like the answer. The visitor explicitly asked about the federal judge who placed an injunction against Texas Senate Bill S.B.8, which generally allows people to sue doctors who perform an abortion...

21st Century Propaganda

There are plenty of recent examples of propaganda being used against the American people, and we can see the effects of many of them, and I'll talk about some of them today. We need to realize, though, that with freedom of speech comes the freedom to use propaganda. What can we do?

The Successful Social Engineering Project

We decided that at the age of five or six, we would hand our children over to the government to be "educated." However, several decades ago, it appears that our education system was turned into a social engineering project. Not enough to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, now our children must be indoctrinated, brainwashed into a certain way of thinking...

An Oligarchy of Black Robes

What happens when the courts interfere with the people's exercise of their power through their elected officials? What happens when judges can simply refuse to assent to laws based on their opinions, not the law? If the ability of the American people to exercise their power through elected officials can be overruled by the opinion of a single judge, are we still a republic?