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By: Paul Engel

America Out Loud Network © – The goal of this program is to help everyday people defend their rights by reading, studying, and understanding the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Financial Mismanagement of Over-Budget Programs, Massive Deficits & Failed Audits
Today at 6:13 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – It seems the American people forget that it’s not the United States money that is being mismanaged, but our own. The checks from the US Treasury represent our blood, sweat, and tears. When the government mismanages the money it takes from us, that’s bad enough. When they meddle in...

Navigating a Crisis of Government Trust
Yesterday at 2:13 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In the wake of the Rainbow Bridge explosion between Niagara Falls, NY, and Ontario, I delve into public skepticism towards government statements. The widespread disbelief in official accounts, much like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," raises crucial questions about our trust in authorities and the importance of independent verification in an era of uncertainty and misinformation.

Half of the American People Believe That the Media Is Deliberately Lying to Them
Last Sunday at 5:37 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In today's information age, discerning truth from lies in media has never been more crucial. As we navigate through varied news sources, it's vital to remember the principle of 'caveat emptor' - buyer beware. I explore how freedom of speech allows for media discrepancies and emphasize the importance of fact-checking and building a list of trustworthy sources. Join me in this journey towards...

Resisting Government Control: The Path to True Freedom
Last Saturday at 7:45 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I explore the crucial balance between individual freedom and government control in America. I delve into the government's increasing overreach, from healthcare to social media, and challenge the perceived power of the federal government. I advocate for local action and personal responsibility in defending our liberties against these growing controls, echoing the enduring wisdom of...

Why Freedom of Expression Is So Important
Last Friday at 1:30 PM

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In today's heated debates, the significance of Freedom of Speech often gets overlooked. I observe calls to silence pro-Palestinian demonstrations and see them as evidence of anti-Semitism. Why push such evidence underground? It's crucial to recognize who is anti-Semitic, racist, or misogynistic. Let's understand why protecting freedom of expression for all is not just important, but necessary.

America’s Secret Police

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In today's post, we delve into the alarming parallels between notorious state-controlled organizations and current trends in the U.S. Secret Police. I highlight how fear, intimidation, and law enforcement abuses are shaping our society. It's crucial for us, the people, to take a stand against this tyranny and start the necessary cleanup for a better future.

Rejecting Reality

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I explore America's growing tendency to reject reality, from climate science to transgender issues. I delve into how political actors and college students are often surprised by reality, highlighting the need for acknowledging cognitive dissonance in policymaking. It's a candid examination of our societal challenges and the quest to restore reality's foundational role.

Pondering Our Future

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – The future, often called the 'undiscovered country,' remains uncertain. Yet, by examining our current path, we can foresee potential outcomes. Today, increasing government control, censorship, and a declining standard of living signal a shift. The American experiment in self-government faces a pivotal moment. Will we alter our course before our cherished republic transforms into a corrupt...

When Deprogramming Becomes Programming

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In my early career as a programmer, I observed subtle yet significant shifts in societal norms. Today, these changes are blatant, especially in our education system. From the sexualization of children to instilling race-based judgments, the impact on our youth is alarming. I share my insights on this cultural shift, reflecting on the past and present societal dynamics...

Who Keeps You Safe?

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I explore the significance of "temporary security" versus "essential liberty," delving into the Second Amendment's phrase about a "well-regulated Militia." I argue why an armed population is vital for a free state and question the implications of relinquishing arms for government promises of safety, challenging conventional perspectives on liberty, security, and governmental roles in our...

Government as a Reflection of the Electorate

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In today's political climate, it's easy to blame the government or opposing parties. But what does this say about us, the voters? Exploring the notion that politics reflects our culture, I delve into the relationship between the electorate and the elected, revealing how our attitudes and actions shape the political landscape and mirror our own values and shortcomings...

A Crumbling Sense of Justice

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Exploring the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, I delve into the complex notion of justice in today's society. I contrast traditional definitions of justice, like Noah Webster's 1828 interpretation, with contemporary forms such as social, racial, and economic justice. I argue these modern interpretations erode the true essence of liberty and justice, urging a reevaluation to strengthen these...

Strange New World

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World," lives are predestined, much like our 21st-century society. Currently, political turmoil unfolds with prolonged Speaker of the House conflicts, Trump's indictments, and emerging evidence of election fraud. As these events unravel, it's clear we're transitioning from a predetermined world to an increasingly unpredictable and strange future, challenging...

Honor the Sacrifice

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Every year, we dedicate a day to honor those who served in our nation's military. It's a time to reflect on their sacrifices and the families supporting them. As members of the National Guard and other military branches vow to defend the Constitution, we too, as citizens, share a responsibility to uphold these ideals. Let's commit ourselves to honoring their sacrifices, echoing the dedication of...

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I delve into the classic saying, "Put up or shut up," exploring the significant gap between our words and actions. I discuss the need to genuinely prioritize values like children's welfare and freedom of speech, questioning if our actions truly reflect these ideals. It's a call to align our deeds with our words, investing in what we claim to hold dear – a pledge to meaningful change...

Plank in Our Eyes

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I delve into the importance of self-reflection and personal accountability, especially in politics. I highlight the hypocrisy often seen in political discourse, where those decrying misinformation are frequently guilty of it themselves. Drawing on moral adages, I emphasize the need to address our own faults before criticizing others, urging a deeper look at the ethical dilemmas we face in our daily...

Death, Taxes, and Ghouls After Gun Control

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In today's climate, a new certainty emerges alongside death and taxes: the push to infringe on the right to bear arms. Some use emotion, others intimidation. Yet, calls for stricter gun control often dismiss reality, chasing a utopian future. As the debate rages, I reflect on the complexities of this issue, advocating for a measured, realistic approach to the Second Amendment amidst the...

The Day Science Died

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In this era, we witness an alarming decline in intellectual and cultural standards, reminiscent of the Dark Ages. Our scientific dominance wanes as we embrace scientism over hard facts. Political correctness overshadows data, leading us to deny observable truths. Science teeters on the brink; I ponder whether future historians will mark these years as the period when rational inquiry faced its...

When Trust Goes Out the Window

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Trust is a delicate balance, easily shattered by a single misstep. For years, corporate media shaped our view of the world. Now, in the Information Age, we seize the narrative, yet trust in legacy media plummets to 32%. What ripple effects does this mistrust send through society? Delve into the complex dance of trust, media, and the impact on our communal fabric in this exploration.

Reflexive Reactions

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In a world quick to judge, we at the Constitution Study choose deliberation over haste. Emotions often guide responses to crises, from calls for gun control to critiques of Israel in turmoil. We seek the full story, favoring evidence and calm reasoning. Our mission: to foster informed debate, encouraging facts over impulses in public discourse. It's about securing a foundation of truth...

What Can We Learn From the Speaker Fight

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Amidst accusations and chaos, a fresh Speaker of the House steps up. For nearly three weeks, the House of Representatives stalls on passing legislation, not due to the Constitution, but their own rules. In these tumultuous times of overseas wars and domestic upheaval, I ponder: How does the House's inaction truly affect our lives? Delving into this, we might uncover our real...

The Consequences of Judicial Supremacy

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – A quick look at life today shows just how unconstitutional our country has become. The Constitution clearly states that judges are bound to the Constitution, but today, we say the Constitution is bound to the opinion of a judge. What does this lawlessness mean for the American people?

Will We Learn From Our Mistakes?

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – We all make mistakes - it's a human trait. But do we learn from them? As we reflect on past U.S. elections, particularly those of 2020 & 2022, it's crucial to examine the evidence and see if missteps were indeed made. The upcoming 2024 election will be a testament to our collective learning and decisions, from Washington, D.C., to local governance. Join me in this introspective journey...

Proportional Response to Hamas

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In recent times, many voices clamor for a proportional Israeli response to Hamas attacks. Yet, if Israel were to retaliate in kind, matching Hamas's tactics, the outcomes would be horrifying. Is a proportional reaction justified, or does it pull us down to a level of inhumanity, matching body counts and horrors? This piece delves into the notion of proportionality, urging us to envision a scenario...

How To Know the Truth

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Most are familiar with the phrase, “The truth shall set you free,” but few recognize its biblical origins in John 8:31-32. How does this connect with the Constitution and America's current state? Dive into the significance of truth, its role in the Constitution Study Patriots Bootcamp, and why discerning truth from lies is crucial for America's future. As Churchill noted, in times of war, truth is...

Security of a Free State

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Contrary to popular belief, the right to bear arms isn't about hunting—it's about self-protection. Reflecting on recent events in Israel, consider the potential outcomes if those at the music festival or in the kibbutz had been armed. While discussing the reactions to these atrocities, it's crucial to contemplate how we can safeguard our state, ensuring the people's right to bear arms remains...

Facts Are Often Hidden Things

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – While serving as defense counsel during the Boston Massacre trial, John Adams highlighted the unyielding nature of facts. Today, despite the veil often cast over truth, modern technology arms us with the power to unveil it. Yet, many still hide behind misleading labels like “Fact Checker,” attempting to mold reality. I urge you to seek truth from reliable sources, for facts remain as...

Judicial Hokey Pokey

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Due Process is a term many use, yet its true meaning often eludes. The Free Legal Dictionary defines it as the established course for safeguarding individual legal rights through judicial proceedings. But is our judicial system truly delivering justice? Nowadays, it feels more procedural than just. Imagine putting your case into this system, only to see it treated like a child's dance, the hokey pokey!

Who’s Raising Your Children?

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Life takes unexpected twists when satire headlines hint at profound truths. Babylon Bee humorously suggests the government actively raising our kids, but hasn't that been the silent case for years? Students earnestly grapple with literacy, young minds are subtly sexualized, and college-goers absorb skewed narratives. These teachings profoundly influence their pivotal choices, shaping our...

Civilizations Die From Suicide, Not by Murder

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – 21st Century America echoes John Adams' belief that our Constitution thrives best among a moral and religious people. As our society's values shift, the Constitution's effectiveness wanes. Drawing parallels with Edward Gibbon's observations on Roman culture, I highlight the alarming similarities. Are we heeding the lessons of history, or are we, as Arnold Toynbee suggests, letting our...

The Dark Side of Political Parties

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In his farewell address, George Washington warned us about the despotism of political factions. Today's political landscape echoes this frightful despotism, only now with added destructiveness. The evil, vengeful rhetoric within parties and their lack of denouncement for inhumane acts like those by Hamas, showcases a dark side of our political system. Will we stand by or act against...

Propaganda Kills!

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – People often claim, 'What you don't know won't hurt you.' I disagree, asserting it's the misconceptions we hold that can truly harm us. This is the peril of propaganda. In this digital age, diverse perspectives are at our fingertips, but will we, the American populace, discern truth from deceit? Recent events, like the Hamas attacks, are shrouded in misinformation. My advice? Always seek the truth...

Perversions of Justice

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – We claim to be the land of the free, yet most Americans sit by and watch while those freedoms are being destroyed. We call ourselves the home of the brave, yet most Americans are too afraid to stand up against injustice. As a society, we have turned away from what is good, true, and morally right. How comfortable we have become with perversion that we can sleep at night with...

What Should the Hamas Attack Show Us About America?

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – A wise man once emphasized the importance of learning from others' mistakes. This weekend, as Hamas attacks Israel, the unfolding news reveals shocking details. Israel's intelligence failed to foresee the impending attack, drawing parallels to the Second Yom Kippur War. While Israel has lessons to unearth, the US must heed these warnings too, especially concerning our unguarded...

Why Some Policies Persist Despite Clear Failures

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – When asked about his methods, my grandfather would say, “Where were you when the page was blank?” Beginning anew, whether penning a book or crafting a policy, is challenging. I often give the benefit of the doubt, but consistent failures without change? Unacceptable. Fredrick Bonhoeffer's "Theory of Stupidity" resonates, highlighting how many today treat government policies...

Empowering the Police State

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I uncover the rising American police state, fueled by criminal surveillance and repressive policies. The public's apathy empowers this tyranny. Together, let’s unveil this reality, awakening from complacency to challenge unconstitutional powers. Join this critical discourse, where we collectively strive for freedom, breaking the chains of oppression. Every voice, including yours, is pivotal...

A Pox on Both Their Houses

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Listening to The Constitution Study, you're well aware of my disdain for political parties. Both have contributed to the current state of the U.S. Debates, debt, and potential government shutdowns – it's a cycle of chaos, and accountability seems lost. Join me in exploring the impact and questioning where the true allegiance of our elected representatives lies. Are they for the people, or the party?

Our Government Actors Running With Scissors

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I explore the childlike behavior of Congress and question the responsibility of those who raised such "overgrown children." If our leaders act with impatience and self-centeredness, where does the blame lie? Dive into this introspective look at the maturity and accountability of our nation’s policymakers. Uncover the parallels between parenting and the behavior exhibited in the halls of...

Democracy in Action

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I examine John Adams' view on democracy’s self-destructive nature, drawing parallels with today's civil unrest and lawlessness. Reflecting on history, including France’s failed democratic experiment leading to the Reign of Terror, I raise concerns for America’s future if we ignore Adams’ prophetic warnings. Witnessing the chaos, it’s evident - democracy, unchecked, could be our undoing.

Taking Our Children for the Service of the State

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I expose the unsettling parallels between today’s government overreach in children’s education and the ideologies of Marx and Hitler. As Gavin Newsom’s policies echo a dark past, I question the future of parental rights and the role of the state in shaping our children’s minds. Our nation teeters between the ideals of freedom and control - a battle that will define the future of our country.