SpiderBytes: the SpiderOak Podcast

5 Episodes

By: SpiderOak

Online security and privacy aren't very sexy, but they are important. SpiderBytes is a podcast where normal people from many different fields discuss the tools and techniques they use to be more secure and maintain their privacy. Hosted by Adam Tervort. Guests from across the SpiderOak community.

Alex Flaxman, MD and Developer

In this episode we talk with Alex Flaxman, a medical doctor with software development experience. He has unique insights around privacy and security to share.

Shannon Morse, Infosec Content Creator

Today we chat with Shannon Morse. She is a content creator and influencer with a focus on infosec and privacy. We talk about her recommendations, how to factor physical security into your threat model, and lots more.

You can learn more and see Shannon's videos on YouTube https://youtube.com/shannonmorse. She's also on Twitter, https://twitter.com/Snubs. Be sure to check out her 30 day security challenge at https://snubsie.com/30-day-security-challenge.

Zach Otte, Designer at SpiderOak

Today we chat with Zach Otte about the intersection of design, security, and privacy. Balancing these is an important part of the work he does at SpiderOak and he's got some great insights to share. Zach has been at SpiderOak for four years and is the primary designer for the UI/UX of SpiderOak apps. 

Ben Webb, Information Security Risk Analyst

Ben Webb is an information security risk analyst in the financial sector. He’s also heavily involved in SecKC, the largest hacker meetup in the world. If you’re in the Kansas City area and would like to join the next meetup, which happens to be SecKC’s 10th anniversary, go to https://seckc.org. 

Dave Pearah, SpiderOak CEO

Our first episode is here! We're excited to introduce SpiderBytes to the world, and who better to start us off than SpiderOak's fearless leader Dave Pearah. To learn more about Dave on his LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/pearah/. 

SpiderBytes is sponsored by SpiderOak. (Funny that we sponsor our own show. Go figure!) We'd love you to check out our software at https://spideroak.com